Andis Black Master


Here we will discuss with you the Andis Black Master that is basically an iconic Andis hair clipper. It’s the advertiser boy for the company’s product selection, and deservedly so. It really makes sense then to present professional clipper fans with a comfortable, beautiful version of the traditional Master haircutter.

Andis Black Master

Lo and behold: this is Andis Black Master limited edition.

We must say that it looks wondrous would be an understatement. All hairdressers shop, every home holding these will scream “style” to anyone visiting.

But, is Andis Master Black’s name deserving its rather enough price? What are the differences between the 01705 Black Master and the original Andis Master professional clipper? Now we need to find out.

Black Master’s body

In the veins of Master traditions, the Andis Black Master clipper features an extra hard aluminum housing. It’s these shining, permanent looks that made the product so popular among hairdressers.

The Black Master, however, works even more. It has an aluminum body that is powder-coated with a matte black surface. Sure adequate, this detailed work makes it more stylish and superb look.

It’s not only cosmetics, though. The coating more preserves your Andis Master Black name clipper from any chipping or rust.

The other excellent feature is that it will less prone to scratches, unlike the aluminum silver Master. Your clippers get placed through the wringer in a professional hairdresser. And the more polished the coating more those scratches will be stand out.

Additionally, the black surface makes the hair cutter’s body more textured. You would feel the soft grip – and the real Master clipper was already performing well in this regard.

The other good feature is that it won’t end up with fingerprints all over it.

Just have a look at this fast tour video to get a better sense of how it actually looks:

Inside the Black Master clipper

If you see the Andis Black Master clipper’s motor and blades, you won’t see much different than the traditional Master’s. You have the brand Andis magnetic motor that is working on 14,000 cutting strokes per minute. You can use this motor for heavy-duty without any hesitation and won’t stumble even after many regular haircuts.

Cosmetically, the Andis Black blades are quite different – black-on-black surface powered by Andis’ personal Electro-Glide Technology. Beautiful and stylish, the black blades certainly differentiate themselves from your general steel blades.

At the equal time, though, they’re just similar to the Masters in terms of performance. Same great quality and sharpness. It has the same option to fix them from size #000 to #1 through the lever on the Black Master clipper’s side.

The blade points are flat and it looks like a hungry to cut some hair. Your general Andis clipper blade quality, this time surfaced will be in stylish black. Cuts are crisp, close, and quite accurate.

The good thing is that most of the time, they get covered with some plastic comb attachments.

An even better hair clipper for fades?

The real Andis Master electric hair clipper is an excellent option if you want to make some fades. It will be of no wonder to you that the Black Master clipper sustains the status quo.

So, there’s a little improvement here. I’ve said earlier, but the original has some severe heating problems with longer haircuts. And decent fading will take some time. As a consequence, the Master’s warms a little bit too much and might be annoying in your hands.

In my view, Andis Black’s powdered coating creates a difference. It separates some of the stored heat so it will stay a little cooler in your palm. So while the motor and blades are not changed, this slight difference might give you the better hair clipper for fades.

The heat transfer to the blade still uses, however. The blade uses to get very hot if you work the clippers for a long time. If you utilize these as your first clippers, keep that in mind.

I started out as a hairdresser with the Andis clippers since they were cheap and get the work done, but after that, I ended up with an Oster 76 just like my father used to apply. I couldn’t stand the heat. So, they grew a solid back up clipper that I would work to end fades by getting rid of the lines left by the 76 nonadjustable blades.

Another excellent Andis fading clipper option would be the brand fashionable Pro Alloy XTR clipper pictured here.

Andis takes the most excellent of the Master and develops upon it. Some of the negatives, particularly the hot it gets, are dispensed with when it comes to the Pro Alloy. It is much more stable, stays cooler, and is not nearly as loud as the other. If I had to pick between the two for a primary clipper, I should go for the Pro Alloy.

You get the full premium treatment

Andis has performed above and beyond in pleasing anyone who chooses to get the Black Master hair clipper. Limited edition gift box aside, the haircutter comes in an amazing drawstring bag composed of black velvet. Related to how general clippers get packaged, this is the final way to tickle your imagination when it comes to accessories.

Though it’s what’s inside the box that eventually figures, the packaging does make a variation. Just as Apple!

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Black Master

Now you’ll get the stylish clipper that is completely ready to make a statement, you should take care of it to make sure it serves you.

Here are a few quick tips to maintain your machine in peak condition.

Clean the blades

Your blade has to be kept sharp at all times. Both for the client’s satisfaction and for your speed. If it is slow then it will pull the hair and make it feel longer to perform the haircut.

The most comfortable and most efficient way to keep your blade sharp is to wash the hair away before and after every haircut. I love to utilize a can of compressed air at the end of the day to make sure there will be no hairs left lingering there.

The sharpness of the hair left on the blade will do a sign on it and finish up making it slow.

After the month you have to do a deep clean to get the dirt that has built up removed. Utilize a blade wash to make your life comfortable.

You’ll really listen to the blade speeding up as it washes in the solution.

Keep it oiled

After washing the blades you need to keep them well oiled to work smoothly.

You have to spray the blades with a blade disinfectant after each cut. Use on that also oils and you’re golden.

After every few cuts, you need to put a few drops of clipper oil on the blade. Just put a drop at either end while the clippers are working to get the oil distributed equally across all of the teeth.

This also assists the motor and durability of your clippers overall. If your blades are fighting, then they put pressure on the motor. When the motor used to work harder, it makes it to degrade quickly.

If you will not take care of your clippers, then they will create a problem during your haircut.

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In the end, we need to say that the Andis Black stays reliable to the original Master quality and updates on it with premium aspects. You can’t ignore its attraction – you won’t see a clipper more beautiful than it. The bonus point is that if you move ahead and pair it with the GTX T-Outliner trimmer from

If you’re beginning out or just not a committed Andis fan, though, it doesn’t make sense to waste so much money. The original Master’s will perform the job well suitable at a more affordable price. There’s not too much difference from a functional aspect.

Remember one thing Look is not everything, but they do count. This is particularly true if you are a new hairdresser. If you look like you’re working on the same tools from school, then it means you did not take it seriously. If your gear looks fashionable, it may change to some people that you understand what you are doing. If it supports you to pull down an extra client per day then these clippers will give for themselves in a short time.

And you look pretty cool in the method!

For any appreciator of the Andis name, though, this would be a must. You don’t know when it will get consumed. You will not see anything Andis be even remotely that beautiful and well. Andis Master Black label limited edition is the holy grail for clipper specialists. You can’t skip it.

When talking about the Andis, you know very well what you are getting. I personally use the Oster, but after getting a good experience with Andis, I really like to use the Andis clippers over Oster every day of the week. These clippers really up the style game of any hairdresser.

Do you have questions regarding these clippers or want to understand how they relate to some other brands? You can leave a comment in the box here, and we will reply to you.

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