Philips Lumea Precision Plus SC2008 Review of 2021

True bestseller of the Philips brand, the Lumea Face, Body, and Bikini is one of the favorite epilators of women who want to get rid of unsightly hair quickly and effectively! Thanks to its long-lasting autonomy and its astonishing precision, the Lumea SC2008 / 12 has everything of a professional epilator used in beauty salons.

Its impressive maneuverability and its innovative system of light pulses give it that little extra that makes all the difference! Now let’s take a look at the specifics of the Philips Lumea epilator.

The test summary

A renowned brand

After working for more than 10 years with dermatologists and consumers, Philips has succeeded in combining quality, safety, and efficiency by creating the Lumea SC2008 / 12. Due to its ease of use, since it is designed wirelessly, it offers you rapid depilation of the face, bikini line, and body.

With a lifespan of 140,000 flashes (5 years), it allows around 280 uses on your entire body, which makes this epilator a real benchmark in the field of high-end home hair removal. You don’t need a replacement lamp or gel to apply.

Its Lithium-Ion battery is fully recharged in 1h40 which gives it an autonomy that can range from 27 minutes to 2 hours depending on the intensity used and the type of area to be treated. You can therefore take the time to epilate without fear of “breakdown”.

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Pain-free technology

Its continuous flash system sends light pulses of light that generate heat at the root of your hair. Weakened to their bulb, they then enter the resting phase and fall naturally. This ingenious system has the effect of delaying hair regrowth, allowing you to space your hair removal sessions.

Completely painless, Philips Lumea leaves your skin feeling soft and clear day after day. In addition, thanks to its application window of 4 cm², it allows efficient and very rapid depilation of large areas, while the “Bikini” accessory with a 2 cm² window treats your bikini line more precisely and delicately.

Thanks to these two accessories you can use your Lumea SC2008 / 12 on your armpits, stomach, arms, and face (upper lips, chin, and cheeks). You will get results that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. In addition, it comes with its cleaning cloth, instructions for use and a charger.

The Philips Lumea and delivered with an accessory specially designed for the swimsuit!

Safety and efficiency announced

Equipped with a security control light and windows with a UV filter, this hair removal device also adapts to your skin and your hair type. Thus, it is designed to accordingly dose the light intensity necessary for effective and lasting hair removal over the long term. With its 5 levels of light intensity ranging from 2 to 5.9 j / cm2 and its light spectrum greater than 570 nm, the Lumea Face, Body, and Bikini epilator are incredibly effective.

For concrete results, however, it is not recommended if you have read, light blonde, gray or white hair and if your skin is dark or even very dark. In these cases, you are not advised to use this hair removal device.

After a month, at the rate of two uses per week, you will already be able to observe a significant reduction in your hairiness. Your skin has never been so soft! Do not hesitate to repeat the sessions as soon as it becomes necessary.

Finally, endowed with the “ Green Product ” logo of the Philips brand, it contributes to its efforts to significantly reduce its ecological impact, whether in terms of packaging, recyclability, sustainability, or energy efficiency. . If you choose to entrust your hair removal to Lumea Face, Body, and Bikini, in addition to opting for a quality product, you are doing a gesture for the planet and supporting the commitment made by Philips.

Our opinion

The very design of this top-of-the-range epilator makes it a reliable and “tailor-made” product that seduces with its precision, maneuverability, speed, and innovative technology designed for the well-being of women.

To conclude, respectful of nature but above all of your skin, it adapts to it to treat it delicately and effectively. Thus sublimated, your skin regains all its radiance. Do not wait for another second to be able to benefit from all its benefits!

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