Best Barber Clippers Reviews Latest and Buyer’s Guide

Today, Home users want to save their money with a DIY haircut. All hairdressers beginning their profession in pursuit of learning their art and bringing smiles to their clients. What joins these two groups are best Barber hair clippers Latest for home use. Understanding to cut your personal hair – or shaping another person’s locks, is a valuable skill.Best Barber Clippers Reviews

And all-new skills indicate self-improvement. Other people admiring you more. Satisfaction.

We won’t destroy you with a cliche list of half-assed clipper instructions. We’ve used many models and we know very well what just actually works.

If you just want a professional hair clipper: you’ll like the adjustable Andis Master, or the detachable blade surprise Oster 76.

If you’re more about comfort & home use: the small Remington HC4250 or a whole kit love Wahl Elite Pro Kit will satisfy you well.

Here you can see my current home setup. A neat HC4250, a massive duty Wahl clipper, and my preferred hair trimmer – Andis T-Outliner.

We do comprehensive research on the 7 Best Barber Clippers Professional Hair Reviews latest and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a Hair Clippers.

made by organizations like Wahl, Oster, and Andis.

These professional barber clippers come with reliable motors, sharp blades, sturdy designs, a complete set of quality additions, and affordable prices. For example, the Oster Classic 76 is the latest heavy-duty machine for professional barbers who need high-quality, sharp blades with a durable motor.

Moreover, the Wahl Professional 5-Star Magic Clip is the most well-rounded, versatile product, allowing for both corded and cordless cutting. However, the Andis Master is a similar, high-performance model.

Finally, the Andis Barber Combo offers the best clipper and trimmer set, with an excellent flexible blade and solid outliner for an exceptional value.

Best Barber Clippers Latest – Professional Hair Clippers Reviews

Having the best set of professional hair clippers can provide you the tools you have to produce neat and good quality hair grooming for at-home use or in the professional hairdresser industry.

If you own a barbershop or just want to improve your look at home, having the best professional barber clippers can assist you whilst performing to an extremely high standard.

It can be difficult to get the best barber clippers as there are so numerous clippers on the market but here, we have narrowed down the best clippers in this valuable guide.

Now you can choose the one best suited for you and the job that needs doing.

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12 Best Barber Clippers Reviews Latest



These clippers are from Wahl which is one of the best clippers brands of hair and beards trimmers.

They have a two-hour runtime and an instant ten-minute charge, as well as keeping a charge for up to a year.

They come with a full haircutting kit which includes guide combs of various sizes which provide you the chance to cut a variety of lengths and hairstyles for simple and worry-free home haircuts.

These clippers incorporate Wahl’s self-sharpening accuracies blades which let the Clippers stay sharp for more abundant in order for them to continue snag-free when performing haircuts.

These clippers also have a much quicker speed which is up to 40% more than other clippers, even those from Wahl. They also have a manageable Taper Lever so you can blend the hair smoothly.

These clippers also come with a five-year warranty and the voltage required 120V/60Hz. The unique features for these clippers are their cordless abilities.

This means you can move smoothly and reach all angles of the head or beard and perform great. The Clippers utilize lithium for the power behind the cordless unit.



Wahl Clipper Elite Pro Once again, this clipper set is from Wahl which is one of the best brands on the market.


The Elite Pro barber clipper set has the longest durability and most sturdy motor of the Wahl products. This will provide you superior cuts and excellent performance for a long time.

It includes Wahl’s finest self-sharpening precision blades and stays sharp for a long time and can cut all hair kinds.

In the kit you will get Wahl’s secure-fit stainless steel premium clip design combs this means you will have a relaxed and smooth haircut.

The material of these guide combs is 70% more powerful when compared to other Wahl products and guide combs.

The Clippers’ industrial power motor is 15% more strong than other Wahl products which indicate you will have a nice, no-snag cut.

It also cuts hair 40% quicker than other clipper products from other brands. They also include a movable taper lever which provides you smooth blending when cutting hair.

These clippers come with an eight-inch industrial H/D cord. These clippers are rated the best clippers in Wahl’s products for high-performance haircutting.

Best kit to use at home 

Highly ergonomic, quiet and ready to serve barbers and casual users alike

Size and weight: Normal size, a little bit heavier than some other home clippers. Haircutting tools are an excellent way to get a home haircut both for you or for the entire family.

And there’s no uncertainty the Wahl Elite Pro is the most suitable haircutting kit on the current market. It joins power with versatility and tool quality.

The Elite Pro clipper is quite a solid build, unlike a lot of delicate hair clippers for home use. It is also available with a more powerful motor than usual haircut tools and quality self-sharpening blades. Their soft cut won’t snag on thicker hair kinds.

The great news here is the accessories and to be specific – the guards. You will not get the standard plastic combs that feel rather weak. With the Elite Pro clipper, you’re getting the popular Wahl metal guards.

Sizes range will be from 1/16″ up to 1″ with the “blending” #1/2 and #1 1/2 ones too. The guards themselves cost as much as a small clipper.

Why? Because they give a reliable fit to the blades, feature additional sturdiness, and will enhance the quality of your home haircuts.

From buzz cuts to more heavy volume cuts, the Wahl metal guards will outshine any plastic accessory. The Wahl Elite Pro high-performance tool also adds a styling shear, barber’s cape (28″ x 40″), cord wrap, and a luxurious, more durable storage case among other things. Clearly, this is the best quality home haircutting kit out there.

There are two main disadvantages here. First, there’s no left or right ear taper added in the set – but you will get them for quite an affordable price on Amazon.

Second, the Wahl Elite Pro clipper is a little bit heavier. So, its power is unmatched between other home use hair cutters.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Very strong for a home clipper
  • Quality metal guards instead of plastic
  • Complete home haircutting kit


  • No right & left ear tapers
  • A little bit heavier


Best Barber Clippers



Best balding hair cutter 

Affordable hair clipper and perfect for beginners, as well as barbers starting out.

Size and weight: Average.

This is a perfect hair cutter for bald guys – look this way! This Wahl 5 Star is the best balder out there and its particularly great reception among smooth-shaven men speaks length.

Other clippers for men might cut close like zero gapped, but no design cuts as close as this burgundy-colored animal. Fueled by a powerful V5000 electromagnetic motor, the steel blades will make your hair at around 0.1 mm.

That’s enough freezy you can go without taking the razor!

Sporting a regular Wahl clipper body, the 5 Star Balding men’s clipper gives an excellent grip. For some, it might feel a huge sizable, but its 6.25″ is pretty standard. A 1 pound body won’t exhaust your hands in any way either while you’re changing your smooth bald cut.

If you determine to leave a little bit of stubble, I got some great news!

The best hair clipper for bald men is available with two different guards – sizes 1/16″ and 3/16″. You will also get a small bottle of blade oil and a blade guard.

But, a word of caution: the blades will get very sharp. If you’re related to other electric hair clippers, you need to start gently with this one.

We’ve noticed that few people nicking their skin because they weren’t careful – read some guidance in our whole Wahl 5 star Balding clipper review.

The Wahl clippers that cut bald might also need some time for you to understand it well. At the same time, it’s your best choice if you’re searching to nail the smooth bald look!

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Best balding clipper
  • V5000 electromagnetic motor
  • Part of premium Wahl 5 Star series


  • Very sharp blades
  • Needs more care so you don’t nick your scalp
  • Needs some skill

These products are part of Wahl’s professional standard hair clippers. They are invented for professionals in the grooming industry.

It provides a sharp performance excellent for experts in the job as well as the liberation of a cordless clipper, meaning you can reach every angle and provide a professional, soft cut.

One of the wondrous special features in this set is the big precision zero-overlap 2161 blades.

This provides the clipper’s superior speed as well as the comfort of use and the ability to perform various styles.

It also includes a taper level that is comfortable and provides you easy blending and fading

The lithium-ion battery powers the clippers when cordless and provides the Clippers a 90 minute run time. These clippers have the strength to be corded or cordless.

This Wahl Professional also comes with 8 attachment combs for various kinds and styles of hair, oil, cleaning brush, red blade guard, and a recharging transformer.

This clipper is for professional usage only and is not suggested to be used in the home. The motor, blades, and extras that come with the package are more reliable in the hands of an expert groomer.



Best Oster clippers for men

Includes outstanding quality and premium detachable blades

Size and weight: It is a little bit heavy & bulky, but it’s really deserving of it.

Oster Classic 76 is a little bit heavy artillery of Oster professional hair clippers. It’s really Powerful. Akin to a Harley Davidson, but on the hair clipper for men market.

This is a heavy-duty hairdresser clipper with old looks, excellent quality, and have premium detachable blades.

The Classic 76 is available with a single-speed universal motor. It’s more than a good competitor of Andis Master’s ultra-powerful motor and guarantees more extensive cutting action.

This is an Oster detachable hair clipper basically for men. This shows that you need to change the blades if you want to get various cut lengths. You can still utilize guards too, but the interchangeable blades are what makes the 76 the wealth it is.

Talking about the blades, Oster 76 blades are without suspicion one of the best clipper blades on the market. It has already been tested in freezing conditions, they not only cut through any hair kinds or length but are also very durable.

The clipper is available with the stock #000 (1/50″) and #1 (3/32″) blade.

What will you expect of the best Oster clipper’s life expectancy?

Here’s the thing: when you’ll buy the 76, it’ll be about for quite a few years. Its break-resistant valox housing makes it a winner in terms of stability.

That stated, the Oster Classic 76 clippers have a training curve. In case you have specific requirements, you’ll need to buy blades separately and blade changing is not that difficult for some. Also, this hair cutter is rather heavy and tends to get loud.

The best Oster hair clippers are available at a very affordable price out there, though. And, as we have discussed before in our Oster 76 review, you can get this Oster Model 10 if you like a true hairdresser clipper that’s slightly smaller.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Final professional clipper
  • Strong motor & amazing blade quality
  • Manly, classic design & strong body


  • Final professional clipper
  • Strong motor & amazing blade quality
  • Manly, classic design & strong body

The Oster Classic 76 has been produced for heavy-duty use with a powerful, single speed universal motor.

It covers detachable blades in two sizes — 000 and 1. These clippers come with a blade protector, clipper grease, lubricating oil, and a cleansing brush.

It also comes with a beneficial hanging loop. They are manufactured with quite durable, with a break-resistant housing so the unit lasts for a pretty long time.

The cord that comes with the clippers is up to 9 feet and is designed to be ultra-long-lasting so there are no damages.

The housing of these clippers has a smooth, small and ergonomic design for easy use over a long period of time.

Excellent for barbers who will have the unit in their hands continually. The housing is also textured so the grip is soft and comfortable.

These clippers can cut through any kind of hair, all day long if essential, with their strong motor and great durability.

This is the best detachable blade clipper for professional barbers who require a clipper that works effortlessly and endlessly.


They are well designed to cut through wet or dry hair and provide the definition and endless chances. This is a really good choice if you have been looking for the best professional hair clippers.




This grooming kit is produced for touch up and trimming with high carbon steel blades.

These blades are high-carbon steel, self-sharpening, and correctness ground in order to stay sharp for more extended and provide a more convenient experience when hair trimming.

They can be used for head-to-toe grooming, and not just hair or beards if required. The blades on this unit also provide you the chance to cut all various types and design lots of multiple styles.

These clippers are excellent for at-home grooming in between trips to the barbers. They are all you need to obtain and manage the perfect hairstyle for you.

This really good complete body hair trimmer as well.

Wahl is one of the best companies in the hair grooming business and you can trust the brand to bring you outstanding service.

The motor in this kit is power-driven for great power and no-snag haircuts. It also includes worry-free guide combs, so you can produce an extensive range of hairstyles and grooming ways.

The sizes of the combs include a number 2 and number 3. A movable taper level also permits for easy blending as well as various lengths.

6 . Wahl Professional Senior Clipper


This product is designed for professional usage only and is manufactured by Wahl, one of the top brands for clippers.

It is the real electromagnetic clipper and is equipped with a v9000 motor. This motor runs in a cooler and quicker fashion than other, standard clippers.

This means it is excellent to use for heavy-duty work such as cutting, fades, tapering, and blending without heating.

The motor also means you won’t have to put as much energy in as it is remarkably high powered and can cut through any kind of hair and style.

The housing of this product is constructed of metal and is quite durable while also feeling amazing in your hand. It gives better control and comfort.

The kit for the Senior Clipper comes with other accessories as well, such as three attachment combs, cleaning brush, oil, red blade guard, and guidance.

The cutting guides that come in the box along with the clipper come in 1/16”, 2/16”, and 3/16”.

The cord that is attached to this clipper is 8 feet long and created a professional standard, chemical resistant material. This product’s v9000 electromagnetic motor works at 120 volts / 60 hertz.


Best Barber Clippers

This professional cordless hair clipper has blades that work at high accuracy and is sharpened at 45.

It also features the latest Panasonic X Taper blade shape which provides you the ability to cut bigger surface areas and deliver you the best, unparalleled cutting speed.

It operates by catching the hair and cutting it without letting it go.

The motor runs at 10,000rpm which is extremely powerful and can cut through any kind of hair and produce any type of style.

The scope of the cutting length without the attachments is 0.8mm to 2.0mm. The scope with the attachments is 3.00mm up to 15mm.

This cordless unit requires 60 minutes to recharge and provides you 50 minutes of continuous work once charged.

The fact that it is cordless means you will be able to touch all angles for an even and clean cut.  The motor utilizes 110V to 240V.

The kit comes with the clipper; the 3 various sized combs, the charging stand, plug-in transformer, cleaning brush, and oil.


This clipper is designed to not snag your hair but to cut it smoothly and efficiently. These clippers are classic for barber clippers for at-home use.

8. Andis Ceramic BGRc

Best ceramic clippers

Highly ergonomic, quiet and ready to serve barbers and casual users alike

Size & weight: More small and lightweight than usual hair clippers for men.

There’s a cause we listed this one as a luxury option. Andis BGRc will tickle your imagination with a set of features that include an ergonomic, easy to manage, and barber-grade men’s hair clipper.

The BGR+ is the cordless version of the BGRc clipper – you can change it by its black-colored body.

Below a strong, stylish body weighing only 0.90 lbs, you can find a rotary motor. Rotary motors are much beautiful as they score higher both in terms of cutting strong and blade speed. They also work to last longer.

But the original beauty of Andis BGRc is its ceramic blades. Ceramic support cooler (up to 70%) and sharper for a much longer time than normal stainless steel blades.

Andis Ceramic blades are very accurate, won’t overheat on you, and are a total delight to cut with.

This is an Andis detachable clipper with a #000 CeramicEdge blade added. If you choose to opt-in for the cordless BGR+, you’ll like battery life of up to an hour. The recharge time is also approximately this timeframe, despite the more traditional NiCD technology.

The best ceramic clippers surely, the BGRc is highly ergonomic, quiet, and ready to help hairdressers and casual users alike. There’s a cause why we appreciate it so much in our whole Andis BGRc review.

Bearing this in mind, the BGRc gets a little bit costly. There’s also no side lever for you to change the blade, so you can’t go smaller on the go with them. Once again, you have to exchange blades, and ceramic blades can get costly.

Also, be careful with dropping them – they tend to shatter smoothly, related to steel blades!

If you work with this Andis professional clipper for men, though, you’ll get the most luxurious haircuts ever.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Unmatched ceramic blades
  • Ultra-powerful rotary motor
  • Simple maintenance


  • Leans on the pricey side
  • NiCD old battery technology
  • No side lever for blade adjusting

9. Philips Norelco Hair and Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

Hair and Beard Trimmer

A clipper meant for beards, it can do double duty on your head.


You might have researched the best hair clippers for men then you no uncertainty have come across a broad array of Philips Norelco products.

Any one of them could create a best-of list, but I have singled out this BT7215 design as it does it all and can even make the cleanup.

Though, see that this is a clipper meant for beards, it will do a double job on your head as long as you’re providing yourself a buzzcut.

The open vacuum system of this trimmer is what introduces it apart from most other men’s hair trimmers on the market. It will suck up approximately 90% of cut hairs.

It works with a high-velocity motor and fan system. This generates a strong suction system that will lift up and suck in hairs as you cut.

A smoother look than the former models, but it still provides a solid grip which is important for cutting thicker beards.

It has a slightly more modern design with a superior high-tech, satin chrome end and that ‘I get the job done’ look. It is available with a handy pouch to store the combs and second trimmer blade.

The lift & trim technology that manages the cutting process really lifts and leads hairs for a more effective cut.

The self-sharpening steel blades are well-positioned to cut each hair efficiently which kills skin inflammation from tugging.

This same technology also ensures a more consistent cut because it leads to more hairs per pass.

The blades are double-sharpened which indicates they will cut more hairs per person pass than other blades. This makes for quicker trimming as you only require one pass over that iron chin of yours.

This is great news if you have very sensitive skin. Most times guys get stress because you require to keep going over the equal spot to get everything cut straight.

With a variety of 20 different trimming lengths, this vacuum beard trimmer is perfect for men who want to test with various styles.

Just push the dial on the right-hand side of the trimmer and you’ll the time go up by 0.5mm all the way to 10mm.

This is approximately half an inch so if your hair is going to be left longer than that you will require to freehand or apply a clipper over comb system to cut.

As far as battery works, after completing an hour of charging it will work more than 80 minutes before it requires to charge again.

It’s a Lithium-Ion battery so it will serve quite a while, but to make sure it will keep a charge for the much amount of time possible, I suggest waiting until it is just about dead before you charge it. If the batteries do work out you can also utilize it with the cord. Just not in the shower!

On that word, it can get wet but shouldn’t be applied in the shower. This means that to wash it you can control the blade under the tap to clean hair away but you can’t just use it wet.

Philips Norelco Hair and Beard Trimmer BT7215/49

  • Rating


These are the best models of trimmers with or without the vacuum. But since the vacuum adds so much to the comfort factor, it is a win-win.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Revolutionary vacuum feature
  • Titanium-coated blades
  • Long-lasting battery


  • A tad MASSIVE
  • Blades can’t cut ultra-close
  • Can get a little noisy

10. Oster Professional Salon-Pro

Semi-professional affordable pick

Affordable hair clipper and perfect for beginners, as well as barbers starting out.

Size and weight: Lighter than average weight and average size.

We have launched this Oster Classic 76 beforehand, but the brand also holds more random users in mind. The Oster Professional Salon-Pro clippers are a recognition to hair cutters for men being “in the middle”.

Professional, yet smooth enough for you to utilize them without any experience or skills required.

Don’t consider the Oster Professional Salon-Pro clippers aren’t packing a punch, though. Under this lightweight body with excellent hairdresser looks lies a roaring pivot motor.

Join it with once again examined in hard conditions sharp stainless steel blades and you’ve got a winning method now.

What differentiates this design is its lightweight body and smooth, cool work. Normally, professional clippers lead to overheat and be rather bigger in their form. Not the Oster Professional Salon-Pro haircutter.

As we discussed before, this is a quite affordable hair clipper from the Oster line. It’s excellent for newcomers, as well as hairdressers starting out. With an adjustable clipper, it will get its blades moved between #000 and #1 with a single flick of the side lever.

You’ll get a few tools: two guides (1/4″ and 1/2″), as well as a smooth blending comb. Clipper oil and blade guards are also added to the mix, as always.

The design’s biggest problem is the plastic combs indeed.

We’ve already explained what you actually want to do with your Oster Professional Salon-Pro guards. This will increase the affordable Oster hair cutter’s potential amazingly.

11. Andis 01557 Professional Master Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, Silver

The best all-around hair clipper for men:

Andis Master deservedly rank among our best hair clippers latest


Size and weight: Little bit heavy & bulky.

Andis is the most loved hair clipper brands among hairdressers all over the world. Andis Master? One of the main causes for that.

The Master clippers are quite durable hair clippers for men with their chrome-colored shape manufactured of aluminum. A beastly electromagnetic motor cutting at 14 000 strokes per minute gives a powerful, professional-grade look.

The blades of Andis’ best hair clippers are manufactured of carbon-coated steel for extra sharpness and long-lasting feature. No compromise on the quality.

Its a very appealing point, though? The Master’s excellent taper lever is the cause we pick it as the best fade clipper on the market. You’ll get more freedom to change the blade length here than you could with any other adjustable hair clippers.

Have no uncertainty, though – you can utilize this hair buzzer for anything from taper haircuts, to fades, to usual buzz cuts or lengthy hairstyles. This is a really versatile beast of a hairdresser clipper for sure.

As with any heavy-duty electric hair clippers, the Master manages to work hot and might feel a little bit heavy.

Remember one thing, these Andis hair clippers will need some practice to be mastered perfectly. In return, you get grade A hairdresser cutter action.

Our Andis Master review will give you more information on Andis’ best clipper out there.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Sharp carbon steel blades
  • Elegant design & aluminum body
  • Approved by barbers


  • A little bit heavy
  • Tends to work hot
  • Needs some skill

12. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Best convenient men’s clippers

You get a cordless clipper, and its waterproof.

Size and weight: Very small and quite lightweight.

Versatility, flexibility, and compactness. The cordless Remington HC4250 gets our selection as the best Remington hair clipper and the best small clipper for men to utilize at home.

A huge game-changer with the Shortcut Pro is not only its cordless style but it also has a waterproof feature.

You’ll have an option to wash it all parts instead of the lengthier and all-around irritating method of cleaning the clipper the standard way. HC4250 scores are extremely high on our smooth maintenance scale.

This excellent innovative haircutter for men also available with a very special stainless steel blade!

Shaped in a curved design, it supports your head’s shape when you perform your haircut. This, connected with the full design of the blade, makes for faster, smoother cuts at home.

With the cordless function, you’ll get more than 40 minutes of Lithium-Ion battery life after the 4-hour charge. Somewhat of a standard for the niche, the battery will serve you for a few haircuts without any problem.

Another benefit you’ll get here is a complete lot of 9 Remington combs from 1/16″ to 5/8″, with a travel pouch, clipper oil, and plus cleaning brush as well.

This is the perfect electric clippers for traveling people – washable, small, and comes with its own accessories tools.

That stated, in terms of power production, you won’t get something as powerful as a genuine professional haircut tool. Don’t expect the Remington HC4250 to work barber-grade surprises.

And you understand what? Recognizing its design and comfort, there’s no such kind of way. Head to our HC4250 review if you want to read more.

The 3 Best Thins About it

  • Very small clipper on the market
  • Waterproof
  • Curved blades for accurate cuts


  • Not the most powerful clipper
  • Combs is rather small

Top 8 Best Hair Clipper by Brand

1. Wahl Hair Clipper

best hair clippers to buy

Illinois-based Wahl has been leading the way in men’s preening tech since the beginning of the 1900s.

The company was the primary to launch a cordless trimmer to the market, patented the primary electromagnetic best hair clipper to buy and produced the vacuum trimmer, which sucks up any hair it shaves off, so saving many marriages globally.

Wahl’s clippers are popularly regarded as the best on the market. Just have a look around next time you’re in a hairdresser shop and possibilities are they’ll be working Wahl gear.

The company’s ‘Super Taper’ clippers have long been praised by professionals as the industry standard, and with excellent reason.

2. Philips Brands Hair Clipper

While Wahl may be the most famous best hair clippers to buy brand among hairdressers, when it comes to amateur, home-use, Philips is most surely leading the way.

The Dutch electronics goods producer is known for everything from toasters to TVs, but when it comes to grooming products, it has some of the most reliable around.

The brand is famously known for its innovative designs and boundary-pushing tech, having launched the world to laser-guided trimmers and rotating cutting heads.

Therefore, if you require something cutting edge that will get DIY haircuts as simple as possible, Philips has what you’re looking for.

3-BaByliss Hair Clipper

BaByliss’s offerings may be affordable, but that doesn’t mean they scrimp on features.

Since 1961, the Parisian haircare brand has been assisting people to keep their locks in check for less, giving all the latest grooming tech for a fraction of the price of numerous of its competitors.

Several of the brand’s clippers have the added bonus of being able to be utilized both cordlessly and with a mains plug. If you were torn on which sort to go for, this may be a secure bet.

4-Braun Hair Clipper

best hair clippers to buy

Having manufactured a name for itself as one of the leading names in grooming, German company Braun is a smart option when it comes to choosing up a set of clippers.

With a focus on high-tech, ergonomic features, and fair prices, you can do things like waterproof housing, multi-length cutting attachments, and security locks, all at wallet-friendly prices.


Established in Wisconsin in 1924, Oster has gone from a little operation run out of a garage to a global brand with a reputation for producing some of the nicest hair clippers money can purchase.

The company is known for being the first to introduce motor-driven best hair clippers to buy to the market, thereby turning the world of grooming permanently.

Today, Oster clippers are a firm ideal among clued-up barbers, featuring handsome right styling and top-end rotary motors.


best hair clippers to buy

It would be difficult to imagine grooming gadgets and not consider Remington.

The brand has been producing some of the most secure and reliable tools for primping and preening since day one, and its hair clippers are no various.

Whether you’re after something all-singing and all-dancing, with all top-drawer feature you could probably think, or simply something that will cut your hair well and not cut – Remington has you coated.


Along with Wahl and Oster, Andis is one of the hair clipper originators.

Having been on the picture since 1921, its originator instantly went from selling clippers door-to-door, to creating them for the mass market.

These days, Andis remains a familiar brand used by traditional hairdresser shops, numerous of whom testify by its clippers, which give luxury decisions like ceramic blades and flexible combs.



The Japanese electronics giant brings its significant engineering clout to bear on your following fade cut. Its trimmers –

which work the gamut from hair-specific possibilities to those that double up as beard trimmers and manscaping tools – tend to be strong, providing increased blade speed for soft cutting.

Also, look out for techie-pleasing touches such as correctness blades particularly angled at 45 degrees to slice through your sprouting hairs.

Selecting the right electric clipper motor

How frequently do you cut your hair? Do you require it to be done fairly fast? Do you think replacing hair clipper blades is away from your ability? And finally, what kind is your hair? Let’s check what motor will meet your circumstances the most, bearing in mind these points of interest.

The Pivot motor

Haircutters powered by pivot motors are fit for regular cutting and are enjoyed by random users and professionals alike. Their unique feature is high cutting power matched with low blade speed.

  • What does that mean for me?

Summed up, this means you just get things done faster. A pivot motor’s blades get pulled in both ways, so your clipper gives twice the number of blade strokes.

This manages to pivot motors being twice as quick as the common magnetic-powered hair clippers. Andis – a top brand putting one of the best professional hair clippers out there consider their pivot motors are 4x the speed of a normal magnetic motor.

  • Do I require to know anything else?

We just need to say that a pivot motor has no spring, but is available packed with a result of two electromagnets. But you don’t truly (and shouldn’t) care about this matter.

What matters is those hair clippers working on a pivot motor available with removable plastic guards/combs. Swap one output the other. It’s that easy and efficient.

You can see a lever on the side of pivot-powered clippers. It adjusts the blade, bringing it closer – ideal for fades if you’re into that.

Oh, and the last note – pivot motors are very good at cutting thick, massive, or damp/wet hair.

The magnetic motor

If a pivot motor’s blade is dull, any magnetic motor will make you feel silly. These guys burn through everything, sometimes going at up to 7200 blade strokes/minute. As a tradeoff, they will cut down in the power department.

Magnetic motor-powered hair clippers are excellent for longer usage. You might also see that they work a bit cooler than pivot-based hair-cutting tools.

  • What’s in for me here?

If you’re finding for a relaxed, casual way to cut your hair, you’d be satisfied with this kind of motor. They need no difficult maintenance whatsoever. Even if you could not able to oil things a bit, they will forgive you and still work excellently. Don’t go overboard, though!

Magnetic clippers also manage to get with a lever, making things a bit more comfortable for you. People with fine to medium hair will be particularly pleased by maintaining a set of such hair clippers.

 The rotary motor

We’re trying into the professional hair clippers section here. Rotary motors are a genuine deal and combine stability with proper power. Sadly, though, hair cutters that work on them tend to be pretty pricey.

Rotary motors score extremely high both in terms of blade speed and cutting power. They lead forth effective versatility and chances if you decide to test with your haircuts.

  • Where’s the deal, then?

“Deal” is a pretty good word here. While rotary motor-powered professional hair clippers might reveal the bank, they make up for it. First, they are way easier than other clippers.

They are also much quiet, humming instead of venturing to wake anybody around you during that cool morning haircut. To top it off, they will serve for eternity given you take the right care of them.

  • Do I need to know anything else?

Yes. Rotary motors are matched up with detachable clipper blades. This indicates you need to change blades if you choose to play around with your haircutting habits. A bit more trending and valuable, we understand.

However, between plastic combs (pivot and magnetic motors) and a strong, great quality blade…Imagine which one is way classier and will serve in time?

Normally, you can see rotary motors in hairdresser clippers designed to serve a long period during the occupied day of a professional. If you wish to go the hardcore clipper way, this motor kind is for you.

What you need to know about clipper blades

The very first thing you need to look at is how clipper blades are structured. Basically, a hair clipper blade consists of 5 pieces (7 if you add the two screws). You’ve got the comb and the cutter blade, the blade socket, and a plastic blade guide as well.

The blade’s stuff is where differences occur. Finding your blade is in an optimal situation (in other words, sharpened and taken care of), the thicker the metal, the better.

The current hair clippers blade model is rust-resistant stainless steel. See it’s rust-resistant. You are still required to see out for any blade rusting.

With time you’ll get across clipper blades that are titanium-coated or even carbon-coated. This is even much better, though numerous models lack such strengthened coating.

Then, at the top of the blade remains, you can see the ceramic blades. Ceramic work to the last longer is way more active than your run-of-the-mill steel cutters.

You’ll see hair clippers with ceramic blades don’t heat too much – the stuff is a bad heat conductor. On the flip side, though, ceramic blades are a) possible to break (brittle) and b) a tad pricey related to stainless steel blades.

  • What do you suggest for me?

Honestly speaking, quality hair clippers brands all have great quality blades. If you’re finding for low to medium-budget clippers, you can get stainless steel blades. If you venture into professional hairdresser clipper territory, like Andis BGRc, you’ll surely see what ceramic blades can do.

Also, if you would feel lost to hair clipper sizes, including clipper blades and guard charts, we have addressed a complete guide on the leading clipper brands’ sizes.

Cordless clippers or corded ones?

This question usually sparks heated disputes, even between us, the inventor of this place. The hard fact is: there’s no definite answer. It depends on how you are using your clippers.

Is your hair rather short? Are you finding for smart, non-complicated haircuts? – Cordless hair clippers will do a nice job with their more flexibility and versatility.

Are you moving high hair volumes? Do you like completely styling your hair? – Corded hair clippers are more reliable as cordless hair cutters might get their battery depleted quickly.

Moving the wireless hair clippers way or staying “wired” is also joined with your mobility. If you’re on the go and travel a lot, cordless might meet your lifestyle healthy. Cords normally measure 6 feet and above, so they will get the pain to drag around with you.

Normally, people would say that cordless clippers also need the power output of corded ones. We agree with some of the points but to some extent. For instance, the Wahl 5 star Magic clip has a complete 90 minutes of battery time that is enough for many usages.

Choosing the Best Hair Clipper for Barbers and Professionals

There are so numerous clippers on the market, so it can be really hard to pick which one is the best for the work at hand.

There are also plenty of things to consider before you take the leap and buy the best clippers for barbers.

Here we have grouped together some of the things you should keep in mind when looking to purchase some hair clippers.


You require a clipper that you can believe so looking for a high-quality barber clippers brand is a necessity.

These kinds of clippers will provide you with a great service for a long time and are manufactured of quality materials, so they won’t break.

Purchasing cheap clippers won’t give you the cut you want and will not last for long, meaning you will have to buy another before too long.

This is because they are manufactured with cheap plastic material and tend to have a cheap motor power that will ‘hack’ at your hair rather than provide a soft cut.

Strong, durable, and trustworthy clippers will work well and provide you with a cut that you can be proud of.

The Motor

The size and power of the motor are what separates the top range designs from the inferior ones.

Along with a nice blade, a good, strong motor will make sure that your hair is cut in a soft and clean fashion.

The better the motor the less likely the Clippers will grab, snag or pull your hair. More affordable motors will most likely burn out faster than the pricier ones.

The Frequency of Use

This all depends on your past experience with the clippers. There are multiple products accessible that are classic for use at home and for your family.

The high-quality, mid-range priced models are excellent for this as they will not be used as frequently as professionals in the barber business.

For those who are in the barber business, you will have to find a durable and long functioning product that may be slightly more costly, but worth the investment for the service, you will get.


There are specific elements of the clipper that you should give attention to. For example, what the housing is produced, whether the blades will stay sharp, and the power of the motor.

These are significant as they should be constructed of high-quality materials. See customer reviews to make sure you are getting a great quality product.

Before Buying Hair Clippers: What to Look For

Mains vs. Battery

The decision between mains-powered clippers and cordless clippers actually just comes down to individual preference. If you travel a lot and require trimming your hair on the move, cordless is without uncertainty the best way to go.

However, if you need supreme power and expect to have your clippers working for long periods of time, it’s deserving thinking about a mains-powered option.


For the most part, the cutting blades on hair clippers are manufactured from stainless steel, which is completely fine for casual use.

A lot of professional hairdressers favor ceramic blades, as they don’t heat up as much during proceeded sessions, but as long as you’re just intending to provide yourself a trim every week or so, and you don’t have thick, wiry hair all over your body, that won’t be a problem.


Unless you’re intentionally aiming for that same-length-all-over, tennis ball vibe, you’re going to require some guards (some call them combs) to vary your cutting extensions. Fortunately, the wide majority of clippers will come with a set included.

“[Guards] work as an attachment for clippers that you set on top of the cutters in order to achieve various lengths on a selected area of hair,” explains Murdock Covent Garden’s senior barber, Joe Pomper.

These clip-on combs are calculated and each number relates to various cutting lengths. The lowest numbers will leave the least amount of hair and the most crucial numbers leave the most.

Cutting lengths usually range between 0.5 mm up to 25 mm, which equates approximately to a grade 0 – grade 8.

“Make sure the combs have some types of adjusting clip so they don’t fall off,” recommends Joe Mills, founder of Joe & Co barbershop. “The last thing you require when trimming is for the comb to come away and you carve a fine bald line through your hair.”

“A sharp overall look can be produced applying clippers at a set measurement (i.e. one grade all over),” adds Pomper, “but to achieve a more complicated fade, you need to finish the clipper grading in order to produce natural-looking graduation arising from the neck.”

Taper Lever

Some – but not all – hair clippers are provided with a lever to the side of the cutting blades. This enables you to vary the length even more.

“It lets you go from a zero to a half,” explains Mills, “which lets you generate fade haircuts, and blocks it from catching the skin when trimming sensitive areas, too.”

It also means that if you don’t want a large amount of variation in the overall length of your hair, you can do the entire thing without having to keep exchanging guards.

What is the Difference Between Professional Clippers and Home Clippers?

As stated before there are multiple different kinds of clippers on the market and it can be difficult to pick which would be the most suitable sort for you.

There are those units which have been particularly designed for professional use, and those that are designed for comfortable home use.

You have to determine which the best possibility is for you.

Cost of Equipment

Professional hair clippers are going to be more costly when related to home clippers.

This is because of the professional requirements of high quality, durable, and safe clippers that give an expert service.

Home clippers may be more affordable but might not give as good a cut as those designed for barbers.

Styling and Overall Finish

Professional hair clippers are designed particularly to provide an artistic touch to the hair and provide the opportunity to unveil magnificent styles.

Home clippers are harder and are not as free to maneuver around the more complicated hairstyles.

Time Value

This indicates how much time you have to spend to achieve your look.

If you have a short time but want to look professional and smart, Best barber clippers are the most beneficial option for you as the motors tend to be quicker but still give a fabulous finish.

If you have more time, and perhaps less money and less of a requirement to look smart, home clippers may be excellent for you as they are more affordable yet still provide an appropriate cut, but it may take extended.


How professional do your clippers require being? Those designed to be used by professional barbers have the features required for these people.

There will be various settings, combs, blades, and attachments, so they can achieve a variety of hairstyles.

This may not be important for those cutting at home and so home clippers may be the best decision.

How to Clean Best Professional Barber Clippers?

Keeping your clippers clean is quite significant as hair can bunch around the blades and become amazingly unhygienic.

If you are a professional barber you will have to clean those blades after every haircut, to keep a hygienic and clean service.

If you have professional Best barber clippers at home and apply them for your own hair, you should still clean them after every performance to keep the sharp, clean, and professional cut you desire.

Remove the blades from the unit. This might need a screwdriver to eliminate the screws on the top of the unit.

Apply your fingers to take the head and/or blades away from the clippers then separate them.

Utilize a thick brush and use it to eliminate all the apparent hair from the head plate as well as the inside of the clipper.

Make sure to clean all the tiny holes in the unit as the hair is likely to bunch up here. Fixed a little bit of cleaning solution on the blades and apply a slightly damp cloth to clean the blades.

You should also think using hygiene spray particularly if you use the clippers frequently. Use a towel to dry the head and blade of the clippers and let them air dry for a few minutes.

Once the head and blades are completely dry, reassemble them with the unit.

Facing the Clippers towards the ground with the head of the unit facing away from you, move them on and put some drops of hair clipper oil along the top of the blades.

Do not add too much oil. Don’t let the oil to drop back into the clipper unit.

Now you have fine, clean, and professional clippers. Cleaning them after every treatment will permit them to manage their sharp cut and continue to be hygienic.

Top Brands of Clippers and Trimmers:

More information: Some Clippers, Trimmers or Shavers are specifically designed for back of neck hair or back hair, black hair or black men, kid or animals like dogs, cats or horses. 



If you have been looking for a genuine quality professional hair clipper then look no further. We have found together with the best barber clippers on the market for you to analyze and determine which one is the best for the work at hand.

There are specific things you should think before purchasing clippers such as safety, the frequency of use, quality and motor, for the kind of cut you need.

You will also have to consider what kind of unit you want, whether professional or home use. One of the most significant factors understands how to clean your clippers as this will make them last longer.