Wahl Senior Clippers Review | Comparison of 4 Wahl seniors

Grooming is the main part of every man’s daily routine. Because a well-mannered with groomed personality man can achieve success in his life. Where a dull man with improper personality definitions can face a lot of difficulties in his life. ‘’A sound body has a sound mind’’ this quote is not only referred for exercise. But a well-groomed body has more confidence. In this way, he can deliver what he wants to deliver in society without getting complexion issues.

You can’t dream of achieving professional results with an ordinary hair clipper. If you are a professional barber and searching for the best clipper from Wahl then this is for you. The Wahl senior clippers are built with heavy-duty motors to perform the toughest tasks easily. You will get sharp cuts with better performance due to the sturdy electromagnetic motor.

Today in this article we are going to share with you a detailed comparison review of Wahl senior clippers. We will conduct a detailed comparison so that you could find the best clipper that fulfills your requirements. Because it doesn’t matter if you are a professional barber or clip your own hair, you will get the best piece of information here.

Comparison of 4 Wahl seniors

Before we get started with our detailed review let’s have a look at this quick comparison. This will make your decision easier because you will get everything compared exactly.

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Motor Performance

You can’t expect a low-performance motor fitted in the finest hair clipper out there. Wahl is keeping their promise by making high-quality products. The standard Wahl senior is fitted with a v9000 motor to deliver high-end performance. The v9000 motor is built to deliver high-end performance way better than the v5000 motors.

The high performance of the motor is not only referred to as the speed of the clipper but it’s about the torque. The powerful turning effect enables the clipper to cut through the thickest hair with great efficiency. If the motor is not efficient then the barber would have to go over the same spot multiple times. This makes the process even slower causing a big loss for the professionals. because they would not be able to deal with multiple customers in a single day to make more money.

Blade efficiency

When you are buying a professional grade Wahl clipper then you can’t compromise on the blade quality. Therefore all Wahl clippers are fitted with the best sharp blades to deliver smooth, precise, and close cuts. Unlike other clippers, the #1005 Wahl Senior blade is engineered to cut your hair precisely without pulling or snagging.

The Wahl senior clipper owners would be happy because it doesn’t fold hair as the cheap clipper blades do. You can zero gap the blade to achieve close cuts but that can be dangerous. Because zero gapping of blade can make it so sharp that you might get cuts accidentally. Therefore beginners are suggested to stick with the standard blade setting of Wahl senior 8500.

With 8500 Seniors you will get clipper oil, blade guard, a brush, and 3 Wahl guards measuring from 1/16″ to 3/16″.

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Solid industrial design and shape

Well, there are several classy eye-appealing haircutters in the market. That looks way better than the Wahl senior when it’s about looks. The Wahl senior feels bulky with a 6.5″ body weighing 1 lb 3 oz. but these specifications of Wahl senior ensures its sturdiness and durability the other clipper does not have.

The durable body of Wahl seniors will never disappoint you whether you are a professional barber or use it for personal grooming. The lower half of the Wahl Senior 8500 is made up of metal chrome. Where the upper half is finished with high-quality plastic material. The grey color makes it again a professional clipper. Where the Wahl 5 star is using the whole black finishing rather than grey. People find this color combination but when it comes to professionals then only performance matters.

Wahl 5 star Senior

Wahl 5 star Senior v/s Wahl Senior v/s Wahl Reflections Senior

Other than the standard Wahl senior 8500 the series have more options like the Wahl 5 star and the Senior Vintage. There is available the exceptional Wahl Reflections Senior for professional barbers with impressive performance.

The main difference between both models including Wahl senior and Wahl 5 star senior is the sharp edge. The standard Seniors feature a #1005 sharp edge having three holes. Where the 5-star clipper is featured with an exceptional #2191 Wahl Fading blade with two holes.

The Wahl 5 star senior clipper offers better close cuts with its #0000 close-cutting blur sharp edge. It is fitted with the same v9000 electromagnetic motor and dark top part.

The Reflections Senior on Amazon.com from the Sterling line additionally has a #2191 Wahl Fade cutting edge. Notwithstanding, it enhances the past model with frill. You get the entire arrangement of 8 Wahl monitors, rather than the 3 brushes you get with the other two models.

This makes the Senior Sterling an incredible first trimmer to kick you off on your stylist vocation. Anything that assists you with setting aside cash and time to get your tool stash fitted out is consistently welcome. What’s more, the best part is you as of now have an incredible essential trimmer that you will not have to update when you begin bringing in cash. You can utilize this trimmer for quite a long time to precede you will even consider supplanting it.

Also, the Reflections trimmer depends on a completely chrome-shading themed packaging that is much tougher. Concerning the Senior Vintage model, I suggest it for genuine gatherers. It joins the blurred edge with extra “zero cross-over” include for much more exact cuts. Take a gander at this monster, joining the flawless chrome looks with a red shape switch a lot.

The drawback to this smooth look, nonetheless, is that it winds up getting fingerprints on top of it. You’ll end up cleaning it down frequently to keep it looking sharp. It additionally gets scratched effectively, tragically.

Some drawbacks of the Wahl seniors

Though the Wahl seniors are featured with the top quality engine and sharp blades there are still some drawbacks. These drawbacks don’t make a big difference when it comes to achieving a precise haircut. But these are still worth discussing.

Heating issue

You might have experienced that professional clippers get heated while cutting your hair. The same happens with the Wahl senior clippers. Not only do the Wahl seniors get hot but also the Andis Master and Oster classic 76 have the same heating issues. When you cut thick hairs with Wahl senior for a long time then it gets hot. There are two main reasons behind this heating issue, the sturdy electromagnetic motor, and metal housing. The metals are good conductors of heat, therefore, it gets hot while in use for multiple hours. The professional barbers might face this issue because they have to use the clipper for the whole day. But if you are in hurry and just need some touchups then it won’t make much difference.

Irritating Vibrations

The powerful electromagnetic motors of the Wahl senior clippers cause strong vibrations. These vibrations are the proof of a strong and sturdy engine but they sometimes irritate so much and resulting headaches. The Wahl senior cross the comfort zone for customers due to joining the bandwagon.

This is not the problem only with Wahl seniors but most of the barber clippers make strong vibrations. Moreover, the metal housing of Wahl seniors makes the vibrations more prominent. Because metal transfers vibrations more effectively making more noise.

Need improvements in design

The Wahl seniors are no doubt solid barber clippers. But when it comes to comfortable ergonomic grip then they fail to offer that grip. This makes the Wahl seniors a step down for users. But only if you are giving yourself a haircut you will face this issue. But the professional barbers won’t face this issue while giving others a haircut.

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  • Powerful V9000 motor delivers high-end performance
  • The professional-grade clipper delivers Close & precise cuts
  • Various models are available in the market with the same high-end performance
  • Zero hair pulling due to sharp blades making the grooming session so comfortable
  • Feels very solid due to metal housing
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  • Strong Vibrations can cause a headache
  • Flimsy guards make the whole procedure inconvenient
  • Gets heated when using for a long period of hours
  • The strong vibrations make it louder
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We have reviewed the best Wahl professional clippers in the market. These Wahl senior clippers can beat the higher-priced items like Andis Master and Oster classic 76 in performance. The Wahl senior clippers are appreciated by professional barbers due to their sturdy motors and high-end performance. If you want to achieve precise and well-defined haircuts without any issue then you can pick these models. They are durable, solid, and cost-effective. Professional barbers must have these models in their barber kit due to their sharp performance. If the minor heating and vibrating issues don’t matter for you then you are ready to get the job done with the Wahl seniors.


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