medium brown hair with highlights

Light To Medium Brown Hair With Highlights Straight Around Face

Colorful hairs aren’t surprising anymore. When it comes to dark brown hairs, it sometimes seems dull that you need to change. Many women wear the hair colors which go fresh for a long time. Just by adding some highlights, you can change your look without changing the color of the hairs. Highlights can create a depth to the hair color you are already wearing. Different colors give several unique looks, but what If you have medium brown hair with highlights? It will add glamor to your strands. Before getting an appointment at a salon, you have to choose a color to tell your stylist.

List of Light To Medium Brown Hair With Highlights Straight Around Face

  1. Different Shades Of Highlights:

You can add different shades of highlights to produce a new stylish look. There are different colors of highlights which you can apply from the roots of the hairs to their full length.

  1. Short and Soft Pop Blonde Hairs:

Short hairs are the best to give a cute look to youngsters. It works best if you use brown dye with golden blonde highlights. This pop look with caramel highlights brings a fresh look to your life.

  1. Bronze Choice With Light Brown Highlights:

You can also wear your brown hairs with bronze highlights. The highlights are on the top of the hair, or you can wear it on all of the hairs lengths.

  1. Carmel Joy Medium Brown Hairs With Highlights:

The front hairs are highlighted with caramel joy blonde. It exactly brightens up the whole beauty. Front side bangs having blonde caramel highlight is hairstyle..

  1. Blonde Basics With Brown Hairs:

In this option, you can add a small number of blonde highlights on your hairs on the top or at the end of your strands. It gives a nice look.

  1. Large Chunks With Shiny Highlights:

Large chunks are precisely what every girl wants. It gives you a bold look and adds some shine to your hairs. These large chunks look best on teenagers.

  1. Stunning Style With Different Shades:

In this style, you can wear medium brown hair with highlights of a golden shade. It looks best for a party event. Or you can also use some different shades of highlights to have some extra-ordinary look.

  1. Platinum Blonde for Medium Brown Hairs:

This option works best when the base is darker. It’s not a casual hairstyle, but it goes on if you want a bold look. You can wear it to look dramatic because platinum blonde gives a sharp contrast.

  1. Splash of Blonde Hairs With Curls:

This fantastic splash of blonde hairs looks perfect if you curl your hairs. You can wear it to have a smooth romantic look especially if you curl your hairs towards your shoulders. Believe me or not, it will rock your personality.

  1. Bold Highlights With Red Shade:

You can bold your medium brown hairs with highlights of red and blonde shades. A little amount of red shade highlights produces a unique and refreshing look to your brown hairs.

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