how to fade my own hair

How to Fade My Own Hair – Full Guide – Step by Step

Today fade haircut has become a huge trend around the world for men. By using the professional clipper, you can make different styling of fade for my own hair, so this is not too difficult to make it. All you need to do just need to learn some valuable skills to achieve it. Not just that even you can save lots of money and time. The best thing is that now you don’t need to go to the barbershop after every two weeks to trim my faded hair. Because if you have the best hair clipper and you know some basic skill then you can easily perform it.

As you know that fading style is quite modern haircuts that usually provide the fresh, clean-cut, and coolest look for men.

Many people fade their hair at the barbershop but some of them like to make it at home. However, here you can find many ways to get my own fade haircut at home.

All you need just a high-quality hair clipper and the multiple guards’ attachments that could help you to taper and blend your hairstyle.

For beginners,

who are completely new in this industry, have to follow the step-by-step instructions to make an easy fading haircut.

The complete guide and some practices are very important to achieve more styling fade like close cut, low cut, mid and high cut, bald and taper fade haircut at home.

About the Fade Haircut?

Fade hairstyle usually cut very short from the bottom, close-cut around the ears and neckline then slowly goes longer to the top side of the head.

So, there are many various styling of fades that can be chosen according to your desires that is why faded hair looks more stylish and attractive for men.

Nowadays, you can see many online barber school has been combined with the local training classes which is the best way to learn the valuable skill about how to fade hair.

Mostly it’s up to you, how you improve your skill and how you’re committed to achieving fading my own hair.

What Are The Required Tools When Fading The Hair?

​Hair Clippers (preferably electrical)

This is so easy to find the range of the Fade hair clipper on the internet, as you know that internet is so vast where you can easily find your best one.

But you should choose the manual version because it is extremely desirable to buy the electric clipper.

The specialty of this clipper, it always remains plugged in to use it easily. Even many trimmer devices don’t need manual instruction, it only has a switch and light indicators trustable.

​Two Mirrors

Two Mirrors

If you’re about to fade my own hair at home without having your friend or barber, then you should have a couple of mirrors to see from both sides.

One mirror should be placed on the front of you and the other should be placed on the backside during the fading process.

It would be helpful for you to perform alone that’s how you can see all sides of your head.


With the help of combs attachments, you can easily separate the right area of the hair that you’re going to fade.

Let suppose,

if you want the bald fading then you’ll have to move into the next portion so without using the right clipper guard, you cannot get the exact fade.

It means different sizes of combs are essential for achieving the perfect fade. 



Hair clips are needed for cutting the fade whether you want for your own fade or someone else.

It helps to maintain the right length of your hair.

And you still have some length on the end which you can cut for achieving the different styling of fade.

How to Fade my Own Hair?

Whether you’re a professional barber or you want to use the hair clipper for home, if you want to achieve the best fading hairstyle you’ll have to go through the complete guideline on how to get the faded hair. Are you looking to get the mid fade? Or you want some different fading styles like high, short, bald, and tapered faded haircuts.

What will you need?

  • Electric Clipper with different Guards (most preferably – #0 and #1)
  • Comb
  • Trimmer
  • Scissors
  • A handheld or full mirror system

Before going to start the process, it’s very important to wash the hair with shampoo and condition it and use the towel to dry it well. Once you have dried your hair, you can start fading the haircut.

Step #1: Decide the Fade Line

 The very first thing you need to decide from where the fade starts. Doesn’t matter you want the high, low, mid fade, all you have to do just setting the fade line the same as the guide. However, if you choose the taper fade then don’t need to follow the first step. You just need to work up to the top of the hair from the bottom.

Step #2: Choose the Guard

The next thing you need to choose the right size of the guard for the excellent fading haircut. For the beginner, I recommend choosing the lower guard at first like #2 size that’s how they can achieve the perfect fading look.

FYI: Guard #2 will leave 1/4th an inch long hair.

You have to go slowly from the bottom. At the start, you have to use the small and short strokes then increase it as much you fade. In this way, you can get the smooth and perfect fade cut.

Step #3: Switch the Guard Size

The next thing for the smooth transition, you need to change the guard which is #4 sizes. This can be perfect to move to upsize or two to use for faded haircuts from the bottom.

After that, you need to start from where you have left the last point just complete it. Plus you can use the mirror system to see for the rest of the hair to work them.

Step #4: Trim the Neckline and Hairline

Once you have created the fade, you need to apply the trimmers to completely neat up your hairline and neckline. The trimmer will help you to make the shape of your neckline before cutting down to your desired length of hair. Even you can see below is indicated fade line. It can be easily performed with the beard trimmer as well, it will surely work perfectly if you’re using it for the close cut. If you want the line up to a full haircut then you can use the outliner or an edger to make the sharp cuts required.

Step #5: Work on the Hair on Top

Now you’re about to get the final look as few steps are left, so you just have to apply those final steps. All you need to do just blend the fade into your long hair.

When you will move on the topsides and back then you would have to pull your hair together and comb them up. After that, you can use your trimmer on the desired length that you want. So in this way you can achieve the perfect length of the hair.

Step #6: Finishing

The last step is up to you that what kind of fading style you want but you have to give the finishing touch. The finishing touch is to shave and trim the neckline and hairline that’s how you can make the specific shape. Here the best trimmer helps to get the desired look. Moreover, you can make a sharp cut and sideburn for an attractive look.

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How to Do a Fade Haircut of Different Styles?

How to Do a Fade Haircut of Different Styles

Here we’re going to describe the different styles of fade haircut that you can read below:

Long Fade HaircutFor the long hair, it would be hard to get the perfect look but it is not impossible. Here you should have to check whenever you move your clipper out. Plus you have to look at how much you have cut and how much you want to cut more for achieving the perfect long fade haircut.

1-Short Fade Haircut

In the short fade, you can get different types of hairstyles such as buzz cut, tapered cut and side cut as well. However, if you’re interested to achieve any of these cuts, you’ll have to brush off the hair each time when you cut and also you have to dampen the hair for making the exact look.

2-Temple Cut

For getting the temple cut, your clipper works magically where you have defined the shape for the temple and you’ll have to use the #2 size guard to get the perfect look.

3-Skin Fade

For getting the skin fade, you have to leave the little bit of hair on the upper side, and keep short hair on the sides. If you’re about to perform this fade, you’ll need to apply the clipper from the 90-degree angle by using the #0 and #1 size guards attachments that’s how you can smoothly achieve the excellent skin fade.

4-Shadow Fade

In the shadow fade, you usually make an illusion of shadow on sides. However, if you’re about to get this fade then you’ll need to use the #3 size guard on the top, #2 size on the forehead portion, and lastly #1 size to slowly fade it out. This haircut is a little bit complicated for getting a smooth transition. So you have to follow the step-by-step process.

5-Give Yourself a Fade

This is not too complicated or not a rock science as well. It’s all about the confidence that you feel and give yourself for the fade style. Even you can take a time to observe the different haircuts to decide which is the more favorable for your hair tune. What you have to do just starts from the lengthy haircut to be able to practice the technique and you have to perform it smoothly and slowly. This is a complete guide for those who always make the mistake of achieving the fade.


In the end, we must say that we have tried our best to explain all the valuable techniques. We damn sure, it will definitely help you achieve my own fade hair. All you have to do just need to learn all of the techniques before going to perform. Somehow it might be difficult for the beginner but once they have gone through this entire process then they would feel more confident to cut their own fade.

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