Shades Of Light Brown Hair Color Chart For Dye Wella Loreal

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There are many hairstyles that give a classy look. These are the hairstyles that you can wear with red lipstick or smoky eyes. Brown hairs with dark makeup is a perfect combination. But Brown must not be dull. For this purpose, we have collected some different light brown hair color chart.

different Shades Of Light Brown Hair Color Chart For Dye Wella Loreal to Look Beautiful

You can wear brown hair color with varying shades including blonde, brunette, etc. as follows:

  1. Medium ash brown Shade:

This hair color shade looks perfect for the girls who have the appearance on gray eyes.

Medium brown hairs are the pair of cool brown and ashy highlights. Blend your strands with the medium ash brown shade.

  1. Cool dark brown Color:

You can use this cool dark brown color with golden undertones which goes perfectly for a beautiful look. This hair color looks great on those having a fair skin tone. The girls with green or hazel eyes may wear this hairstyle.

  1. Espresso Hair Color:

Dye your hairs with this dark brown color and add light brown highlights. It will be a stunning look you will love to wear. This hairstyle is perfect for summer occasions where you may wear it. As you will look like a princess or queen.

  1. Butterscotch Color:

What do you feel if you wear your favorite pudding flavor on your hairs?

This hair color will add blonde dimensions to your hairs to present a warm and gorgeous look on fair skin tones. This hairstyle will give you a tasty look.

  1. Bronzed brown Shade:

If you have Metallic hair, apply some brass brown color highlights. It is one of the best light brown hair color chart we recommend for you. You can make it more beautiful if you add some curls to this hairstyle. You may have a front side swept to have some extra-ordinary look.

  1. Light golden brown Color:

Are you a lover of beachy blondes? If yes, then you can make two parts of your hair with brunette strand on one side. It will give you the most elegant look than ever before to your neutral skin tone.

  1. Bronze Hair Color:

This bronze hair color is one of the most famous hair colors at the moment. You may get this quickly and wear it to have a gorgeous look on warm or cool skin both. But we recommend consulting your stylist first.

  1. Light brown Shade:

Hairs with light brown shade give you a sober shade. You can curl it and make a waterfall look. It works best on fair skin tones. If you have blue or green eyes, this color undoubtedly attracts others towards you.

  1. Chocolate brown Color:

Everyone is a chocolate lover, so you are. This medium brown hair color present a classy look to the personality. You can dye full hairs with chocolate brown or shade your hair strands. Chocolate brown hair may be the best in a light brown hair color chart.

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