Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper


For a beginner, it is hard to achieve a decent haircut without spending a lot of money on expensive trimmers and tools. The costly hair clippers are no doubt worth cash and allow you to cut hair with precision. But in this article, we will provide detail about a top-class clipper with professionalgrade features available at a lower price that are Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The professional barbers who had already established a strong business can afford these expensive tools, and they should be because they must invest money to grow their business.

Still, the beginners or the small barbershop owners cannot afford these clippers to satisfy their clients.

A high-quality clipper at an affordable price is no less than a gift for a professional barber or a beginner.

But most of the clipper available on the online marketplace is labeled with high price ranges.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper


Oster fast feeds adjustable pivot motor clipper is one of the most professional-grade clippers available at affordable prices.

Both beginners and professionals love it to establish a good business along with polished skills.

You might be thinking that a high-quality clipper is available at a low cost because most people develop the image of the tool according to its price.

But don’t worry, you won’t be tricked because we will not hide anything from you.

We will discuss each feature of the Oster fast feed clipper to provide you with a good guide.

You will go through each minor detail of the Oster fast feed to make your decision easy and fruitful.

Keep reading to get a detail on the Fast feed clipper.

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Why we love Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper?

There are several reasons for loving Oster fast to provide clippers, and these reasons help decide between buying this fast-feed clipper.

  • The design of the Oster fast feed clipper is ergonomic, which makes it easy to hold and work with comfort.
  • The Oster fast feed is famous among all the professional barbers due to its affordable price. The beginners can also afford this professional clipper available at a reasonable cost.
  • The blades fitted in Oster fast feed clipper are of high-quality carbonized stainless steel material. It helps to achieve a close shave effortlessly.
  • It is easy to use due to its convenient design and sharp blades.
  • The solid professional cord provides flexibility with full power.
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Why we don't like Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper?

Not only pros but there are some facts about Oster fast feed clipper that does not seem to be more preferable.

  • The guard combs are not of that high quality, preferable for the professionals. And beginners cannot be comfortable with these guard combs because they need more convenient tools for precise working.
  • It could be disappointing if you will use Oster fast feed clipper for cutting hair in bulk.
  • The convenience of the clipper depends upon the flexible on/off switch. But this Oster trimmer is not equipped with a smooth and straightforward on/off switch. The clumsy on/off switch may offense you while you are busy cutting hair.
  • The Oster fast feed trimmer provides you with a close shave, but it is not made for bald shaving.

Critical Features of Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

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The Oster fast feed is fitted with Cryogen-X Blades that are easily adjustable and help achieve close hair cutting. The oster fast feed blade is designed to clip maximum hair in a single stroke. It is engineered to cut hair from 000 sizes to 1 without pulling or snagging it. The high-quality carbonized stainless steel blades provide you smooth haircutting experience effortlessly.

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Guard combs

The other fast feed clipper is best in most fields, but it isn’t enjoyable when combing guards. The different fast feed guard combs are made with poor-quality material that does not seem professional.

It comes with four guide combs that could meet some basic requirements.

  1. 1/4″
  2. 3/8″
  3. 1/2″
  4. A blending comb

But there is no problem without a solution. We also have a solution for the oster fast feed guide combs. There is some guide comb compatible with oster fast feed clipper.


You can try out Andis 01420 Master Clipper Magnetic Comb Set — Dual Pack Sizes 0.5 & 1.5 as it is compatible with oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clippers 76023 510.

These Andis magnetic clipper comb sets can be fitted with any clipper to achieve high-quality, smooth hair cutting.

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The oster fast feed clipper is equipped with a high-quality motor that works quietly.

You don’t need to bear annoying noise while cutting or trimming hair.


A continuous noise of the clipper can cause a headache that is not acceptable.

Therefore adjustable pivot motor clipper works quietly to give you a smooth haircutting experience.

If you are a professional barber, then it would be friendly to your clients.

The whisper-quiet, powerful motor is the specialty of other professional hair clippers loved by most barbers.

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Pivot Motor v/s Magnetic Motor

To understand the meaning and efficiency of a pivot motor, let’s study the difference between a pivot and a magnetic motor to make it more clear.

The pivot motor has a lower blade speed than the magnetic motor, but the working quality is the opposite.

It works great for your powerful cutting experience with its power twice that of a magnetic engine.

The magnetic motors move the blades too fast, but it creates some annoying vibrations that cause noise.

It often leads to headaches with its sturdy vibrations and annoying noise.

While the pivot motor works quietly with lower blade moves to create smooth vibrations that resonate with your mind.

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The pivot motor clipper allows you to enjoy its full power with a professional cord.

The main reason behind the low cost of this clipper is that it is corded.

You can enjoy a powerful haircutting experience anytime without getting worried about recharging the battery.

The cordless clippers are convenient to use even without a direct electricity supply, but they offer less power than corded clippers.

The corded clippers are more reliable and affordable than battery-powered cordless clippers.

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 Weight:  The oster fast feed professional clipper is a lightweight tool that weighs only one lb. it keeps your shoulders healthy with its lightweight design and ergonomic handle. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use and portable.

 Cord length : Oster fast feeds attached with a professional 8 fit power cord for comfortable use.

 Product Dimensions:  The product dimension of the oster fast feed is 6 x 3 x 10.5 inches.

 Manufacturer:  Oster is the manufacture of these professional, fast feed clippers.


Oster 76 vs Fast Feed

If we compare oster 76 and fast feed, it would be pretty easy to pick the best one.

Oster 76 Clipper Oster Fast Feed Clipper
Costly even double the price of oster fast feed Affordable clipper even the half of oster 76 price
  Annoying noise that causes headache to your clients head This affordable aster fast feed trimmer is quiet and smooth.
Weighs 2 pounds It weighs 1 pound

You don’t need to get confused over the rates because the oster 76 clipper has some better features and specs; therefore, it is more pricey than oster fast feeds. But the oster fast feed is still a better affordable trimmer for both the beginner and professional barbers.

Andis 01557 Professional Master vs Fast Feed

Let us deeply compare the Andis 01557 Professional Master with fast feed to know which one is the best choice.

Andis 01557 Professional Master Oster fast feed
Equipped with a magnetic motor Equipped with pivot motor
Weighs 1.25 pounds Weighs 1 pound
It gets hot after continuous use It gets hot after continuous use

Well, Andis is a famous and well-known brand of professional clippers then why should you prefer oster clippers? Well, the fast feed again wins to its affordable price and whisper-quiet motor.

Wahl senior Oster Fast feed clipper
Electromagnetic motor Pivot motor
Weighs 1.3 pounds Weighs 1 pound
Strong vibrations Slow blade vibrations

The Wahl senior is no doubt the best clipper at an affordable price. But it creates strong vibrations that cause a headache if used for long hours. The oster trimmer is better in this way; it creates slower blade vibrations but cuts hair fast due to its pivot motor.

Performance of Oster Fast Feed Clipper 


The oster fast feed trimmer comes with a pivot motor that quietly delivers a powerful, smooth haircutting experience. Therefore the performance of oster professional fast feed clippers cannot be challenged.

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Comfortable Grip 

The ergonomic design of the oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper provides a soft grip. This is the key to achieve a high-quality professional-grade salon haircut without fatigue; the ergonomic design reduces shoulder strain and adds an extra comfort element to the fast feed oster.

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No Headache While Trimming Hair

When you use a trimmer to cut your hair, its annoying vibrations keep knocking in your head and lead to severe headaches.

But with other men’s hair clippers,

You don’t need to face the situation as it cuts hair smoothly.

The Oster fast feed clipper makes its blades move slower to overcome the vibrations.

People think that it’s a downside as the faster the blade movements faster the hair cutting procedure.

But it’s wrong because the slower blade movements only reduce the vibrations, and its pivot motor controls performance.

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Oster Professional, Fast Feed Clipper Accessories

The Oster professional, fast feed clipper comes with multiple accessories for various reasons.

  • The fast feed clipper
  • Blade guard
  • Four guide combs to cut hair precisely
  • Cleaning brush to maintain the performance
  • Blade oil to prevent the blades from rusting

What do People Think About Oster Fast Feed Clippers?

Here is what people have opinions about Oster Clippers on the world’s largest online market, amazon.

  • Most of the positive opinions were about its soft grip and fabulous body. It doesn’t get hot during the process and makes the haircutting process more accessible and comfortable.
  • Some customers didn’t find anything special about Oster fast feed clippers and compared them with low-quality Conair trimmers.
  • A verified purchaser complains about its poor performance on thicker hair. He couldn’t even cut his son’s thick hair with oster clippers and had to finish the job with another trimmer.
  • The super convenient control of the oster pivot motor clipper is a plus point that makes it worth trying.
  • The oster fast feed limited edition offers you a one-year warranty, and that’s not enough to inspect the high-quality performance of this tool.
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  • One of the top pros of fast feed pivot motor clippers is their affordable price for everyone. The professionals, beginners, and small barbers can grab this high-quality fast feed clipper easily.
  • Fast feed oster clipper is lightweight and weighs only one lb to provide you comfortable haircutting experience. The professionals have to carry the trimmers and clippers for the whole day to meet their client’s requirements. A lightweight clipper can be a gift for those who work with clippers for long periods.
  • The ergonomic design is the best feature that makes any tool professional and user-friendly. Because a typical flat design cannot be as comfortable as an ergonomic one, it fits in your hand easily and provides you with a soft grip throughout the day.
  • The powerful and sturdy pivot motor of the fast feed clipper makes it a whisper-quiet trimmer. Noise pollution is responsible for our bad social behavior, and a quiet environment keeps us cool from the inside.
  • The professional, fast feed clipper does not get hot even used for long periods. It is a plus point because the professionals can use it for the whole day without getting affected by this clipper.
  • The fast feed oster pro clipper is fitted with sharp blades that cut maximum hair in one pass.
  • This fast feed Clipper is suitable for fades.
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  • The oster fast feed comes with blade guards made with poor quality material and doesn’t suit this clipper.
  • The clumsy on/off switch sometimes makes the situation annoying and uncomfortable.
  • Not suitable for thick hair as it can make patches.
Final Verdict
We have studied all the features and specs of Oster clippers in detail. We compared it with other top brands so that you make your own decision. Oster clipper is not perfect because the oster guards are not too good. But you can replace it with suggested ones to get the best hair cutting every time. It has some defects, but it could be the best clipper with these features at this price. It is lightweight and ergonomic, which cannot be achieved so easily. If you are looking for a professional-grade clipper at a low price with an efficient working engine, then you must grab the oster fast feed clipper.


What are fast feed Clippers used for?

The oster fast feed clippers are designed professionally with their stainless steel blades that allow you to cut wet and dry hair without pulling or snagging it. The slow blade movements provide you comfort while cutting your hair and prevent you from getting a headache. These are the high-efficiency clippers available at low cost and used by all barbers.

What guards fit the Oster Fast Feed?

Oster fast feed guards are manufactured with poor quality therefore you need to search for some high-quality guards that fit the oster. We have mentioned above that Andis 01420 Master Clipper Magnetic Comb Set — Dual Pack Sizes 0.5 & 1.5 are a great choice for osetr comb guards.

Are Oster clippers good?

The overall performance and usability of the oster fast feed clipper make it easy to use and a reliable trimmer. The most attractive thing about oster is their reasonable price.

Which is better Andis or Oster?

Well, we have already made a comparison between osetr and Andis. Oster is reliable and whisper-quiet but Andis is more powerful having premium looks. But when it comes to price, then oster is one affordable to beginners and Andis is for professionals.

Are Oster clippers Made in the USA?

Yes, oster is a US company manufacturing hair clippers and trimmers for all barbers since 1920. The oster company has maintained its standard by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices over the years.

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