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Andis t outline trimmers are more appreciated than Andis t edger. But after reading this thorough our detail you will be appreciating Andis t edger for its effortless work. Andis t edger is more an occasional choice as compared to outline trimmers. Outliners are more versatile but when it comes to neatness you would prefer Andis t edger. Edger can be replaced with your t outline trimmer if you want close cuts. In this thorough detail, we will also discuss the comparison between Andis t edger and outline trimmer. After reading this comparison you will be able to make a quick and wise decision.

Andis T Edger vs T Outliner

Andis Professional T-Outliner Andis Professional T-Ejger
Blades can be adjusted Great for mustaches, ears, touch ups
Carbon-steel T-blade Good 7200 SPM motor
High-speed motor Great for sensitive skin/bumps

Andis T Outliner Trimmer:

Both the Andis t outliner trimmer and edger are the best options available in the market. They are the best models offered by the manufacturer to date. Both are equipped with classy powerful heavy duty motors to deliver outstanding performance. But still, there are some differences in them because both are designed for different purposes. As you have got some idea about both the Andis T Edger and T Outliner from the above comparison table. But still, there are some differences worth mentioning. If we start with the design then Andis t edger would win this game. If you are a professional barber having a very busy routine then you need a lightweight and compact tool to get everything done smoothly. Andis t edger is 5.25″ and 0.50lbs which is quite compact and lightweight as compared to t outliner. Because Andis t outliner is (5.5″) and weighs about (0.70lbs). This 0.20 lb doesn’t make a big difference for occasional use but for professional barbers, with a busy routine, it can be a blessing. Moreover, If you want to limit your trimmer usage for the neckline, big beards, moustaches and hairlines then Andis t outliner is the best choice for you. But if you want to narrow down your usage and deal with short beards, necklines, outlines and moustaches then pick Andis edger.

Andis T Edger – An Overview

What I like about t edger

  • Compact design is easy to hold
  • Great for moustaches, ears, touch-ups
  • A good 7200 SPM motor helps to get the job done quickly
  • A great choice for sensitive skin/bumps

What I don’t like about t edger

  • Heats up easily that’s somehow irritating
  • No guards that’s a big disappointment
  • Somewhat limited application due to targeted operation

Andis T Edger A Performance 

Andis t edger is no doubt designed in a compact and lightweight body but it doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the performance. Andis t edger delivers outclass performance with its heavy duty motor and sharp blades. It doesn’t only deliver close cuts but also gives you the versatility of making amazing beard designs. Due to its power, performance and durability, it is considered the best trimmer for black men.

Motor performance 

Just like the t outliner, you will be enjoying 7200 SPM with heavy duty electromagnetic motor. It doesn’t lack power when we compare it with andis t outliners. But you still have the advantage of its lightweight and compact design.

Blade efficiency 

Andis t edger is equipped with high-quality carbon-coated stainless steel blades that will cut each hair strand with precision. If you want close cuts then zero gap the blade and enjoy flawless shaves. The blades are no doubt of high quality but these are not self-sharpening. Hence you should always oil the blades after use. Also, take care of your equipment by proper cleaning and maintenance. You will get a smooth experience even if you have ingrown hair and skin bumps.

Works quietly 

The Andis t edger is the best pick if you have sensitive skin with bumps. It goes so smoothly through each contour and facial feature that it doesn’t feel louder. When your trimmer goes louder, it feels so irritating. Since Andis t edger is equipped with heavy duty motor hence you can expect more sound. But surprisingly it works quietly and gives a smooth working experience.

Drawbacks of Andis t edger

Along with top-quality specs, there are certain drawbacks too. No doubt you will achieve high-end trimming sessions of beards, necks and moustaches but still, there are certain factors worth mentioning. Since it is packed up with heavy duty electromagnetic motor that delivers 7200 strokes per minute, you can experts a heating factor. So after 10-12 minutes of use, the Andis t edger gets heated. This can be a most terrible situation but it’s not only with Andis t edger but with outliners too. This might be due to the friction between polymer body material and the 7200 SPM electromagnetic motor. No matter what’s the cause but the problem is still there, Now either you can wait for a couple of minutes to let the Andis t edger cool down or use a coolant. There are several coolants of high-end brands available in the market. One more thing to be mentioned is the comb, guards, and other accessories. If you are looking for trimmers that come with numerous accessories then Andis t edger is not your choice. Because Andis t edger doesn’t include such accessories except for a cleaning brush.


  • Compact, ergonomic and lightweight design
  • An ideal choice for Mustaches, ears, touch-ups
  • 7200 SPM strong motor delivers high-end performance
  • Great for bumps/sensitive skin


  • Gets Heat up after 10-12 minutes use
  • No guards included for more versatility
  • Somewhat situational use

Final words:

Andis t edger is the overall best and effective trimmer out there. With a unique blades style and heavy duty motor, it performs best. I have already mentioned the areas in which Andis t edger performs best. Also, I have discussed its drawbacks so that you can make a wise decision. Particularly, it’s a good choice for individuals who want a heavy-duty trimmer for their daily grooming sessions. It can be used to maintain beard and moustaches. Also, it draws sharp necklines and you can also create crisp lines around ears. People who want to achieve professional outlines across necklines and heavy beards should consider Andis t outliner. The only drawback you can face with Andis t edger is the heating problem. But you still have options to remove this con.

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