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Men’s Clean Shaved Head With Beard Trimmer [Look & Styles]

Whenever you see a bald man with a beard on a TV show you get satisfied. Because a bald man with a shaved head with beard looks smart, elegant, and intellectual. If you are the man who observes every day his hairline recedes but cannot stop it.

Indeed you cannot reverse your hair fall and get your hairline back. You may go through painful hair treatments but you cannot get back your natural hair growth. Everything seems to be so disappointing but it’s not like that. You can stop this now by choosing baldness at your own desire.

Once you accept yourself then nobody can make you let down. Only you can stand up for yourself and introduce the world to your real side of you. Now stand, make a decision, and start walking confidently.

Shaved Head With Beard 

You can choose to be bald willingly without letting yourself down. Jokes aside you can look smart, dashing, and handsome in this bald look. If you cannot stop your hair from falling down, you can stop being worried.

You can adopt multiple looks with a bald head and beard. A thick beard with a bald head creates awesome symmetry. Once you shaved your head you will never get back to growing hair again. Because a handsome and intellectual look can be achieved by a bald head and beard.

Here are some benefits of having a shaved head with a beard. You can get rid of a lot of hair care problems and start enjoying life once again. Continue reading if you need even a single reason for going to be the shaved-head person.

After deciding on getting a shaved head you will need some high-end balding clippers. Let’s just take an overview of some top brands’ balding clippers.

A Shaved Head With Beard Saves You The Trouble Of Useless Hair Loss Treatments

Genetically males get bald at some point in their age. This happens to about 7 people out of 10. No matter where you belong, caste, color, or creed you cannot get out of this situation once it gets started.

When hair fall gets started you cannot get it back with natural remedies. Mostly what happens is when a guy starts observing his hair falling and hairline receding he gets panicked. In this panic, situation men start looking for various ways to stop hair fall.

I am not saying that these remedies don’t work at all. Some people are lucky enough for whom these hair loss treatments work. Even natural remedies work for certain guys but you must be sure that it’s not permanent.

When you start using various hair loss treatments like shampoos and medicines you see the difference at the start. You can observe the baby’s hair growing on your head. But when you skip using the products these hairs will fall down.

This is a big disappointment you face. All you can do is choose to be a bald man on your own. It will save both your time and effort. Also sometimes accepting the truth is less bitter than fighting against it. Therefore you can live a life of freedom after choosing to be bald.

A Shaved Head And Beard Subtracts Years From Your Age

Let me tell you how some simple strokes can make you look younger than before. People who are specialists in this field know better than how your small steps regarding your face and head can transform your entire look.

You know that receding hairline attracts people’s attention and gives an impression that you are getting old. If you cannot get your hair back then it doesn’t mean that you have lost your right of looking attractive. A sharp, thick, and defined beard attracts people’s attention to your facial feature rather than your head.

You can cut off people’s attention from your head by shaving it off. Shaved heads with defined beards can make a hot combination. It gives your face a slimmer and more defined shape. You can search for beard styles according to your facial shape and features.

If you cannot keep a heavy beard you can go for a goatee. Because a goatee beard suits people with triangular-faced shapes. This style particularly gives a flat impression to the triangular face shapes. In this way, you can make your facial feature more defined and attractive. Moreover, a bald head with a beard gives men a stunning younger look that appeals to females.

Perfect The Intellectual Look With A Shaved Head And Beard

If you want to achieve a perfect classy professor look then you can combine shaved head with a beard and glasses. This trio works amazingly and helps you to get a classy look. Whenever people wear this combination they look outstanding.

But you shouldn’t neglect the importance of your dressing sense. Because only perfect clothes can match the perfect styles. If you wear old jeans and a rough shirt with this beard style and glass, you will end up looking no more than a joker.

Always try to choose smart clothes that fit you in the best way. Be conscious of the season and try to wear a dress accordingly. Choose colors and dress materials according to seasons and keep yourself up to date. Moreover, beard maintenance is also crucial to look smart and handsome.

You can keep a long and thick beard but not a rough one. Shampoo and condition your beard regularly. Also, trim its ends to avoid split ends and make sure to keep them well-defined. A defined and elegant look is impossible with a rough and frizzy beard.

You can only keep the look with a closely shaved head, a neat and maintained beard, and well-managed clothes. Choose clothes that suit your personality and wear glasses according to your face shape. You can search to find the appropriate glasses frames according to your facial features and shape.

When you decide to keep this look you will need to shave your head close to the skin. For this, you will need a high-end balding clipper that can deliver a close-to-skin shave. You can consider Wahl 5 balding clippers that deliver close shaves up to 0.25mm.

The Wahl 5 balding clippers are equipped with sharp blades that can be a little bit tricky to be used. You need to be cautious while using Wahl 5 balding clipper. Because if you don’t do it with care you will end up hurting yourself.

A Shaved Head And Beard Is The Key To Mastering The Tough Guy Look

Just like famous Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart, Bruce Willis, and Jeff Bridges you also can set baldness goals. Yes, you can transform your gentle personality into a tough guy look.

Shaved head with a neat beard can make you look like an aggressive and stylish tough guy. It polishes your masculine characteristics. You can expect to keep an aggressive look by wearing this style.

The level of aggression can be understood by the fact that soldiers and prison inmates usually keep their shaved heads. It will add an element of aggression to your personality. A man with a shaved head and beard is the one, no one can mess with. Because the aggression and toughness in his personality give the vibes of strength.

Other than the prison inmates and soldiers, successful businessmen also keep their shaved heads. Because a shaved head doesn’t only subtract a few years from your personality but also gives it a spark of elegance.

A tough person means a regular workout at the gym resulting in no time for self-maintenance. Therefore we can suggest Philips

Norelco allows you to shave your head anywhere anytime. It gets fully charged in a couple of hours and gives 60 minutes of runtime. You can conveniently shave your entire head without wasting time.

A Shaved Head And Beard Is the Best Way To Embrace Your Masculine Side

You’re a nobleman to the ladies in your day-to-day existence, however, you realize how to affirm your power. You’re a Walt Whitman or possibly a Ralph Waldo Emerson. You’re a delicate soul, yet you’re surprisingly masculine, and you have the full facial hair to demonstrate it to the world.

One of the most incredible shaved heads with a facial hair growth style is the bare and full-unshaven look. This look is for the ones who love to accept their manliness and possibly cleave down a couple of trees toward the end of the week to assemble their own lodge in the forest.

There’s an image out there that sort of ribs on the cliché trendy person with a facial hair growth that appears as though a logger however wouldn’t realize how to hold a hatchet. In any case, actually, however, they may not be prepared to wrestle a bear but do appear as though they can deal with themselves.

Assuming that you have facial hair growth and meat yourself up a piece by hitting a few loads then, at that point, you’ll truly take care of business and look more manly rather than permitting the facial hair to attempt to do the truly difficult work for you. It can’t simply be the bare head and rough facial hair that finishes the manly look.

Blending A Beard Into A Bald Head

If you leave your beard to grow just like it normally does, you cannot achieve that required classy look. The ending line of your beard near your sideburns doesn’t look right. It can be made better by fading. Fading isn’t as a hard thing as you usually think.

It just needs a little bit of practice and patience and also the best fading clipper too. Because only the best fading clipper can give you the required look. You cannot complete your look with a low-quality clipper that isn’t built for fading.

Grab your fading clipper and mix your sideburns with a beard. You can start with a larger number of clipper guards but after enough practice start with the appropriate number.

Fading your beard into your head makes you look younger elegant and classy. You will get rid of that ridiculous boundary that was keeping you away from your target.

Final Thoughts 

In the last, I will tell you that only a healthy hairline doesn’t make you look smart. It’s your choice how you want to be looked at. Because only you can make yourself perfect and transform yourself into a whole stylish person.

For this, you need to know about the facts of your facial features and lines that make you different from others. One hairstyle doesn’t suit everyone. It’s because everyone has a different jawline and facial structure. You need to recognize your facial structure and choose your hairstyle accordingly. Then nobody can stop you from looking smart and handsome.

Sometimes you don’t lose your hair genetically due to a certain disease. It doesn’t mean that you can never look smart and handsome like before. You can still flip the table and make your own choices. Choose to be a bald head person and defeat your downsides. In this way, you can hold both your self-confidence and satisfaction.

Moreover, a problem is a problem until it becomes a trend. Yes, peoples on social media keep setting trends and are followed by millions of people blindness. You can also set your own trend and choose to shave your head willingly.

A shaved head with beard person with a healthy beard and proper dressing sense can win the show. You can either choose to be a gentle businessman or a tough guy with improved masculine properties.

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