Do you want to say goodbye to your hair, without regret? This is a great step in reclaiming your body. So why not take advantage of all the benefits that pulsed light hair removal has to offer? At home, when and where you want, painless, handy and efficient, the Remington IPL3500 epilator is the ideal partner for permanent hair removal for your entire body!

Pulsed light hair removal: opt for permanent hair removal at home!

During your Google searches for permanent hair removal, you have surely come across blog posts or pulsed light epilators. But do you really know how it works? It’s very simple: your epilator sends a flash of light, this flash then turns into heat. Then, this heat penetrates your skin to burn the bulb. Without its bulb your hair can no longer grow. You are definitely rid of it!

Don’t worry, although it can be impressive on the first few uses, the pulsed light epilator doesn’t burn the skin. Its action targets only the bulb of your hair.

Depending on your sensitivity to pain, you may feel a tingling sensation that you will quickly get used to.

If you did not know which technique to choose between pulsed light or laser, know that there are no real differences between the two. This is why opting for the Remington IPL3500 epilator is the solution with the best quality ratio. You invest once in the device and have nothing to pay afterwards!

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Why choose the Remington IPL3500 pulsed light epilator?

This epilator is ideal: easy to handle, proven effectiveness. It’s a profitable purchase to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

In just six weeks of treatment and three hair removal sessions, it guarantees that you will disappear forever with remarkable efficiency: 92% less of your hair. Results are likely to vary depending on your skin and hair type. Clinical trials carried out by Remington prove that after 3 months of hair removal treatment and 6 sessions offer 92% less and an average reduction of 54%.

20 min to treat the whole body

Thanks to its advanced technology, in 20 minutes you will have time to treat your entire body: legs, bikini line, armpit, face. Hair removal for the face is only for women. Be careful, it is strongly recommended not to use it for waxing your eyebrows. Your eyes would be in contact with the flash. You can still use it to remove hair from your cheeks, chin, neck or upper lip.

Single or continuous mode to save time

With its “pulse triggerless” mode, the epilator goes into automatic mode and you no longer even need to press the button to trigger the flash. An asset to save time! Each flash takes a second to attack your bulb.

An impressive autonomy of 350,000 flashes

With the autonomy of its bulb, you can use the number of 350,000 flashes: you will not even have to spend money to change it.

A large application window

Its 3 cm2 application window allows the treatment of 30 hairs per second to be targeted on the body.

5 intensity levels suitable for all types of hair

The Remington Compact Control HPL has 5 new intensities to choose from depending on your sensitivity, the color of your hair, but also its hardness. Prefer a small or even medium intensity if your hair is fine and blond. On the contrary, if your hairs are dark brown use a more intense level to guarantee a better result. Also use this intensity if you have been a razor fan for years.

3 treatments are enough for permanent hair removal

In just 3 treatments, you will benefit from a real treatment worthy of experts in aesthetic beauty centers. In addition, having the comforts of home, you make significant savings!

A unisex device

This device is suitable for even the thickest hair types. Thus, it is equally suitable for men and women. Its sober and elegant design matches all tastes!

Did you know ? One third of IPL devices are bought by men. Who said men weren’t allowed to wax? This is the opportunity to make even more savings for a group purchase. It can be used especially for men on the back, shoulders and torso.

A safe epilator

With its advanced HPL technology, the risk of experiencing side effects is almost non-existent. Your eyes are protected: the light flash only fires in contact with the skin. Your skin is not in contact with the heat source.

How to use the Remington IPL3500?

To get all the benefits of your Remington epilator, you must follow the instructions for use. Its simple and intuitive use will make your job easier.


To use your device correctly, you just need to follow these 5 essential steps step by step:

  1. Shave the part of your body that you want to permanently wax
  2. Once your device is on, you just have to choose the mode (single or continuous)
  3. Choose your intensity (if the tingling bothers you too much, you can lower it at any time)
  4. Position the head of your device towards the area. Make sure the application window is on the part of the skin you want to epilate
  5. If you are in continuous mode, press the button and flash

You see, waxing at home has never been easier! Forget the wax that cools or the tape you don’t dare tear off and say hello to modernity and serenity!

Its use must be done in respect of the natural cycle of your hairs. Depending on the color of your hair, you will adapt the treatment time.

Special cases

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before use for medical advice. Do this also if you have eczema or psoriasis .
  • The epilator can be used on tattoos.
  • If you have large moles, avoid passing the device over them.

Device maintenance

  • Do not use while bathing, it is not water resistant
  • Clean the window surface with a dry cloth.

Safety rules

  • Do not use on people under the age of 18.
  • Do not look at the application window when triggering the light flash.
  • Take the time to read the instructions for use before your first use.

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