Best Oster Clippers Review

Top 10 Best Oster Clippers Review – For Barbers and Home Use

The name of Oster clipper comes from the name of Mr. John in 1924 when he introduced a hair clipper in the market. Later, a new clipper is made for women’s hair. Oster clippers are the best-selling clippers across the world.

Oster clippers are the best-known clippers for trimming, close-cuts, and shaving. Oster clippers are very good clippers because they possess a high-speed motor which is best for smooth, and clean shaving.

Oster clippers are not much expensive, so they can be easily bought. Oster clippers provide high-speed motors that are very great for wet, dry, or thick hairs. In every barbershop, you must find the Oster Clippers because the barber uses this clipper for perfect shaving, and cutting.

What you know when you are purchasing the best Oster Clipper

When you have to buy a clipper you should know the following things that every clipper should possess

  • Durability

Oster clippers are made of the best quality plastic that makes them strong and breakable. As the clippers are made of good quality plastic it will reduce the chances of breaking, and work for a long time.

  • Sharp blades

The second thing you may know that they should have sharp blades that helps to cut all type of hairs i.e. wet, dry, or thick. If the blades are sharp then it will be very good for smoother cutting. Otherwise, if blades are dull and not sharp they may damage our hairs.

  • Ergonomic handle

You should also know that the clippers may have an ergonomic handle. That will be very comfortable for the barber to hold the clipper for a long time without any difficulty.

Clipper with Ergonomic handle design picks up easily not face any trouble for continuing work because it is difficult for the barber to work without ergonomic handle clipper design.

  • Power of the Motor

The role of a motor in every best clipper is different from the other clipper. The best clippers on the market that consists of motors such as electromagnetic motor, rotary motor, and pivot motor. Cutting hair speed depends on the motor power.

The best Oster clipper with the help of the powerful motor to cut our hair rapidly not take too much time. So, when you purchase the best Oster clipper you must notice the motor of the clipper.  The best clipper differentiates from the other due to motor power.

  • Cool and quiet   

Another thing you notice when you purchase the best Oster clipper its performance is cool or quiet or not. Every barber wants to work in a peaceful environment not like any kind of noise so they prefer that clipper that doesn’t create a little noise.

The best Oster clipper doesn’t create any noise, perform the work well without noise.  Another best thing about the Oster clipper the body doesn’t warm even after the full day of use because the aluminum body of the Oster clipper doesn’t conduct the heat, and not a warm-up.

  • Battery Life

The battery life of every clipper is different. Every barber prefers that clipper which has a battery life good because it continuously works.  The battery life of the best Oster clipper for about two to three hours, and just take one hour to charge.

  • Corded or Cordless clippers

Today’s both corded and cordless clippers present on the market. Professional barbers prefer the corded clipper because, corded clipper directly connects with electrical wire, not depend on the battery while, the cordless clipper provided with a battery, takes the time to charge when the battery recharge then you use the cordless clipper.

  • Cord length

The cord length of every clipper is different. Professional barber likes the long cord length, due to long cord length move around in every corner of the room.

Barbers don’t prefer the short cord length clipper because the short length of the cord stuck the barber in one place. Mostly the best Oster clipper consists of arrangeable length that likes the barbers.

  • Accessories

When you purchase the clipper you know about the accessories included in this clipper. Every professional barber needs an ample collection of accessories like attachment comb, oil, etc

  • Cost

The price of every clipper is different depends on the quality of the clipper. Two types of the clipper present on the market in the World that is corded or cordless clipper.

The price of the corded clipper is more than the Cordless clipper because the corded clipper has great power to work. If you are a professional you purchase a barber use the corded clipper If you are a beginner you purchase the Cordless clipper.

Here is the list of the Top 10 best Oster clippers:

These are the most useable clippers and are made of high-quality plastic. All these clippers are contained powerful motors that are very good for high performance.

1.  Oster Classic 76 Clipper

Key Features

  • Length                 2 * 2 * 7.7 inches
  • Weight                     6 Pounds
  • Body                  Unbreakable, Durable
  • Dimensions                  8” H*2” W*8.1” L
  • Motor                    High-Power Single Motor
  • Blades                    13 Extra Blades are Available

Oster classic 76 is a high-performance clipper with detachable blades. It provides us a high-speed motor that is very helpful for smooth cutting and shaving.

It consists of:

  • Blade guard
  • Lubricating oil
  • Brush
  • guidance instruction book

Oster classic 76 clippers is a single-speed fast motor for the smooth and easy haircut of thick and wet hairs. Its body is made with fine quality of unbreakable plastic that makes it durable.

It has an ergonomic handle that is very comfortable for barbers to work all day without any difficulty.  It is light in weight.

  • Attractive look
  • High-power motor
  • Strong and precise blades
  • 13 separate blade available
  • Easy to learn

Very expensive
Only corded

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2. Oster Octane Clipper

Key Features

  • Dimension                                     9 * 1.5  * 8.1 inches
  • Length                       1 inches
  • Weight                         9 Ib
  • Battery                        Lithium-ion Battery
  • Body                      Good Quality Plastic (Unbreakable)
  • Motor                                  Powerful Rotary Motor

Oster Octane is a powerful clipper with high-speed blades. It has a powerful rotary motor that can cut all types of hairs like wet, dry, and thick. Its blades are detachable that after cutting or shaving we can clean them gently without any effort.

Oster Octane clipper with its high-speed motor helps to cut the thick hairs. It supported both corded and cordless. It has sharp blades for dry shaving and close cuts. Its body is made with standard quality plastic that is unbreakable, and durable.

Its unique design with ergonomic grip makes it very comfortable for barbers to work. It is light in weight. It has a lithium-ion battery that is very good. It has two main detachable blades #000 and #1.

These blades are great for fades. It is highly recommended by professionals for proper shaving and close cuts.

  • It is Lightweight
  • Cordless Clipper
  • Easy to use
  • Lithium-ion battery up to 2 battery life
  • Detachable blades
  • Less noisy
  • Unique shape
  • Very expensive
  • Blades are unchangeable while it is working

3. Oster Fast Feed Clipper

Key Features

  • Dimension                 6” long  2.1” Wide  1.6” deep
  • Weight                        t 1.16 Ib
  • Blade                       Sharp blades
  • Motor                       High-power
  • Weight                        Lightweight in design
  • Handle                       Ergonomic handle

Oster fast feed clipper comes with a high-speed motor. It contains a pivot motor inside it. It is lightweight. It is a high-performance motor with sharp blades; it is made with great quality plastic that is durable and strong.

With its sharp blades, it can cut all types of hair easily. Oster Fast Feed clipper is best for close cuts, shaving, and trimming. It is less noisy. Oster Fast Feed clipper with its sharp blades and high-power motor that work on the 1200 volts.

It is very comfortable for –smooth and dry shaving. It is best for all types of hair including thick, wet, and dry. Oster Fast Feed clipper is highly recommended by professionals. Oster Fast feed Clipper also has detachable and replaceable. Due to its ergonomic handle, it is very comfortable for use.

  • Great for all hair
  • Low price
  • Comfortable grip
  • Less noisy
  • Normal price
  • Simple to use and control
  • Without stand or case
  • Less power than Oster 76 classic
  • Low-quality combs

4.    Oster Model 10 Clipper

Key Features

  • Length                             2 inches
  • Width                               2 inches
  • Height                              2 inches
  • Review                            5 Stars
  • Blades                             Detachable blades
  • Motor                               Extreme power
  • Attachment                      76 Blades for different types of Cutting and Styling

Oster model 10 clipper is a little smaller than other clippers. On the other hand, it has more power than any model of Oster clippers. Its blade is made of very sharp steel. The motor gives us much power to cut all the hairs without any difficulty.

The blades or Oster model 10 are changeable and also it had 76 blades for different types of cutting and styles. Oster model 10 clipper is highly used by professionals. It also has sharp blades but high power than all the other Oster clippers.

It also has detachable blades which are also very helpful for cleaning purposes after shaving or trimming. Oster model 10 is for corded use only.

  • High-power motor
  • Strong and unbreakable body
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Professional’s hair clipper
  • Cut all type of hair also long or short
  • Extra-large cord
  • Becomes very hot
  • Heavy
  • Have noise

5.  Oster Titan Clipper

Key Features

  • Manufacturer                      DBA KANAR, DEBRY International LLC
  • Weight                       2 Pounds
  • Model number                        76076-310
  • Blades                       Two Detachable Range from 000 and 1
  • Motor                        Powerful, High Speed
  • Wet\dry                       Both
  • Voltage                     110 V
  • Cord length                    12 ft
  • Warranty                     1-Year
  • Cord length                    9ft
  • Accessories                       Oil, Cleaning Brush, or Clipper Grease

Oster Clipper Titan is one of the best Oster Clipper used by the barber. Just like the Oster clipper titan clipper also light in weight it’s about 5 inches, there is no difficulty for the barber in handling long-term work.

The motor of the Osten clipper is very powerful and works at every 2 high speeds. The Oster Titan blades are very sharp range from 000 and 1, and adjustable they easily interchanged with other blades.

Many qualities of the Oster Clipper are lighter in design used for all kinds of cutting, shaping, trimming as well as good for curly hair cutting. Voltage applies to motor works at 110 V.

The cord length of the Oster clipper is about 9ft which is delighted for the barber it easily moves in the barbershop not face any difficulty.

  • The motor of the Oster clipper is powerful with a high 2 speed
  • Perfect for all kinds of cutting
  • The performance of this clipper is heavy duty
  • Costly
  • Accessories of this clippers limited

6.    Oster Free-rider clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                       2 * 1.8 * 6 inches
  • Weight                     1 Pound
  • Model number #76030-010
  • Manufacturer American Fragrance & Cosmetic Company

Oster free-rider is one of the best clippers used by professionals. It has the double power of an electromagnetic motor. It is a great clipper for all types of cutting, shaving, fades, and tapering. It is lightweight. It is can also be used for home purposes and professional use.

It is made with durable plastic and unbreakable. It is unique in design and very comfortable for holding for a barber while doing work. Oster free-rider clipper is a very strong and hard clipper that unbreakable. It is for corded use. It is used for sharp and close cuts.

It has adjustable blades. It is water-resistant and can be washed with water the shaving, or trimming. Oster free-rider clipper has an agronomical handle which makes it very comfortable for the barber to hold it while doing work.

  • Great for blending
  • Less noise
  • Can cut all hairs wet, dry, thick, or thin
  • Powerful pivot motor
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • Less durable

7. Oster Turbo 111 Clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                     82 * 3.31 * 0.31 inches
  • Motor                       Single-Speed High-Power Motor
  • Blades                      Detachable Blades include size 000 and 1
  • Oil                       Blade Lubricating Oil, Grease
  • Body                        Strong and Unbreakable Body
  • Cord Length                      7 to 8 ft

Oster Turbo 111 is a clipper supercharger motor that provides much more power than another clipper provides. It has detachable blades. It has a single-speed motor with high power and its design is very unique.

With its superpower motor it is very good, for smooth hair cutting; or shaving. Oster Turbo 111 is a high-power clipper used for sharp cuts and close-range cuts. It is also used for trimming, shaving, or cutting.

It has a unique design with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. It is made with fine quality plastic which is strong and break-resistant. It is for corded use and it has a large cord wire for easy work.

It supplies a high-power with its high-performance motor. It can cut all types of hairs like wet, dry, and thick.

  • Simple to use
  • Fast cut and high-power
  • Unbreakable body
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • Heavy
  • Blades are not sharp as the Oster classic 76
  • Heat up very soon

8. Oster Topaz Clipper

Key Features
  • Dimensions                        6 * 4 * 12 inches
  • Weight                      18 Ibs
  • Manufacturer                  Derby International LLC, dba KANAR
  • Review                     5 Stars
  • Blades                   Sharp Blades
  • Motor                    High-Power Motor

Oster Topaz is a very high-power and high-performance motor with adjustable blades. It is used for sharp cuts and close-range cuts. It is used and recommended by professionals.

It has a high-power pivot motor with adjustable blades; it can cut very smoothly and comfortably. Oster Topaz clipper is used by professionals and it is also recommended by professionals. It is best for home use also.

With its high-power performance motor, it can cut all types of hairs like dry, wet, thick, thin or long short hairs. It is also great for shaving or trimming. It is made with standard quality plastic which is very hard and strong.

It is an unbreakable and shock-resistant clipper. It also has adjustable blades with a high-power motor that makes it unique for styling hairs. It is waterproof. It can be cleaned with water after doing a dry shave or cutting.

  • Standard design
  • Less noisy
  • Ultra-strong body
  • Never heat up for a long time
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
  • Not well for fading
  • Bit expensive
  • Not ergonomic

9. Oster Speed Line Clipper

Key Features

Dimensions 3 * 6 * 6 inches
Weight 76023-540
Model Number 76023-540
Review 5 Stars
Motor Powerful Motor
Blades Sharp Steel Blades
Cord Length Long Cord Wire

Oster Speed Liner is a high-power clipper designed for easy and comfortable use for barbers. It has a unique design. It is not much heavy so you have no difficulty holding it for a long time. It can easily cut all types of hairs like wet, dry, and thick hairs.

It is made strong for years to use. It also has adjustable blades for smooth cuts and close-range short cuts. Oster Speed Liner clipper is the widely used clipper by the barbers for smooth and close range short-cuts.

It has adjustable blades made of steel which can cut all types of hairs. It has a unique design and comfortable grip for the barber to hold it for a longer time. Oster Speed Liner clipper is a highly powerful clipper among other Oster clippers.

  • Light in weight
  • Noiseless motor
  • Powerful motor
  • Great for using around neck and ears
  • Never heat-up
  • Blades got heat-up immediately
  • Expensive

10.   Oster mXpro clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                               018 * 5 * 5inches
  • Weight                               8 Pounds
  • Review                               5-Star Rating
  • Model Number                             76070-010
  • Blades                              Adjustable Blade

Oster mXpro clipper is one of the most reliable clippers used which is used by professionals for smooth and comfortable cutting. It is a stylish clipper. It has a strong and high-power electromagnetic motor.

It also has adjustable blades for smooth cuts. Oster mXpro clipper provides up to 7200 cutting strokes in a minute. Its adjustable blade size is # 000 to # 1. It is widely used for close-range cuts, fading, trimming, and sharp cuts.

It is a highly good motor clipper. Oster mXpro clipper is recommended by professionals. It is the best clipper for fading and tapering. It is also be used as corded. Its corded wire length is 8 feet long which is very good.

It has adjustable blades which can easily move from long-range to close-range cuts. It is a very great clipper for all types of hairs like wet, dry, thick, thin, long, or short. It is also used for dry shaving or trimming. It has a very good quality body made with plastic.

  • Simple to use
  • lighter in weight
  • strong blade
  • less expensive
  • It is also great for new barbers
  • A bit noisy
  • Heat-up soon
  • Can damage our hairs when its blade sticks


According to this view, you get all the information about the top 10 best clippers. All the Oster clippers are best, perform the work very well, and don’t cause any hair damage.

The Oster clippers are used for all kinds of hair cutting such as trimming, shaving, beard, curly hair, and removal of the bigness hair. The Oster clipper is the shining piece of the professional barber.

With the help of the Oste,r clipper barber satisfy the client with the work. In this review provide the information about the best clipper it’s all up to you which one you purchase according to your need.


Question:                 Which one is the best Oster clippers in the World?

Answer:                   There are many best clippers on the market that performs the work very well but choose the best Oster clipper is Oster Classic 76 Clipper.

Question:                Which country manufactures the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                   The Oster Clipper was manufactured by the USA country since the 1920s.

Question:                 How the Oster Clipper Blade is sharper?

Answer:                   The blade of the Oster Clipper is sharpened with the help of a stone called the Whetstone.

Question:                When Should I need to oil my Oster clipper?

Answer:                   When you clean your Oster clipper you should need to oil the Oster clipper. When you use the Oster Clipper you should oil the Oster Clipper.

Question:                Why do the barbers use the different types of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                   Because every Oster clipper has different features. Different customers come to the shop wants to require the different types of cutting according to the length of hair, and style so; the barber prefers the different types of clipper to satisfy the customer.

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