Wahl Designer Clipper Review and Buyer’s Guide Updated

Whenever you look for a mid-range barber tool then the Wahl designer clipper should be your top priority. This mid-range clipper has gained huge popularity among barbers and domestic users due to its quality performance.

One of the most prominent factors appreciated by the barbers is its lightweight body. When other typical clippers weigh no less than 1 pound the Wahl designer clipper is only 0.63 lbs. hence the professional barbers who have to deal with customers throughout the day find this clipper effective.

If you are also a professional barber having a hectic routine then you should avoid using bulky clippers available in the market. A bulky clipper can cause fatigue in your hand even you are at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Hence using a better clipper that suits your requirements can save you from getting fatigued.

When everyone is saying a lot about Wahl designer clippers then I must include my words. So that you could get the exact and relevant information. After reading this detailed review you will be able to make a wise decision.

Wahl designer clipper review – Overview

Wahl designer clipper is appreciated for its lightweight 0.63lbs body and ergonomic design. The red aesthetics make it even stunning just like a predator ready to chew your hair strands.

It can be used as both cordless and corded that’s a bonus point to be noted. When you use it cordless it delivers 90 minutes of runtime. It vibrates a little bit but is a quiet clipper.

The storage box looks cheap but is filled with worthy accessories. You would love its overall shape and casing material that allows you a firm grip. Its 6.25″ body feels a little bit heavy but its ergonomic shape covers everything. This unique clipper is no doubt packed with a sturdy motor that generates enough power but it’s not recommended for fades.

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An awesome body that upgrades your barbershop 

A sturdy design with sleek red aesthetics seems pretty. When you hold this bold sharp red clipper in your hand it gives a gesture that you are ready to cut your client’s hair with great accuracy. If you are concerned about weight and dimensions then it’s 6.25″ long and weighs 10.2 oz.

The lightweight body doesn’t mean that it will be hard to have a grip on it. Wahl designer clipper is designed perfectly ergonomic that gives you a stunning grip. It prevents your hand from getting fatigued. It fits ideally in your palm and allows you to show your skills without any hesitation.

Wahl designer cordless clipper is far better than a corded one. The cordless clipper is comparatively easy to use. Moreover, the corded version weighs 1 lb that’s quite heavier than the 0.63 lbs cordless model.

You might be thinking that a couple of ounces aren’t going to make a big difference. But you would be amazed after knowing some surprising facts. If you are a professional barber, then you have to spend at least 8 hours doing your clients haircuts.

Now you have a hair clipper that is a little bit bulkier say lbs. Now multiple 1 lbs to 8 hours and 192 minutes. You are holding this one lb for 192 minutes. Now multiply 0.63lbs to 192 minutes of your working time. Indeed you will get a shorter value. This is how a single ounce makes a big difference.

Moreover, if you are feeling good then you will be able to deliver more effectively. But if your hand is fatigued and your mind is tired then you cannot do your job with the same efficiency.

Performance for experts 

As mentioned earlier that experts cannot perform their skills with a heavy and clumsy hair clipper. A clipper needs to be lightweight and ergonomic to help the professionals. No matter you are buying a hair clipper for your barbershop or household use prefers comfort first.

After comfort, you need to focus on the performance regarding blades, motor, battery, and other factors. Here I will discuss fade haircuts. If you are a professional barber then you might encounter different customer requirements every day.

Mostly you get general haircuts. The Wahl designer clipper delivers effective performance in general haircuts. This is due to its 1005 sharp blades fitted in it. If you want to try fades then the Wahl designer clipper will not be an ideal choice. Because 1005 blades are perfect for general haircuts not for fades.

If you are a beginner then I would suggest you start with the Wahl designer clipper as it delivers high-end performance. Beginners get general haircut clients mostly, hence Wahl designer clipper would be the best option for them. But with the passage of time, you will also be dealing clients of fade haircuts.

You can keep Oster and Wahl magic clippers for fades and other relevant tasks. And Wahl designer clipper for routine general haircuts. Oster 76 and Wahl senior perform best in this field you can consider. But if you aren’t in the mood of buying an extra clipper then you have another option too.

You can replace the blade of your Wahl designer clipper with the crunchy blade if you want to enjoy fades. This action needs some practice and patience but you can save a lot of money.

Meanwhile, it comes with numerous accessories that can help you in getting better results with your budget-friendly hair clipper. The package includes the clipper, 8 attachment comb cutting guides (1/16″, 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″), cleaning brush, clipper blade oil, red blade guard and operating instructions.

In order to enjoy a sharp and efficient performance on every use, you need to keep your clipper with good care. Maintenance can prolong the life of your clipper no matter what the price is.

Boss cordless performance

If you are a fan of cordless clippers then the Wahl designer clipper is specially manufactured for you. There are two Wahl designer clippers available in the market. This one is a cordless clipper equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

Wahl magic clipper is also available cordless with a lithium-ion battery but the cost is high. If you want to enjoy the same performance with the same battery and runtime then the Wahl designer clipper is the best option for you.

Wahl designer clipper is offering you 90 minutes of runtime after getting fully charged. This is a huge running time even better than other high-end clippers available in the market.

Mostly high-end expensive clippers in the market offer just 40 to 60 minutes running time. 90 minutes running time is enough for household use because you can spend a couple of weeks without touching the charger. Whenever you feel that you are running out of battery you can plug in a charger and get everything done you have started before.

The professional barbers can spend a whole day with the Wahl designer clipper if they plug in the charger in between sessions. Professional barbers mostly have other clippers too, they can switch in between. But if you have the Wahl designer clipper as the primary clipper then it will never disappoint you in either care.

The Wahl designer clipper is the best choice because you can enjoy it in both ways corded and cordless. Sometimes professional barbers prefer corded clippers for fast working. Then you just need to plug in the charger and start enjoying the unlimited performance of the Wahl designer clipper.

The cordless feature makes it a favourite of mobile barbers who don’t have instant electricity supplies to use their clippers. Moreover, if you want to use a clipper for cutting your kids or pets hair then its cordless feature gives you a great advantage.

Cordless Designer vs the corded Designer 

As mentioned earlier that there is another budget option available in the market in the form of the Wahl corded Designer. You cannot compare both of the models because their criteria are different. A corded clipper cannot be better than a cordless, lightweight, and mobile clipper.

The Wahl designer cordless clipper is better than the Wahl designer corded clipper due to many reasons. Wahl designer cordless clipper is lighter than its counterpart. Moreover, you get 8 guards with a Wahl designer cordless clipper while its counterpart is offering only 6 guards.

In simple words, the Wahl designer cordless clipper is worth its slightly higher price. Moreover, there is no big difference in the performance as both of them are fitted with the same #1005 blade.

Some downsides of the Wahl cordless designer

You trust us because we always come up with authentic and honest reviews. We don’t only discuss the good points but bad points too. Therefore we cannot complete the Wahl designer clipper without mentioning its downsides.

Whenever you buy a cordless professional-grade clipper you might have to deal with its annoying vibrations. If you would know Wahl models often create more vibrations than other models in the market.

Well, this shouldn’t be a big issue for people who want regular haircuts. People who are buying this model for their household use shouldn’t be worried about its vibrations because you are not going to use it for long periods. Professional barbers are often used to this kind of vibrational tool.

It mainly matters when you choose close cuts or balding. Because vibration feels more annoying when it touches your skin. Hence people who are buying Wahl designer clippers for balding purposes should be looking for other models available in the market, such as 5-star balding clippers.

The reason behind these vibrations is the electromagnetic motors fitted in your clippers. Hence if you want to avoid such situations you can choose the clippers built with rotatory motors such as Oster clippers.

Other than vibrations I didn’t like its plastic storage bag. It looks quite cheap as compared to other brands storage bags. I don’t think that Wahl is using this low-quality storage bag in order to save some cents.

Final word

People with the following criteria should find this Wahl cordless designer clipper.

  • If you are looking for a lightweight and manoeuvrable professional-grade clipper
  • If you prefer the aesthetics of your products
  • If you are a professional barber with a busy routine and searching for an ergonomic clipper
  • If you are looking for a top-quality cordless hair clipper with a decent battery
  • If you want a complete grooming set that includes useful accessories

Then Wahl designer clipper should be your top choice. I have discussed all the positive and negative aspects of Wahl designer clipper in this review article. If you have any queries then let me know in the comment section.

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