Philips BG9041/00 – For Men – Review and Buying Guide

The Philips BG9041 / 00 epilator never ceases to amaze you. Thanks to its innovative technology derived from that used in beauty institutes, you will obtain lasting and painless hair removal at home.

Designed wirelessly, it will allow you to quickly reach every corner of your body and its continuous flashing system will ensure ultra-fast use and professional results. Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from this high-quality epilator.

Philips BG9041/00 Review:

Fast frost-free passage

Using a technology known as ” intense pulsed light “, this Lumea hair removal device for men will send, with each pass, light pulses of light to the roots of the hairs, which will have the effect of making them fall naturally and preventing thus repels them. Before using it, it is first recommended to shave the areas to be depilated with a razor or a trimmer will guarantee you a shave without any risk of cuts or irritation.

The very design of the Philips BG9041 / 00 makes it very practical and gives it exclusive speed since this hair removal device is in itself a complete solution already used in many beauty institutes. Ready to use, you will not need any gel or replacement lamp (lifespan of approximately 250,000 flashes, or about twenty years!).

Its 4 cm² surfaces will allow you extensive hair removal while its innovative flashing system called “Slide & Flash” will treat large areas extremely quickly thanks to its continuous flashes every 3.5 seconds. In addition, designed in close collaboration with dermatologists and equipped with UV protection, this pulsed light epilator will offer you the safest hair removal and will leave your skin soft and clear over the days.

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An integrated sensor and a result over time

Its advanced skin type sensor automatically recognizes skin color and chooses from one of 5 levels of light intensity available to specifically treat it.

Peace of mind, you can quickly and effectively wax your arms, armpits, shoulders, stomach, entire pubic area (except the scrotum), legs, torso, and, finally, your back. Philips BG9041 / 00 can also be used by women, all over the body except the face and neck.

For a lasting result over time, you are advised to repeat epilation every two weeks during the first 3 months to prevent the reactivation of your hair. Once it is considerably reduced, you can only use it every 4 to 6 weeks to control its possible regrowth.

Question efficiency, the Philips BG9041 / 00 is suitable for naturally dark blond, chestnut, and brown hairs. It is however important to specify that it is not recommended for people whose hair is naturally red, gray, blond, or white. In addition, its skin sensor is also not suitable for very dark skin. If you find yourself in one of these cases, unfortunately, you will not be able to take advantage of the advanced technology of this high-end epilator.

Our opinion

Easy to use thanks to its wireless design and ultra-fast thanks to its continuous flash system, it will quickly become an ally of choice in your “anti-hair” battle.

Sold with its instructions for use, a 19.5 V adapter, and above all a battery of 250,000 flashes, it is a complete device at a very attractive price.

The innovative technology of the Philips BG9041 / 00 epilator will leave you speechless, to try it is to adopt it and that is why we highly recommend it!

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