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Oster Titan Clipper Review – Comparison vs Oster Model 10

In the past, only the razor or hair comb was used for cutting. But now many clippers are discovered in the market. Every clipper has a specific quality that differentiates them from other qualities. At this time there is great competition; many companies discovered the clipper, in this Oster clipper includes. The Fist Oster Clipper is discovered by Oster John in 1962. With time different types of clippers have been discovered for hair cutting. The Oster Titan Clipper is one of the most classy, and dynamic clippers to shape every kind of hair without any issue. Oster Titan Clipper can be used by competent as well as proletarian, and everyone feels good to have such type of instrument, and calmly to grip it. One of the most important qualities of the Oster Titan Clipper is a two speed Clipper for normal working the first speed is enough to cut the hairs of all kinds but sometimes you required the second speed which can easily be met and can not affect the proper function of the Oster Titan Clipper, and you don’t need to change movements of clipper again, and again like other clippers. The arrangement of the Oster Titan Clipper is made in such a way that it cannot be easily affected by the work loaded, and it can be used all around the day and for a long period without affecting their efficiency, and with the normal arrangement. Oster Titan Clipper has an amazing machine or motor which can be used by every person because it is very calmly, and sharp to give any shape to hairs. Due to which the Oster Titan Clipper considered being the best source to earn a large amount of money continuously, and without any effort. It is a also good way for sophisticated people to shine their abilities, and work. Oster Titan Clipper is one of the most commonly used clippers across the world.

Key Features

·         Motor
  2-speed competent motor
·         Blades
  Fine convertible blades
·         Corded\cordless
·         Scheme
  Tough ergonomic

Features of the Oster Titan Clipper in Detail

Every clipper is different from the other owed to qualities. Here are the contents of features that represent the Oster Clipper perfectly.

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  • Amazing Oster Clipper motor

The Oster Clipper abides of a two-speed motor which provides the best ways for cutting the hair of each kind. The one is a high-speed motor that can calmly and more effectively move through the bulky and compact hair. The other one is a slow-speed motor useful for delicate hair. The Oster Clipper motor consists of two voucher blades and 11 optional blades.

  • Advertisement Blades of the Oster Titan Clipper

Oster Clipper has different forms of blades which vary in their size. The one blade is of size 000, and another blade is of size 1, and it also has 11 alternative blades according to the requirements. These blades are awesome in their functions there is a low-temperature apparatus that helps in the transfer of blades more speedily, and effectively.

  • Scheme of Oster Titan Clipper

Oster Clipper has an athletic ergonomic shape. It is constituted for continuously practiced people due to which it has a very weight, and can calmly be used for a long time without any disturbance or tension, and work can be continued for a large time even for the complete day.

  • Crashing Resistant Product

The tough body of the Oster Clipper is hard enough not to break easily, due to which it can be used for more time even for years than the other clippers. The best material is used in the manufacture of Oster Clippers due to which it is long-lasting and durable.

  • Cool, and Whisper Performance

The administration of the Oster clipper is very wide but despite this Oster, the motor remains calm for a high duration than the other clippers. The other clippers motor becomes a source of noise pollution after some performance of work but the Oster Titan Clipper remains silent throughout the work.

  • Corded\Cordless Clipper

Most of the barbers like to have a corded adaption because the corded adaption comes with electrical wire, so the corded adaption relates to the voltage not devoir the battery.

The battery requirement of the Cordless adaption is, the first devoir to charge, and when you use it for the cutting.

  • Length of the Cord

The length of the cord in mostly clippers is not long average about four to five in length. But the professional, also the prevention choose this clipper that cord is abundant not like those clippers in which small in length.

The wish of every haircutter is a lengthy cord because the barber wishes not to fix it in one place for the whole day’s work.

  • Accessories

The last feature of the Oster Clipper is about the accessories, when the box comes to the home not only consists of the machine but also comes with some accessories that must require for this tool. Here the list of these accessories comes with the Oster Clipper

  • Convertible blades
  • Oil required for blade
  • Brush for cleaning tool
  • Guard for blade
  • Grease clipper

Oster Titan Clipper in Detail

In this competitive world, the Oster titan makes its place in the best clipper for hair. The Quality of the motor Titan clipper accomplishes the best clipper in the world because of the motor of this clipper work at both low and high speed.

When the speed of the motor is high for cutting then you need the for trimming or for normal hair you need a less-speed motor so use only one button to control both speeds of the motor high, and low.

The blades of the Osten Titan Clipper are convertible and sharp, this clipper used 13 convertible blades two must use them, and both differ in size.

The range of one blade is 000, and the second range of the blade is 1 while the other eleven blades are used for optional, also a good thing the blades calmly change with the other blade.

For the long-term work, you use the oil for blades so the resistance of the blade maintains for a long time. The architecture of this clipper is not heavy calmly to grip for a whole day without any lassitude.

This clipper is a crashing-resistant quarter that can’t break, and work for years. The running performance of the Osten Titan Clipper is quiet, not cause of the noise, and carry the work whole day without warm up the motor while in case of other clippers become hot after twenty to thirty minutes but the motor of thus clipper not warm after the whole day work.

This clipper comes in corded adaption not abide by any battery. 12 ft cord of the length that is too much longer, and calmly to carry from one place to another.

Oster Model 10 Hair Clippers with Blades Review 2021


·         Dimension
10 * 5 *6 * inches
·         Weight
2 Pounds
·         Manufacturer
dba KANAR, Derby International LLC
·         Clipper Number
·         Voltage
120 V
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  • Oster Clipper consists 2 speeds fast, and slow
  • Fluctuating blades can be changed without any disturbance
  • It has a silent motor so it is not a source of noise pollution
  • Oster Titan clipper can be shaped by a small effort with oil
  • It has a persistent body that can be used for a long period
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  • Oster Titan Clipper has no variation in their color there is only one color is available.
  • It does not have a large number of accessories like the other Oster Clipper
  • It is high in price

Oster Titan Clipper Review

Many people use the clipper and give different reviews. Some people accord the good review or some bad. Oster Titan Clipper uses many people and accords different reviews. Good reviews are the two quickness motor, sharp blades, crashing resistant housing, mute, and coldish performance for the whole day. And also some not good reviews on this clipper like it is high in price, just in one color or limited supplement. Overall the Oster Clipper is excellent for both moist and dried hair, perfect for crimpy hair.

A Shortcoming of the Oster Clipper

Oster Clipper has no variation in its color there is only one color is available in the market. It does not have a large number of accessories like the other Oster Clipper. It is high in price

Comparison of Oster Titan Clipper VS Oster Model 10

Titan Clipper
Oster Model 10

The Comparison between the Oster Titan Clipper and Oster Model specifies which one is perfect for the haircut.  Like I will discuss the details review on the upper part of the article you very well know about the motor is excellent for the speed cutting, no doubt the motor of the Oster Model is also good but the difference here is Oster titan clipper motor work on two speed, while in Odel 10 clipper work on just one-speed motor. There is a great difference in price the Oster Titan clipper is high in price, but the Oster Model is for the mid-price. The reason for the high price is the motor of this clipper does not get heat up for the whole but in the Oster Model 10 motor gets after ten to fifteen minutes, and it’s also loud working, however, the Osten Titan clipper does not cause any noise.

Final Judgment
Oster Titan Clipper can be differentiated from the Other Clipper with a little effort due to its 2-speed motor which provides you a precious to cut the hair with anyone-speed. The one-speed is fast, and the other one is low both are very effective in their work. The Oster Titan Clipper has very useful and very large fiber and is an amazing thing for the barbers so the Oster Titan Clipper is the only thing you want to have because it has a convertible blade. All types of hair cut get with the help of the Oster Titan Clipper such as trimming, good for the thick beard as well as for the curly hair.
The Oster Titan Clipper is known for its outstanding work, and continuous process it can be used for a very big duration but it can’t affect their machine, and it remains calm during the work, and it can be bearable for the people because it does not produce any kind voice which the other products become hot and produced different sounds just after a  few minutes of work. The Oster Titan is arranged in an awesome way it can carry better situations, and not break quickly so that it can be useful for a long duration of time even for years. It is considered the best tool for the barbers to earn the money continuously, and with any move efforts
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Question:                    How do you care about the Oster Titan Clipper?

Answer:                       The best way to care for the Oster clipper about the use of the clipper hair stuck in the blade; remove it with the cleaning brush, before or after the use.

Question:                    What is the specific quality of the Oster Titan Clipper?

Answer:                       The specific quality of the Oster Titan Clipper is the motor abide of two motors one work at high speed, and the other one at low speed.

Question:                    Is the Oster Titan Clipper motor hot or not after some time?

Answer:                       The motor of the Oster Titan clipper remains calm for a high duration than the other clippers.

Question:                    Does the Titan Clipper come with the battery?

Answer:                       No, the Oster Titan does not come with any battery because the Oster Titan Clipper is a corded adaptation.

Question:                     What do you know about the blades of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                       The Oster Clipper abides 13 blades two are necessary for the performance range from 000, and 1, while the other 11 blades are used for optional.


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