How To Use A Hair Clipper For Beginners On Man, Women Or Dog

In this article, I will guide you on how to use a hair clipper that is very helpful for you.

Men’s grooming is as essential as a woman’s makeup. Men’s grooming routine defines how he is serious about their looks and overall personality aspects.

Men’s grooming sessions don’t take much time but a grooming session can leave a great impact on your overall looks. If your hair is trimmed and groomed well you will have a shining personality.

On the other hand, if your hair is not done properly and not groomed well you would look like trash I am sorry.

Grooming sessions at salons have become very expensive. That’s why everyone should learn how to use a hair clipper at home so that one could save some money. But using a hair clipper for the first time may seem to be frightening.

If you learn some basics then it would be easy for you to cut your own hair at home with a hair clipper easily. In this tutorial, I will teach you to use a hair clipper at home to avoid expensive grooming sessions.

Let’s get started…

How To Use A Hair Clipper? Step-By-Step Guide

Wash And Condition Your Hair

First of all, you need to wash your hair completely with shampoo. Because if your hair is greasy you will not be able to cut hair effectively. Greasy hair used to stick together and doesn’t get into the hair clipper effectively for efficient to use a hair clipper

That’s why you must clean your hair properly before cutting them. Also, don’t forget to condition your hair because brittle hair is not easy to cut down.

One last thing makes sure your hair is dried completely. Don’t just towel dry but use a hair dryer to dry your hair effectively so that the clipper glides efficiently.

Choose A Comfortable Place For A Haircut

Make sure to choose a comfortable place where you are going to cut your hair. Make sure that you have access to a mirror and water where you are cutting your hair.

You are using a hair clipper to cut your own hair that’s why your environment must be comfortable. After that section your hair as normally you section before cutting.

Start Cutting Your Hair

If you have chosen the hairstyle or the length of hair you want to achieve now start cutting your hair. First of all, set the hair length by adjusting the corresponding guard or comb. Normally you should start with lower numbers.

With those guards start cutting the sides and the back of your hair. Now trim the bottom of the sides of your hair to the top with the help of the edge of your clipper’s blade.

In order to create an even fade to the rest of your hair on each side make sure to tilt the clipper blade a little bit. Before moving towards the back of your hair make sure the sides are completely finished.

Trimming The Back Of Your Hair

After completing the sides of your hair now it’s time to get the back of your hair done. Start trimming the hair at the back with a clipper from bottom to top. It takes a little time and practice to cut the back of your hair efficiently.

That’s why don’t make it hurry to take your time and go slowly. In order to cut the hair at the back of your hair effectively you can hold a mirror at the back of your head.

This will allow you to check the progress of your hair. I would suggest you use the same guard on the sides and back of the hair.

Give Yourself A Fade

Then, go over the lower half of your hair with your trimmers on a drop defense than what you began with to become dull your hair. Work gradually while utilizing your hair trimmers to guarantee as even of a blur as could be expected. Make certain to lift your hair as you approach your sanctuaries and ear cartilage.

Use Scissors Or A Comb To Finish Up

Utilizing hair scissors, start managing the highest point of your hair in segments. Family scissors don’t do the trick as they are not adequately sharp to trim your hair.

Utilize your fingers or a brush to raise the hair from the highest point of your head so your hair is lined up with the front of your hairline. Make certain to work gradually and cautiously in 1/4 inches/6 millimeters areas.

As you trim, maneuver a tad bit of the recently cut segment into the new segment as a rule. Continuously start with moderate cuts, working your direction to the length you want.

Refine Your Hair

After getting things done you need to check your hair finally. Make sure to check everything after finishing up. Grab a mirror in your hands and check the sides to make sure everything is fine.

Comb your hair on both sides to check if the length of hair on both sides is the same. Always save extra inches while cutting your hair to finish things later.

Cutting The Sideburns

Measure the length you want to achieve for your sideburns. After that put fingers on each side and start trimming the sideburns. Make sure you start from the bottom to the top to keep things balanced.

Important Tips

  • Cutting your own hair demands practice and patience so keep it slow. It takes time to get used to the hair clippers and trimmers.
  • Cut your hair with large guides of clippers so that you don’t cut much hair in the very first shot.
  • Take time to prepare your hair for a haircut to get a smooth and clean haircut.
  • Always cut your hair against the direction the hair grows and lays.
  • When you are using the hair clipper or trimmer stop it occasionally to prevent overheating and hair irritation.
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