Oster Fast Feed Clipper


Features of Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The demand of every clipper in the market is according to its features. Here is the list of the features of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper that make the clipper best for the barber.

Pivot Motor

Every best clipper is different from the other due to its motor working. The motor of every clipper is different as well as the voltage speed. When the voltage required for the motor is greater, the working of this clipper is very sharp, and perfect.

The best clipper is made up of three kinds of motor, all three kinds of the motor are different from the other. The first one is an oscillating electromagnetic motor which is very low in price, and easily affordable.

The second one is the rotary motor is used in the Wahl clipper, and the third one is the Pivot motor that is expensive.

All the working of the motor clipper is good but the working of the pivot motor is higher than the oscillating electromagnetic motor.

The Oster Fast Clipper is made up of a pivot motor that performance is great for any hair cutting. After a long time of performance, the motor of this clipper is not got too hot.

Awesome ductile Blades


The second important feature of the best clipper is the blade. The changeable blades of the Oster Fast Feed Clippers are very pointed to cut the long hair, and comfortable cut for the coiled hair.

Stainless steel Oster Fast Feed blade can easily exchange with the other clipper inside little cut range in size from #000-1. The blades of the clipper can’t sharpen for a long time, dull rapidly.

Corded\Cordless version


A lot of hair clippers were invented in the market. In the past, everyone used to cut hair with the help of just scissors, and a comb. Then Oster John discovered the first clipper.

He invented the clipper in two categories one is cordless, and the second one is the cordless clipper.

As you know about the cordless hair clipper comes with a rechargeable battery but the corded version doesn’t need any kind of battery it is electrical, just plug the wire, and start the work.

Ergonomic design

The fourth feature of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is the strong design of this clipper that is ergonomic. Every professional person wants those clippers that can control calmly that can be fit in hand, and work relentlessly.

Maintain Easily

Another feature of the best Oster Faster Feed clipper calmly controls the machine without any cut, the performance of the pivot motor works quickly to give the clear and stylish looking, comfortably exchange of the blades, an expert person easily to hold the handy clipper without a little overtiredness.

Length of cord

Many companies offer the hair clipper for the barber in different cord lengths it depends on the choice of the clipper. The greater cord length of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper range about 8ft, which is engaging for the expert person because he knows comfortably to move in any direction.



Due to the pivot motor, it’s expensive because the working of this clipper at great speed, the other thing is the corded version. Therefore its cost is quite different.


When you buy this clipper the box of this clipper consists of the following accessories such as:

  • 3 attachment comb guide
  • Blade guard
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush

Details of Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The detail of the Oster Fast Clipper discussed why this clipper is best for cutting. Due to the competition, every company tries to make the best clipper, and in which Oster Company is included.

In past, there is no use of any clippers with the time many companies offers the clipper. The Oster Feed Master Clipper was first introduced on 18 Dec 2000.

The motor of this clipper is pivot they function very steeply, excellent for all types of haircutting. The Oster Fast Feed blade is highly sharp and comfortably exchangeable with other blades, and it is you can clean it with the oiled blade before use, the reason for oil the blade does not decay.

The weight of this clipper is light comfortable to adjust in hand without any languor.

The pivot motor of this clipper carried the works quiet not creating any disturbance, and it is good for the expert person because I think every person does not like the buzzing environment.

However, the motor of this clipper after some hair cutting does not get heated up, the motor abide cool.

The only demand of the professional people is bigger cord length because they do not want to stick in one place for full day work they want to move in angle to cut hair joyfully.

The corded version of Oster Fast Feed Clipper not required the battery its electrical wires need electricity voltage for the work due to the pivot motor it is costly in price.

According to this detail, I recommended both for the professional person as well as a newbie. The beginner also used clippers after some practice they become also experts in running the Oster Fast Feed Clipper.


Dimensions 6 * 3 * 10.5 inches
Weight 1 Pound
Manufacturer Oster
Product Number 76023-510
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hertz

Oster Fast Feed Clipper


When the clippers sample comes in the market some people like the clipper or some do not. People give different views according to their quality work.

So the Oster Fast Clipper also gives good or bad feedback according to the performance. Barber likes the working of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper due to the rapid cutting of great activity of the motor, and its amazing blades.

The weight of the Oster Fast Clippers is only about 1 pound, the size easily to grip for an abundant time. Not thermal the motor cools perpetually.

To move at any angle Oster Company provides a great cord length. However, the blade of the Oster Fast Clipper is rapidly dull but expert people like the performance of this clipper.

Drawbacks of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper

As you very well know anyone hair best clipper comes in the market, also some weakness is part of the clipper Oster Fst Clipper Clipper has its merits, and demerits but its merits are large in number.

The drawbacks of this clipper just the Oster Company introduced the Corded Clipper, not the Cordless Clipper.

Because both corded and cordless clipper is different, the corded clipper is not a company with the battery it is good but when there is no electricity hair cutter person face issues.

Comparison of the Oster Fast Feed VS Andis Master

Oster Fast Feed

In both clippers, I would acclaim the Oster Fast Clipper, for this reason, the Oster Fast Feed Clipper if quiet simple not create the noise, and the motor cools for a great time, but in case of the Andis Master Clipper dawn the vibration, also motor hot up after few minutes.

Final Judgment
Everything has two sides one is good, and the other is bad the Oster Fast Clipper has its own merits, and demerits but its merits are great in the number you will feel proud or happy if you have it because it is free of noise, and has no heating issues like other clippers. It is the thing for which you are searching reason for this it is a not costly product for the clipper, and any barber can but it easily.
Oster Fast Feed Clipper is such an amazing thing for a haircut in-house. It has a large number of qualities like it has low weight which can comfortably be used for more time without any tension, and after this, it becomes not very hot like other clippers. It is a wonderful clipper for fades, and the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is the cheapest source of Clipper than other Clipper or Andis. The Oster Fast Feed Clipper is an adjustable blade clipper its blade size can be changed or adjusted according to desire or requirement, and we can freely open or shut the blade. One of the most important things about the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is not a source of noise and is simple in its way to work.
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Question:                    What is the purpose of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper?

Answer:                       The Purpose of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper used for hair cutting, the cutting may be for long hair or coiled hair, it is best for trimming, and beard.

Question:                    How Oster Fast Feed Clipper is better than Andis?

Answer:                       The reason is that the Oster Andis Clipper weight is too much small comfortably to grip without any issue, no overheating of this motor for a prolonged time, and whisper-quiet so that is why the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is better than the Andis Master.

Question:                    What is the blade change method in Oster Fast Clipper?

Answer:                       The blade changing method in Oster Fast Clipper is easy. Just remove the screws of the clipper, clean it, clean it with the cleaning brush, and replace the new blade.

Question:                    What are the demerits of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                       The demerits of the Oster Clipper just come only in the corded version, and the second weakness of this clipper blade is readily dull.

Question:                    By which way we can make the Oster Fast Feed Clipper Dustless?

Answer:                       We can make the Oster Fast Clipper Dustless with the help of a cleaning brush, before or after cleaning the clipper with the cleaning brush.

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