Philips Lumea Essential BRI861/00 of 2021 Review and Guide

The brand philips , leader in the pulsed light market, is innovating again with its new Lumea Essential BRI863 / 00 model. This epilator allows you in a few tens of minutes a complete hair removal in complete safety, face and bikini line included. We will see in detail the main characteristics of this model and its strengths and weaknesses vis-à-vis tough competition.


The summary of our test

Fast and efficient hair removal

First of all, Philips hits hard by announcing a disappearance of hair up to 3 quarters after only 2 months of use or 4 sessions before spacing them out to maintain soft skin. And for good reason, the Philips BRI863 / 00 incorporates the best of pulsed light hair removal technology used by professionals. Safety level, the intensity of the flashes automatically adapts according to the color of your skin and your hair thanks to a high-performance detector and 5 different positions.

In terms of speed, you will just need about twenty minutes for waxing 1/2 legs, bikini line and armpits with this real technological gem. This is possible thanks to the continuous mode which allows you to let the epilator window slide without having to press the trigger each time. The ergonomics are generally better than for the previous models with a very simple handling.

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Excellent lifespan

A minimum of 200,000 flashes are possible with this device, which makes it a long-term investment (at least 4 years for very regular use). The luminous window of 3.2 cm² allows to limit the number of flashes necessary for a gain of speed but also of lifespan. In addition, the 2-year warranty assures you that this investment will be highly profitable in view of the price of hair removal sessions at a beauty professional.

Regarding accessories, this pulsed light epilator comes with a kit specially designed to transport the device without damaging it. A manual in French is also included. It is not necessary to use a special gel during the sessions unlike other models, nor to buy a spare lamp later.

The 2 main complaints that come up regularly in user reviews are the weight of the device in the long run and the wire connected to an electrical outlet during use. But the Philips BRI863 / 00 has an excellent quality / price ratio which will quickly make you forget these 2 small caveats.


  • Treatment areas: body, face and bikini line
  • Number of flashes: 200,000
  • Window size: 3.2 cm²
  • Autonomy: unlimited (sector)
  • 2 years warranty

Our opinion

The results of this test are very positive for the latest Philips epilator. The Lumea Essential BRI863 / 00 gets the job done and users are thrilled with rare exceptions in reviews on social media and online shopping. In short, if you are looking for an effective and safe IPL epilator, you will not be disappointed by this purchase which will save you a lot of sessions at the beauty institute!

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