Beurer IPL7500UK Satin Skin Pro IPL Hair Removal Device

The Beurer IPL 7500 SatinSkin Pro is the brand new pulsed light epilator from the famous German brand with, in particular, a longer lifespan compared to the old 7000 model . The result is a fast and efficient device for safely using pulsed light at home. We will see in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this epilator located in the mid-range on the market.

The summary of our test

The importance of safety

A little reminder to start, pulsed light hair removal is possible if you have a not too dark skin color. The Beurer IPL 7500 is precisely equipped with a sensor to determine if this is the case before performing any flash. It is also possible to choose the light intensity among 5 more or less high settings manually depending on the part of the body you want to epilate.

The effectiveness is at the rendezvous provided you wait 3 or 4 sessions spaced 10 to 15 days apart is a good month in all at least. Once you see the receding hairs count and growth, then you can add several days or even weeks between each waxing session. The feedback from users on the internet is rather satisfactory and corroborates the clinical tests performed by Beurer.

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A small and practical epilator

The Beurer IPL 7500 epilator is particularly compact which allows it to reach absolutely all parts of the body, including the most difficult to reach. It is easy to learn and you will just have to get used to the electric wire, even if it means adding an extension cord. The fact of not having a battery is both a strong point and a weak point: on the one hand you will never have a battery problem which reaches 0% as for many electronic objects, on the other you must be connected by a wire to the wall of your room.

Hair removal is very fast thanks to the flash window of 3 cm² especially by using the “series flash” mode which saves a lot of time for extended areas such as the legs. Manual mode should be used for more sensitive areas such as the face to gain precision. For full hair removal, the manufacturer announces a duration of 20 minutes but in practice a small 1/2 hour will be necessary on average.

A strong point and a weak point

The device’s lifespan is over 3 years thanks to its 150,000 flashes, or even more given the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. This is a real strong point of the models of this brand because the competitors offer them a warranty of only 2 years (sometimes 3).

The big black point comes from the absence of accessories which is rare in the field. The brand has favored an epilator that does not take up space and as simple as possible with the vital features but no gadget next to it. In the end, the Beurer IPL 7500 all in one epilator can be a suitable model depending on your use.


  • Treatment areas: body, face and bikini line
  • Number of flashes: 150,000
  • Window size: 3.1 cm²
  • Autonomy: unlimited (sector)
  • Guarantee: 5 years

Our opinion

The Beurer IPL 7500 SatinSkin Pro remains a reliable benchmark model made in Germany. Foolproof, it effectively waxes legs, arms, face, armpits and bikini line in record time. As a bonus, it is aesthetically very successful and fits easily in a handbag if you have to travel.