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Remington hc4250 Shortcut Pro Hair Clipper Review of 2021

Let’s be honest: If we were to put all the hair clippers from our big review and comparison in a row, the end result would be a rather dreary picture of many optically very similar devices in the colors silver, gray and black. You will look for splashes of color in between almost in vain. And in terms of shape and design, even more, uniformity is the order of the day. So it’s nice when a model steps out of line – and that’s exactly what the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper does. This compact device just looks different. Our review reveals whether the hair clipper is also good.

Remington hair clipper Shortcut Pro HC4250 compact

remington hc4250 shortcut pro self-haircut kit

Small and compact not only fits this Remington hair clipper. But it also fits like a fist on the eye with our following summary of the main strengths and weaknesses of the Remington hair clipper with the model name Shortcut Pro HC4250.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • compact dimensions
  • Curve Cut blade technology
  • 9 different attachment combs
  • ideal for cutting side and neck hair
  • compact shape
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • low battery life
  • harder to grip
  • relatively small cutting length range
Key Features
  • Razor
  • 9 attachment combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Storage case
  • operation manual
  • For Black Hair

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Design and equipment

As already mentioned at the beginning, the compact and special shape is the most striking feature of the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

The device is significantly shorter than its competitors but wider. It almost has a square basic shape, if you disregard the curves and co.

This compact shape also means that there is no real handle, but rather the case has to be gripped with almost pointed fingers.

But that works quite well, even if it might sound different so that precise cutting and hairdressing is possible. Especially since the manufacturer gives tips in the instructions on how to optimally hold the hair clipper in the various positions of the head.

The device can be operated in both mains and battery mode. The battery life is up to 40 minutes. This is the worst value in our hair clipper review.

Other devices such as the Braun HC5090 hair clipper/trimmer run for 50 minutes, the GHB hair clipper manages up to 120 minutes with both batteries and the KYG hair clipper even comes up to 4 hours.

Thus, this review candidate does not do particularly well in this discipline, which of course cannot mean top marks for the awarding of points.

But in the end,

the battery life is not such a decisive criterion, since the 40 minutes offered are more than sufficient for several haircuts.

The charging time is also very long 4 hours. But there is also a 10-minute quick charge. In addition, a charge control display provides information on the status of the battery.

The cutting performance

We come to what is probably the most important criterion in a review of hair clippers. Undoubtedly, this is how the tools perform when cutting and styling hair.

The Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper does quite well here. It offers the largest cutting width, which is not always an advantage for detailed and fine work.

The Curve Cut blade technology partly irons this out again, so that neat and precise cutting is also possible with this very wide hair clipper.

The improved cover of the stainless steel blades in comparison to Remington standard hair clippers also contributes to this, which above all enables simple and effective cutting of the hair on the sides and in the neck.

The cutting lengths are also important. Remington includes 9 different attachment combs with the hair clipper. These allow lengths between 1.5 and 15 mm.

This is also not an outstanding value, comparable to cutting off in terms of battery life, because many other hair clippers offer even shorter and longer cutting lengths.

For most hairstyles and haircuts, however, this length range is usually sufficient. So there are no top grades here either, but neither are any negative criticisms for the Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper from Remington.

The cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper, on the other hand, again scores a lot. Not because the cutter block is easy to remove.

This is still largely standard. There are many more pluses because the device can also be cleaned under running water.

This is also common practice with some other entry-level models. With many higher-quality models from the middle and upper class, e.g.

B. the local review winners Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper and Wahl hair clipper Legend, however, it is not.

Cleaning this Remington hair clipper is much easier and more hygienic here, as it can simply be rinsed under the tap.

Price-performance ratio

The price/performance ratio is a bit more difficult with the evaluation. Due to its unusual shape, this model is a little “outsider”, so that in the end there is a little lack of comparability.

But if we only concentrate on the performance shown in our large hair clipper review and comparison and refer to the price of a good 35 euros at the time of the review on Amazon, then the result in this review category is more than solid.

There are some even cheaper, but also quite equivalent models, but also significantly more expensive ones that still cannot stand out from the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

Remington hc4250 Shortcut Pro Review conclusion

Finally, to our review of this hair clipper, there is of course our conclusion. This is quite positive in many respects with the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

The device achieves a more than solid cutting performance and stands out from the crowd due to its shape.

The short battery life and above all the relatively manageable range of available cutting lengths due to the attachment combs are negative.

Other devices do better here. All in all, the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper still offers a good result, lands in 4th place in our major hair clipper review, and is also given the title “The Alternative”.

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