Wahl Professional Super Taper ii Hair Clipper

Wahl Professional Super Taper ii Hair Clipper Review of 2021 – Guide

Hair clippers have become the most demanding products these days. Because the profession of barbers is getting famous day by day. People love to get their hair styled from a salon.

Therefore giving a perfect haircut without a quality clipper.

Therefore clipper manufacturing industry is making a huge place in society. The most famous and well-known companies like Wahl, Remington, and Andis manufacture premium quality hair clippers and trimmers.

Not only barbers are the customers of hair clippers but people also buy for their personal use for self-grooming.

This is because the recent pandemic has closed most of the salons and barbershops.super taper

So people want professional-grade tools to make their lives easy and comfortable. If you are the one who got affected by the recent world environment then you are at right place.

We test and try different hair clippers to investigate their performance.

We hope that our contribution helps those people who look for high-quality products but want a review.

Because a review is a thing that gives you enough confidence about the product.


An honest review including pros and cons works best to make a decision.


Today we are come up with a premium clipper with performance on another level.

We have heard a lot about it and eventually, we decided to review it so that you could have a better idea about its performance.

Today we will share a detailed review on wahl professional super taper ii hair clipper.

We would love its key feature, pros, cons, and specification to bring a true story.

Wahl professional super taper ii hair clipper

wahl super taper

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • V5000 Electromagnetic motor
  • Sharp dual blades
  • Versatile attachments
  • Swivel cord
  • Hanging ring
  • 8 ft professional cord
  • Useful for Fades

When opting for a professional quality hair clipper then Wahl is the best company that comes to mind.

Because what is manufacturing a lot of premium quality hair clippers and trimmers featuring the best mechanism and technology.

You wouldn’t be disappointed after using any product from Wahl.

Wahl has struggled a lot to keep its name at the top in the market.

Therefore company always hires qualified manufacturers to send a durable and quality product to your doorstep.

Therefore we can trust Wahl for manufacturing quality clippers for professionals and individuals. They are handy ergonomic, durable, and versatile to make our lives convenient and comfortable.

Wahl professional super taper ii hair clipper is one of the best hair clipper series. It is manufactured intelligently to meet your all hair clipping requirements. It suits your daily self-grooming requirements.

Wahl super taper hair clipper is equipped with all modern features and accessories required to achieve a perfect haircut.

Its versatile functions are so adorable that you would love it at first sight.

You can’t deny its performance after a single use and would fall in love with this amazing tool.

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Easy to Hold Designeasy to hold design

Wahl professional super taper 8400 is loved by hair stylists due to its super comfortable and ergonomic design.

It fits in your hands easily to offer you a firm grip so that you won’t face shoulder strain when working with it.

The flexibility depends on the comfortable design and ergonomic handle. Comfortable design means fewer strain means and more convenience.

The hanging loop makes it easy to store after use where the swivel cord allows easy and flexible use.

Cutting Ability

The professional quality clipper’s cutting edge is fitted with dual sharp blades for precise cutting.

One blade is stationary and the other vibrates from side to side for a precise hair cutting experience.

The fast vibrations make it possible to slice each hair strand with precision.

The sharp blades work perfectly to cut through each hair strand so that you could achieve a smooth and even haircut.

Motor Performancemotor performence

The Wahl clipper super taper is engineered with a v5000 electromagnetic motor for high performance.

The electromagnetic motor offers constant and sharp vibrations to get the job done fast. It runs faster than other traditional motors to give a smooth and non-stop haircutting experience.

The fast and professional-grade motor delivers a premium haircutting experience. The professionals demand sharp performance that is ensured by Wahl super taper ii.

Wet and Dry Options

The wet and dry options make it a versatile hair clipper for everyone. People who look for comfort can have dry cuts while those with sensitive skin can enjoy the wet option.

This option also allows you to trim wet hair comfortably without facing any power issues.

Because the tools meant to use with only dry option cause power problems with the wet haircutting process.

To ensure comfort and convenience Wahl professional super taper ii is designed with wet and dry options.

Attachments and Accessories

Attachments and Accessories

When buying a hair clipper the professionals prefer to choose one that comes with premium quality attachments and accessories.

Therefore Wahl super taper hair clipper is packed with all necessary attachments.

The package includes the clipper, (3) attachment comb cutting guides (1/16”, 1/8”, and 3/16”), styling comb, oil, cleaning brush, instructions, and red blade guard.

The premium blade guards offer versatile and comfortable haircuts effortlessly. The guard combs work best not only for professionals but also for beginners. Because the beginners need support to cut hair without effort and fear.


Wahl super taper blades should be maintained properly to achieve a sharp haircutting experience. The package includes a blade oil that can be used to keep your blades in good working condition.

Moreover, you keep your hair clipper clean to enjoy a premium haircut every time.

Where to Buy it?

The Wahl professional super taper hair clipper is available at multiple online and offline shops. If you search it on amazon.com you can buy it at a reasonable price but can be shipped within the USA only. If you are living in the USA then you can also enjoy free shipping.


  • Product Dimensions : 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 0.03 Ounces
  • Item model number: WAHL10
  • UPC : 043917840000 632181533109 712190153656
  • Manufacturer: Derby International LLC, dba KANAR
  • ASIN: B005T7VA4Y
  • Voltage and frequency: 120 volts/60 hertz.
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Corded/cordless: corded

Pros and Cons

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • The powerful and sturdy motor offers a great haircutting experience.
  • The blades are sharp to cut through all hair textures easily.
  • Comes with all necessary attachments and accessories
  • The blade oil is packed with a clipper to maintain its performance.
  • It is fitted with an 8 ft professional cord for easy use
  • You can also use it as a trimmer without guards to complete the stylish looks.
  • Noiseless hair clipping
  • Ergonomic and easy to hold design
  • Convenient swivel cord for easy working
  • Hanging ring makes it easy to store after use
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Not dual voltage that means cannot work outside the USA
  • Heavy clipper
  • Not cordless function


These Things You can Consider Before Buying guide

Above is one of the best hair trimmers to upgrade your life. But what if you don’t find a detailed review about any hair clipper? Then how would you choose the one that is best for you?

Don’t worry we are here to solve all of your problems. Here is a complete buying guide that will help you to choose the best product for you.

When professionals buy any hair clipper they consider the following features and specs.

Design and flexibility 

Whenever you go to buy a hair clipper or trimmer the first thing you need to observe is its design. An ergonomic and easy to hold design would cherish the professional. An ergonomic handle supports the wrist and reduces fatigue. Therefore a curvy ergonomic handle plays an important role when it is related to comfort.

A hanging ring or loop works to store it after every use. You can mount the clipper on the wall with this hanging ring or loop. If the clipper is corded then it must be swivel for flexibility.

Different taper levels provided by the clipper offer versatility and allow you to adjust the hair length according to your choice.

Motor performance 

The performance of the clipper is totally affected by the motor. If the motor is sturdy and enables to deliver sharp and haircuts. The high-performance electromagnetic motors work great and some are fitted with pivot motors. Both of them work great to make your clipper powerful.

Corded v/s cordless 

It is an older debate about choosing a corded or cordless clipper for your daily use. Well, it totally depends on your preference. If you want a powerful haircutting experience with a professional cord then you should go for a corded clipper.

But if you don’t like a corded feature and need proper freedom and flexibility to use then a cordless clipper is for you. The mobile barbers need a battery-operated clipper to get the job done without power problems. The battery-operated clipper might have some power issues but a corded clipper provides powerful haircuts.

Battery backup 

If you are choosing a cordless clipper then check the charging time and running time. The best cordless clippers get charged within 40 to 50 minutes and deliver at least 2 hours of runtime. You should check whether it satisfies your working requirements or not. Does it allow you to complete what you have started or not?

Accessories and attachments 

Some of the clippers include numerous accessories to offer versatility. But we always suggest that you should pick one that is necessary for you. If you only need comb attachments then pick one with comb attachments. But keep in mind that more the items more will be the price.

You don’t need to pay more for extra attachments and accessories. A blade oil, necessary guard combs, and some necessary attachments are enough for your daily haircuts.

Other specifications 

Other than the key features you need to check some specifications too. Like weight and voltage of the clipper. The clipper should be lightweight to get the job done easily. You should check the voltage outlets only. Because the clippers designed for 120 volts cannot work with 220 or 240 voltage outlets. Therefore you should strictly check the voltage range when buying it online.

Final Word

We have painted a detailed review of the Wahl super taper hair clipper incusing its features, specs, pros, and cons. So that you won’t miss any piece of information and make a wise choice. The Wahl super taper hair clipper isn’t a bad choice for the professional at this price. Rather it is not cordless but you won’t regret it after giving it a try. Its lavishing design would serve your eyes and shoulders with its looks and flexibility.

Wahl super taper hair clipper is made to deliver performance for both professionals and individuals. If you need more confidence then you can also check the Wahl super taper reviews on amazon.com.

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