Top 7 Best Quiet Hair Clippers Review

Cutting hair is like an art form. Every client is different, and every client can be as picky as they like.

As with any art form, it is necessary to have the proper equipment and tools to perform with.Best Quiet Hair Clippers

Whether you are a hairdresser or looking to cut your own hair at home, you have to make sure you get the correct product to get the job done.

It would be a disservice to yourself and your clients if you get the most affordable pair you can, and your clients will be able to tell.

Believe me, when you’re purchasing hair clippers, you are paying for quality.

However, it is difficult to know what the best professional hair clippers are, so here are some qualities you should see in a quality pair of hair clippers.

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Long-Lasting
  • Quiet and Clean

List of Top 7 Best Quiet Hair Clippers Reviewed:

1-Wahl Senior



This is a professional-looking hair clipper that is a great choice for those looking to get into the business.

It is not too pricey, but at the same time, it is of high sufficient quality to isolate itself from the lowly introductory hair clippers you can get at a superstore store.

In addition, for the product that it is, it is pretty quiet, making it simple to use on small children or those who tend to get excited during haircuts.

Another plus is that it has a strong motor, yet remains cool during regular use.

This makes it a great option for specialty styling of hair but, there are few cons associated with this, as the strong motor causes the clipper to vibrate.

In addition, when used massively, there is a possibility the product heats up because of the motor.

In addition, the safety features leave some protection to be desired.

The company Wahl has been in the hair clipping business for approximately a century, and therefore, has become very familiar with those who want the job done well.

Over the past 100 years, Wahl has worked to perform better and better products.

This product is officially declared as a middle-line product that is fit for both a professional setting and personal in-home usage.

2-Andis Master Clipper



  According to the buyers, this is one of the best products in the business. It is manufactured for general hair cutting and can be used in nearly any context.

Whether it’s to be used for style, cutting, or anything in between, this set of clippers is prepared to control it.

It is much durable, meaning that the product will last for a long time after use. More importantly, however, this product is remarked for its shocking quietness.

Buyers usually comment that you can hear every piece of hair that is being cut because you can’t hear the clipper at all.

Like all other clippers, this product does have a little downside.

It is almost ensured that this product will get hot after a long time of use, as the heavy metal casing will usually trap heat inside, speeding up the manner.

This is clearly not optimal if you are a busy hair-cutter working non-stop for hours at a time. In addition, the trade-off for its durability is how massive the product is.

This product is promoted for a more professional setting than home treatment but is still affordable to be applied for cutting the family’s hair at residence.

3-Oster Fast Feed Clipper



  Oster is usually a line that is very costly and used for extremely professional use.

However, this particular product is manufactured to be affordable for use at home while keeping some of the characteristics of their higher-end products.

This product has a greater than average amount of settings that can be used to change your haircut just the way you would love it to be.

While the clippers may not look flashy or interesting, they are all DIY hair-cutter requirements. It is strong, brand-name, and most importantly, quiet.

Because of its tiny size, the Oster Fast Feed Clipper does not need much of a motor, making the clipper overall extremely quiet.

This is certainly preferable, particularly because it is targeted for home use on “buyers” such as children. Some cons, however, to buying this blade, are that due to its cheap price, it is less than great quality.

In addition, it has a weak motor so it shouldn’t be used for extended hair cutting. Ultimately, its dull blades are not changeable which may result in pain on the behalf of the client.

On a budget, however, these hair clippers are an excellent option.

4-Andis Ceramic Bgrc


Best Quiet Hair Clippers


  This hair clipper with ceramic blades is extremely acclaimed.

The ceramic blades on this clipper are really interchangeable, meaning that most of the Andis brand blades can be applied with this product.

Also, because they are ceramic, not a bunch of heat from the motor is shifted from the product to the blades, making it very convenient for the client.

Another feature that users of this hair clipper like is the fact that it can be turned into a cordless clipper when charged.

These hair clipped are long-lasting and heavy-duty, manufactured to be used for professional use almost particularly.

Interestingly, for the power generated by this product, it is much quiet. This is demanded, as a result of the pricey tag connected with this product.

Because it’s manufactured to be professionally used, this product is quite pricey, but you most definitely get what you spend with it.

5-Andis Excel 2-Speed



  This model, also by Andis, is a slightly more affordable alternative to the high.

It is similar in every way to most professional blades, but also, it has a smoother more modern design.

This new design emphasizes reducing the sound produced by the motor, making it much quiet to use, regardless of what speed the motor is on.

Besides, this set is very strong and is recorded to last up to 10 years. Overall, this product is light, well-produced, and quiet.

Unluckily, there are some articles of the blades being detachable in use and getting hot when used too much.

6-Wahl Sterling Eclipse



  Another Wahl on the list is understood for being very quiet in use.

An appealing characteristic about this one is that it is cordless, which makes it one of the best quiet hair clippers that are manufactured to be particularly cordless in the market presently.

It has a magnificent battery life and is manufactured to be energy effective. In addition, it is tiny and can comfortably be fit in your hand for maneuvering.

Along with its size, it is also quite short. There are, however, some negatives connected with this product.

Because of its custom design, the blades cannot be interchanged with other Wahl products, performing it hard to find replacements.

In addition, like other Wahl products, the Sterling Eclipse has a trend to rattle and vibrate much when used.

Lastly, there are boundaries to how short they cut your hair, as it looks the closest shave you’ll get with these is 1/8 inch.

On the upside, they are tiny and quiet, making them classic for travel use.

7-Wahl Chrome Pro


Best Quiet Hair Clippers


The last entry in the program is one for explicit home use. The Wahl Chrome Pro is created to be affordable and manufactured for the home.

This product is assumed to be a beginner first step into the market of haircutting, as it needs a really small investment.

It is seen for being as quiet as a hair clipper can take for this price, but, as said before, don’t think to get professional-grade clippers for in-home price.

In addition to being cheap and approximately quiet, the Chrome Pro is seen as being attractive. It’s a stylish design that is simplistic and beautiful.

In addition, those who want to can buy numerous accessories to attach to this product.

On the negative side, the blades on this hair clipper are notably short, and clients occasionally complain about the clipper missing sections or pulling harder than they want.

All in all it’s a great product for those who are affected by cutting hair, but unsure if they want to make the promise to do so. [su_panel background=”#F6F6F6″]

Final Thought.

Overall, it is necessary to know what type of hair clipper to buy for your requirements.

Depending on whether you are using them for individual or professional use makes a huge impact on the decision of which to purchase.

Besides, there are numerous trade-offs, depending on which hair clipper your purchase, such as weight versus stability.

However, most buyers agree that it is significant to get quiet cordless hair clippers for their achievement.

As is important by your level, professional or personal, these all make great options. [/su_panel]  

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