Braun 7 Vs 9 Trimmer – Review And Comparison

When it comes to shaving men get possessive because their grooming matters a lot to them. Men love to spend money on their grooming tools because grooming tools add extra value to their personalities.

If you love to stay well-groomed then you must have a great collection of high-quality grooming tools. Have you tried the latest Braun series 9? Are you already using Braun series 7 and want to upgrade your model? Is the Braun series 9 worth buying?

I will try to answer all of the above questions with the help of my deep research and comparisons. I have compared both models and tried to figure out the similarities and differences you can ever notice.

Both of the models are a great investment as they are manufactured by a well-known company. Braun always keeps its tools simple and unique. You would love your shaving experience while using Braun products.

Braun Series 7 V/S 9 Overview 

Braun Series 7 Braun Series 9
  •   Intelligent Sonic technology
  • Comes with an ActiveLift trimmer
  • 100% waterproof
  • Efficient shaver
  • 5 synchronized shaving elements
  • 2 specialized trimmers

Braun Series 9 

One of the best electric shavers out there that provide excellent performance. Braun series 9 is known for its exceptional performance along with superior quality skin comfort. It is capable of shaving dense and long hair without making your skin irritated.

braun series 7 vs 9

The Braun series 9 means you have the latest model of the top brand that ensures quality performance with an exceptional comfort level. If you didn’t have the Braun series 7 and thinking of buying a new shaver then you must opt for the Braun series 9.

Braun Series 7

The Braun Series 7 was the most demanded model until they launched the Series 9. Customers using the Braun series 7 still admire its performance and durability. The Braun Series 7 also offers a close shave with superior skin comfort.

It combines advanced technology to capture more hairs in a single stroke. The Braun Series 7 has everything you need to enjoy a close and comfortable shaving experience. If you already have Braun Series 7 electric shaver then you must keep enjoying its performance.

If you want to upgrade your old model with a newer then keep reading to find the similarities and differences.

Braun Series 7 v/s 9: Similarities 

Intelligent Sonic And Auto-Sense Technology

Electric Shavers often fail to give precise and close-to-skin cuts on denser hair. The shaver’s motors are not capable of delivering enough power to slice through thick and dense hair. But this is not the case with Braun Series 7 and 9.

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 feature the latest Intelligent Sonic and Auto-Sense Technology. It features 10,000 micro-vibrations and an adaptive shaving motor that assists in capturing dense and long hair. This technology enables the shaver to give a close shave without irritation.

The latest adaptive shaving motor gets faster in denser areas. It senses dense hair and offers powerful vibrations to capture and slice through each hair close to the skin.

Clean And Charge

Charging and cleaning a shaver is a hard task. You feel the burden of cleaning a shaver thoroughly and lubricating it. It takes some time and a little bit of effort. But the Braun Series 7 and 9 have something special for you.

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 feature clean and charge technology. It comes with a 5-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge station to save you time and effort. Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 are equipped with advanced technology to remove the shaved stubble. This is because cleaning a shaver is a hard task.

The advanced technology of Braun Series 7 and 9 keeps them hygienic to prevent infections. Your shaver is not getting charged but also getting cleaned automatically.

The latest clean&charge technology automatically lubricates your shaver so that it feels like new every day.

100% Waterproof

Waterproofing is an essential feature you need to have in a shaver. Because you have to clean and rinse your shaver several times during shaving to remove hair strands. If your shaver is not waterproof you cannot rinse it under running water which can cause a real problem.

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 are waterproof allowing you to rinse your shaver under running water. You can also enjoy shaving while taking a shower to avoid cleaning the shaver frequently.

The Braun Series 7 and 9 deliver high-quality performance without restricting the cleaning process. You can also take off the head and other components for easy cleaning. Both models ensure easy cleaning and maintenance so that you keep enjoying smooth shaving for the rest of your life.

50Min Cordless Shaving

You cannot shave while having a cord attached because you have to wash the shaver head frequently. That’s why Braun offers premium quality cordless performance for 50 minutes.

Both Braun Series 7 and 9 feature state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are considered to be the most effective and durable compared to cadmium batteries. It gets fully charged in 1 hour to deliver 50 minutes of cordless use.

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 allow you to stay informed of the remained of the remaining battery life. The Braun Series 7 displays the remaining battery in three different steps. While the Braun Series 9 displays the remaining battery in 5 different steps.

Braun Series 7 v/s 9: Differences  

Shaving Head 

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 feature high-quality shaving heads with sharp cutting elements.

The Braun Series 7 features 4 shaving elements including 3 cutting elements and 1 skin guard. Both the cutting elements and skin guard work together to deliver efficient performance and complete comfort by protecting the skin.

The 4 shaving elements of series 9 help to slice through bulk hairs in one stroke which others do in two or three strokes. The skin guard element gives exceptional comfort to protect your face from irritation. It is important to prevent irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, Braun Series 7 features 4 shaving elements including 3 cutting elements and 1 skin comfort element. The 3 cutting elements of Braun Series 7 still deliver the same quality performance with skin comfort.

You can say that there is an addition of titanium-coated trimmers in Braun Series 9. But the Braun Series 7 is also capable of delivering quality performance. You can consider Braun Series 9 for advanced features.

Structure Of Shaving Head 

The structure of the shaving head matters a lot when it comes to achieving a precise and close shave. The blades and trimmers fitted in the shaver head make it either a winner or a loser.

The Braun 7 was equipped with Two OptiFoils, a protective SkinGuard, and the ActiveLift trimmer for flat hairs. The flat hairs cause a lot of issues and result in ingrown hairs. To get rid of these stubborn rascals, the Braun 7 features an ActiveLift trimmer.

The two foils slice through the hair strands while the ActiveLift trimmer keeps them away from the skin. You must have experienced that a barber used to keep a brush to make leather and keep hair in a straight direction so that the blades can cut them. This is the role of the ActiveLift trimmer in the Braun 7.

The OptiFoils cut through each hair strand so precisely that you hardly find any leftovers. It doesn’t only give you a smooth shave but also keeps follicles in shape so that new hairs grow in a straight direction. It doesn’t make hair grow in the opposite direction making them brittle and hard.

On the other hand, Braun 9 is structured differently. The Brain series 9 features 4+1 shaving elements including a titanium-coated trimmer.

The Braun Series 9 features a Direct&Cut trimmer to handle hairs that grow in different directions. On top of the Direct&Cut trimmer, the Braun series 9 is equipped with a titanium-coated golden trimmer. This trimmer has HyperLift&Cut properties to deliver better performance.

This titanium-coated trimmer makes a huge difference between Braun series 7 and 9.

Contour Adaption Technology 

You cannot have a sleek look without close to skin shave. A close shave is only possible with a shaver having the latest contour-adapting technology.

The Braun Series 7 features 8D contour adaptation technology that helps the shaver head to adapt to your facial features. It adapts your facial features to reach the hard-to-reach areas like under the chin and jawline. The 8-direction flexible head with floating shaving elements offers quality close cuts with additional comfort.

On the other hand, the Braun Series 9 features 2 extra directional flexible heads with floating shaving elements. The Braun Series 9 shaver reaches the hard areas on your face with its 10D contour adaption technology.

Overall both Braun Series 7 and 9 offer the same quality performance. But surely the Braun Series 9 comes with upgraded features to give you a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Cutting Actions Per Minute 

Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 electric shavers slice through each hair strand with great power and precision. Both the Braun Series 7 and 9 shavers are equipped with top-quality heavy-duty motors to generate enough power, to get a close shave effortlessly.

There is a slight difference in cutting actions per minute that makes the Braun Series 9 superior to the Braun Series 7. Since, the Braun Series 9 is an upgraded version, a development in performance is a must.

The Braun Series 7 used to come with 30,000 actions per minute to give you a precise and effortless close shave. You get sleek skin without any leftovers or ingrown hairs.

Being the upgraded version the Braun Series 9 comes with 40,000 CPM to enhance the quality of the smooth shave you had been enjoying. That means you will be getting a more precise, powerful, and close shave effortlessly.

Industrial Design And Body 

In case of design and looks, the Braun series 9 wins with its shiny sleek, and smooth finishing. It looks cool with its silver color and ergonomic design. The Braun Series 9 shavers have more modern looks than the Series 7 shavers.

The Series 9 shavers are designed with the latest features including an LED display that allows you to keep aware of the battery life. The series 9 shavers are quick in attracting finger marks due to their shiny sleek appearance.

Another cool thing about the Braun series 9 is its pop-up trimmer which makes it a versatile shaver. Though, I don’t like the pop-up trimmer and wouldn’t recommend it for thicker hair. It doesn’t have enough power to slice through thick and coarse hair.

If you have light hair you can use the pop-up trimmer for further finishing and lining up the edges. You can even style your bear using the pop-up trimmer but your beard shouldn’t be thick or coarse.

Wet And Dry Shaving Options 

In the case of sensitive skin, you need a shaver that supports both wet and dry shaving experiences. A shaver that allows you to make leather with gel/foam or cream to enjoy a smooth shaving experience without irritation is a must.

If you have sensitive skin then you will surely consider the factor that relieves you from irritation and allows you to use a gel/foam or leather as per choice.

The Series 9 shavers come with wet and dry options to facilitate consumers with sensitive skin types. You can now enjoy a smooth and close shaving experience without cutting or irritating your skin.

On the other hand, most of the models of series 7 don’t have wet and dry options. However, the 7865cc has wet and dry options but not the older models have. So if you are trying to grab a shaver for your sensitive skin then the Brain series has options for you.

Speed Of The Shaver 

The Braun series 7 allows you to choose your preferred speed according to your hair type. The foil shavers must be fast because slow foil shavers become a headache.

The Braun 7 series has multiple speed settings which the series 9 don’t have. The series 9 shavers don’t come with multiple speed options you can choose from.

There is always a reason behind every downside let’s not be so mean.

Both Series 7 and 9 have auto-sense technology that helps to control the speed of the shaver according to the thickness of the hair. If your face has thin and light hair you will feel a slow-speed shaver working on your chin. But if you have a thick and coarse beard the auto-sense technology will increase the speed to slice through each hair strand effectively.

How To Choose The Best Electric Shaver? An Ultimate Buying Guide

I have gone through a deep comparison between the two best series of shavers from a popular brand. Braun is known for its high performance, advanced technology, and durable shavers. What if you go for another model that’s not mentioned here?

Can you buy an electric shaver on your own without considering anyone’s advice? If not, then this portion will help you. You can buy a high-quality and durable electric shaver to fulfill your daily grooming needs without asking anyone for help.

Here are some of the key features you must be looking for while choosing the best electric shaver for you.

Shaver’s Head

You will see hundreds of electric shavers designed uniquely. But you will notice that all the shavers are divided into two categories. Foil head shavers and rotatory head shavers.

Foil shavers: the Foil shaver has stainless steel foil blades fitted to slice through thick and coarse hair effortlessly. The foil has tiny holes that grab the hair strands and moving blades cut through each hair strand effectively.

Rotatory head shavers: The rotatory head shavers are equipped with stainless steel blades in a round shape. These blades rotate and slice through thick and coarse hair effortlessly.

You can choose the one that fits your requirements for performance and convenience.


The shavers are often equipped with stainless steel blades to provide effortless close cuts. The stainless steel blades are no doubt sharp and durable. But you would observe some titanium-coated cutting elements in a certain shavers such as Series 9 shavers.

The titanium cutting elements are of golden color and they are considered more reliable and durable compared to stainless steel blades. But titanium blades can be a little bit expensive so chose according to your budget limits.

Battery Timing 

The shavers are essentially cordless as you use them under the shower. Therefore you need to be careful about the battery life while choosing a shaver. Shaving requires almost 10 to 20 minutes depending on your hair thickness.

If you have coarse and thick hair then it can even take 30 to 40 minutes. Therefore choose a shaver with efficient battery life. if the shaver doesn’t have sufficient battery life then you will end up charging multiple times to complete one session.


Shaving is all about the flexibility and comfort you experience. The shaver must have multiple directional working abilities to reach hard places like under the chin and nose area. The Braun Series 9 shavers have a 10-dimensional working ability. It can adapt your facial contour to give smooth and flawless skin.

The Braun Series 7 has 8D contour adaption technology to reach the entire facial features to give a precise shave.


Is the Braun Series 9 worth buying? 

The Braun Series 9 is no doubt the latest series introduced by the popular brand. It has everything you need to achieve smooth and flawless skin. The Braun Series 9 features 10D contour adaption technology to give you precise and close cuts. The titanium-coated trimmer offers close cuts with UpLift technology.

Moreover, the Braun Series 9 comes with a charging station that cleanses and lubricates your shaver’s cutting elements so that you get a new feel every day.

For who the Braun Series 9 is worth buying? 

People using Braun Series 7 and want to upgrade their shaving experience with the latest technology should try Braun Series 9. The last line is for people who love to spend on modern grooming tools.

If you have Braun Series 7 shaver and it’s working perfectly fine, you don’t need to buy Braun Series 9.

If you have never tried any of the Braun Series then you must opt for the latest Braun Series 9.

Why the Braun Series 9 shavers are heavier than Braun Series 7 shavers? 

The Braun Series 9 shavers are equipped with a head having multiple cutting elements. Moreover, the Braun Series 9 shavers have a pop-up trimmer for minor detailing. A Heavy head and pop-up trimmer add a little bit of weight. Therefore you might feel Braun Series 9 shavers are bulkier than Braun Series 7 shavers.

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Final Word 

Both the Braun Series 9 and 7 have exceptional quality shavers. These are the latest and best collections of shavers designed for men to keep them well-groomed always.

If you don’t have any shaver from the Braun family, you must give Braun Series 9 a try. But if you are low on budget and want to enjoy the same performance as a high-end shaver, you can keep the Braun Series 7 shavers.

If you are already using Braun Series 7 shaver and it is working perfectly fine, you don’t need to switch to the Braun Series 9. But if you have enough budget and you want to upgrade your grooming kit, Braun Series 9 is waiting for you.

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