Top 10 Best Remington Hair Clippers in 2021 Reviews

Remington Hair Clippers

Today everybody wants to look more attractive and desperately finds the best hair clippers. If you’re also one of them then we must say that you’re at the right place. Well, perfectly trimming your hair will present you with that beautiful look. Remember one thing, Not all hair clippers work well but today Remington is a top manufacturer of upper-echelon clippers. In this guide, we will show you the best Remington clippers in 2020. The options added here will give effective and perfect trimming. Most of them present a more expansive performance with a single charge. For that cause, they are ideal for travelers. Be sure to choose one.

Here, the Top 10 Best Remington Hair Clippers

 #10 Remington Clippers VPG6530 4

This one is my preferred Remington clippers out there. First, the product boasts solid construction. With its excellent vacuum features, the clipper gives great suction. For that reason, it will ensure that you have the most reliable results.

Remington Clipper also features excellent lithium power. For that purpose, it will ensure that you will get excellent results. This is a complete kit. It is available with all the essential tools needed for ultimate performances.

The product also boasts a plain design, which makes it excellent for all users. The quick-to-use and straightforward design make it an amazing buying. The strong battery gives up to an hour of performance. So, you can bring it around anywhere without worrying about the power supply.

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More Features:

  • This is an ultra-quality unit
  • The clipper has a fair price[/su_panel]

#9 Remington Clippers MPT3600 Dual Blade Precision Clipper

If you want to get the best trimming results, then this Remington clipper would be a perfect option for you. The set adds the batteries. So, you won’t be purchasing anything else, which would be an extra charge on your part. Something else, the product boasts an exceptional pivoting head, which makes it perfect for trimming several hairs. It is ideal for eyebrows and facial hair.

This clipper is engineered to kill extra hairs from every part of your body. The attractive design gives perfect detailing for various hair sections. And yes, the dual-sided blades make it excellent for fast trimming. Of course, the clipper boasts a plain design, which makes it fit for all users. It is powerful and highly reliable.

With the best pen-shaped handle, this device will present excellent results with easy handling. The handle boasts an ergonomic design, which makes it excellent for all users. The pivoting head gives easy maneuverability in all sections.

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More Features:

  • This is a versatile device ideal for all hairs on your body
  • The added batteries save your money[/su_panel]

#8 Remington Clippers Hc6550 Cordless Vacuum Haircut Kit

This is another wonderful Remington clipper. It provides a magnificent cutting length of up to 25mm. This way, it ensures perfect outcomes for its users. This is a versatile machine. So, it works well on all hairs, including facial, leg, neckline.

With the best titanium-coated blades, you will get excellent results. The blades will produce effective and reliable results. Another thing, the blade edges boast a classic design, which makes them excellent for use in all parts of your body. They cut through thick hairs smoothly and well.

Of course, this is a complete kit. It is available with all the required accessories and tools for the classic trimming of your hair. For example, you are going to get the length-adjusting combs, scissors, blade oil, and other items.

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More Features:

  • The advanced lithium power allows up to one hour of work after charging for four hours
  • It gives smooth cleaning and is available with a pouch for protection[/su_panel]

#7 Remington PG6171 The Crafter – Beard Boss Style and Detail Kit

This one has an 11-piece set that is available with all the essential stuff and accessories. These self-sharpening cutting blades provide excellent trimming of your hair. The best part of it this kit works well on all kinds of hair.

With the best lithium power, this clipper provides a perfect run-time of up to three hours. This way, you don’t need to charge it after every few minutes, like many floppy clippers. The cordless function makes it excellent traveling stuff. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the power supply when you’re going on a trip.

Another thing, this Remington clipper gives instant 5-minute charging. So, now you don’t need to wait for the clipper to get ready for work. Within five minutes, you can get a clean and smooth shave.

This would be a 100% waterproof clipper. So, now cleaning is easy. Even you can clipper your hair while taking a shower. In a jiffy, this is a helpful gadget. It is available with all the necessary tools. For that reason, you won’t be purchasing anything from various sellers.

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More Features:

  • It features an outstanding turbo mode for thick hairs
  • The adjustable comb gives smooth trimming of hairs at various lengths[/su_panel]

#6 Remington HKVAC2000A Vacuum Haircut Kit, Vacuum Beard Clipper

This one is a corded Remington clipper that works well on all kinds of hairs on your body. This product features have high-precision blades that provide excellent results. The high-speed fan gives powerful airflow for a smart collection of trimmed hair. So, the unit will ensure that you have clean working conditions.

This product has included the 16-piece kit that is available with all the necessary items needed for the comfortable trimming of your hair. The adjustable comb lets the user trim their hair to various heights. Additionally, the three sectioning clips add to their wonderful tools. The set is also available with blade oils to keep your blades in excellent condition at all times.

Moreover, this clipper features a dual-motor design, which makes it pretty reliable. The high-precision clippers and great suction vacuum ensure that you make an excellent shave. It is also available with high-speed fans that accumulate hair to keep your environment fresh and neat. While using the extra-large collection chamber, you can cut plenty of hair without leaving after every minute.

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More Features:

  • The self-sharpening blades guarantee the best cutting results
  • The set adds all tools for effective results[/su_panel]

#5 Remington Clippers HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit

This product has included a 15-piece kit that is perfect for styling and trimming your hair. The hard and ultra-quality clipper is available with adjustable combs to trim your hair to various lengths. The set also adds a beard brush, blade oil, and other accessories for excellent results. Plus, you can have a storage pouch that keeps the clipper safe at all times.

With the strong blade system, you won’t be feeling the troubles that usually come from poor-quality clippers. For example, it kills pulling and snagging. Something else, you can change the blades for other attachments when the necessity arises. For that purpose, this is a quite versatile device.

The superior-quality magnet motor also includes its amazing features. The motor ensures that you will get efficient cutting abilities. It cuts 2X quicker than most of its competitors. Moreover, the precision-ground blades make this is a great investment. It will cut through the thickest hair with unparalleled comfort.

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More Features:

  • The blade edges give improved maneuverability
  • The removable blades give easy cleaning[/su_panel]

#4 Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Clipper, Black

While using this Remington Clipper, you can get an outstanding shave. The product features have an amazing design. First, it features exceptional titanium-coated blades that provide effective and positive results. The advanced blades ensure that you will get cleaner and excellent trimming. The set is available with all the accessories you require. Plus, you will get blade oil and adjusting combs.

It’s really funny, the blades don’t need oiling. They are designed to give great results without the requirement for oiling. The clipper is also available with an easy-to-zoom wheel, which gives smooth adjustment of the comb lengths. Therefore, it works well on all kinds of hair. It even cuts thick and thick hair with ease.

This clipper cuts easily and doesn’t make snagging or pulling as most flops do. The non-slip grip handle gives comfortable cutting too. The handle boasts an ergonomic design that makes it easy to work.

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More Features:

  • The LED charging indicator informs you when charging will be completed
  • The battery gives hours of performance[/su_panel]

#3 Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache

Before going to buy this clipper, you just need to know that this isn’t a clipper for wet hair. So, it can’t be applied in wet areas. That said, the product gives effective trimming for many hairs. With lithium power, it will give excellent performance for hours.

The titanium-coated blades make it much better. For example, the blades guarantee years of help. They give trimming between 1.5 to 18mm. So, the device is ideal for various styling of your hair. Additionally, the clipper works well on thick hairs. With the cordless system and performance, this clipper gives up to 120 minutes of work with one charge. The best part of it, you can take it to different places wherever you want.

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More Features:

  • The three-precision blades give customized trimming
  • It adds a beard clipper and hair clippers.[/su_panel]

#2 Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit, Beard Clipper

This Remington clipper features a suitable size that simply fits into the palm for easy and comfortable trimming. With the non-slip handle, this product ensures that you run conveniently. Additionally, the product kills snagging and pulling thanks to its different design. It even cuts through thick hair with comfort.

The adjustable comb enables one to discover their specific look and style. Another thing, this is a lithium-powered clipper. It gives up to 40 minutes of performance with one charge. It operates in a corded and cordless style.

This product has included the 13-piece kit that is available with all the items needed for comfortable operations. It has a cleaning brush, a storage pouch, blade oil, and adjustable combs. So, you won’t need anything else once you purchase the kit.

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More Features:

  • It’s a little bit wide and curved blades give maximum coverage
  • The is 100% washable[/su_panel]

#1 Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

This is an excellent grooming tool. It has included the 8-piece kit that is available with all the necessary items needed for comfortable trimming of your hair. Plus, this is a versatile device that acts with all kinds of hairs on your body. With the self-sharpening blades, you are assured of great results. The surgical-grade structure makes them long-lasting and ideal for all hair kinds.

This is a cordless unit. So, it works well for up to 70 minutes on one charge. Of course, the product can be washable too. Therefore, cleaning is wind. You only clean the attachments, and everything is fine.

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More Features:

  • It is available with a storage pouch
  • It is excellent for traveling.[/su_panel]

Key Features to think about when purchasing a Remington clipper

The motor:

The motor defines how effective your Remington clipper works. For example, a good motor will provide excellent trimming of all hairs, including thicker ones.

The blades:

The blades also influence how powerful your clipper works. For example, sharp and strong blades give reliable results and also work quicker. They won’t snag or pull your hair.

The design:

The design matters as great. For example, you would like to use a clipper that will fit into your palm for comfortable operations. Again, a non-slip handle would also give excellent trimming.

The material:

The material utilized in construction also affects numerous aspects. For example, it influences durability and performance. You should get durable stuff.

The battery:

The battery influences how long your clipper runs on one charge. You should get a clipper whose battery serves for a long time. For example, anything giving up to an hour of run-time on one charge would be excellent.

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Final Thoughts!

In the end, we need to say that getting an excellent Remington clipper should be on your to-do list this year. Unluckily, it isn’t a simple task. We have started the method less-tedious by putting together these ten options. They will ensure that you will get excellent grooming.


Remington hc4250 Shortcut Pro Hair Clipper Detailed Review

Let’s be honest: If we were to put all the hair clippers from our big review and comparison in a row, the end result would be a rather dreary picture of many optically very similar devices in the colors silver, gray and black. You will look for splashes of color in between almost in vain. And in terms of shape and design, even more, uniformity is the order of the day. So it’s nice when a model steps out of line – and that’s exactly what the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper does. This compact device just looks different. Our review reveals whether the hair clipper is also good.

Remington hair clipper Shortcut Pro HC4250 compact

remington hc4250 shortcut pro self-haircut kit

Small and compact not only fits this Remington hair clipper. But it also fits like a fist on the eye with our following summary of the main strengths and weaknesses of the Remington hair clipper with the model name Shortcut Pro HC4250.

[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • compact dimensions
  • Curve Cut blade technology
  • 9 different attachment combs
  • ideal for cutting side and neck hair
  • compact shape
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • low battery life
  • harder to grip
  • relatively small cutting length range
Key Features
  • Razor
  • 9 attachment combs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Storage case
  • operation manual
  • For Black Hair

These Things You Consider Before Buying [Buyign Guide]

Design and equipment

As already mentioned at the beginning, the compact and special shape is the most striking feature of the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

The device is significantly shorter than its competitors but wider. It almost has a square basic shape, if you disregard the curves and co.

This compact shape also means that there is no real handle, but rather the case has to be gripped with almost pointed fingers.

But that works quite well, even if it might sound different so that precise cutting and hairdressing is possible. Especially since the manufacturer gives tips in the instructions on how to optimally hold the hair clipper in the various positions of the head.

The device can be operated in both mains and battery mode. The battery life is up to 40 minutes. This is the worst value in our hair clipper review.

Other devices such as the Braun HC5090 hair clipper/trimmer run for 50 minutes, the GHB hair clipper manages up to 120 minutes with both batteries and the KYG hair clipper even comes up to 4 hours.

Thus, this review candidate does not do particularly well in this discipline, which of course cannot mean top marks for the awarding of points.

But in the end,

the battery life is not such a decisive criterion, since the 40 minutes offered are more than sufficient for several haircuts.

The charging time is also very long 4 hours. But there is also a 10-minute quick charge. In addition, a charge control display provides information on the status of the battery.

The cutting performance

We come to what is probably the most important criterion in a review of hair clippers. Undoubtedly, this is how the tools perform when cutting and styling hair.

The Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper does quite well here. It offers the largest cutting width, which is not always an advantage for detailed and fine work.

The Curve Cut blade technology partly irons this out again, so that neat and precise cutting is also possible with this very wide hair clipper.

The improved cover of the stainless steel blades in comparison to Remington standard hair clippers also contributes to this, which above all enables simple and effective cutting of the hair on the sides and in the neck.

The cutting lengths are also important. Remington includes 9 different attachment combs with the hair clipper. These allow lengths between 1.5 and 15 mm.

This is also not an outstanding value, comparable to cutting off in terms of battery life, because many other hair clippers offer even shorter and longer cutting lengths.

For most hairstyles and haircuts, however, this length range is usually sufficient. So there are no top grades here either, but neither are any negative criticisms for the Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper from Remington.

The cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper, on the other hand, again scores a lot. Not because the cutter block is easy to remove.

This is still largely standard. There are many more pluses because the device can also be cleaned under running water.

This is also common practice with some other entry-level models. With many higher-quality models from the middle and upper class, e.g.

B. the local review winners Panasonic ER-GP80 professional hair clipper and Wahl hair clipper Legend, however, it is not.

Cleaning this Remington hair clipper is much easier and more hygienic here, as it can simply be rinsed under the tap.

Price-performance ratio

The price/performance ratio is a bit more difficult with the evaluation. Due to its unusual shape, this model is a little “outsider”, so that in the end there is a little lack of comparability.

But if we only concentrate on the performance shown in our large hair clipper review and comparison and refer to the price of a good 35 euros at the time of the review on Amazon, then the result in this review category is more than solid.

There are some even cheaper, but also quite equivalent models, but also significantly more expensive ones that still cannot stand out from the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

Remington hc4250 Shortcut Pro Review conclusion

Finally, to our review of this hair clipper, there is of course our conclusion. This is quite positive in many respects with the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper.

The device achieves a more than solid cutting performance and stands out from the crowd due to its shape.

The short battery life and above all the relatively manageable range of available cutting lengths due to the attachment combs are negative.

Other devices do better here. All in all, the Remington Shortcut Pro HC4250 hair clipper still offers a good result, lands in 4th place in our major hair clipper review, and is also given the title “The Alternative”.

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