Beurer Velvet Skin Pro | Long Lasting Hair Removal

Do you want semi-permanent hair removal at home? The Beurer Velvet Skin Pro pulsed light epilator allows you to have supple and smooth skin painlessly from home.

Its simple and safe use will seduce you with its efficiency. Indeed, the professional technology of this device will offer you great reliability but also the certainty of performing your hair removal from home in a safe way.



This epilator uses ultra modern pulsed light technology, called IPL for “intense pulsed light” also used by dermatologists who perform professional permanent hair removal from their office. It allows to deactivate the hair follicle in depth and thus prevent hair regrowth. You will be able to notice a reduction of 50% of your hairs after 3 or 4 sessions.

This device has up to 300,000 light pulses, allowing you a large number of possible epilations.

It is also endowed with a unique security thanks to its 2-in-1 sensor which detects the type of skin and measures its pigmentation before each light pulse in order to adapt the adequate intensity to be delivered. There are in fact 6 possible intensity levels allowing safe use whether you have very fair or slightly more pigmented skin.

Note that the Beurer Velvet Skin Pro epilator cannot be used on dark skin or light hairs.

Its sensor also protects your eyes, as the pulses are only delivered if the luminous surface is completely surrounded by the skin. It is also protected thanks to the UV sensor on the tip.

For faster and more pleasant hair removal, the “Auto-Flash” mode will be particularly practical for treating areas more effectively. With a battery life of around 2 hours or 550 pulses, you will have plenty of time to epilate all the places on the body or face you want between two recharges.

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The Beurer Velvet Skin Pro epilator is a semi-permanent pulsed light hair removal device that can be used from your bathroom. No need to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get rid of your hair.

No matter what area you want to target, you will be able to use this device in many areas of the body. Indeed, it can be used on the face, arms, legs, bikini line, back, stomach and chest.

The luminous surface of 4.5cm² will allow you a quick epilation because the treated area will be larger. However, you can use the precision tips for sensitive areas such as the face or bikini line. You can achieve full hair removal in just 21 minutes.

Its gun-shaped design and curved handle give you a better grip and the ergonomics of its epilation head will help you reach all areas of the body that are difficult to access, such as the armpits for example.

With its pigmentation sensor, rest assured that the light pulses will always be adapted to your skin. However, you cannot use this device if you have dark skin or light hair.

For the results to be optimal, and fast, it is necessary to carry out regular sessions. To do this, Beurer has developed a “  Beurer myIPL  ” application available on Android or IOS which guides you in handling the device and which allows you to create a personalized schedule of your treatment sessions. You will no longer have to worry about remembering your sessions, the application does it for you.

This model equipped with the “auto-flash” mode will allow you a fast and effective epilation. As for cleaning, all you need to do is wipe a clean cloth over the light surface to remove any residue that may interfere with the proper use of the pulsed light device.


The effectiveness of this device is well established. Several clinical tests and dermatological studies have indeed confirmed the effectiveness of this epilator as well as its completely safe use.

The Beurer Velvet Skin Pro epilator is a device that everyone can use. Its ease of use allows you to obtain semi-permanent hair removal while being assured of optimal safety thanks to its 2-in1 sensor.

Its “auto-flash” mode also provides you with full hair removal in 21 minutes and a 50% reduction in body hair after 3 or 4 sessions.

Its 300,000 flashes will guarantee you the use of your device for more than 5 years.

My opinion

The advantages of this epilator are numerous. What will win you over first will be its ease of use. Indeed, hair removal with the Beurer IPL Velvet Skin Pro is extremely simple and practicable from home. The device is in charge of selecting the parameters you need for you and ensures that it is used in complete safety. It is also very easy to handle and the absence of wire makes it an accessory that can reach all areas of your body without discomfort.

Its effectiveness will surprise you because you will be able to notice an elimination of the hair at the root on the body or the face. With its modern and innovative technology, 50% of your hair will be gone after 3 or 4 uses. Indeed, its 6 intensity levels offer you an effective treatment in complete safety.

Finally, its speed of processing areas will surprise you. Its 4.5cm² wide tips as well as the “auto-flash” serial flash mode will allow full-body hair removal in just 21 minutes.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this device can be used by everyone and its efficiency makes it one of the best-pulsed light epilators on the market. Thanks to its 300,000 flashes, you will be sure to be able to use it for at least 5 years, thus offering you complete hair removal during this time. The results obtained quickly will ensure rapid elimination of your hairs and blocking their regrowth.

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