shades of brown hair color chart

You might be thinking that Brown hairs are with no shade. But you can have different shades of brown hair color chart to change brown hair into the light, dark, crispy or sober colors. We have collected ten best different shades of brown hair recommended by hairstylists. Choose a one that looks best on you.

  1. Golden Brown Hair Color:

The brown color looks impressive if you have a fair skin tone and color. Believe me or not this golden brown color will change your whole look. Moreover, if you have gray or blue eyes, it will be a perfect hair color for you.

  1. Golden Honey Brown Hair Color Shade:

Golden Honey Brown hair color seems so romantic if you have a large volume of hairs. It furnishes the dimensions of your hair and presents a waterfall look. Girls having hazel or grey eyes will look cuter when they wear this hair color.

  1. Caramel Brown Hair Color Shade:

This hair color is perfect for teenagers. You can wear Caramel brunette hair color in summer as it gives a cool sight look.

  1. Toffee Brown Hair Color:

Toffee brown hair color adds a spicy look to your personality. Wearing it on short hairs may be the best choice. Or you can make an updo hair bob to look perfect. This hair color is one of the best shades of brown hair color chart. It seems more natural and stunning if you have hazel color eyes.

  1. Neutral Brown Hair Color With Global Highlights:

This hair look is the one that suits everyone. You may curl your hair and add some highlights to this color for adding volume to your strands. Global highlights may be the best choice with neutral brown hairs. You can also apply warm or cool highlights to this hair color.

  1. Bronze Brown Hair Color Shade:

Bronze-brown hair color looks best on straight or curly hair. This hair color looks perfect on everyone.

  1. Deep Chestnut Brown Hair Color Shade:

This hair color may be the best one for people having gray or green eyes. Deep chestnut brown hair adds dimensions and volume to your hair. You can add brunette highlights to this hair color. It will give a beautiful look.

  1. Chestnut Brown Hair Color:

You can dye your hair with chestnut brown hair color to look gorgeous. If you have flowy hairs, this color will add a distinctive look. It also works best for women having blue and green eyes.

  1. Dark Chocolate Hair Color:

Dark chocolate hair color is the best among shades of brown hair color chart. The brunette highlights will be more beneficial for you giving a gorgeous look to your face. Chocolate hair color looks best on the people with fair skin tone.

  1. Ash Brown Hair Color:

If you have oily skin, ash brown hair color will add some dryness making a perfect contrast. It will add an artsy twist to your hair look.


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