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Wahl Super Taper Review 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Wahl is one of the most familiar brands that have been much using in the market. The Wahl Super Taper II is quite a professional clipper at a very profitable price.

Before going to shift to the old generation (Super Taper), I utilized it for quite a while. I’d explain it as a genuine Wahl classic, famous for its sturdiness, strength, and charming, ergonomic design.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price. This machine doesn’t negotiate on quality as this Wahl Super Taper II review will show.



  • Solid cut regardless of hair type
  • Stays relatively cool
  • Can be used for beard trimming
  • Colored combs make picking what you need easier
  • Great ergonomic design
  • v5000 motor instead of a v9000
  • Rather strong vibration
  • Tends to get a bit noisy
  • Watch out for blade rusting

Traditional Wahl-grade quality

Wahl clippers in usual are preferred as the workhorses of any hairdresser. They are quite reliable and extremely durable. They don’t compromise on the high quality of the stuff used to make them so demand one to last years even in an occupied shop.

The Wahl Super Taper II acts to the trademark quality of Wahl professional hair clippers in numerous features. First things first: the blades. Perfect sharpness.

In fact, they are so powerful that I’d suggest you steer away from applying the Super Taper II clippers without guards if you’re a newcomer.

Applied with the combs you’ll get with this full set of Wahl professional hair clippers, though, they are 100% secure and will provide exceptional haircuts.

Alonge with the Wahl guards, you’ll get eight of them – from 1/8″ to 1″ in terms of length. Clipper Oil, blade guard, and cleaning brush have also been added to this package.

A really unique difference here lies in the fact that the Super Taper guards are colored. More comfortable to distinguish which one you require to pick for your haircut.

No lag or “chewing” on hair whatsoever. I just say these are among the best hair clippers for various kinds of hair, including multicultural/ethnic hair. You can smoothly separate the blade to wash it, so that’s a plus too.

There’s a lever on the left – you can utilize it to make the blades closer, resulting in a smaller, tighter cut.

Even though the blades are quite active, I like to suggest having an extra on hand. Infrequently, you’ll want to each put the blades out to be sharpened or you are going to sharpen them yourself with a little bit of patience.

You should have to keep them clean which I will get into in more detail further into the Wahl Super Taper II review.

Along with the best beard trimming, you will have an option to use the Super Taper II for hair blending and buzzcut tapering. A smart, multi-purpose haircutter for those of you who require something like this.

The body of the Super Taper II professional hair clipper

I’ll be very honest in this Wahl Super Taper II Review – it is not only a design masterpiece. At the same time, though, you might be shocked by its wonderful performance in the looks department. It surely looks more genuine live than on Internet images.

We’re searching for a really nice body balance in this set of Wahl professional hair clippers. Super Taper II is not too massive, but hard enough to ensure durability and maximum accuracy. It weighs approximately 19 oz/1.2lbs/~540 grams.

It also varies quite a little from the original Wahl Super Taper on Amazon.com if you relate them. Here you can check my old Super Taper and view for yourself:

You’ll see the body of the Super Taper II gets quite slim in the middle part, more than the genuine model. That’s really perfect because it lies useful in your palm and kills awkward, tiring hand movements.

If you just want something very smaller and more “hands-on” from Wahl, the Wahl Peanut might meet your choices.

The cord is long enough to provide for a more extensive range of movement. To be honest, it is excellent for home use. I haven’t ever had problems with increasing my Super Taper II to get better buzz cuts.

A note on the Super Taper II motor

Might you have seen that I listed the V5000 motor as a disadvantage? I would like to develop that this is a relative, rather than an absolute disadvantage.

It’s not that the V5000 motor is faulty. On the contrary! If you relate it with the motors of equally-priced professional hair clippers, you can find out it’s way more strong than them.

So, Wahl does have the V9000 motor is related to hair clipper designs (such as the Wahl Icon on Amazon.com, for example). It was a matter for me before I started on the Super Taper II ship.

Honestly speaking, if you’re a random user, it really doesn’t concern that much. If you’re more of a pro, you might think of changing to a vV9000 motor-powered Wahl professional hair clippers model like the Icon.

Remember one thing, You should have to oil the motor from time to time. I can’t stress this sufficient.

There’s always this single person who complains regarding their hair clippers not working as demanded in the long-term. Just keep regularly oiling the motor is a perfect must.

Super Taper II is the most suitable hair clippers for me, but that doesn’t make it an excellent machine. Essentially, there are two things you need to just recognize this haircutter.

Firstly, it gets a little bit noisy, It means that it will not make any disturbance to your family during your fast morning buzz, you’re out of luck. The Super Taper II is strong and it won’t compromise on sound levels. That’s not that much of a problem for me, but some people just like quiet hair clippers.

Second, this design has been rank among the more vibration-prone Wahl professional hair clippers. In case you’re not utilized to clippers shaking in your hand, you might be shocked.

This is quite easy to use, so I wouldn’t say it’s such a deadly downside. If you don’t think you can manage a 19 oz/half a kilo Wahl clippers taking in your palm, look elsewhere.

As for secondary things to be informed of… Please see out for blade rusting. No set of hair clippers are safe for this. Always wash them and put your Super Taper 2 clippers accurately so they last you a long (and happy) time.

Also, there’s no case added. This can be a bit of a letdown, but you can always catch a bigger Ziplock bag or buy a particular case if it’s that much of a problem for you.

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How to Manage Your Wahl Super Taper II

After reading the whole Wahl Super Taper II review and possibly even already bought your very own, you’ll have to do some regular maintenance to make the most out of these clippers.

Keep It Clean

If you want to keep your blades active then they must be free of hair. Hair is quite acidic and will be dull your blades over time if you don’t wash them.

Remember one thing, you just have to use the old toothbrush or something similar to eliminate all hair before and after every haircut.

You have to make this process once a month and you need to do a deeper clean with a blade wash. Much dirt and grime accumulate on the blades from your customers so to destroy it and keep the blade working smoothly, use some blade wash to kill it.

Also, it gives to open up the clipper to get behind the blade. You just need to remove the blade and apply compressed air can blow all of the hair out of the box.

Keep It Lubed

We’ll make sure that you’ll get a long life out of the motor and the blades you require to be using oil on it.

If the blades are not oiled then they will end up making resistance. This will not only make the blade to heat up and e painful to your customer, but it makes the motor fight. This will ultimately put additional wear and tear on the motor and reduce the life.

Add a few drops of oil to either end of the blade while it is working to enable the oil to coat all the teeth.

Wahl Professional Super Taper II Hair Clipper


In the end, we need to say that this is the Super Taper II is an overall perfect option for both random users and professionals alike. Safe from the vibration and sound levels, this is a stable set of Wahl clippers showcasing what the brand is all about. I’ve been working with them for years and don’t plan on dismissing them from their top position as the best hair clippers I’ve ever used so far.
If you are a professional and just beginning out then I believe this is a fine clipper. I just wouldn’t plan on utilizing it permanently. Finally, you will want to upgrade. When you are just beginning out and not doing various haircuts it is fine.
When you get customers, then the weight of this will end up becoming a burden. Hand tiredness is real in an occupied shop. My hands would hurt by the end of the week in a bad way until I began using lighter clippers.
If you are on a low budget then good to go for it. If you have enough money to play with then I would like to suggest to go for any Oster clipper over these.
And if you want to do a lot of fades, then the Wahl Balding Clipper is your most reliable bet.
With this Wahl. You will not get wrong with this company. The Super Taper II is one more set of professional hair clippers supporting this challenge.

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