how to fix frizzy hair from razor cut

How To Fix Frizzy Hair From Razor Cut? Step By Step

Razor cut gives you a sharp and unique textured hairstyle. But razor-cut hairstyle comes with frizz too. So you need to learn how to fix frizzy hair from razor cuts. Razor-cut hairstyles are getting more popular day by day due to social media reels.

People love to achieve instant and sharp haircuts. Moreover, it has become a trend. That’s why you get a razor haircut hairstyle. Razor cut is not a big issue the problem is when you return home.

After 1st wash, you get shocked as your hair strands become frizzy. This frizz turns your smooth and sharp hairstyle into a horrible look.

3 Reasons Razor Cuts Look Damaged & 3 Ways To Fix It 

There are many reasons why a razor cut looks damaged and frizzy. You may be over-brushing your hair or towel drying. Using the wrong products may be another main reason behind frizzy hairstyles. Here are some of the 3 reasons that make your razor-cut hairstyle look frizzy and tips to avoid these mistakes.

Dry Cutting: Cutting dry hair can cause frizzy hair ends. You should keep the hair strands and especially hair ends damped while using a razor. This will help keep hair strands moisturized and remove frizz.

You shouldn’t soak the hair strands with water. Instead, you can spray a little bit of water to make sure hair strands are damped enough so that blade glides through hair strands easily.

Dull Blade: A dull blade is harmful to your hair cuticles. If you use a dull blade razor to cut hair it will make hair ends worse. The dull razor doesn’t only spoil the hairstyle but also puts your hair cuticles at risk of damage.

A dull razor can expose a hair cuticle which can lead to further damage. That’s why always use a sharp blade razor to give your customer a haircut.

Big Sections: The hairstylists often try to reduce the amount of work by taking big sections of hair. But they don’t know that working with small sections reduces your work and time. Working with small sections is easy and manageable.

The razor blade glides through the whole section at a time giving you a sleek haircut. But when the section is too big you need to use more strokes that lead to hair damage and frizzy hair strands.

How To Fix Frizzy Hair From Razor Cut? Tips

Avoid Heat Styling

Whenever you get a razor-cut hairstyle you should avoid heat styling as much as possible. Heat styling damages your already fragile hair strands and makes frizz even worse. If your hair styling routine includes heat styling then you must use a heat protectant. Make sure to keep the temperature low and use a heat-protectant spray or gel. Heat makes your hair strands damaged and increases the frizz.

Wash Less

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive but if you wash your hair less it can help remove frizz. If you wash your hair often, it can remove the natural oils from your scalp. These oils keep your hair moisturized and nourished.

If you remove these natural scalp oils you will face frizz. Dry and moisturized hair becomes prone to damage and frizz. If you want to keep your hair healthy make sure to wash them every other day or the third day. This will help keep your hair clean and healthy.

Use Right Products

Hair care products are as important as your hair styling. Hair care products are essential to keep your hair healthy and strong. You should look for hair care products that contain coconut oil, jojoba oil, and other types of oils that come with moisturizing and nutritional benefits.

These types of hair care products nourish your hair strands and make them healthy. On the other hand, hair care products that contain alcohol can dry out your hair strands and roots. Whenever you choose your shampoo and conditioner make sure to consider these things.

Use Anti-Frizz Products

You should use anti-frizz hair care products especially after having a razor cut. After the razor cut you need to use anti-frizz hair care products such as conditioners or oils.

Make sure to use conditioners and shampoos having coconut oil and jojoba oil as ingredients. If your hair is frizzy you can try deep conditioning treatment once a week to keep your hair hydrated and nourished.

Use a Leave In Conditioner

Applying for a leave-in conditioner may also help to reduce frizz. When you get a razor cut you should apply a gentle amount of leave-in conditioner before styling.

This will help moisturize your hair cuticles and prevent your hair roots from heat damage. Using a leave-in conditioner before heat styling helps to lock in moisture in your hair cuticles and removes frizz.

Use A Hair Mask

If you have dry and frizzy hair you should always try using a hair mask. Hair masks are made to deeply condition your hair and make them moisturized. A hair mask gives the essential moisture and nourishment your hair needs. A hair mask gives your hair the deep conditioning and moisture it requires.

Wash your hair and towel dry them. Apply a hair mask on your hair and leave for 20-30 minutes. After 20-30 minutes rinse the mask out with normal water. To see the best results, you should apply the hair mask once or twice every week.

Final Thoughts

After reading and implying all of the above tips you would see a big difference. You would note a great difference in the frizz you got after a razor haircut. Even if you haven’t got a razor haircut, you should try deep conditioning.

Try to add nourishing oils to your hair care routines. I hope these tips would help you in improving hair frizz after getting a razor cut. If you have more tips or tricks you often use to prevent frizz you can share your experiences in the comment box.

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