Remington IPL6780 i-Light Hair Removal Device Review of 2021

The renowned brand Remington has just released its brand new pulsed light epilator from the i-Light range: the IPL 6780. It is a risk-free solution for hair removal on smaller areas such as the armpits, the bikini line. , forearms and face. Remington has an exceptional track record and a solid reputation in the field and we will take a closer look at what improvements this brand new model presents.


The summary of our test

A brand recognized for its efficiency

According to the manufacturer, you will normally start to see results either after only a short month after 3 treatments spaced at 2-week intervals. Then less regular sessions will allow you to maintain your good results according to the opinions of the majority of users. Of course, the results can vary from person to person, especially the color of the skin and hair. Regarding the supplied accessories, a tip specially designed for the facial area of ​​2 cm² makes it easier to treat the face and uneven areas. The Remington i-Light IPL6780 epilator is overall very easy to use with a complete manual in French.

Note that this epilator is powered by the mains, so no need to recharge it and no bad surprises during treatment concerning the battery life. On the other hand, it will be necessary to use the device near an electrical outlet and this is the main disadvantage that we find for this model even if the wire is sufficiently long. The light has 2 standard treatment modes suitable for treating different areas of the body. A manual mode for small or uneven areas and a more comfortable multi-flash mode to treat larger and more uniform surfaces.

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Safety and manufacturer’s warranty

The Remington i-Light IPL6780 has all the French safety standards including a sensor to recognize your skin color and use the correct brightness (5 possible intensities). In addition, the integrated UV skin protection and CE approval (declaration of conformity in accordance with safety requirements) show that safety is taken seriously. There are also skin contact sensors on either side of the flash window which must be in contact with your skin before flashing to protect your eyes by preventing accidental illumination.

Remington’s 3-year extended warranty shows the brand’s confidence in this new model. The lifespan is at least 3 years (ie the duration of the warranty) up to 50,000 flashes per year for intensive use. The brand indeed guarantees at least 150,000 flashes for this device, so it will be necessary to divide the price by 3 to get an idea of ​​the real cost of this pulsed light epilator. Indeed, if we compare with the price of 12 sessions per year in a beauty salon, the calculation is quickly made on the potential savings knowing that the epilator can last even longer, especially if the user is not sustained.


  • Treatment areas: body, face, and bikini line
  • Number of flashes: 150,000
  • Window size: 3 cm² (2 cm² for the face)
  • Autonomy: unlimited (sector)
  • Guarantee: 3 years

Our opinion

As you may have read, the Remington i-Light IPL6780 is a real success, especially as the price offered and very affordable. The brand is constantly improving its mid-range model in order to offer the epilator the best quality/price ratio on the market. To conclude, this pulsed light epilator is a very good choice because it combines the important criteria to consider, namely efficiency, lifespan, and ease of use.

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