Andis Promotor 24565 Combo Clipper


After making lots of experiments with the Andis Promotor Combo kit, we came to know, this trimmer is much sharper and affordable than the other brand trimmer. It provides everything that someone needs to cut the hair. What I like the most about this trimmer, it comes with a complete set of 23 pieces so you can use it to make any kind of haircut. This is one of the top quality adjustable clippers that you can easily from the market. While using the Andis Promotor Combo clipper, you’ll get to know the more advanced methods that will help to groom your personality.

Andis Promotor Combo also provides one copy of the training video which will help to increase the skill while maintaining your hair. This is a quite versatile trimmer for home and professional usage.


Before going to buy any clipper/trimmer, you should know how it can work. Here we are going to explain some special features about the Andis Promotor Combo which will definitely convince you to purchase it. This trimmer is quite lightweight and rounded shape design that usually comes in a soft surface and hard plastic cover. That is why it is a durable design to use at home. The specialty of this trimmer is that it has a powerful pivot motor as well. But one thing I dislike about this motor, it is not much suitable for a buzz cut, crew cuts, and short hair. So it all depends on you, what kinds of haircuts you actually want.

As far as the sound is concerned, it has no high sounds that will irritate you. It will make you more comfortable during haircut which is why it can be used on children. Before going to use it on the kids, you need to check the blades of the trimmer because sometimes it gets hot that can affect their sensitive skin.

What I most love about this trimmer, it is a quite small and smooth trimmer that can be used anywhere even it will not slip in your hand. Plus, it comes with a T-blade trimmer, it can be used on wet, dry, and oily hair. But you need to oil on its stainless steel blade after every two days that’s how it will work for a long time.

Specification of Andis Promotor Combo:

Here are the following features that you can read below:

  • Andis Tools

Comes with 27 necessary tools that will help you to groom.

  • Motor

It is an adjustable blade clipper that comes with a pivot motor.

  • Design

It has a T shape blade trimmer that can be used on dry and wet hair.

  • Attachments

Along with the Andis clipper, you’ll get the 8 different sizes blending combs: 1/16, 1/8, 3/8, 5/8 and 7/9.

  • Safety Guards

You’ll get 4 different clipper safety guards: ¼, ½, ¾, and 1.

  • Trimmer Comb

It’s available with 4 hair trimmer combs: 1/16 to 3/8.

  • Length and width

The length of this trimmer is 10.6 and the width is 6.6.

  • Height and Weight

The high of this trimmer is only 4.6 inch and the weight is 3lbs only.

  • Styling Barber Tools

You’ll get a styling comb, tapered comb, stainless steel shears, and barber cape as well.

  • Maintenance Tools

Apart from the trimmer, you’ll get a cleaning brush, protective blade guard, and trimmer oil as well..

  • Storage

It comes with a soft plastic storage case.

  • Warranty

Always comes with 5 years warranty.


Problems with the Andis Promotor kit

I have got some bad opinions regarding the Andis to promote trimmer, some of the users said; it works quite similar to Wahl trimmer like it’s not good enough to use on the thick beard and the hair of the sideburns. Sometimes it creates a little problem to neat and clean a thick beard. Honestly speaking, I have never faced such kinds of problems with Andis promotor trimmer but some of the professional barbers said, they have got really good experience. I know why some people are not happy to use it because sometimes it’s got a little bit hotter than the other clipper. I think it could be the main reason for the bad opinions.

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Final Thought:

In the end, we just need to say that you’ll get what you actually pay. I think the brand knows better than us how price really matters for most of the customers, if you consider the cheap price of any trimmer then you’ll never ever get an excellent result. So I would like to recommend you please do not consider the cheap price, if you want to use as a professional barber then you should always consider the high-quality trimmer that’s how you can get the attractive and dashing look.

Finally, we just say that if you’re interested to use the low price trimmer then try to use this Andis Promotor comb. It comes with a T-Shape blade trimmer that will help you to groom your personality. It’s a quite casual and friendly trimmer. So do not think too much to use it just go and grab it.

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