how to disinfect hair clippers

How to Disinfect Hair Clippers – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for some effective and safest ways to disinfect your hair clippers? If yes then here you can find some useful tips that will help you to keep your barber tools clean and disinfected. While protecting the barber equipment is not quite easy as you think, you need to full take care of it if you want to use it for a long time.

Today electric hair clipper has become the most important tools for any barber. As it is commonly used at home for fast line-up and more that is why it spreads lots of bacteria and diseases.

To prevent such kinds of diseases, you just need to clean your hair clippers well before going to use them. All you have to do just need to learn some basic skills to clean your clippers.

Even if you’re about to use your clipper on numerous head of hair or sharing your tools with family members, then you just need to make sure that your clippers are completely sterile.

Apart from cleaning the hair clippers, you have to do just to prevent them from breaking down easily.

If you have the right amount of skill to maintaining your clipper, it will work for a long time. Below, we have described the complete guide on how you can clean and disinfect your hair clippers.

Some Very Helpful Tips to Disinfect Hair Clippers:

Disinfect Hair Clippers

Here are some very useful tips that will help you to disinfect your hair clippers:

  • The very first thing is your own protection; if your hair clipper is plugged, first you should unplug your clipper during the cleaning section.
  • Once you have unplugged your hair clipper, the second thing you need to remove all the hair which has been stuck inside the hair clippers. All you have to do just use the thick brush on the head plate and also brush it off inside the top of the hair clipper to maintain and clean. Even you can find the remaining hair that is mostly seen bunched collectively inside the small hole which is the area between the cutting blade and stationary. Plus you can get the Oster Blade Wash and use it on the clipper head to remove the loose hair.
  • Once you have removed all the loose hair, after that you need to use the clipper cleaning brush to finish the small hairs. By using the alcoholic wipe, you can clean down the surface of your clippers; even you can use a blade-cleaning brush on the head and the blade to keep it clean. If you don’t have the right solution, alternatively you can use the mixture of half water and half white vinegar. It can be work for you just dip a rag into the solution and wipe it on the surface of the clipper. Remember one thing please do not dip your blades into the solution. When your blade has been cleaned, just dry it through the towel or use the air dry for few minutes.
  • Once your blade has been completely dry, you need to disassemble the trimmer by using the screwdriver. Removing the two screws from the top of the clipper before going to use your fingers to remove the blade and head to separate them.
  • The ultimate step is depending on your preference, whether you want to use the liquid disinfectant or uses the oil for your blade. Let suppose, if you use the liquid disinfectant, it needs a more practical way to disinfect the clippers. It means, you just need to follow the label and put your tools into the soak.
  • One of the perfect ways to disinfect the barber tool is dipping, spraying, and immersing it for 10 minutes to thoroughly disinfect clippers that’s how you can sanitize and disinfect barber tools.

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How often should you disinfect your hair clippers?

After every usage, you have to disinfect your hair clipper which means you can keep your hair clipper quite sharp for a long time and also protect from the germ.

Being a professional barber, you have to take care of each customer and protect them from the germ.

So that is why it is very important to use the Spray Disinfectant before dealing with every customer.

Remember one thing; pieces of hair that are usually stuck into the clipper can be dangerous for your tools and your client’s skin.

Plus there is an Oster Spray Disinfectant available that will help you out during the cleaning process.

Make sure your blade is correctly aligned

Before going to use your hair clippers, you need to check that your blade is properly aligned and should not have any protruding teeth and have a look on it sideways and see the length as well.

Plus you can adjust your clippers by using the screwdriver to loosen the blades that can fix it back in the right place.


you have to take a little bit of extra care while tightening back the screws and do not offset your clipper blade.

Once you have tightened your screws again check out that your blade is aligned correctly.

While using clipper spray is one of the most important factors for any professional barber or salon to use it smoothly for a long time.


it will help your clipper blades quite cool and sharp; even protect your customer from getting such kind of damage.

But you have to use this spray before each usage so it will help in disinfecting the hair clippers. Plus it also safe your blades from rust.


Before oiling the blade, it is important to see that head and blade should be dry before reassembling it.

Once it has been fully dried,

you’ll have to put some drops of oil into the hair clipper and make sure do not put too much oil (Only 4 to 5 drops).

You have to put one drop at each side of the blade after that you just need to run your clipper for a few seconds (do not use on the client) until excess oil is not removed from your hair clippers.

Once it has been removed, so then you can run it on your client, now it will work smoothly and sharply.

Please do not clean your hair clipper with only water because it can rust your clipper and reduce the span life as well

You have to avoid washing any electrical parts of your hair clippers.

Once you have done the ultimate step, you need to choose the reassemble the hair clipper, turn your clipper on, and then you have to put the spray each side of the blade by using the product of Oster Spray Disinfectant or you can use the Barbacide Spray Disinfectant as well.

When you have done this process, you need to turn your hair clippers off and let them be completely dry before oiling the hair clippers.

This is a very important factor to learn that it will help you to protect your clipper from the germ and remove the excess oil as well.

Easy Hair Clippers maintenance tips

All the essential tips will support you to maintain your hair clippers easily.

These tips will be quite helpful for any individual who uses the hair clippers professionally or personally.

Many professional barbers know very well about it that how to maintain the clipper they might have learned in the barber school.


In the end, we must say that maintaining the hair clipper is not tricky, all you have to do just need to learn the basic skills and tips that will help you to keep it clean and sharp for smooth use.

Plus if you properly maintaining and disinfecting your hair clipper, you can make a strong pair of clippers for a long time.

All you have to do just follow the complete guidelines and protocols that we have described before.

Once you have gone through the whole article, you’ll surely understand the right amount of skill to maintain it well.

After getting a lot of amazing reviews from the customers we came to know that how powerful these tips are.

So it can be work for you just need a little bit of practice to become an expert.

Even if you have any questions or facing such kinds of problems to use your hair clipper, you have an option to post a comment in the comment box.

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