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Today we are going to share a detailed review of the Braun beard trimmer bt5050 to provide you with the best piece of knowledge. In this article, we will share an honest and detailed review based on our expert opinion.

Professional tools have no longer been limited to the barbershop only. Everyone wants to have high-end tools in their pockets to keep themselves well-maintained and groomed. Grooming tools had always been famous among men of all age groups.

The youngsters opt for high-quality professional hair-cutting tools for their grooming.

Barbers tend to invest in high-end hair-cutting tools regardless of their prices. Because they don’t compromise on performance. They need to meet their client’s requirements by giving them stylish haircuts.

Therefore we are come up with a high-end trimmer best for both professionals and individuals. Everyday self-grooming and maintenance depend on your hair trimmer’s performance. Therefore you can’t achieve a smooth finish with cheap hair trimmers.

Battery Nickel-metal hydride
Corded/cordless Both
Charging time 8 hours
Running time 50 minutes
Blade Self-sharpening precision
Waterproof Yes
Wet and dry option Available
Comb attachments Available

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Braun has introduced a huge list of high-end hair clippers, trimmers, and shavers to provide everyone with their desired haircuts.

Braun is a well-known hair tool manufacturer who never compromises on the performance and quality of the object.

That’s why we love to have Braun hair trimmers for self-grooming. The versatile and highly customizable hair trimmers with great flexibility.

Braun beard trimmer bt5050 is one of the leading hair trimmers on the list.

We won’t be biased but we will share each minor detail that makes it a great choice and also its negative points. Because you trust us and we will never disappoint you.

The versatile, flexible, and stylish design of bra Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer makes it a great fit for everyone. The smooth black finish is just loved with advanced features.

Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer is designed ergonomically offering you flexible use and a firm grip. The curvy and easy-to-hold design supports your wrist and reduces fatigue.

Key Features

Blades Quality 

Braun beard trimmer bt5050 blades offer high performance with their ultra-sharp cutting technology. The ultra-sharp precision blades ensure smooth finishing to give you salon styled look every day.

You can now achieve your desired look with the high-quality blades fitted in Braun beard trimmer bt5050. These blades are designed to cut through all hair types including long and thick.

Therefore, you can style your beard or get a bald head with this trimmer.


The Braun beard trimmer bt5050 is washable under running water after use for proper maintenance. You just need to put the trimmer under running water to get a clean and hygienic hair trimmer blade.

Some of the trimmer blades get rusted when coming in touch with water.

But with Braun beard trimmer bt5050, it is possible to wash it with water after shaving your beard to keep it clean.

The waterproof feature adds more comfort and flexibility to use the Braun beard trimmer bt5050.

Precision is ensured 

The Braun beard trimmer bt5050 is a maximum precision trimmer that provides you with the exact hair length you want to achieve.

To make it possible the Braun bt5050 men’s beard trimmer comes with two fundamental precision combs. 

With adjustable trimming combs, you can get your desired look easily.

The precision comb allows you to achieve your desired look whether it is a beard or head. It allows you to choose a hair length between 1mm-10mm with the help of a comb dial.

The comb dial is another advanced feature that helps to change hair length. You can set it to your required hair length and lock to have a precise haircut.

The long hair length comb allows you to trim your hair between 10mm-20mm to keep your long beard or hair maintained and groomed.

Wet And Dry Options 

People with sensitive skin cannot use a trimmer, shaver, or trimmer on dry skin because they face irritation. They need to use a shaving gel/foam or cream to maintain their skin health.

To handle this situation Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer offers you both wet and dry options. So that people with sensitive skin could get the benefit of this trimmer.

The wet&dry and waterproof features combine to allow you to use it while taking shower.

Corded v/s Cordless

The Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer can be used corded and cordless for a more comfortable hair-cutting experience.

The cordless option allows you to use it anytime anywhere without having a direct electricity supply easily.

Whereas the corded option ensures never-ending power and high performance for professionals.

LED Indicators 

Tired of charging your hair trimmer again and again because you don’t know the battery status of the trimmer?

But now,

With Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer, you get to know the battery status with the help of LED indicators.

When your battery is charging the indicator emits green light.

When it’s getting out of power the indicator emits red light so that you plug the charger to make it charged.

Accessories and attachments 

The Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer offers you multiple accessories for versatility and convenience.

  • Braun BT 5050 beard trimmer
  • Precision comb and long beard comb
  • Braun appliance oil
  • AC adapter
  • A little cleaning brush
  • A little bag

Power Backup 

Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer is packed with two batteries that are rechargeable to offer maximum power. Two batteries are included to compensate for the charging time difference.


The Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer takes 8 hours to get fully charged and gives 50 minutes.


That’s a big difference and cannot be avoided. You have to wait for 8 hours to get 50 minutes of runtime.

But the corded option allows you to use it without waiting for 8 hours.

Material Quality

It is manufactured in Germany with high-quality material. The plastic and rubber housing makes it easy to hold while under the shower. The rubber material prevents slipping from your hands.

The perfect ergonomic design is great and promotes grip.


The detachable combs cause some disturbance when you change them. The comb can accidentally slip and fall on the floor and break down.


You shouldn’t expect durable and high-quality comb attachments from an expensive high-end manufacturer at this price range.

Overall its water-resistant technology is amazing and offers flexibility.

Moreover, the self-sharpening blades are long-lasting that help you to achieve your desired look within minutes.


When it comes to performance the Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer delivers its best with precise and close-to-skin cuts.

The 1.5-inch wide head allows you to shave your entire head and maintain beard, mustaches, and sideburns with comfort.

It is great for people with fine hair if you have thicker hair then you will need multiple passes to get the job done.

In My Opinion 

The Braun bt5050 hair & beard trimmer is best in overall performance and quality except for the comb attachments. The combs feel flimsy and the manufacturer should pay attention to their quality.


The precision comb doesn’t deliver what it promises about precise hair trimming.

How To Clean The Trimmer 

To keep your hair trimmer you need to keep it clean and well-maintained. It is very easy to clean.

The wet and dry options allow you to clean it thoroughly with water or dry clean it with a towel.

Dry Cleaning 

  1. Remove the attachment comb and take the little brush from the box.
  2. To remove the comb attachment press, the buttons present on both sides gently and remove the combs.
  3. Once the comb is completely removed, brush it from the inside out to clear the debris and dust out of it.

Wet Cleaning 

  1. Turn the trimmer off and unlock the head by pulling it. Then use hot water to clean the trimmer. The hot water takes all the debris and greases away. Avoid too much hot water as it could meet the rubber housing.
  2. You can add a little bit amount of detergent or any cleaning product to remove all the debris.


This is the most important part to keep the Braun beard trimmer bt5050 parts working properly. If you want to keep the blades last longer with precise cutting ability, don’t forget to lubricate them. Use the blade oil from the package to lubricate the blades and another Braun beard trimmer with bt5050 parts. This will help to enhance the performance quality and prolong the device’s life.

braun beard trimmer bt5050 review


  • Product Dimensions : 6.06 x 2.21 x 8.66 inches; 14.71 Ounces
  • Item model number: Braun Beard Trimmer
  • Batteries: 2 AAA batteries are required. (included)
  • UPC: 069055873960
  • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble – HABA Hub
  • ASIN: B019XFKM6E

Pros And Cons Of Braun Beard Trimmer bt5050

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  • A reliable and dependable performance
  • Multiple attachments for 25 hair length settings
  • Wet and dry options add comfort and flexibility
  • You can use it cordless or corded
  • Easy clean.
  • You can clean the dry version or wet version easily
  • 2 years warranty ensures customer care options and the durability of the trimmer
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  • The combs are flimsy
  • The charging time is too much longer than the running time

Why You Should Buy Braun Beard Trimmer bt5050?

Well, there are countless reasons to buy the Braun beard trimmer bt5050 including performance and technology. It is durable and reliable if you need routine touch-ups to maintain your beard, mustaches, or sideburns. Braun beard trimmer bt5050 price makes it an affordable choice for beginners. The overall performance is really good and I personally love this hair trimmer.

Why You Should Not Buy Braun Beard Trimmer bt5050? 

If you are a professional barber and need a high-end durable hair trimmer to manage your daily customers then you must try something else. Because flimsy and easily breakable combs could disappoint you. But if you are ready to ignore the factor then you are most welcome to buy it.

Buying Guide

When professionals buy any hair trimmer they note down the following features.


The design matters the most for professional barbers and hairdressers. This is because they have to deal with the client the whole day. An ergonomic and easy-to-hold hair trimmer is would be their priority.

So if you see a hair trimmer with an ergonomic and easy-to-hold body then must buy it.

But keep reading to know more about a professional hair trimmer because the only design is not enough.

Corded v/s Cordless

It’s an older debate about having a corded trimmer or a cordless one. The main difference is just flexibility. If you have a cordless trimmer then you are free to use it anywhere any time after charging it.

The corded trimmer cannot be used without an electrical connection.

But a corded trimmer tends to offer a more powerful experience than a cordless one.

If your trimmer has both corded and cordless options then there is no reason to throw it away.

Power Backup

When you opt for a cordless trimmer then you must have one with good and reliable battery backup. Your battery should be enough powerful to hold a charge for at least one hour.

Before buying a cordless hair clipper always compare its charging time and running time to get a better idea.


You cannot achieve your desired look without high-quality blades even if you have a strong battery and enough running time. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades are the best to choose for lifetime precise haircuts.

To keep the blades in good working condition you must keep lubricating them with blade oil.


How To Fix Braun Trimmer When It’s Dull?

When you feel that your trimmer is dull and the blades aren’t enough sharp to give you a smooth and close-to-skin shave then make it work. Take a coarse honing stone and point the blade to about a 30-40 degree angle. Move it to and fro the blade on the stone about 10 times and clean it with a towel. Turn the blade and use the same method on another side.

How To Change The Battery In Braun Face Trimmer

Open the battery compartment by placing a small coin in the slot and turning it. You can open it with a key or screwdriver. You will see an AAA battery pre-installed. You are ready to change the batteries.

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After reading a complete Braun beard trimmer bt5050 review you will have a better idea about the product. You can achieve salon-styled haircuts at home easily when you have this affordable trimmer. You should not miss a chance to try this beard trimmer out.

If you can keep the devices with good care then this is for you. You must give it a try.

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