Remington IPL8500 i-Light Luxe: Review And Full Guide

Are you tired of witnessing the almost instantaneous regrowth of your hair? Shaving is not an option for you and hair removal is a real ordeal? Do you think you’ve tried everything, but can’t find a solution that suits your needs?

Do not search anymore! The Remington IPL8500 has been specially designed to get rid of that hair that ruins your life. No more false hopes and unpleasant surprises, this pulsed light epilator brings you a result that meets your expectations for permanent hair removal.

Zoom on this new generation machine that you will not be able to do without!

Pulsed light, what is it?

The Remington IPL8500 is a pulsed light epilator. Have you heard of this concept before, but are not completely up to date? Here is a little summary to guide you.

The fields of action of pulsed light

Pulsed light is a technology from the field of aesthetics with different actions: an anti-acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, reduction of spots or even permanent hair removal. It is on this last point that the product presented comes into play.

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Pulsed light and laser: what’s the difference?

Pulsed light and laser are two techniques to fight against hair permanently. Each will emit light and heat to remove your hair in-depth in a lasting way. So what is the difference between the two? Regarding the laser, it is an act operated by a health professional. Pulsed light, on the other hand, is a service that can be performed in a beauty salon, and even at home thanks to the Remington IP L8500. A less aggressive and more accessible technique, therefore!

How pulsed light works

Concretely, the principle of pulsed light is as follows: the device emits light waves similar to flashes which will turn into heat. This penetrates into the hair up to the bulb to neutralize it in order to gradually prevent regrowth. For effective hair removal with pulsed light, you should not be tanned or exposed to the sun and instead resort to shaving, not to hair removal before the sessions. Repeat the hair removal sessions at home with the Remington IP L8500 until permanent hair removal.

The Remington IPL850: how does it work?

Are you convinced by the pulsed light technique? Do you want to do your permanent hair removal at home? See how the Remington IPL850 can meet your expectations.

Device technology

Thanks to IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology and its quartz light cartridge with 300,000 light pulses, the i-Light Luxe IPL8500 promises fast and lasting results in permanent hair removal. This high-quality system based on IPL-ProPulseTM technology allows painless hair removal for hair extermination.

What the Remington IPL850 does

The flashes emitted by the device will, with the heat, attack the melanin of the hair for in-depth action. As and when used, the latter will self-destruct and the action will go to the bulb which will be anesthetized to conclude that it is permanently eliminated. Say goodbye to your weekly shaving sessions! This item is a great ally against your insistent hair growth. Its effectiveness is proven, your hairs have no chance of resisting it.

An epilator that keeps its promises

Tired of spending whole hours at the beautician? Your razor is eyeing you for a matter of speed, but this option is absolutely not compatible with your type of hair? In just three treatments and at home, observe the performance of the beautiful object. Your trips to the institute will only be a distant memory! Saving time, but also money.

Remington IPL850: the epilator you need!

If you haven’t yet made up your mind about the brand of your next pulsed light epilator, we explain the advantages, functions and contents of the Remington IPL850 below.

The advantages of the Remington IPL850

The i-Light Luxe IPL8500 has an intelligent skin tone sensor to adapt its action according to your skin tone. The light pulses are more or less strong so as not to attack your skin or, on the contrary, will penetrate deeply for an optimal result.

The skin detector, including its screen and UV filter, allow the device to adjust its power to perform painless hair removal.

This device is unisex , it can be used for both women and men. Indeed, it has been specially designed to overcome all types of hair. This also applies to different parts of the body. Face, armpit, legs, the machine is suitable for all uses. The heads are interchangeable. Thus, there is a head for general body hair removal and another for the more sensitive parts of the face, such as the underside of the female cheekbones.

The device has been clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists.

How to use your Remington IPL850?

It has three operating modes:

  • Express mode: this allows rapid and untargeted hair removal. Perfect when you have little time to dedicate to your hair removal, the Express mode is a good compromise.
  • Sensitive mode: this is the softest mode of the device. Gentle hair removal is obtained on the most sensitive areas.
  • Power mode: this is the most powerful mode, with great intensity. The results are visible more quickly.

In each of the modes, the skin tone sensor continues its work to adapt its intensity and light pulse.

Composition of the pack

  • a pulsed light apparatus;
  • two interchangeable heads: an XL tip and a sensitive areas tip;
  • instructions for use;
  • a storage box.

You now have all the information you need about the Remington IPL8500 i-Light Luxe. Do not hesitate any longer and get this model which guarantees permanent hair removal on the desired parts of the body.

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