Oster Model 10 Review

Oster Model 10 Hair Clippers with Blades Review 2021

The Oster Model 10 Review is like a throwback clipper that has been manufactured a Model 10 clipper decades before. Now, this model is available with up-to-date quality and stuff. You no longer require to lament the craftsmanship that once was — this air clipper is quite good (if not greater than) the first edition.

Oster Model 10 Heavy-Duty Clipper with Blade 000

The Oster Model 10 Review Hair clippers are quite smaller and slimmer (while the Model 76™ weighs 2.1 pounds the Model 10™ weighs 0nly 1.6 pounds) than the past top-of-the-line Model 76, but with energy to spare. The black housing is quite hard for a professional barber’s daily use, and the top-of-the-line universal motor will hold up to regular use without heating. For those who already got an Oster Classic 76™, the same detachable blades can be applied —you don’t need to purchase a second set.

The Oster Model 10 Review is an important part of every serious hairdresser equipment. It surely cuts through the hair like a hot knife through butter — instantly and well.

This clipper is available just only $189.99 on the Oster website it can be purchased for a lot less. View the price on Amazon.

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Oster Model 10 Review – Positives and NEGATIVES

Positive Points:
  • It has a strong motor for heavy-duty usage all day long
  • Even it’s powerful, small, light, and quick for single-handed use without exhausting you out
  • It’s lighter than the old Model 76, so comfortable for women to use too. How much lighter? The Model 10 weighs is almost 1.6 lbs. while the, 76 weighs 2.1 lbs — that’s approximately 25% lighter.
  • Available with one detachable #000 blade (sometimes two blades if you see a good seller!) for an extra charge
  • Long-lasting, hard-to-break housing for professional performance
  • Blade guard, lubricating oil, and cleaning brush are added, so you don’t need to go off and purchase them as soon as you get the clipper
  • 10 ft. electrical cord, so you will not always pulling the plug out or breaking the power cord
  • Smooth access on/off button for one-handed use

Negatives Points
  • Some users have said overheating – you can send in for exchange if this will happen with you as 95%+ of users say it works really cool


In the end, we need to say that the majority of buyers like this clipper. It is perfect barber’s or hair stylist’s essential stuff, though it’s only one of a type of various clippers a pro will want for different treatments.

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