Philips Lumea Advanced BRI921 / 00: Review and Buying Guide

In this article, find in detail the characteristics and functions of one of the best creations of Philips, a complete pulsed light (IPL) epilator, usable at home, the Philips BRI921 / 00. Do you dream of smooth, flawless skin? The Lumea Advanced is easy to use and brings you comfort every day! Discover my analysis of 7 key points to make your choice!


1. Who is this pulsed light epilator for?

Although high-end, the Lumea Advanced BRI921 / 00 is a very accessible device and is aimed at anyone wishing to reduce and permanently eliminate their hair.

How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to pulsed light technology (IPL), and erasing technique, secure, and achievable in total autonomy at home.

Developed by Philips, Lumea reduces hair growth by sending light pulses of light to the root of the hair. This solution is gentle and safe, even on sensitive areas of the face and body.

By using it regularly, hair growth can be reduced by 85% on the body and face, from the 3rd session performed. A marvel for limiting hair regrowth and having soft skin for up to 3 months.

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2. Is the Lumea Advanced BRI921 / 00 easy to use?

Relatively easy to use, this device allows you to obtain concrete results by following these 5 steps:

  • shave the area to be flashed ideally 48 hours before use (the hairs must be short for the flash to be effective);
  • start the Lumea Advanced and choose the light intensity suitable for your skin, as well as the desired flash mode;
  • start epilation, light pulses are emitted at the root of the hair to cause it to fall (the head of the device must be positioned on the part to be epilated);
  • repeat every two weeks for the first 4 to 5 sessions;
  • then carry out your touch-up sessions every 4 to 8 weeks (depending on your hair regrowth).

Its XXL cord makes it very easy to reach all areas of the body. Its large flashing window is ideal for waxing large areas (legs or arms for example).

It also has an integrated light filter, specially adapted to precisely depilate facial hair (upper lip, chin, cheeks and other sensitive areas).

3. Can the pulsed light epilator be used by everyone?

This technology (IPL) has a prerequisite: the flash light must have a contrast between the pigmentation of the hairs and the skin of the user.

Lumea Advanced will work optimally on black and natural blond hair, but will not work on red, very blond, gray, or white hair.

The pulsed light epilator is also not effective on dark and tanned skin. The device also has an integrated skin tone sensor, allowing the user’s pigmentation to be measured before starting to flash.

If it detects a complexion that is too dark, it will automatically stop!

But rest assured, the BRI921 / 00 is suitable for many types of skin and hair.

4. Advantages and disadvantages

The strong points

  • handy and light design, easy to use for a perfect grip;
  • XXL cable that allows you to reach all areas of your body and face to be waxed;
  • the large flash window for quick leg waxing (8 to 15 minutes on average);
  • special face tip for serene and precise depilation of delicate areas;
  • integrated skin type sensor for safe use (risk of burns avoided);
  • adjustable light intensity (5 levels), for personalized hair removal according to your skin and hair type;
  • Philips travel trimmer to quickly remove fine facial hair between 2 sessions.

A complete pack, which requires no bulb or gel replacement.

The weak spots

  • contortions to be expected despite all the technology of the product to reach certain areas of the body;
  • storage bag small enough to hold the entire device;
  • instructions for use sometimes provide difficulty to understand.

The manufacturer’s site gives many indications for use, and many tutorials are also available on the web.

5. Efficiency and sustainability

Lumea Advanced BRI921 / 00 is effective on all areas of the body and face.

The duration and number of sessions to be performed depend mainly on the areas to be flashed, your skin, and your hairiness.

For best results, use the correct tip for the area you are treating:

  • the large window at 4 cm² for large areas;
  • the special face tip with its 2 cm² windows.

With its 250,000 possible flashes, the Lumea Advanced helps you reduce your hairiness permanently (up to 5 years of use possible).

6. Security

The main risk of this pulsed light hair removal technology is burns. Thanks to the integration of a skin type sensor, Philips eliminates this risk and allows you to epilate serenely and in complete safety.

As an expert manufacturer of this technology (IPL), Philips stands behind the results obtained. Several studies have been carried out with real users over a period of 12 sessions of use. You will find many testimonials on the web, a good way to be sure to make the right choice.

According to the indications for use, to obtain the first desired results, you just need:

  • to perform the first 4 sessions spaced 2 weeks apart;
  • then perform 1 touch-up every 4 weeks.

You will therefore need a few weeks of patience and diligence, to be able to assess the actual performance of the Philips BRI921 / 00 on your hairiness.

7. Supplied accessories and technical characteristics

Your epilator is delivered to you with:

  • 1 nozzle for the body of 4 cm²
  • 1 special face piece of 2 cm²
  • a Philips travel mower
  • a storage pouch

The technical characteristics of your device:

  • number of flashes: 250,000
  • flash speed: 3.5 ms
  • number of tips: 2
  • flash mode: continuous and manual
  • lamp type and technology: high strength quartz alloy lamp with secure flash system
  • use: body and face



You will understand, with its modern and sleek design, the Philips Lumea Advanced BRI921 / 00 appears as a lasting ally in your beauty routine. In addition, Philips offers you the free download of the Lumea app. You can create personalized hair removal programs, and benefit from advice and tips for use at each session. On sale for less than € 300, the Lumia Advanced BRI921 / 00 also stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio.

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