wahl lithium ion pro review

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Review – Cordless and Rechargeable Series

When it comes to picking the best hair clipper when you have a huge market, then we might get confused. Because multiple brands are manufacturing a high-quality product per consumer’s demands. Therefore we see both corded and cordless clippers ruling the market. The surprising fact is that people are buying both categories cordless and corded.

It is considered that a high-end brand manufactures corded clippers to deliver maximum power and performance. The cordless clippers are lack performance, speed and power. But people also have thoughts that cordless clippers are easy to use and perform best for mobile barbers.

When we take a look at one of the best hair clippers manufacturers like Wahl we see they make mostly corded clippers. Wahl produces cordless clippers too but not often. But here we are going to unwrap one of the best Wahl cordless clippers.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Review

Wahl lithium ion pro is one of the best models offered by Wahl. It comes with everything you need for your daily grooming sessions. When I researched about this amazing Wahl clipper I found surprising facts about it.

Then I decided to wrap all the features, benefits and drawbacks in one piece of article. I decide to share an honest and thorough review that covers every aspect of the Wahl lithium ion pro. The purpose behind this struggle is to distinguish between hype and reality.

What I like about Wahl lithium ion pro What I don’t like about Wahl lithium ion pro
Very durable battery run time Trimmer included is lackluster
Self-sharpening blades Somewhat flimsy build quality
“Quick charge” feature for emergency haircuts Non-removable clipper head
Rich variety of accessories

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Want to know more about surprising facts? Keep reading.

Top benefits 

Let’s discuss some of the top-notch features and key benefits of this Wahl lithium ion pro that make us so desperate about it.

What’s included in the box?

First of let’s open the Wahl lithium ion pro box and check what’s inside the packing. You shouldn’t be hyped for that many accessories. Because quality comes first, you cannot get the job done with accessories if the clipper itself fails to deliver sufficient performance. Hence keep reading to know more about the quality of Wahl lithium ion pro. Because I will reveal more surprising secrets.

  • Guards (#1/2 to #8, or 1/16″ to 1″ in cutting lengths)
  • Bonus hair trimmer that runs on AA batteries
  • Ear tapers and brow trim guides,
  • Scissors, styling & barber comb
  • Cape, hair clippers, soft storage case, clipper oil
  • The charger for the main Lithium Ion Pro

For people who do multi-tasking with a single clipper like trimming, fading and shaving then these accessories are going to help.

Battery performance: The best feature 

Whenever you buy a cordless clipper, the most important feature that specifies the overall performance and reliability is the battery. A clipper that comes with numerous accessories and is available at a moderate price deliver high-end performance for up to 2 hours. That seems crazy, but fact. You can take the advantage of Wahl lithium ion pro due to its superior quality battery. It takes about 4 hours to get fully charged and delivers non-stop performance for the next 2 hours.

Most of the high-end clippers fail to offer such a level of battery life and performance. Where Wahl lithium-ion gives you strong power and enough battery life to get your job done without getting interrupted.

It also offers a feature termed as “quick charge”, if you forget to charge your clipper but an emergency touch up is needed then use this option. This feature allows you to use Wahl lithium ion pro for up to 10 minutes after quick charging.

If you want to enjoy the long-lasting power holding capacity of Wahl lithium ion pro then make sure your clipper never run out of charge completely. Always plug in the charger before it gets off. This caution keeps your clipper in optimal condition and allows you to use it for a lifetime.

Blades and ease of use: Another comfort factor 

The Wahl lithium ion pro clipper is fitted with high-quality stainless steel blades. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades are built to last longer than other materials. Self-sharpening means that the blades don’t get rusted and keep on sharpening over time. Hence blade maintenance problem is solved.

But stop!!!

Are you thinking that you can just use your clipper and throw it into a drawer to save it for your next use? No, you shouldn’t be doing like this because a self-sharpening blade doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need maintenance and cleaning.

You shouldn’t throw it like this without cleaning the hair residues from the blades. The acidic property of hair makes the blades dull and it fails to deliver the same performance.

Along with regular cleaning and maintenance kindly consider a deep cleaning session once a week. This will prolong the life of your clipper blades and also help to improve performance.

Because when you use a different kinds of hair products while doing a haircut they cause grime accumulation. So, deep cleaning will not only save the blades but also the motor performance.

Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting Kit

Wahl Clipper Lithium-Ion Cordless Haircutting Kit
  • Cordless Convenience
  • Quick Recharging
  • A Smooth Cut Every Time
  • Secure Snap Attachment Guards


Some drawbacks

We cannot make it a hot cake just by showing the bright side of Wahl lithium ion pro. Here are some drawbacks too. Or you can say it needs some improvements regarding these areas.

Could be built better: Material and Removable head

Just like other high-end models like Andis, Wahl and Oster the Wahl lithium ion pro is also built with plastic material. If you aren’t a fan of plastic material then you wouldn’t like it. But the sturdiness is the trademark of other brands like Oster and Andis.

You don’t need to be worried about the plastic material because polymer plastic is hard enough to handle all the bumps and bruises. But you need to be aware of the price, the other brands charge for material quality.

You shouldn’t expect any extra quality services at this price. The accessories included in the kit are worth more than the whole price. Hence you shouldn’t be expecting more at least price. However, it still looks better than other models like chrome pro. You can only get what you are paying.

The Wahl lithium ion pro is flimsy to some extent and cannot beat the sturdiness of other superior models like Wahl designer.

One more thing I don’t find effective in Wahl lithium ion pro is its non-removable head. You cannot remove the clipper head for deep cleaning and maintenance purposes. You can only dust off the hair residue with a brush or piece of cloth. It would be better if you can remove the head and wash it under running water.

But some people don’t feel this issue and just admire the overall performance. If you can also neglect these drawbacks then Wahl lithium ion pro is worth buying. You cannot take your hands off after watching the Wahl lithium kit.

A common Wahl kit issue: The trimmer

Everyone loves the Wahl lithium ion pro kit due to its numerous accessories. The Wahl lithium ion pro kit also includes a touch-up trimmer for fading and drawing crisp lines. But the Wahl trimmer included in the kit isn’t of high quality. You cannot get the job done professionally with this trimmer.

The professional barbers won’t consider this trimmer for their regular trimming, fading and other purposes. The main reason is the battery because the trimmer isn’t rechargeable. It uses only AA batteries to deliver performance.

You cannot get a long term job done with AA batteries. This means if you have to get proper trimming, fading or other tasks then you need multiple AA batteries in your hand. This is the most tiring and irritating job we observe. It’s better to charge the trimmer fully and get the job done smoothly.

Hence we cannot say that this kit includes a high-end trimmer that allows you to get the job done professionally. The clipper itself is efficient enough to get the job done so smartly. When you have supreme quality clipper then you don’t need the extra trimmer. But somehow it’s a nice

The set of clippers and clippers can be the best set for your home. Or you can extend its use by giving your family member a haircut. You can go smoothly without any disturbance. As long as you don’t press it too hard.

You can use the trimmer for slight touch-ups. You shouldn’t perform hard tasks such as skin fading. Then you will end up having terrible patches as the trimmer will run out of battery soon.

You can still use the trimmer for a buzz cut, regular haircuts and undercuts. In short, the Wahl lithium ion pro is an ideal kit for household use. Beginner barbers can also start with this kit and then upgrade their tools along with their skills.


Is the Wahl lithium ion pro a professional kit? 

Wahl lithium ion pro does the job quite smoothly. It comes with a lot of accessories but not a professional kit yet. This is because of the trimmer and its building material.

Can we use Wahl lithium ion pro for home? 

Yes, the Wahl lithium ion pro kit can give you regular haircuts and grooming sessions at home without any hassle. You can benefit from its numerous accessories to achieve a quality haircut.

How to buy Wahl lithium ion pro? 

You can buy Wahl lithium ion pro from the global e-commerce market Amazon.com. the reliable customer services are available.

Final Verdict 

This nitty-gritty Wahl Lithium Ion Pro survey shows the combo is a better than expected cordless answer for your preparing needs. The top feature is its battery life – while different trimmers run for 40 to an hour and a half, the Ion towers at 2 hours. Its usability is additionally huge.

Simultaneously, it could improve in different regions. Remington HC4250 on Amazon.com is for the most part for buzzcuts, yet gives greater adaptability/minimization and you can wash it for faster upkeep.

Each trimmer has its qualities and shortcomings so you need to assess what sort of hairstyles you’ll for the most part be doing as such you can get the right one. On the off chance that you remove anything from this Wahl Lithium Ion Pro survey, it’s that this is a decent trimmer for straightforward hairstyles.

Wahl’s Cordless Designer conveys more expert outcomes with better sharp edges and a more grounded engine.

Adhere to the Lithium-Ion trimmer unit if you esteem having heaps of adornments and you disdain to charge your trimmers time after time. At its cost range, it’s balanced, across the board arrangement that legitimizes its fame for the conventional home client.

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