oster fast feed vs wahl senior

Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior Clipper Review 2022

You know that Oster fast feeds and Wahl senior both are high-rated clippers on the market. Both are popular brands that manufacture top-quality clippers for their customers. It’s hard to compare both of them because they are from different brands claiming to be perfect.

When it comes to a high-end but sleek, lightweight, and quiet clipper, best for household use then Oster is our top recommendation. On the other hand, if you are a professional barber and looking for a heavy-duty clipper then Wahl senior should be your partner.

Oster fast feed v/s Wahl senior

I have already mentioned that both Wahl senior and Oster fast feed are the best clippers according to their requirements and working area. Oster is best for household use and Wahl senior is a professional choice.

But it doesn’t mean that Oster cannot be used as a professional clipper. Most of the professional barbers end up using Oster fast feed as their main tool.

Wahl senior is a heavy-duty clipper that suits professionals but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for personal grooming sessions. People with thick and long hair need a professional-grade heavy-duty clipper just like Wahl senior.

Let’s dig some deeper to find the actual difference between Oster fast feed and Wahl senior.

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Structure and design

We are comparing two different models from different brands. So you will observe a huge difference in their industrial design and overall structure. First of all, let us observe the Wahl senior clipper as it is considered a professional barber clipper.

It’s a way bigger body with 6.5″ and at 1.2 lbs weight looks like a professional tool. Its body construction is a combination of plastic on the top and chrome bottom. Its body is no doubt durable and sturdy enough to accommodate professional haircuts.

The overall design of Wahl senior is not so amazing you know. The reason behind not-so-classy aesthetics is its get job-done purpose. It is considered the most powerful and heavy-duty hair clipper popular among professional barbers.

On the other hand, Oster fast feed is more reliable and maneuverable than senior with its 1lbs weight. Moreover, it gives totally stylish vintage looks to amaze the customers.

People who prefer to move around or need a perfect but lightweight haircutter must have Oster fast feed. It comes in resistance break housing to give you a reliable and comfortable experience.

Durability is ensured by both models so would get perfect deals on both.

Blade quality and motor performance

We can discuss a lot about both the Oster fast feed and Wahl senior because both are constructed well. But I think we should start with Wahl senior and its V9000 electromagnetic motor.

V9000 electromagnetic motor is the top quality motor ever used in the list of Wahl clippers. Wahl makes the senior 85000 the best haircutter with this super sturdy and heavy-duty V9000 electromagnetic motor.

Other than motor Wahl senior is equipped with a #1005 all-purpose blade. Its length can be adjusted with the help of a side lever. You can achieve salon-grade haircuts regardless of hair type with zero resistance and performance crisp cuts.

If you want to do fades without sacrificing the performance you can choose Wahl 5 start senior that is available at similar rates.

On the other hand, Oster fast feed is fitted with a pivot motor. If we compare the performance of V9000 and pivot motor then v9000 works more strongly.

But you shouldn’t underestimate the performance of Oster fast feed regarding coarse, thick, or wet hair. I meant to say that Oster doesn’t lack performance but you cannot expect the same heavy-duty performance Wahl delivers.

RPM speed doesn’t matter when it comes to pivot rotatory motors. Because rotatory motors have a lot of torque as compared to electromagnetic motors.

Due to this level of torque, it cuts through each hair type including wet hair. With a small and lightweight design, you shouldn’t underestimate its sharpness and performance. It delivers a professional-grade performance through all hair types.

You might have heard about the popularity of Oster’s classic 76 blades. Oster clippers are fitted with sharp and high-quality detachable blades.

But their blades are hard to zero gap as it is a little bit tricky process. After a little bit of effort, you can achieve zero gaps and enjoy fading or balding.

However, Oster fast feed clippers are not designed for skin fades. You cannot call it a drawback but you shouldn’t expect something from a tool it is not designed for. If you are in search of a hair clipper for regular cuts and versatility then go for it.

Noise and Heating factors

If you have observed some weak points of Oster fast feed in the previous section then you will see a bright side of this clipper now.

Electromagnetic motor’s parts rotate fast therefore it leads the clipper to get hot. Wahl senior is equipped with a V9000 exclusively heavy-duty motor that ends up heating too quickly. On the other hand pivot, rotary motor stays cooler for a long time.

One more thing about Wahl senior that adds more heat is its chrome part. Metals are good conductors of heat leaving your clipper hot. Where the fast feed is constructed with hard plastic that absorbs heat and keeps the clipper cool.

Professional barbers can get a huge benefit of having Oster fast feed as their customers would love to choose their shop. Your customer won’t get disturbed by getting close to skin cuts with hot blades.

Also when your clippers get heated you need to cool them with coolant sprays and other materials. This will cause time waste and you will end up creating mess around. The less you waste your time on other stuff the more you can focus on your customer’s haircuts.

When it comes to the noise factor, the Oster fast feed again wins the battle. The hard plastic body of Oster absorbs vibrations to give you a relaxed and comfortable haircutting experience. On the other hand, the presence of a heavy-duty electromagnetic motor causes Wahl senior to vibrate more than Oster.

This is the reason why I am in favor of Oster fast feed when it comes to choosing a clipper for household use. You can get professional-grade haircuts at home without dealing with hot and noisy clippers.

People who used to cut their kid’s hair at home should go for Oster fast feed. Its heat and noise absorption properties make it the best choice for kids’ haircuts.

A strong buzzing sound disturbs kids when you bring clippers around their ears. But when you are using an Oster fast feed your kids will be enjoying their grooming sessions.

Cost and accessories

You can observe the different Wahl senior models priced at different rates. But still, Oster is cheaper than any Wahl senior model. When it comes to performance and reliability, price doesn’t matter. Professionals cannot compromise heavy-duty motor and household users on comfort. Therefore price doesn’t matter but people with a low budget can consider Oster fast feed.

In terms of accessories and attachments, you are getting the best deal from both models. Both offer you 3 basic combs, clipper oil, a cleaning brush, and a blade guard. The senior guards are 1/16″ to 3/16″ in length where Oster offers 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ guards. Fast feed offers you a bonus blending comb too.


Both the Oster and Senior offer you plastic combs. Plastic combs don’t look sturdy and they are flimsy too. Oster fast feed has a big con in this case. If you are not satisfied with plastic combs, you can attach Andis Nano magnetic guards with your Oster fast feed. These magnet guards fit the Oster fast feed perfectly but make sure to get double-sided guards.

Final Word

As I mentioned at the very start of the article, that if you are looking for a reliable, casual, and home use ready clipper choice should be Oster fast feed. But if you are searching for a professional grade heavy duty clipper, then grab Wahl senior clipper.

Wahl Senior clipper comes in multiple variations like Wahl 5 star senior and Wahl senior. All of the models are equipped with high-end features to make every haircut precise. The barbers can choose between Oster classic 76 and Wahl 5 start senior as it is a better comparison.

In the end, I would like to say that both models are constructed with solid and sturdy materials. They both work best to give you comfortable haircuts. You just need to pick one according to your requirements and preferences.

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