Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper


Are you desperately finding the professional and all-around dog clipper? If “yes” then here you can get the best clipper that will provide you the excellent features and great performance all the time. This Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5 Speed clipper is a perfect option for you. It has a powerful, rotary motor for complete and sleek grooming.

And you recognize what the best part is? The clipper boasts various blade choices thereby giving you more excellent versatility while also ensuring you perform the smoothest cut. This is the reason why the device is a little bit costly.

That stated, here is our Andis Excel 5 Speed Clipper detail to support you to decide if this product is worth the money.


Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade

  • Strong, rotary motor clipper for full animal grooming…
  • Variable, 5-speed clipping
  • Detachable blades for simple changing and detachable blades…
  • Unique anti-slip soft grip housing is contoured to suit your…
  • Adds Ceramic Edge #10 blade

This clipper has been designed for dog owners and professional groomers who finding the best device that money can purchase. It is possible because the tool excels at staying correct, quiet, and powerful.

And if you love grooming your canine more frequently, this device would be an excellent option. More so, the kit really does a magnificent job when you’re about to grooming curly-coated dogs to breed such as:

  • Poodle
  • Golden Doodle
  • Bichon Frise

Moreover, the Andis Excel 5-Speed is well created and housed in a permanent casing to ensure long-lasting performance.

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Key Features & Advantages

Being an all-around professional clipper, the Andis Excel 5-Speed is much familiar for its powerful features as well as specs. These add:

  • 120 Volt rotary motor
  • Ceramic edge #10 blade
  • Variable and detachable 5-speed blades
  • Anti-slip soft grip

That stated, let’s have a look at every one of the aforementioned features in detail.


Powerful Motor

When you are about to cut thick or curly dog coats, the clippers will cut through very sleekly. For this purpose, you need to spend in a unit with plenty of power and high rotations per minute.

The Andis Excel 5-speed has featured a five-speed rotary motor with up to 4,500 strokes per minute. This makes the unit very powerful and the effect is a bright, neat cut.

And really thanks to the strong motor, the clipper can be utilized on a variety of coats and breeds. What’s more? The motor is invented to be long-lasting which helps to prevent stalling or dragging.

Variable Blades

The Andis Excel 5-speed features detachable blades that support smooth changing as well as cleaning without the requirement for tools. But here is the most useful part; the clipper has been designed to accept an extensive range of blade preferences for greater versatility.

As if that’s not sufficient, it comes with a Ceramic edge #10 blade that is made to stay more active longer. The ceramic blade also works up to 75% cooler than steel and boasts a longer-lasting edge.

Moreover, the blades boast a chrome finish to stop corrosion and a special hardening method for improved durability.

Anti-slip grip

This is maybe not the smallest clipper. But, its lightweight design repays its rather big size.

Apart from it, the unit features an ergonomic anti-slip rubber grip that is shaped to fit your hand. This ensures the most convenient and sure handling. Therefore, you can apply it for a long without having to worry about hand exhaustion

Corded or Cordless?

Many dog owners love to use cordless clippers because they are more comfortable to use it. They are more comfortable to work with especially for hard-to-reach spaces. So, they just require regular charging as the battery manages to run out of charge after an hour.

When it comes to cordless clippers, you don’t need to worry about battery life. This indicates that you have an option to groom your dog all day.

With Andis Excel 5-speed, it is accessible in both corded and cordless design. So, you can work corded if you don’t need to worry about the battery working out or cordless for grooming anywhere.

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  • Excellent for grooming all coats and dog breeds
  • Simple to clean and change the blades
  • Adds long-lasting and reliable ceramic edge blade
  • Gives a soft cut just like the pros
  • Long-lasting and ergonomic construction
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Easy to work applying the simple on/off button
  • Accessible in different bright colors to pick from
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  • The blades manage to get hot after some time and can be hurt the dog skin
  • Buttons are in an uncomfortable position
  • The cord is a small
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Final Thought

In the end, we must say that the Andis Excel 5 Speed is arguably the best professional clippers you can get on the market. It has a heavy-duty unit that is not only lightweight and long-lasting but also extremely versatile. What’s more, it’s easy to work thereby making it excellent for beginner and professional groomers.

So, all things examined, we just say that this clipper gives great value for money. Some people might see it as costly, but it has everything professional grooming tools can give. If you want the quality result then it doesn’t matter how much pricey this clipper.

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