Philips Lumea Advanced BRI922

The pulsed light hair removal market is constantly evolving. Despite the presence of professionals such as dermatologists or even hair removal centers, some users prefer to have a device in order to carry out their hair removal at home. Faced with this demand, brands are responding and offer different epilators in order to best meet consumer expectations.

Philips, they are the pioneer in this area since they launched their first pulsed light epilator in 2010. Since then, several models have emerged. Today I am interested in the Lumea BRI922 / 00.

Description and features

Nice and practical design

The colors of this epilator are modern and chic, they are reminiscent of the cozy decor of beauty institutes without removing the quality aspect of this product.

The shape of the Philips Lumea BRI922 / 00 makes it convenient and easy to use. Indeed, it has a handle that allows a pleasant grip. Its well-thought-out design makes the device easy to handle, it is in my opinion an essential criterion to be able to achieve good hair removal at home.

In addition, its lightness gives its beautiful ergonomics an additional quality.

The epilator is supplied with a carrying pouch allowing its use even when on the go.

A cleaning brush in the colors of the epilator is included in the pack. It allows a deep cleansing and can also be used to apply a post-depilation moisturizer to have soft and healthy skin.

Beyond its design and aesthetic aspects, the Philips Lumea Advanced has technical and technological qualities that make it an epilator of choice.

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Lumea BRI922 / 00 technology

The lifespan of this device is 250,000 flashes, which is equivalent to 5 years of use on average. (This may change based on personal practices.)

Philips promises 85% hair reduction after just 3 sessions, which is pretty fast.

The epilator has a special head for small areas such as the bikini line or the armpits for more precision and safety, especially on the face.

It also has a skin tone sensor that will adjust the intensity of the flash in order to best respect the skin tone and not to attack it.

The Lumea Advanced was designed with dermatologists. In addition, a free application is available. It allows you to have access to a personal coach and to obtain advice on how to observe lasting results.

Thanks to these many advantages, Philips guarantees its customers efficient and safe hair removal while staying at home.

The design of this epilator as well as its technology make this device a quality tool that addresses the issue of good pulsed light hair removal at home.

It should still be noted that this device is not effective on red, very blond, gray or white hairs, as well as on very dark skin.


The Lumea Advanced epilator has 5 intensity levels to choose from depending on your skin type.

It offers two types of treatment adapted to the areas to be depilated:

  • Dab-flash: this mode is recommended for small sensitive areas such as the bikini area or the face. It also allows better access to the curved areas which are the knees and armpits. To do this, you have to press and release the flash button, which will send a single flash.
  • Drag & Flash: This mode is suitable for larger areas like legs or arms. Keep the flash button pressed and slide the epilator over the skin.

Before using its modes, you must adjust the intensity of the flash, the skin tone sensor does not allow you to indicate the light intensity to use. Philips prefers to leave this choice to users who will judge for themselves which intensity is best for them. However, if the complexion is too dark, the device turns off to avoid unwanted reactions.

These modes ensure comfort and safety and perpetuate the Philips brand image.

Advantages of Lumea advanced BRI922 / 00

  • Ergonomic
  • 250,000 flashes (average lifespan of 5 years)
  • Special tip for sensitive areas
  • Developed with dermatologists
  • Skin tone sensor that deactivates the device if the skin type is not suitable
  • Effective after 3 sessions
  • Free application to give personalized advice during each session

With this epilator, Philips wanted to offer users a safe and quality device. The Lumea Advanced, therefore, offers many important advantages when choosing a purchase.

The fact that it is not suitable for all types of hair and skin is the only downside I can see. Its price can also be a brake on the purchase, but it remains reasonable compared to the prices found in hair removal centers.

Why choose the Philips Lumea BRI922 / 00: my opinion

  1. No need to charge it, just plug it in and you can use it (the power cord is long enough to allow pleasant hair removal);
  2. It has an additional light filter for the areas of the face;
  3. The cleaning brush supplied with allows complete care (hair removal and hydration);
  4. Its body tip is large enough (4cm) which allows quick use on large areas.

To conclude this presentation of the Lumea Advanced BRI922 / 00, I would say that it is an ergonomic and easy-to-use device. Its instructions for use are clear and allow those who wish to do pulsed light hair removal at home while respecting the safety of the user.

Its price is quite reasonable because it can be used for several years and on all areas of the body (face and body).

Finally, each user is likely to react differently to this device, so your best bet is to judge for yourself and give it a try.

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