Andis Pro Alloy XTR Clipper


A beard trimmer is an extremely useful device in a man’s grooming kit. A trimmer can clean up your beard. It helps you to look neat and clean, makes a man look respectable. It can also help you to cut the hair with meticulous care that looks pleasant if you desire not to be clean-shaven. Using and maintaining your beard trimmer is not a complicated task. Also, it saves time. From replacing hair clipper guards to keeping the blades oiled, you can get a precise trim and clean your trimmer in a flash. When your hair is passed through the blades, they cut your hair with great accuracy but it also depends on the product. In the markets, there are thousands of brands selling trimmers but you should have prior knowledge about the product that you are going to purchase to buy the best product for you. It will help you to select the product of your choice and save you from scammers and you will be able to get the right thing for long time use. Otherwise, you will have a bad experience without knowing the relevant product.  So it is really necessary to know about the product you are using. Especially during a pandemic when there are a strict lockdown and a person should avoid going out unnecessarily cutting hair at home might be the best option. Below are some common concepts regarding Andis Pro Alloy XTR Trimmer.

Different types of devices to cut hair

  • Clippers are mostly used to cut larger hair easily.
  • Also, there are razors when we consider face hair to clean up the hair which is difficult to reach. They are pocket-friendly and can be easily used.
  • Although razors are there to help to cut your facial hair trimmers give you a precise cut. So there are two types of trimmers:
  • Corded and cordless trimmers
  • An edger is used to create edges and to maintain a sharp jawline and accurate neckline.

Ideal properties of a trimmer

  • If you prefer a cordless trimmer it should have strong battery life. ( lithium-ion battery,lead-acid battery)
  • Blades should be of carbon so they won’t rust.
  • Titanium blades also don’t trust easily.
  • Ceramic blades are also recommended because they produce limited friction.
  • It should have minimum vibrations.
  • It should be portable.
  • It should be buyer-friendly and not be so expensive.

Andis products are quite famous among barbers for providing tools that deliver extra performance more than an individual expects. Clipper with high speed, the reliable magnetic motor is budget-friendly and versatile, assumed to overshadow paradigms like Andis master clippers.

But is it worth it? Does it live up to the expectations? Are they one of the best trimmers in the market now? Did it get extra hype than it deserves? Will the audience thoroughly love it? Is Andis pro alloy xtr the best hair clipper for fades? Is Andispro alloy xtr fade guard an all-rounder?

Andis is a beauty master and has the best pair of adjustable clippers and stays comfortably cool so you don’t have to leave them just because of the temperature. It provides a decrease in the temperature while keeping the clipper running with efficacy and quietly.

If you have cut your hair with clippers like Andis master you might have noticed the remarkable increase in the temperature and you cannot hold them for such a long period.

Those clippers that have electromagnetic motors become heat up. This causes friction and produces an irritating sound. I

t is always the biggest complaint among barbers; finally, Andis decided to do something about it and launched a product with extreme reduction in the heat production so that barbers can do their work easily and comfortably.

Andis pro alloy XTR trimmer provides an uttermost temperature cutback while keeping the clipper running efficiently and soundlessly or with a minimum sound. It is the best characteristic of Andis pro alloy XTR 61900.

  • High-speed rate with sound and well-built magnetic motor.
  • Designed with efficiency and provides comfort to the barbers and the client as well.
  • It gives a smooth grip on it and is quite safe and helps in ergonomic.

Resilient Andis professional Pro Alloy Fade XTR Clipper

Resilient aluminum warrants you to get a durable barber-grade clipper that will continue for a long period. The material keeps it cool.

Using this heavy-duty plastic helps in heat reduction not only helps you but also makes your client feel pleasant as he won’t feel warm. Heat doesn’t transfer to the blade and the body’s skin.

Andis Pro Alloy Trimmer Weight and Dimensions

Item weight is 2 pounds and product dimensions are 7.5 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches which makes this trimmer a bit heavy but weight is not a major problem because it stays cooler for a longer period so you can work slowly with ease. The main concern should be efficiency which is Andis pro-alloy XTR trimmer’s prime concern.

Contrast Master Movable Clippers Blade VS Pro Alloy Movable Clippers Blade

Andis pro alloy fade clipper is available with a fast-moving, magnetic motor, and prime mover. 7200 strokes per minute while master adjustable blade clipper gives 14,000 strokes per minute. Also, the weight of the master’s adjustable blade clipper is slightly less than the pro-alloy adjustable blade clipper. Furthermore, the master adjustable blade clipper comes only with blade oil and blade guard. Apart from it, the voltage provided is the same.

Andis pro alloy fade blades

As I have said earlier before those titanium-coated or carbon-coated hair clipper blades are the finest as compared to your usual steel blades because they don’t tarnish. They have higher impact strength and the material is strong. A lot of persons do ignore this practice and this may appear like a big deal, but the acidity of your hair will destroy and will demolish your blade and end up causing it non-shiny and removal of luster. With Andis pro-alloy XTR, you’ll receive 11 attached combs, blade guards, blade oil, hairbrush, blade cleaning brush with a one-year limited warranty which is pretty good.

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  • 35% cooler and 20% fewer vibrations than typical clippers.
  • Sharp-edged carbon-coated steel blades.
  • Perfect for fades and tapers.
  • So basically it’s not fragile.
  • These clippers are very strong, mighty, and powerful.
  • Used by professionals, it is very smooth and trims hair in a single go.
  • High-quality product.
  • Designed for various functions.
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  • Tends to be noisy.
  • Its weight is 2 pounds which seems quite heavy.
  • Requires some experience and skills to use it.
  • A bit expensive.

Product Specifications

Brand Andis
Model XTR 69100
Product Weight 2 Pounds
Dimensions Dimensions
Material Aluminum
Trimming Stroke Per Minute 7200
Corded and Cordless Options Corded
Speed Magnetic
Voltage 120 V
Product Frequency 60 HZ
Blade Carbon Steel Blade
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Final judgment

I would say that Andis pro-alloy XTR did live up to the expectations. It’s a proficient clipper, buyer’s-friendly price. You cannot get a well-manicured beard without good appliances and tools. Only an efficient tool will make you look perfect. Its use is a little bit challenging but obviously, everything comes with practice.

Considering the pro alloy hair clippers you can use it if:

  • Wants fades and looking for the best clipper.
  • Looking for an incredible product with reducing heat production and a classy design trimmer.

Andis clippers pro alloy launched a few months back, but I can see it attaining a high rank in the future because of its proficient performance. These clippers are very strong and powerful. Don’t mix this up with heavy annoying vibration. The Andis pro alloy clippers are some of the most amazing clippers on the market and the clippers that I own don’t have such a strong vibration which is unpleasant to hear. They feel very comfortable and pleasant to me. I hope this helps you in receiving an acceptable clipper. They stay cooler when running as compared to all the previous trimmers I have ever experienced while the aluminum body does eventually get warm usually but not too hot and amazingly, the blade does not get extremely uncomfortable. The trimmers that I bought earlier got excessively hot to touch the skin after only a few couples of minutes of use, and I would have to stop my work and let the trimmer cool to continue without guard combs to keep them from touching and damaging the skin. These are a little heavy, but no more than other professional clippers. They came with proper close gap works properly, no adjustments were essential, smooth, and does not twist, twirl or bind on things. Noise level is a common feature of electromagnetic clippers, maybe produces less noise than the others. They cut very accurately, and I have experienced no pulling of hair. The included guard combs are more than enough, but nothing so remarkable and extraordinary. Just everything is made up of plastic. A Very good professional product. One must buy it and will surely love it for its perfections. It works great and possesses a powerful motor.

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