Beurer-IPL-7000 reviews

Beurer IPL 7000 Reviews of 2021 and Full Buying Guide

Thanks to its design, the Beurer IPL 7000 epilator is the fastest compact epilator on the market. Ideal for treating small areas of the body, its long-lasting autonomy, and pulsed light technology makes this new generation epilator a benchmark in terms of speed and efficiency.

The Beurer 7000 guarantees you semi-permanent hair removal that is painless and respectful of your skin that meets your expectations. Let us now see the reasons which push women to show their total confidence in him.


The summary of our test

Safe hair removal

Clinically tested and used by dermatologists, the Beurer 7000 Compact epilator uses “Intense Pulsed Light” IPL technology, which is based on the in-depth deactivation of the hair follicles. Momentarily neutralized, the hair ends up falling and its regrowth is delayed.

You get rid of 50% of your hair in just 3 to 4 uses. In addition, supplied with a cartridge of 100,000 light pulses, it guarantees you long battery life without any subsequent purchase necessary (cartridge life equivalent to 25 years!).

Its skin type detection system and contact sensor make the Beurer 7000 an epilator with 2 in 1 safety. In fact, it is designed to avoid any projection of intense light when it is not in contact. with your skin, ensuring you a completely safe use. Depending on your skin type, it sends out flashes of light of intensity relative to the selected energy level (from 1 to 3). This intensity makes it possible to reach the hair bulb in-depth and to effectively treat the selected area.

A versatile device

In addition, with its 3 cm surface, its integrated UV filter, and its compact design, it is perfect for epilating small areas such as the face, chest, armpits, and bikini line safely and in record time. ! However, the arms, legs, and back are not forgotten. The epilation window of the Beurer 7000 certainly allows precise epilation of delicate areas, but it is just as effective on larger areas thanks in particular to its “continuous flash” mode.

This model can be used on the face

It is also recommended to shave the parts of the body on which you are going to use it for increased efficiency. However, it is important to note that the Beurer 7000 Compact is not suitable for dark or tanned skin and white, gray, or light blond hair. Because of their constitution, these bristles are not suitable for the use of the IPL system, the effectiveness of which will be very limited or even non-existent.

Design question, this miniature and light epilator is very practical and easy to handle. Its ergonomics favor its use at home and allows you comfortable hair removal. Delivered with a very detailed explanatory manual, it is guaranteed for 5 years and does not require any charging station since it operates on the mains.

Our opinion

The Beurer 7000 Compact epilator will seduce you with its easy handling, design, efficiency, and speed. While guaranteeing you quality and performance, its price remains very attractive. Very reassuring and respectful of your skin, it leaves it smoother and clearer day after day. All you have to do is test it and say goodbye to your unsightly hair!

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