Oster 76 Blades Explained Guide [Chart and Guards]

Andis master and Wahl Senior are the most favorite adjustable clippers in the market. But when it comes to professional use at a barbershop then only one detachable clipper can sustain.

And that one is the Oster Classic 76 with outstanding performance and professional-grade blades it is the priority choice of every barber. People admire the Oster Classic 76 due to a lot of ideal features and specs. But the most cherishing and special feature of the Oster Classic 76 is its blades.

Oster 76 Blades Explained Guide

Today we are going to present a detailed piece of information about the Oster Classic 76 blades. This article will cover the following topic

  • You will get a detailed Oster 76 blades chart
  • Use of various blades sets
  • The production of Oster Classic 76 blades, why are they are so important in detachable blades categories?
  • How you can change the blade of your clipper by yourself?

After reading a detailed article covering all of the above points, you will be able to understand everything you need to. If you are going to become a professional barber then this information is necessary for you.

Let’s get started…

Detailed Oster 76 blades chart

The Oster Classic 76 comes with a #000 and #1 detachable blade. These sizes are commonly used by everyone. When you had the experience of using Andis Master or Wahl cordless (Magic clip) you might know there is an option for open and close.

This means that you cannot change the length of the existing blade with a lever. Instead, if you need to change the length of the blade you need to change it.

The same case is with the Oster Classic 76, you can change the blade, to get your required hair length. This might be difficult to some extent with precision issues. But once you get used to it, you will get amazing results.

The #000 Oster blade allows you to achieve the same precise hair length as any adjustable clipper does. The professional Oster 76 gives you more versatility and options while cutting hair.

Here is the detailed blade chart of Oster classic 76.

Blade number Size (inches) Size (mm)
#00000 1/125″ 0.2
#0000 1/100″ 0.25
#000 1/50″ 0.5
Modified 0A 1/50″ 0.5
#0A 3/64″ 1.2
#1 3/32″ 2.4
#1A 1/8″ 3.2
#1 1/2 5/32″ 4
#2 1/4″ 6.3
#3 1/2 3/8″ 9.5
#3 3/4 1/2″ 12.7
Flattop T 1/50″ 0.5
18 Skiptooth 1/8″ 3.2
Texturing Blade 1/8″ 3.2

The Use of various blades sets

The blades from #00000 to #000 are designed to deliver close cuts with precision. The blade number #00000 is selected when you need a very close cut or shave. People who need bald shave can use the #00000 blade.

But if you are a fade lover then blades from #0000 to #000 are the best options for you. Where for light caesar haircuts the blade #0A is a perfect option.

If you want to use the clipper as a fade clipper then the #1A Oster Classic 76 blade is ideal. But if you want to remove hair in bulk the use #1 blade.

If you want to clip the hair by using a comb then you should use the #000 or some lower number. This number ensures that you won’t be cutting hair up or down the comb.

But if you want to keep hair length shorter than comb level then you can use any one of the blades in the chart. Because every blade in the chart differs from the other in millimeters.

In order to shave someone’s back of the neck, you should use the #3 1/2 and #3 ¾ blades. These numbers work best to shave the neck and sides. Two other blades lengths have been using in regular haircuts.Oster 76 Blades Explained

When you start taper you will find #3.5 the best choice. To finish right to the crown, you can use #3.75, here you can start blending the length of hair. This blade length makes the blending of longer hair easy.

You can pick 14 blades giving you various kinds of haircuts. This is a huge variety indeed. You must be sure that you will be spending a few hundred dollars in buying every available version.

The stainless steel blades are quite expensive therefore, you should be aware of them. These high-end fancy blades are for professional barbers who are already earning good revenue.

But if you are a beginner barber then we suggest you keep the blades, you cant perform without them. Keep your barber tool kit within your budget range. These day’s tools are getting expensive day by day.

If you want to change hair lengths then plastic combs are better and cheaper choice. Though the plastic combs cannot give you as precise results as a naked blade can, you can have a good start with them.

The manufacturing secrets of Oster 76 blades

The Oster classic 76 blades are manufactured with great responsibility. There is no other brand blade in the market that can compete with the Oster blades in strength and performance.

The Oster 76 blades are made with a mixture of premium quality stainless steel and 1.2% carbon. This combination of the blade material ensures cutting-edge performance.

Also, it keeps your blade last longer than any other ordinary blade. The manufacturing process is done to ensure both performance and life span.

The whole manufacturing process goes through the following steps.

  • First of all the blade is kept in the high heat of about 1000 °F for about an hour. The purpose of this process is to disperse the 1.2% carbon among the whole stainless steel material. The blade material is infused with carbon molecules to ensure strength and capability.
  • After the heating process, the blades are put into an equally opposite environment. At the freezing temperature about 300°F. it lasts there for about the next 20 hours. This process makes the blade harder and stronger. This opposite temperature system helps to boost the durability and performance of the blades.

After the entire process, you get an extremely solid, durable, and tough blade that ensures to cut every single hair effortlessly. We observe that a knife blade of premium quality ranks around 55 to 60 on the Rockwell scale. But our Oster 76 blades can score from 62 to 66 on the scale.

After knowing about the quality and durability of your Oster 76 blades you shouldn’t neglect their maintenance. You should keep in mind that every tool needs proper maintenance regardless of its durability and hardness.

You should oil your Oster 76 blades regularly to enjoy a never-ending performance. If you take care of your blade’s maintenance then you will achieve a high-end cutting experience every time. If you notice that your clipper blades are getting hot due to continuous work, then use a coolant spray.

How to change the Oster 76 blades? 

Detaching blades seems quite scary at first and you think that you can never be succeeded. Because you are a barber or any simple person who cuts his hair at home.

You are not a technician who is supposed to deal with all that stuff. But believe me, it is quite simple and easy to change the Oster 76 blades. You might be scared of cutting your own hair at home. But this fear disappeared after the first attempt. The same thing is about changing blades.

After following these steps you will be able to change the Oster 76 blades perfectly.

Step1- Don’t turn off the clipper

Keep your clipper running to perform the next step. It seems quite scary, but don’t worry you won’t get hurt while doing this. There is a science behind keeping your clipper turn on we will discuss it in the last step. You can also perform the task with a turned-off clipper. But that could create some hassle.

Step Two- Remove the blade 

In order to remove the blade, hold it from the sides and pull it away from the clipper head with a quick but gentle motion. By doing this, the latch holding the blade would be released. After that, you can remove the blade by sliding it off.

Step Three- Optional

If you are scared of pulling the blade out while keeping the clipper turn on, then you can see this step. You have to adjust the lever by yourself to fit the blade in right place. But when you keep the clipper on, you don’t encounter this issue. The new blade fits best in a running clipper.

What happens if the clipper is turned off? 

When you try to insert the blade in the clipper after turning it off you face some problems. If the blade doesn’t fit exactly then it starts pulling and snagging hair. That seems quite disappointed bearing pulling hair from a powerful and high-performance blade.

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We have tried our best to give you every piece of information necessary for you to understand. You should know the quality, performance, and manufacturing process of the blade you are using.

It gives you confidence in your blade. We hope you would like this thorough article explaining every critical piece of information about the Oster 76 blades.


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