How To Use An Electric Hair Clipper

How To Use An Electric Hair Clipper – Legs, Face etc

In this article, I will guide you on How To Use An Electric Hair Clipper which is very helpful for you.

You can now trim or clip your hair to maintain your hairstyle very easily at home without any difficulties. A clipper is not much difficult to use as some people think about it. Rather it is easy to use and convenient to learn about it.

You can easily give yourself a nice haircut at home without asking anyone for help. A clipper usually comes with all necessary attachments and accessories that help in achieving a precise haircut.

You just need to learn about using those attachments and accessories to stay up to date.

Here we are going to share a detailed tutorial on how to use an electric hair clipper. We will ensure that you learn each step thoroughly without any struggle. In the end, you will also learn how to maintain your clipper so that you always enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted performance.

How To Use An Electric Hair Clipper? And Things You Need To Cut Hair At Home

  1. A high-quality hair clipper(corded or cordless)
  2. Towel to cover the shoulders
  3. Hairbrush or comb to manage hair

Let’s Get Started…

Preparation Before Haircut

Before you start cutting your hair you need to learn about the blade guards. The number system of blade guards offers complete knowledge about your haircut.

Therefore understanding the numbering of blade guards is most important. Every hair clipper comes with different guard combs but their number indicates almost the same sizes regardless of the brand.

Some clippers come with 8 combs, some offer 12 and Braun comes with 16. therefore you need to get familiar with their sizes and numbers.

Here is a list of almost all guide combs with their numberings and sizes of haircuts respectively.

  • Number 1 – 3mm/.1 inch
  • Number 2 – 6mm/.24 inch
  • Number 3 – 9mm/.35 inch
  • Number 4 – 12mm/.47 inch
  • Number 5 – 14mm/.55 inch
  • Number 6 – 15mm/.59 inch
  • Number 7 – 17mm/.66 inch
  • Number 8 – 18mm/.70 inch
  • Number 9 – 20mm/.78 inch
  • Number 10 – 21mm/.82 inch
  • Number 11 – 23mm/.90 inch
  • Number 12 – 24mm/.94 inch
  • Number 13 – 26mm/1.02 inch
  • Number 14 – 29mm/1.14 inch
  • Number 15 – 32mm/1.25 inch
  • Number 16 – 35mm/1.3 inch

After getting enough information about the guide combs now you should get familiar with your electric hair clipper if using it for the first time. Check by turning it on and off whether it’s working fine or not. You should completely charge it if cordless and read all the instructions from the instruction manual.

Once you are feeling your electric clipper so handy and comfortable to hold and use. Now it’s time to move forward.


Now it’s time to select the area in your home if you are using the clipper at home. The area should be easy to clean after the session, it could be your garage, washroom, kitchen, or garden. Prefer clipping hair outside so that you don’t need to clean it after clipping hair.

But if the weather doesn’t allow then you can try indoor haircutting.

Before you start hair cutting keep everything ready and prevent any inconvenience during the session.


Before you start hair clipping make sure to wash and dry your hair as usual. You can shampoo and condition your hair to support the haircutting experience. Because with greasy hair you could face many difficulties like clipper would not glide through your hair smoothly. Clean and conditioned hair would be easy to cut and style.

Don’t try using a hair clipper on wet hair, you must dry it with a towel. Also if you have curly or thicker hair then you better comb it before using a clipper.


Now start using an electric shaver on the sides to cut hair in the opposite direction of hair’s growth. Start using the clipper from the bottom and finish moving in an upward direction.

If you have long hair then you can also have multiple passes to ensure that every strand is cut precisely.

Now it’s time to choose your favorite style whether it’s an all-over haircut or having lower hair shorter than the top. You can use different comb lengths when styling your hair and also blend the two layers.


After making your sides now it’s time to move at the back of your neck. This could be tricky but you can still make it simple. Take the clipper on the back of your neck if you are cutting your own hair. Start moving the clipper from the bottom to the top part. Ensure to cut through each strand with precision and at the same length.

If you still need more precision then hold a mirror in your hands and stand in your bathroom having wall mounted mirror on your back. This would help you to see your own hair in the hand mirror.


After achieving a neat and clean back of your neck now it’s time to cut the top of your hair. If you are having an overall haircut then omit this step but if not then keep reading.

Now for a professional haircut take a comb and brush your hair in a small section. When you have a small section move the clipper along the line of the comb and your hair. Cut through all sections in the same way precisely. Secure the section that has already been cut to prevent several passes.

Once you have achieved your desired look finish by neatening up your hairline. Make sure to get a neat and clean haircut.

How To Use An Electric Hair Clipper?

Maintaining a beard is almost a regular task in a man’s life. Beard makes a man stylish attractive and handsome. Therefore they can’t afford an unmanageable, fizzy, and tangled beard.

Also, men with clean shaved beards need to maintain their clean look every day. A rude and rough stubble could be very irritating and annoying.

So using an electric razor in the right way is most important for self-grooming.

Here is a simple and to-the-point tutorial on how to use an electric razor.

Follow these simple steps to get the best results. 

  1. Let’s get started with preparation to achieve a smooth and flawless shave at home. Wash and clean your face to remove all the dust and sebum. Clean face supports precise haircutting and smooth shaving effortlessly. You can prep with alcohol-based pre-shaving products to cleanse your skin. To minimize irritation and allow the razor to glide smoothly, apply vitamin E oil-based products.
  2. To ensure maximum contact between razor and skin hold the shaver perpendicular to your skin. You can also use your free hand to pull the skin tightly so that the shaver could cut each strand with high precision. The foil shavers work best by delivering back-and-forth strokes to give you a smooth and flawless shave. And rotatory shavers work best when it comes to circular movements.
  3. Cover the sensitive areas like the neck first when the shaver is still cool. The electric razors produce a little bit of heat when they are working constantly. People with sensitive skin could face irritation but they should keep the shaver cool. This could be possible if you turn off the razor after some strokes and let it cool down.
  4. When you use an electric razor to start shaving, avoid applying much pressure and do it gently. Just place the razor and start moving it back and forth to complete your desired look. You don’t have to put any pressure and just let the razor do its job.
  5. If you want to get a smooth and flawless shave every day then keep your shaver or razor well-maintained. This will improve the shaver’s performance and allow you to get a neat and clean shaver every time.

These are the top five rules to use an electric razor or shaver in the right way.

How To Use An Electric Razor On Legs?

Well, this portion is for girls who love smooth, beautiful, and flawless legs without bearing the pain of waxing. Because here you will learn the proper use of an electric razor on your legs. Whether you prefer wet shaving or dry shaving you would learn through each step.

Let’s cut to the chase and begin the tutorial

DRY Shaver

A dry shaver allows you to shave your legs or skin without using additional products like shaving foam/gel etc. it is more convenient to use and offers smooth and soft skin within minutes comfortably. You will get a smooth and flawless shave just like you do with gel or foam with a Dry shaver.

Let’s begin the tutorial
Step-One (prep your legs)
Washing legs with soap and hot water before shaving legs makes the process so easy and comfortable. Wash and dry your legs completely before you start shaving to glide the razor smoothly on the skin.
Step Two (direct the razor upward direct)
Start shaving by directing the razor in an upward direction to shave the hair in the opposite direction of growth. When you glide the razor downward while doing back-and-forth movements, don’t apply pressure. This is because we don’t want to shave the hair in a downward direction. To cover the whole leg you can rotate the razor in all directions to remove hair evenly. If you see hair patches left behind then repeat the process at that particular area to get results.
Step Three (finish with moisturizing)
After completing the shave you can wipe off all the clipped hair strands with a towel or piece of cloth. After cleaning it you can now moisturize your legs to prevent any kind of irritation.

Wet Shaver

Using a wet shaver isn’t much different than a dry shaver in use. But there are some benefit differences. People with sensitive skin cannot use a dry shaver as it could irritate them. It is for people who don’t feel comfortable with dry shaving and are afraid to get cuts accidentally. Using a shaving gel or foam offers more comfort than dry shaving.

Here’s how to use it. 
Step One (prep with the gel)
Before you start wet shaving always wash your legs and apply a nice amount of shaving gel in the upward direction. This lifts the hair in an upward direction to carry the procedure smoothly.
Step Two (shave in circular motions)
Start moving the razor in circular motions on your legs to cover the entire leg area. If you still feel that hair is left behind then you can have several passes over the area.
Step Three (finish with moisturizer)
Now rinse your legs with normal water and dry them with a towel. Don’t rub the towel on your skin as it could irritate you. Instead, tap your legs with a towel and soak the water drops.

Then finish your shaving by applying moisturizer on your legs to keep your skin smooth and healthy.

How To Use An Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

For women, beauty means complete grooming including every inch of their skin. Then how could they ignore their eyebrows when getting ready for an event?

Having narrow eyebrows isn’t a trend anymore but people love to keep thicker, bold, and strong eyebrows that are shaped well.

There are a lot of methods and techniques like plucking, threading, or shaving to get your eyebrows done.

Today will teach you how to use an electric eyebrow trimmer to get beautifully shaped and maintained eyebrows within minutes.

So let’s begin the tutorial….

Step-One (Prep Your Brows)

You might have been making your eyebrows randomly with threads or users. But to achieve glamorous eyebrows using an electric eyebrow trimmer is a bit different. You need to prep your eyebrows to get a smooth shape without skin irritation.

You can take shower with hot tap water or soak your brows in hot tap water. This will soften your hair strands and make shaving easy. Hot water helps to open pores to make shaving easy. To soften your hair strands you can also use a skin moisturizing cream or gel. This will also protect your skin.
Step Two (Get Trimmer Ready)
To achieve a beautiful look with clean and smooth eyebrows, you should always invest in a high-quality eyebrow trimmer. A low-quality eyebrow trimmer could be dangerous for your skin health. The high-quality trimmers are infused with some sort of healthy skincare technology.

Make your trimmer clean and charge it completely. You can also oil the blades to glide smoothly over your skin.

Once you have the right hair trimmer for your eyebrows shaving then let’s move to the next step.
Step Three (Choose The Shape)
If you are a beginner and using an eyebrow trimmer for the first time then you should be more careful while preceding. To avoid any accidents like cutting extra hair you can make up your brow line with a dark eyebrow pencil. This outline will define the boundaries and prevent you from cutting extra hair.

Make sure to define the area of shaving and never cross it when using a trimmer.
Step Four 
First of all, shave the top of your eyebrows with a trimmer by moving against the grain of the hair. You should avoid applying too much pressure while doing this. Because trimming eyebrows with pressure could irritate your skin. Clean all the areas above and between your eyebrows. Now move under the brow to trim the hair from the arch (the highest point of the brow) keep doing it with gentle moves.

Once you have done the main parts now attach the comb and start trimming the main body of the eyebrows. Keep the comb length a little bit longer to avoid a buzz cut.

Once you have achieved your desired shape now clean it with the trimmer.

Step Five (Finish With Moisturizer)

Once you have done your eyebrows and attained your desired look now wash your face with normal water. Then dry the face by taping it with a towel gently. After that apply any skin moisturizer designed for sensitive skin. You can also use an eye pencil to define and fill your eyebrows after trimming.

How To Use An Electric Nose Hair Trimmer?

If you have never shaved your nose hair then start today. Nose hair is a blessing from nature that protects us from various dust particles and even germs. But maintenance of this section is important too because you can’t complete the look with ugly and large nasal hair.

Here Is A Guide To Trimming Your Nasal Hair Within Minutes. 

  1. Clean your nostril with water and remove all the dust particles. You shouldn’t have clogged nostrils before using a trimmer as it could be difficult to glide for the trimmer. You can blow out your nose and clean it with lukewarm water. Warm water softens the hair strands and makes the process easier.
  2. After washing dry your nostrils with a towel or tissue paper. Drying is the most important step before you turn on the trimmer. Because a smooth uninterrupted shave is only possible with a dry nose.
  3. Turn the trimmer on and insert it through the nostril keeping it straight. Don’t insert the trimmer head more than 5mm. then gently move it around the nostril so that it could touch all hair strands.
  4. End one nostril and do the other in the same way.
  5. It can feel tingly at the beginning so be prepared for it.

Maintenance Of Hair Clipper/Trimmer 

You should keep your hair clipper or trimmer maintained so that you could enjoy a smooth and sharp cutting experience every day. Clean the tool after every use and oil the blades regularly. Cleaning and oiling blades keep your tool in good working condition. And you can enjoy an uninterrupted hair-trimming experience with sharp blades.

Final Words

Final Word 

Using any electric tool like an electric clipper or trimmer isn’t a difficult task. But with practice everything is possible and you can become a master. Once you polish your skills you would be getting better and better results every day.

Therefore keep practicing and always invest in high-quality hair clippers and trimmers.

We have tried our best to give you complete grooming training with clippers, trimmers, and shavers. So that you could groom your personality to the next level.

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