how to curl hair with a curling iron

There are millions of hair tutorials you watch every day but have you ever wondered that how to actually use the curling iron in your hand? Like how you should hold it, how much hair sections should you make and how to roll each of them properly. There are different sizes and types of curling iron depending upon the structure of everybody’s hair and type of curls they want. Some people have thick hair and some have got thin hair. Some may want loose curls and some wish to have voluminous waves and curls. Here I am going to tell you some extremely useful tips about how to curl hair with a curling iron that you should know.

How to curl hair with a curling iron using the right size and type:

The first thing you need to know is the perfect type and size of the curling iron for your hair and type of curls you want. There are different types of curling irons like ceramic, tourmaline and titanium. In order to know which curling iron you should use, you should know your hair type and what kind of curls do you want. You may want some gentle, relaxed waves or loose curls or maybe you want vintage curls and then there are different types waiting for you to use!

Just buying a curling iron and using it is not the right way to get perfect curls, you have to choose the correct size as well along with the right type. There are different sizes just like there are different types. It may be ½ inches, which is best if you want to create tight ringlets. Another size is ¾ which is used for touching up naturally curly hair. Loose and messy waves can be achieved by a 1-inch curling iron. 2 inches is perfect to fake a blowout. Similarly, there are a lot of other sizes you can use for the perfect type of curls you want.

It is important to know how to curl hair with a curling iron that is best; according to what type of curls do you want. Once you come to know about the best curling iron, you come to know about every heat setting and a curling iron that works for you and can get the perfect curls every time.

How to curl hair with a curling iron:

The next important details you need to know after selecting the right size and type is about how to curl hair with a curling iron. A lot of tutorials miss these minor details which are very important to know, especially for the beginners. I’ll discuss this step-by-step here below:

  • The first thing is to section your hair properly. You may divide them into 2 sections but if you‘ve got super thick hair then go for 3 sections.
  • After making the sections hold your curling iron vertically which the clasp facing forward. Start with the front. Take at least 2 inches section of your hair and 1-2 inches from the end. Curl the hair now keeping it away from your face all the way up. Hold it for 8-12 seconds and gently release it.
  • When you are done with your front hair hold the curling iron vertically but now the clasp should face the opposite direction or you may keep its direction forward. Again take 1-2 inches of your hair and roll them up till your roots. Hold it for 8-12 seconds and release.
  • Spray each of the section you curl with the hairspray.
  • Now gently flip your hair forward and use your fingers to get rid of structured ringlets, if any.



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