flowbee for dogs grooming

Flowbee For Dogs Grooming System With Attachment

Do you have kids or pets in your house? Do you go through a lot during their grooming sessions? Do your kids and pets freak out while having a grooming session? If yes, then you must be looking for a convenient and effective grooming tool.

Grooming tools like clippers and trimmers are classified into various categories. Some are designed for humans some for animals and a few are engineered for kids. But certain clippers work best for all including humans, kids, and pets like Flowbee grooming kt.

You might be familiar with the term Flowbee as you see its ad on TV often. But it is advertised for humans. You must be surprised to know that it works better on animals than humans.

In this article, I will investigate Flowbee for dog grooming thoroughly. We will check all of the aspects that make the Flowbee grooming kit so special and convenient for pets. We will also highlight certain negative points that are noticeable.

What is Flowbee for dogs?

flowbee for dogs grooming

Flowbee for humans and Flowbee for dogs aren’t two different things. If you already have one Flowbee kit but haven’t taken it out from your closet for years then take it out. Because now we are going to recreate your pet’s looks with your old Flowbee grooming kits.

If you don’t have one you can click the links given and buy from amazon. It is available online at the best rates if you are interested you can purchase it.

If you don’t know about Flowbee then it’s an attachment that works with your vacuum cleaner. Let me tell you how it works. The suction of your vacuum pulls the hair into the hose. Here a blade is ready to cut the hair. You just need to vacuum the hair the rest will be managed by the attachment head.

You can also change the length of your haircut if you aren’t happy with your current hair length.

The company used to manufacture the Flowbee pets version but somehow it was discontinued. But still, the Flowbee human version works best for pets too.

How to use the Flowbee for dogs and other pets? An Ultimate guide

Before you start cutting the hair you must acquire proper information about the spacers. The length of your hair depends on the spacers so you must be familiar with them.

After analyzing the spacers you must have a powerful vacuum with strong suction power. The stronger the vacuum the more effective will be the operation.

Step 1

First of all, you have to hook up the hose of Flowbee to the vacuum. The size of the hose on Flowbee is standard that can fit any vacuum. But still, it faces difficulties while fitting certain types of vacuums. In that case, you are provided with a rubber tube for easy fitting.

Step 2

Before you get started with haircutting you must check the spacers quickly to have desired hair length. To get the precise idea about hair length you can start with smaller spacers until you get the desired hair length.

Make sure to empty the filter chamber for a smooth operation. If the filter chamber is full or even half you must empty it before moving forward. If your dog has long and thick fur you will have to clean the filter chamber more than once during the session.

Step 3

After understanding all the attachments and the hair length you need to make your clipper ready. In order to get the clipper ready for chopping hair spread a few drops of oil on the blades. Now oil needs to be spread all over the blades for this turn the clipper on keeping the vacuum off.

Attach the spacer to the clipper after attaching it to the foot. Your clipper is all set to go.

Step 4

It’s important to choose the right place for your dog’s grooming session. You have to control the sound of vacuum cleaners so that your kids or pets don’t freak out.

For this, you can either choose an outdoor place or put the vacuum in one room and cut hair in another room. This will reduce the noise to some extent.

Step 5

Now finally turn the vacuum on to cuts your dog’s hair. Place the spacer against your dog’s body and proceed by raising and lowering the clipper. Keep performing doing this until you get the desired hair length across the line. When one section is completed move to the next patch.

Keep the chamber clean and prevent it from getting fully loaded with hair. If the chamber window is clear check often to see if the chamber is completely or partially filled. If the chamber is full take a quick break to empty the chamber.

Step 6

If you don’t like the same hair length across the full body you can swap the spacers. If you want close cuts then remove the spacer and put the foot directly into the cutting head. By doing this you get a haircut to ½ inches long.

Is the Flowbee safe for pets? 

flowbee for dogs grooming

If your dogs are not frightened of vacuum noise then it is safe.

If we compare the Flowbee with other pet clippers then Flowbee is more convenient and safe to use. It doesn’t pinch your dog’s skin or pull its hair just like other clippers do.

There are no bare blades that can cause accidental cuts to pets or humans. Also, a person who is performing grooming sessions is safe with Flowbee.

Pet grooming sessions get hard when you have to control your pet with one hand and hold the clipper in the other hand. Especially when you are using scissors you end up cutting yourself because your dog doesn’t sit calm.

But not with Flowbee because you are just placing the vacuum tip/clipper on your dog’s body. The vacuum is doing everything for you. You can handle your pet easily with one hand.

Therefore, Flowbee is an overall safe option for both animals and users.

Advantages and disadvantages of Flowbee 

No tool or device is perfect. Every electric device or tool has its own benefits and negative aspects. Similarly, Flowbee has its own benefits and some downsides too. But remember that list of pros is always bigger than the cons.

Pros of Flowbee 

No mess around: Flowbee is an attachment connected to the vacuum. When the hair is cut down by a clipper it is sucked by vacuum directly into the chamber. So after completing the grooming session you don’t have to clean the area. You have no hair strands to sweep up or wash off. You and your pet’s body are free from hair strands. Hence you save a lot of time and effort.

Saves money: Taking out your pet for a grooming session costs a lot of money. Every session costs you hundreds of dollars. Buying Flowbee is just a one-time investment that saves you the money you spend on multiple grooming sessions.

Time-saving: Flowbee doesn’t only save your time on cleanup but also haircutting. When you use scissors, clippers, and combs for hair cutting you waste a lot of time handling the tools. Also when you use clippers you have to go over the same spot multiple times to confirm everything is ok. Instead, Flowbee cuts everything evenly and effectively on one pass.

No Learning Curve: Using clippers and scissors to cut your pet’s hair manually you are required to learn basic hair cutting skills. You don’t need to be a professional barber but still, you need to learn curves and create lines. But when using Flowbee everything comes out so perfectly that even a kid can do this. It is similar to vacuuming your hair as every hair strand is sucked up into the chamber effectively. You just have to raise and lower the clipper head to cut hair in the same length.

Even haircuts: The hose of Flowbee connected to the vacuum pulls hair effectively to assure even cuts. When doing a manual haircut you need to check the length often to see if everything is in order. But in the case of Flowbee once you have set the hair length you will get the desired output. If you have set your desired hair length to be 5 inches then it would be 5 inches all over the body.

Cons of Flowbee 

 The noise of vacuum: Most of the dogs are scared of noise created by the vacuum. They would run and hide in another room. If your dog is one of them, you can face issues.

Your dog needs some time to get used to it. It may take some time for your dog to get used to it and sit calmly to have a haircut. Not only in the case of Flowbee but also other clippers that make sound would not be a great fit for your dog.

Not great on a thick and curly coat: In order to cut hair with Flowbee the hair needs to be suctioned properly. If it’s hard to brush your dog’s fur because it’s thick and curly then Flowbee might not work for you.

Other tools for a proper grooming session 

What if you can do the complete grooming of your dog with just one tool? That sounds fantastic but only when you have minimum to do.

But for a complete grooming session, you need to have multiple tools in your hands. In this way, only one tool is not enough.

For example, you cannot trim your dog’s facial hair and hair on the paws with Flowbee.

If you want to trim sensitive areas like the face and paws precisely you will have to keep a set of dog clippers in your hands.

Other than dog clippers you can keep ball-tipped pet grooming scissors and a wide-tooth comb.

Alternatives for Flowbee 

After the Flowbee for dogs has launched many other companies have also manufactured the same products. Flowbee for dogs no doubt works perfectly fine, so certain competitors are arising in the market.

If you search on Amazon, you will get multiple similar options. The working principle of all is quite the same, but there are quality differences.

The other options such as Vacuum Cleaner Attachment by Fujiyo and Defurry Pet Vacuum Grooming kit work similar to Flowbee but they are relatively cheaper options.

You get what you pay for this is the rule of nature you cannot deny. That’s why, if the alternatives are affordable, they have certain drawbacks too.

First of all, they are not durable as Flowbee, they would just help you save some pennies but not for a lifetime. Secondly, they have certain quality issues because of poor internal construction.

I am trying to say that there are multiple options available in the market. But not every option is precise and durable as Flowbee. The competitors can copy working principles but not the quality and precision.

If you are on a tight budget and are willing to try cost-effective options, go ahead. Otherwise, it’s better to make a one-time investment rather than a series of costly charges.

Since I didn’t use the alternatives, so I am not sure about their recommendation. Moreover, they have mixed reviews on Amazon, so you buy them at your own risk.

Final Thoughts 

Flowbee is indeed the best option for your pet’s home grooming sessions. But it doesn’t mean that it would work perfectly fine for everyone.

If your dog is scared of a vacuum or similar noises, you can face issues with Flowbee.

Also, if your dog has a thick and curly coat that is hard to brush, Flowbee won’t be a great option for you.

But if your dog isn’t scared of noises and has loose hair, then Flowbee is the best fit for you. Enjoy grooming sessions at home without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive grooming sessions.

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