Best Oster Clippers Review

Top 10 Best Oster Clippers Review – For Barbers and Home Use

The name of Oster clipper comes from the name of Mr. John in 1924 when he introduced a hair clipper in the market. Later, a new clipper is made for women’s hair. Oster clippers are the best-selling clippers across the world.

Oster clippers are the best-known clippers for trimming, close-cuts, and shaving. Oster clippers are very good clippers because they possess a high-speed motor which is best for smooth, and clean shaving.

Oster clippers are not much expensive, so they can be easily bought. Oster clippers provide high-speed motors that are very great for wet, dry, or thick hairs. In every barbershop, you must find the Oster Clippers because the barber uses this clipper for perfect shaving, and cutting.


What you know when you are purchasing the best Oster Clipper

When you have to buy a clipper you should know the following things that every clipper should possess

  • Durability

Oster clippers are made of the best quality plastic that makes them strong and breakable. As the clippers are made of good quality plastic it will reduce the chances of breaking, and work for a long time.

  • Sharp blades

The second thing you may know that they should have sharp blades that helps to cut all type of hairs i.e. wet, dry, or thick. If the blades are sharp then it will be very good for smoother cutting. Otherwise, if blades are dull and not sharp they may damage our hairs.

  • Ergonomic handle

You should also know that the clippers may have an ergonomic handle. That will be very comfortable for the barber to hold the clipper for a long time without any difficulty.

Clipper with Ergonomic handle design picks up easily not face any trouble for continuing work because it is difficult for the barber to work without ergonomic handle clipper design.

  • Power of the Motor

The role of a motor in every best clipper is different from the other clipper. The best clippers on the market that consists of motors such as electromagnetic motor, rotary motor, and pivot motor. Cutting hair speed depends on the motor power.

The best Oster clipper with the help of the powerful motor to cut our hair rapidly not take too much time. So, when you purchase the best Oster clipper you must notice the motor of the clipper.  The best clipper differentiates from the other due to motor power.

  • Cool and quiet   

Another thing you notice when you purchase the best Oster clipper its performance is cool or quiet or not. Every barber wants to work in a peaceful environment not like any kind of noise so they prefer that clipper that doesn’t create a little noise.

The best Oster clipper doesn’t create any noise, perform the work well without noise.  Another best thing about the Oster clipper the body doesn’t warm even after the full day of use because the aluminum body of the Oster clipper doesn’t conduct the heat, and not a warm-up.

  • Battery Life

The battery life of every clipper is different. Every barber prefers that clipper which has a battery life good because it continuously works.  The battery life of the best Oster clipper for about two to three hours, and just take one hour to charge.

  • Corded or Cordless clippers

Today’s both corded and cordless clippers present on the market. Professional barbers prefer the corded clipper because, corded clipper directly connects with electrical wire, not depend on the battery while, the cordless clipper provided with a battery, takes the time to charge when the battery recharge then you use the cordless clipper.

  • Cord length

The cord length of every clipper is different. Professional barber likes the long cord length, due to long cord length move around in every corner of the room.

Barbers don’t prefer the short cord length clipper because the short length of the cord stuck the barber in one place. Mostly the best Oster clipper consists of arrangeable length that likes the barbers.

  • Accessories

When you purchase the clipper you know about the accessories included in this clipper. Every professional barber needs an ample collection of accessories like attachment comb, oil, etc

  • Cost

The price of every clipper is different depends on the quality of the clipper. Two types of the clipper present on the market in the World that is corded or cordless clipper.

The price of the corded clipper is more than the Cordless clipper because the corded clipper has great power to work. If you are a professional you purchase a barber use the corded clipper If you are a beginner you purchase the Cordless clipper.

Here is the list of the Top 10 best Oster clippers:

These are the most useable clippers and are made of high-quality plastic. All these clippers are contained powerful motors that are very good for high performance.

1.  Oster Classic 76 Clipper

Several clippers are present on the market. Every person wants to look better through stylish. Hair is one of the qualities to change our body look, so every person wants to look stylish with different cuts of hair, so they need the clipper for the stylish look. No doubt many companies introduced several clippers in which the Oster is one.  Oster classic 76 clipper is the most widely used clipper manufactured by John Oster in 1924. He operated the hand-made clipper. After some time, John Oster invented the new clipper that was made to cut women’s hair and style them. Oster clippers are the most demanded clipper of all time. Oster clippers are highly recommended by professionals. Oster clippers are great for cutting the hairs and styling them. These clippers after cutting can easily be washed because these clippers are waterproof. However, their body is also made with standard plastic quality that makes it strong and unbreakable. Oster clippers are great for trimming, shaving, or styling hairs. Oster clippers have a high-performance motor and sharp blade that make it easy to cut all types of hairs. The Oster introduced many best clippers for the hair cut Oster Classic 76 clipper in which one. The Oster Classic 76 Clipper considers the modern clipper on this planet. A lot of qualities of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper used for hair cutting, trimming, best for beard-cutting, also good for curly or bigness hair removal. It is one of the best clipper weights is not giant, carrying work for a long time. Beginners do not face any difficulty in handling this clipper best for both a newbie as well as professional barbers.

Details of Oster Classic 76 Clipper

There are many clippers on this planet that have different qualities that work for different cut hairstyles for a better look. In these clippers the Oster Classic 76 black in which one.

For about 120 years Oster performs the best services for hair cutting. There are many features of this clipper.

Every clipper’s performance depends on the working of the motor if the motor of the clipper carries work at high speed they cut hair quickly this indicates the best Oster clipper.

The single-speed motor of this clipper carries out the work at high acceleration. Adjustable blades of the Oster clipper are very acute for the cutting, when you want to change the blade you can easily change it with the other blades.

Due to the sharpness of the blade, you cut any kind of barbed such as well for curly hair, trimming, and long hair cutting, the range in size of this blade clipper from #000, and #1 that perfect for the cutting.

The architecture of this clipper is ergonomic that can be behold easily without faintness for a large time. The plastic body of this clipper is strong can’t break an easy chore for a large time.

The working of this clipper is mute not create a buzz and it is wonderful for the barber, because the barber carries the work in a peaceful environment, while after some time starting the vibration.

The Oster Classic 76 Clipper is a corded version and does not need any battery for recharge, and abide by the electrical wire not wait to recharge the battery just plug the electric wire, and start the work continuously.

The other good thing about this clipper is for the professional barber, and also who use personally can move effortlessly without facing any trouble.

Due to the large cord length, the clippers show a variation that is pleasing for the professional barbers that can cut of hair gives the stylish look, move in any direction due to its cord length.

As you know when the clipper box come to the house always consists of some accessories, the box of this clipper includes some accessories likes

  • Cleaning brush
  • Clipper grease
  • Blade oil

Features of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper

There are many features of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper, discussed one by one, you clearly understand about this clipper with the help of the features.

  • Motor

The motor of every clipper makes the clipper the best in the market. The Oster Classic 76 Clipper consists of a powerful single-speed motor that performs the work at great speed to cut hair that may be wet or dry easily due to its high speed.

Due to the greater speed of the motor rapidly cutting our hair either the hair is thick or not, beyond any disturbance. The only not good thing about this clipper creates a bit of noise, not too much.

  • Blades

In best clipper blades plays an important role. The Oster Classic 76 blades are made up of the highest quality stainless steel blade also the blades of this clipper work for a long time.

Adjustable blades of Oster Classic Clipper range in two sizes from #000, and #1 that are easy to use not face any problem.

The blades of this Oster clipper are very sharp, easily changed with other blades. The blades and the great speed of the motor make the clipper perfect in the World.

  • Ergonomic Design

Another important feature of this clipper is the design of this clipper. The benefit of ergonomic design is to grasp easily and work for hours inside any faintness.

The weight of this clipper is not a giant easy pick-in handle due to its ergonomic design.

  • Breaking, resistant housing

The Oster Classic 76 Clipper body is made up of plastic, which works for a long time, can’t break. The tool of this clipper consists of standard quality work for a long time without breaking.

  • Cool and Quiet performance

Another feature of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper is quiet and cool working. The motor of this clipper work carries quiet, however after an hour starts to create noise.

You notice things in every clipper get hot after some work but this clipper carries work for a long time after half an hour motor start to warm up. The motor of this clipper also gets hot after some work.

  • Corded or Cordless

The most important feature of the Oster Clipper 76 is corded, there is a great demand for the corded clipper in the market, professional barber also likes the corded clipper in this clipper you don’t need any battery for the long time work, the Corded clipper directly attached with the electrical wire.

  • Longer Cord Length

Every barber likes that clipper which has a great length cord. The Oster Professional 76 Clipper cord length is about 9 ft that is longer which good for the person who cuts hair with this clipper.

There is no restriction to being stuck in one place for long time work, with the help of longer cord length cut our hair through any angle.

  • Accessories

When the Oster Classic Clipper box comes, this box contains some accessories such as oil for the blade, clipper grease, extra clipper, and operating instruction. Every barber prefers those clipper boxes that come with many accessories in which the Oster Classic 76 Clipper is one.

Another feature of this clipper comes in many colors so which color you like, you purchase it, and make them shine, and stylish piece of the barbershop.


·         Manufacturer Oster
·         Weight 2 Pounds
·         Model Number 76076-010
·         Length 7.5
·         Width 2.25
·         Depth 2
·         Cord Length 9ft
·         Warranty 2-Years
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Cut hair quickly, and smoothly
5-star rating
Beautiful, strong ergonomic design
Indivisible high-speed motor
Adjustable sharp blades
Stylish, and beautiful look
Easy to keep in handy for a great time
Motor get not warm even after awhile
Cord length is great
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Create a bit of shouting
Not abate level
Just come in a corded version
Not come with any guards

Oster Classic 76 Clipper Review

The Oster Professional 76 Clipper is amazing for professional barbers. They give 5-star to this clipper due to its quality and is no doubt it is perfect for hairstyle and cutting.

For the look better what want you to style the Oster clipper help to create in stylish look better. No fade any difficulty when you use not required any experience so perfect for the beginner as well as the barber’s shop.

There is a switch on\off button on the upper part of the clipper easy to start this clipper. It is considered the decoration piece of the barbershop. However many reviews on this clipper are mostly good but some weaknesses of this clipper also.

The powerful great running motor, sharp blades make the Oster Classic 76 Clipper perfect in the World. The most important thing about this clipper the motor remains cool for an hour not get overheat after some time like the other clippers.

A Shortcoming of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper

For the hair cutting many clippers performs for the services on this planet. Where the clipper has many benefits as well as it also has some drawbacks.

The first weakness of this clipper just comes only in the corded version. You know the corded version has great importance than the cordless, barbers also prefer the corded clipper but when there is no electricity you face the problem.

They should provide both corded and cordless versions it depends on our choice which is selected according to budget.

Another weakness of this clipper is price this clipper is higher in price as compared to this type of clipper. This clipper also creates a bit of buzz that is not peaceful for the barbers as well as the customer.

Comparison of Oster Classic 76 Clipper VS Oster Model 10

When we compare both clippers the best one is Oster Classic Clipper 76 due to its features. No doubt the Oster Model 10 is also good but not perfect than the Oster Classic Clipper 76 Clipper.

Many features of this clipper resemble the  Oster Odel 10 but some features such as great speed of the motor, sharp blades, design, size, weight, and cord length of the Oster Classic 76 Clipper make this clipper better than the Oster Model 10.

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Final Judgment

In short, the Oster Classic 76 Clipper is best for cutting due to the sharp blade and generating great speed of the motor.

Thousands of clippers are in the market due to the best features that make this clipper venus in the market. This clipper creates a bit of noise, but due to its performance barber like this clipper, and easily adjust this clipper, carries the work gleefully.

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The Oster Classic 76 Clipper is wonderful and easy to use in haircutting for a great time than the other clipper.

No, doubt it is high in price, and source of disquiet but admitting all these things you like it due to its best performance. While the motor of the clipper starts to heat up after 10 minutes while the motor of this clipper for a long time remains cool.



Question:                    Why the Oster Clippers are recommended by professionals?

Answer:                       Oster Clippers are highly recommended by professionals because of their high performance. These clippers possess a high-power motor that enables them to cut all types of hair like wet, dry, and thick.

Question:                     Are the Oster Classic 76 Clipper can be used at home?

Answer:                       Due to the high price I would not recommend this clipper for home use but if you are easily affordable then you use it.

Question:                    What is the application of Oster Classic 76 Clipper?

Answer:                        The Oster Classic 76 Clipper application serves great energy for the massive work, and it can easily use the detachable blades without any reliable cut.

Question:                    How can take work from the Oster Classic 76 Clipper?

Answer:                        There is a switch on\off on the upper portion of the clipper simply on, with the help of a powerful motor, and blades you can take the work from the Oster Classic 76 Clipper.

Question:                    How we can clean the blades Oster Classic 76 Clipper?

Answer:                       The blades of this clipper can be cleaned with a cleaning brush. After cutting the top and covered blades must be free from hair with the help of a cleaning brush.

2. Oster Octane Clipper

We have come up with our final recommendation for the oster octane heavy duty 76550100 in 2021 Updated after careful consideration. You might want to consider buying a hair clipper.


Check out The complete guide to clippers.

Let’s get started,

If you are in search of a durable, reliable, and outclass quality product, then you aren’t in the right place. While looking for the best manufacturer brand of clippers, Oster Octane Clipper is one on top of the list globally. It holds a long-term historic background and the brand is named after the name of John Oster, the founder who started it in 1924.

It’s highly prevalent in terms of trade due to its user-friendly design and efficient functionality. Oster has been designing and manufacturing upgraded models for commercial applications. Oster landed in the market initially with manual functional clippers for hair but later, the manufacturer introduced machine-driven clipper products.

Oster is a brand that has a great contribution in the fashion world, especially for hair. At present time hair clippers are overwhelmed in the market by various brands.

Everyone wants to clip the hair and beard at home either professional people or common people. You have to select the best one among the plenty of products.

Every product is not great, the quality of every product made it great or not. Oster is well known for its great quality clippers.

Due to the best quality, most of the professional people preferred Oster all around the world. It is also wonderful for an individual’s at-home usage.

It is a cordless clipper and works with a battery that is a lithium-ion battery. The charging time of the battery is less but working time is more.

This feature enhances the worth of Oster octane heavy duty 765550100. It is easy to use and comfortable to hold this device with the help of a grip.

It is specifically prepared for professional barbers to fulfill their demands. It is best for all types of hair and at home, it is just like a piece of cake.

The speed of working of Oster octane cordless clippers is very powerful and can pass through thick, dry, or wet hair with full ease.

Oster Octane Heavy Duty 76550100 in detail

Oster Octane heavy duty 76550100 is a professional clipper, constitutional for copious usage in a diligent hair salon. Oster Octane for sale composed of the following qualities

  • The motor is energetic, rapidly trim wet or bulky hair
  • Stainless steel blades are changeable, permit for calmly cleaning and preservation
  • Double battery charging stand

The motor used by this clipper is rotary that is capable to trim even terminated bulky hair.

Rotary motor trims all kinds of hair and beard. It is available with a changeable 000 to 1 shaving blade. These blades are effortlessly detached.

You can also purchase several blades for individuals. It is calmly to avail the tool with a firm hold and a dangling hoop that provide in easy to use.

The modish and lightweight clipper is available with a cordless version.

The Oster octane cordless clipper consists of a long-running lithium-ion battery.

The lithium-ion battery of this clipper takes one hour to recharge. One hour charging battery works for around two hours.

Oster Octane heavy duty 76550100 consists of an LED light. During the recharge, change the green to red light. The change of light color indicates the clipper is fully charging.

LED light is very important for every clipper because without LED light you can’t recognize the clipper is a charge or not.

The body of the Octan Octan heavy duty 76550100 is made up of nylon material that can’t break easily when slipping from your hand or stool.

It is a long-lasting tool with, flimsy, and lightweight architecture. The price of this tool is high but it’s certainly a high standard one.

The accessory is an important part of every buyer. This clipper comes with the following accessories as

  • Lubrication oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade guards
  • Detachable blades

Oster Octane Heavy duty 76550100 Review

Every product when design to examine the standard of the product is fine or not. The constructor launches their products in the market.

A lot of the persons buying the product according to its required. After the utilization of the product gives some fine or bad reviews.

Clipper is considered a very important part of men life. In these clippers, Oster octane heavy duty 76550100 is one.

Professional barbers as well as common men use Oster octane clippers give a lot of fine Oster octan reviews such as Oster octane heavy duty 76550100 is one of the awesome clippers for men.

Best quality clipper with a powerful rotary motor. Battery life is good. Buyers give the 4.5 star due to its awesome work. Oster octan cordless clipper is one of the cheap clippers in the market.

A few inferior Oster octane clipper reviews such as the cordless version is not powerful as compared to the cord.

A shortcoming of Oster Octane Heavy duty 76550100

Everything in this world has two aspects. One is fine or the other one is bad. Oster octane heavy duty 76550100 is composed of a lot of great qualities. But it also consists of some demerits. These demerits such as

  • Not water resistant
  • Expensive as compared to another clipper
  • Can’t change blades instant it’s working
  • Lacks a taper lever

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty, durable, rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Dual charging station
  • Short charging time
  • A charging indicator that glows on a complete charge
  • User-friendly lightweight device
  • Trendy sleek design
  • Cordless styling unit
  • Ultra-grip, lustrous, resilient body
  • Stainless and resistive to fingerprints
  • Dual adjustable, anticorrosive, shielding coat, un-scratch able blades with sharp teeth available in a different dimension
  • 100 & 240V Bi-voltage availability
  • Quick and easy blade replacement of Oster Titan/ Classic models
  • Grey color
  • Easily accessible accessories

To meet the recent technological advancements, Oster introduced the Octane clipper. One of the main preferences of this model is a cordless feature.

The lithium-ion battery shows heavy duty doubles the time compared to the typical battery and recharges in a very minimal time of almost an hour without any overheating troubles.

Also, the motor is super speedy with a dominant factor of noiselessness. The dual voltage is available with a double charging port base work station adds more value to the octane clipper and keeps it ready to use at any time.

A high-quality inserted LED indicates the before and after charge color indication (red to green) of low charging to full for the device.

The lustrous finishing body coating helps protect against scratches and discolorations. The thick plastic shielding is resistive to any breakages. Besides, it is lightweight and available with removable blades on ease.

So, without any of the compromise on quality you hold can outclass Swiss manufactured products in form of an Oster octane model.

Due to its smaller size and lightweight, it is easy to carry more than usual time if needed. The cordless feature is one more type of assistance provided and without any breaks, consumers can go in one shot for cutting or styling the wet and dry hairs.


Brand Oster
Model Octane
Color Grey Basic and Multicolor
Model Number 76550100001
Dimensions 1.9″ H x 1.5″ W x 8.1″ L
Weight 0.9lb / 3 pounds
Accessories Replaceable blades (2 sizes), Bi-charging work station, Blades oil tube, Blade Guard, Cleaning brush
Warranty 3 years
Suppliers Amazon, Walmart     
Production Swiss engineering and manufacturer
Power Source Li-ion Battery
Power 12W

Pros and Cons

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  • Styling unrestricted
  • The absence of a cord makes it comfortable to use
  • The battery of lithium-ion can recharge and long life
  • Blades sharp detachable size between 000 to 1
  • Rotator powerful motor
  • Done with clear root for protection from fingerprints and smudges
  • Work silently
  • Break-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Fast warranty
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Affordable
  • Overheating control
  • Handsome grip
  • Tough shielding
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  • Not water resistant
  • Lacks a taper lever
  • Large in size
  • A little expensive

A Buying Guide to Oster Octane Heavy Duty 7655501000

When you take the Oster octane for sales you know about these features. It will make an easier way for you to buy the best product.


  • One of the reasons to use this hair clipper is the presence of a rotary motor. That spins powerfully as compared to the top electromagnetic motor. The use of this motor makes this clipper free of shattering sound. When it works, small friction prevents it to get warm.
  • It simply rotates inside the chamber. It does its work quickly, smoothly, and silently. It is equally useful for dry and wet hair. Without blades, when it cuts anything its spread becomes slow.
  • The torque of the oster octane indicates the power and way of clipper working.


  • Blades are strong enough to cut the stubborn and thick hair with complete ease. These blades are manufactured with the steel of carbon make these clippers wonderful.
  • The size of blades varies that is 000 to 1. These blades can be separated from the clipper and a new one can be added during running. The content of carbon made them very sharps for every haircut.
  • If you regularly clean blades it will increase the sharpness.


  • Its design is ergonomic which makes it light in weight. It is a cordless clipper so the presence of a battery is the one reason for lightweight. This feature is best for professional people to avoid fatigue after a whole day of work.
  • Its weight is not 1 pound while the other clippers may possess 2 pounds weight. Lightweight makes Oster octane heavy duty 76550100


  • Battery use inside the Oster octan clipper is the lithium-ion battery. This battery can be charged again and again for more cutting work.
  • Its charging time is less in comparison to working which is about twice. It is composed of durable power to run in the absence of torque. It will decrease after more cutting continuously. It has an option for backup of charging.
  • It is perfect for carrying during traveling and storage.

Silent working

  • Some clippers generate more noise while some works silently. This matter depends on your working speed and amount.
  • The way to take work is also quite important. Most people like to have silent working clippers.
  • Oster Octane heavy duty 76550100 is one of them. It can work silently for a long duration.


  • It is considered the best clipper if that has long term warranty. This time is a chance for you to check the quality of material that used for the construction of the clipper.
  • The best-made hair clipper is break and scratch-resistant


  • Most professional hair artists select corded clippers. The reason for this they can not face the shortage of batteries during the cutting. After this to wait some time for its charging. But some people like the cordless clipper.
  • Oster octane cordless clipper that is best for the person. But it also best for professional barbers when they have electricity issues.

Comparison of Oster octane cordless clipper Vs Oster Model 10

Oster octane heavy duty 76550100 Oster Model 10 clipper
The weight of it is light which is 0.9lb Its weight is more as compare to Oster octane which is 1.1lb
Powerful rotator motor Universal powerful motor
Blades are detachable with coating for protection the size of blades 000 and 1 Blades are detachable with a size of 000
These are with rust and scratch-resistant These blades with the housing of break-resistant
Cordless use battery of lithium-ion Long cord of about 10-feet
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Final Judgment

Limits are pushing by the Oster octane clipper. The best clipper must be powerful, flexible, flexible, reliable, and efficient. All these qualities are present in the Oster octane heavy duty 76550100. It is a cordless clipper that utilizes a lithium-ion battery. This battery can work for about two hours when it fully charges. It recommends best for professional hairstylists with allowance to fulfill the demands of barbers. Clippers are considered workhorses for the business of haircutting. Oster octane is one of them. Its motor is a rotary that works powerfully and reduces the time of cutting. It works silently and remains cool during work.

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A lot of the hair clipper makes the Oster in the world. Oster performs their services for a long time. The buyer purchases the Oster octane clipper and gives a lot of fine reviews. Oster Octane heavy duty 76550100 is one of the best clippers used by both experts as well as common men. Oster octane clippers trim all kinds of hair like thick or curly and beard. It is easy to use and carry. Lightweight with ergonomic shape calmly to grip for long-lasting without the fatigue in shoulders or arms. This amazing clipper is the best choice for you.

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Q1. How to use an Oster hair clipper?
Answer: Nickles the apex of the attachment here abutting to the buzzer. And that action if you appetite an adjacent trim you would extract paling exodontist. And then unlikely you desire a dwarf butt added associate on the hair.

Q2. How to align blades with an Oster professional and cord vibes hair clipper?
Answer: First apart screws of both blades, only sufficient to be capable of changing the blades. Align the base blade with the apical blade. Acute left-hand tooth of the apical blade charge on the ahead bitty tooth of the base blade. After the blade is aligned, bind the screws. Fitting clipper in.

Q3. What type of motor is used by the Oster octane heavy-duty 76550100?
Answer: One of the reasons to use this hair clipper is the presence of a rotatory motor. That is spin powerfully as compared to the top electromagnetic motor. The use of this motor makes this clipper free of shattering sound. When it works small friction prevents it to get warm. It simply rotates inside the chamber. It is continued its work quickly, smoothly, and silently. It is equally useful for dry and wet hair

Q4. Oster octane heavy duty 76550100 is cordless or corded?
Answer: Most professional hair artists select corded clippers. The reason for this they can not face the shortage of batteries during the cutting. Oster octane cordless clipper that is best for the person. But it is also best for professional barbers when they have electricity issues.

Q5. What timing of the battery is used by the Oster octane cordless clipper?
Answer: Its charging time is less in comparison to working which is about twice. It is composed of durable power to run in the absence of torque. It will decrease after more cutting continuously. It has an option for backup of charging.

Q6. . How much octane clipper weight?
Answer:  Oster Octane Clipper’s weight is 0.9lbs.

Q7. . Is the device user-friendly?
Answer: Yes, it is.

Q8. . Do the accessories are easy to get from anywhere?
Answer: Yes, the Oster Octane accessories are easily assessable from anywhere.

Q9. . Can other model blades could be used with Oster octane?
Answer: Yes, Oster Octane can work well with classic 76 blades.


3. Oster Fast Feed Clipper

Many clippers on the market are used for a haircut. Much competition in the manufacturing of the hair clipper in this competition Oster is which one. Every person in this world wants to look stylish, and modern. The appearance of every person builds on stylish hair cutting. You need someone clipper to cut hair properly and cut hair in this way to look modern, and stylish. According to your finances, you demand something to cut hair properly, and neat. Many companies offer a large number of clippers in which the Oster is one. Clipper is an instrument used for the hair neat, and clean-cut without any disturbance. In the past, there is no instrument for the hair cut simple barber use scissors, and comb for the hair cut, and takes too much time for the simple cutting. But now with time, many clippers are introduced with different qualities to cut hair within a few minutes. Some are used for the hair-cut, trimming, and some are used for shaving and beard. Different types of hair clippers are used for different hair cutting such as different for hair cutting, also different for shaving. Some companies offer those clippers used for both haircutting as well beard and shaving. However, the Oster Clipper in which one used for hair cutting, for beard, removal of long hair, and curly hair cutting. In the best Oster Clippers, the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is included. The reason for making the Oster Fast Clipper perfect is due to its qualities such as motor, and blade. It is comfortable for the barber to grip up for a great time because this clipper is not having weight.

Key Features

Motor   Pivot Motor
Blades  Ductile Blades
Arrangement Potent Ergonomic
Length of Cord 8ft

Features of Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The demand of every clipper in the market is according to its features. Here is the list of the features of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper that make the clipper best for the barber.

Pivot Motor

Every best clipper is different from the other due to its motor working. The motor of every clipper is different as well as the voltage speed. When the voltage required for the motor is greater, the working of this clipper is very sharp, and perfect.

The best clipper is made up of three kinds of motor, all three kinds of the motor are different from the other. The first one is an oscillating electromagnetic motor which is very low in price, and easily affordable.

The second one is the rotary motor is used in the Wahl clipper, and the third one is the Pivot motor that is expensive.

All the working of the motor clipper is good but the working of the pivot motor is higher than the oscillating electromagnetic motor.

The Oster Fast Clipper is made up of a pivot motor that performance is great for any hair cutting. After a long time of performance, the motor of this clipper is not got too hot.

Awesome ductile Blades

The second important feature of the best clipper is the blade. The changeable blades of the Oster Fast Feed Clippers are very pointed to cut the long hair, and comfortable cut for the coiled hair.

Stainless steel Oster Fast Feed blade can easily exchange with the other clipper inside little cut range in size from #000-1. The blades of the clipper can’t sharpen for a long time, dull rapidly.

Corded\Cordless version

A lot of hair clippers were invented in the market. In the past, everyone used to cut hair with the help of just scissors, and a comb. Then Oster John discovered the first clipper.

He invented the clipper in two categories one is cordless, and the second one is the cordless clipper.

As you know about the cordless hair clipper comes with a rechargeable battery but the corded version doesn’t need any kind of battery it is electrical, just plug the wire, and start the work.

Ergonomic design

The fourth feature of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is the strong design of this clipper that is ergonomic. Every professional person wants those clippers that can control calmly that can be fit in hand, and work relentlessly.

Maintain Easily

Another feature of the best Oster Faster Feed clipper calmly controls the machine without any cut, the performance of the pivot motor works quickly to give the clear and stylish looking, comfortably exchange of the blades, an expert person easily to hold the handy clipper without a little overtiredness.

Length of cord

Many companies offer the hair clipper for the barber in different cord lengths it depends on the choice of the clipper. The greater cord length of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper range about 8ft, which is engaging for the expert person because he knows comfortably to move in any direction.


Due to the pivot motor, it’s expensive because the working of this clipper at great speed, the other thing is the corded version. Therefore its cost is quite different.


When you buy this clipper the box of this clipper consists of the following accessories such as:

  • 3 attachment comb guide
  • Blade guard
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush

Details of Oster Fast Feed Clipper

The review of the Oster Fast Clipper discussed why this clipper is best for cutting. Due to the competition, every company tries to make the best clipper, and in which Oster Company is included.

In past, there is no use of any clippers with the time many companies offers the clipper. The Oster Feed Master Clipper was first introduced on 18 Dec 2000.

The motor of this clipper is pivot they function very steeply, excellent for all types of haircutting. The Oster Fast Feed blade is highly sharp and comfortably exchangeable with other blades, and it is you can clean it with the oiled blade before use, the reason for oil the blade does not decay.

The weight of this clipper is light comfortable to adjust in hand without any languor.

The pivot motor of this clipper carried the works quiet not creating any disturbance, and it is good for the expert person because I think every person does not like the buzzing environment.

However, the motor of this clipper after some hair cutting does not get heated up, the motor abide cool.

The only demand of the professional people is bigger cord length because they do not want to stick in one place for full day work they want to move in angle to cut hair joyfully.

The corded version of Oster Fast Feed Clipper not required the battery its electrical wires need electricity voltage for the work due to the pivot motor it is costly in price.

According to this review, I recommended both for the professional person as well as a newbie. The beginner also used clippers after some practice they become also experts in running the Oster Fast Feed Clipper.


Dimensions 6 * 3 * 10.5 inches
Weight 1 Pound
Manufacturer Oster
Product Number 76023-510
Voltage 120 V
Frequency 60 Hertz
[su_panel background=”#E9FAEE” border=”3px solid #cccccc”]
  • Pivot powerful motor
  • Exchangeable sharp blades
  • Trill quiet no noisy clipper
  • Easy to grip due to housing fitness
  • Lessen hand fatigue due to ergonomic design
  • Grater in cord length
  • Perfect for fades
[/su_panel] [su_panel background=”#FAEDE9″ border=”5px solid #cccccc”]
  • Expensive
  • Four comb guards only
  • Rapidly blades dim

Review of Oster Fast Feed Clipper

When the clippers sample comes in the market some people like the clipper or some do not. People give different views according to their quality work.

So the Oster Fast Clipper also gives good or bad feedback according to the performance. Barber likes the working of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper due to the rapid cutting of great activity of the motor, and its amazing blades.

The weight of the Oster Fast Clippers is only about 1 pound, the size easily to grip for an abundant time. Not thermal the motor cools perpetually.

To move at any angle Oster Company provides a great cord length. However, the blade of the Oster Fast Clipper is rapidly dull but expert people like the performance of this clipper.

Drawbacks of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper

As you very well know anyone hair best clipper comes in the market, also some weakness is part of the clipper Oster Fst Clipper Clipper has its merits, and demerits but its merits are large in number.

The drawbacks of this clipper just the Oster Company introduced the Corded Clipper, not the Cordless Clipper.

Because both corded and cordless clipper is different, the corded clipper is not a company with the battery it is good but when there is no electricity hair cutter person face issues.

Comparison of the Oster Fast Feed VS Andis Master

Oster Fast Feed

In both clippers, I would acclaim the Oster Fast Clipper, for this reason, the Oster Fast Feed Clipper if quiet simple not create the noise, and the motor cools for a great time, but in case of the Andis Master Clipper dawn the vibration, also motor hot up after few minutes.

Final Judgment
Everything has two sides one is good, and the other is bad the Oster Fast Clipper has its own merits, and demerits but its merits are great in the number you will feel proud or happy if you have it because it is free of noise, and has no heating issues like other clippers. It is the thing for which you are searching reason for this it is a not costly product for the clipper, and any barber can but it easily.
Oster Fast Feed Clipper is such an amazing thing for a haircut in-house. It has a large number of qualities like it has low weight which can comfortably be used for more time without any tension, and after this, it becomes not very hot like other clippers. It is a wonderful clipper for fades, and the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is the cheapest source of Clipper than other Clipper or Andis. The Oster Fast Feed Clipper is an adjustable blade clipper its blade size can be changed or adjusted according to desire or requirement, and we can freely open or shut the blade. One of the most important things about the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is not a source of noise and is simple in its way to work.
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Question:                    What is the purpose of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper?

Answer:                       The Purpose of the Oster Fast Feed Clipper used for hair cutting, the cutting may be for long hair or coiled hair, it is best for trimming, and beard.

Question:                    How Oster Fast Feed Clipper is better than Andis?

Answer:                       The reason is that the Oster Andis Clipper weight is too much small comfortably to grip without any issue, no overheating of this motor for a prolonged time, and whisper-quiet so that is why the Oster Fast Feed Clipper is better than the Andis Master.

Question:                    What is the blade change method in Oster Fast Clipper?

Answer:                       The blade changing method in Oster Fast Clipper is easy. Just remove the screws of the clipper, clean it, clean it with the cleaning brush, and replace the new blade.

Question:                    What are the demerits of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                       The demerits of the Oster Clipper just come only in the corded version, and the second weakness of this clipper blade is readily dull.

Question:                    By which way we can make the Oster Fast Feed Clipper Dustless?

Answer:                       We can make the Oster Fast Clipper Dustless with the help of a cleaning brush, before or after cleaning the clipper with the cleaning brush.


4.    Oster Model 10 Clipper

Key Features

  • Length                             2 inches
  • Width                               2 inches
  • Height                              2 inches
  • Review                            5 Stars
  • Blades                             Detachable blades
  • Motor                               Extreme power
  • Attachment                      76 Blades for different types of Cutting and Styling

Oster model 10 clipper is a little smaller than other clippers. On the other hand, it has more power than any model of Oster clippers. Its blade is made of very sharp steel. The motor gives us much power to cut all the hairs without any difficulty.

The blades or Oster model 10 are changeable and also it had 76 blades for different types of cutting and styles. Oster model 10 clipper is highly used by professionals. It also has sharp blades but high power than all the other Oster clippers.

It also has detachable blades which are also very helpful for cleaning purposes after shaving or trimming. Oster model 10 is for corded use only.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • High-power motor
  • Strong and unbreakable body
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Professional’s hair clipper
  • Cut all type of hair also long or short
  • Extra-large cord
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Becomes very hot
  • Heavy
  • Have noise

5.  Oster Titan Clipper

In the past, only the razor or hair comb was used for cutting. But now many clippers are discovered in the market. Every clipper has a specific quality that differentiates them from other qualities. At this time there is great competition; many companies discovered the clipper, in this Oster clipper includes. The Fist Oster Clipper is discovered by Oster John in 1962. With time different types of clippers have been discovered for hair cutting. The Oster Titan Clipper is one of the most classy, and dynamic clippers to shape every kind of hair without any issue. Oster Titan Clipper can be used by competent as well as proletarian, and everyone feels good to have such type of instrument, and calmly to grip it. One of the most important qualities of the Oster Titan Clipper is a two speed Clipper for normal working the first speed is enough to cut the hairs of all kinds but sometimes you required the second speed which can easily be met and can not affect the proper function of the Oster Titan Clipper, and you don’t need to change movements of clipper again, and again like other clippers. The arrangement of the Oster Titan Clipper is made in such a way that it cannot be easily affected by the work loaded, and it can be used all around the day and for a long period without affecting their efficiency, and with the normal arrangement. Oster Titan Clipper has an amazing machine or motor which can be used by every person because it is very calmly, and sharp to give any shape to hairs. Due to which the Oster Titan Clipper considered being the best source to earn a large amount of money continuously, and without any effort. It is a also good way for sophisticated people to shine their abilities, and work. Oster Titan Clipper is one of the most commonly used clippers across the world.

Key Features

·         Motor
  2-speed competent motor
·         Blades
  Fine convertible blades
·         Corded\cordless
·         Scheme
  Tough ergonomic

Features of the Oster Titan Clipper in Detail

Every clipper is different from the other owed to qualities. Here are the contents of features that represent the Oster Clipper perfectly.

  • Amazing Oster Clipper motor

The Oster Clipper abides of a two-speed motor which provides the best ways for cutting the hair of each kind. The one is a high-speed motor that can calmly and more effectively move through the bulky and compact hair. The other one is a slow-speed motor useful for delicate hair. The Oster Clipper motor consists of two voucher blades and 11 optional blades.

  • Advertisement Blades of the Oster Titan Clipper

Oster Clipper has different forms of blades which vary in their size. The one blade is of size 000, and another blade is of size 1, and it also has 11 alternative blades according to the requirements. These blades are awesome in their functions there is a low-temperature apparatus that helps in the transfer of blades more speedily, and effectively.

  • Scheme of Oster Titan Clipper

Oster Clipper has an athletic ergonomic shape. It is constituted for continuously practiced people due to which it has a very weight, and can calmly be used for a long time without any disturbance or tension, and work can be continued for a large time even for the complete day.

  • Crashing Resistant Product

The tough body of the Oster Clipper is hard enough not to break easily, due to which it can be used for more time even for years than the other clippers. The best material is used in the manufacture of Oster Clippers due to which it is long-lasting and durable.

  • Cool, and Whisper Performance

The administration of the Oster clipper is very wide but despite this Oster, the motor remains calm for a high duration than the other clippers. The other clippers motor becomes a source of noise pollution after some performance of work but the Oster Titan Clipper remains silent throughout the work.

  • Corded\Cordless Clipper

Most of the barbers like to have a corded adaption because the corded adaption comes with electrical wire, so the corded adaption relates to the voltage not devoir the battery.

The battery requirement of the Cordless adaption is, the first devoir to charge, and when you use it for the cutting.

  • Length of the Cord

The length of the cord in mostly clippers is not long average about four to five in length. But the professional, also the prevention choose this clipper that cord is abundant not like those clippers in which small in length.

The wish of every haircutter is a lengthy cord because the barber wishes not to fix it in one place for the whole day’s work.

  • Accessories

The last feature of the Oster Clipper is about the accessories, when the box comes to the home not only consists of the machine but also comes with some accessories that must require for this tool. Here the list of these accessories comes with the Oster Clipper

  • Convertible blades
  • Oil required for blade
  • Brush for cleaning tool
  • Guard for blade
  • Grease clipper

Oster Titan Clipper in Detail

In this competitive world, the Oster titan makes its place in the best clipper for hair. The Quality of the motor Titan clipper accomplishes the best clipper in the world because of the motor of this clipper work at both low and high speed.

When the speed of the motor is high for cutting then you need the for trimming or for normal hair you need a less-speed motor so use only one button to control both speeds of the motor high, and low.

The blades of the Osten Titan Clipper are convertible and sharp, this clipper used 13 convertible blades two must use them, and both differ in size.

The range of one blade is 000, and the second range of the blade is 1 while the other eleven blades are used for optional, also a good thing the blades calmly change with the other blade.

For the long-term work, you use the oil for blades so the resistance of the blade maintains for a long time. The architecture of this clipper is not heavy calmly to grip for a whole day without any lassitude.

This clipper is a crashing-resistant quarter that can’t break, and work for years. The running performance of the Osten Titan Clipper is quiet, not cause of the noise, and carry the work whole day without warm up the motor while in case of other clippers become hot after twenty to thirty minutes but the motor of thus clipper not warm after the whole day work.

This clipper comes in corded adaption not abide by any battery. 12 ft cord of the length that is too much longer, and calmly to carry from one place to another.


·         Dimension
10 * 5 *6 * inches
·         Weight
2 Pounds
·         Manufacturer
dba KANAR, Derby International LLC
·         Clipper Number
·         Voltage
120 V
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  • Oster Clipper consists 2 speeds fast, and slow
  • Fluctuating blades can be changed without any disturbance
  • It has a silent motor so it is not a source of noise pollution
  • Oster Titan clipper can be shaped by a small effort with oil
  • It has a persistent body that can be used for a long period
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  • Oster Titan Clipper has no variation in their color there is only one color is available.
  • It does not have a large number of accessories like the other Oster Clipper
  • It is high in price

Oster Titan Clipper Review

Many people use the clipper and give different reviews. Some people accord the good review or some bad. Oster Titan Clipper uses many people and accords different reviews. Good reviews are the two quickness motor, sharp blades, crashing resistant housing, mute, and coldish performance for the whole day. And also some not good reviews on this clipper like it is high in price, just in one color or limited supplement. Overall the Oster Clipper is excellent for both moist and dried hair, perfect for crimpy hair.

A Shortcoming of the Oster Clipper

Oster Clipper has no variation in its color there is only one color is available in the market. It does not have a large number of accessories like the other Oster Clipper. It is high in price

Comparison of Oster Titan Clipper VS Oster Model 10

Titan Clipper
Oster Model 10

The Comparison between the Oster Titan Clipper and Oster Model specifies which one is perfect for the haircut.  Like I will discuss the details review on the upper part of the article you very well know about the motor is excellent for the speed cutting, no doubt the motor of the Oster Model is also good but the difference here is Oster titan clipper motor work on two speed, while in Odel 10 clipper work on just one-speed motor. There is a great difference in price the Oster Titan clipper is high in price, but the Oster Model is for the mid-price. The reason for the high price is the motor of this clipper does not get heat up for the whole but in the Oster Model 10 motor gets after ten to fifteen minutes, and it’s also loud working, however, the Osten Titan clipper does not cause any noise.

Final Judgment
Oster Titan Clipper can be differentiated from the Other Clipper with a little effort due to its 2-speed motor which provides you a precious to cut the hair with anyone-speed. The one-speed is fast, and the other one is low both are very effective in their work. The Oster Titan Clipper has very useful and very large fiber and is an amazing thing for the barbers so the Oster Titan Clipper is the only thing you want to have because it has a convertible blade. All types of hair cut get with the help of the Oster Titan Clipper such as trimming, good for the thick beard as well as for the curly hair.
The Oster Titan Clipper is known for its outstanding work, and continuous process it can be used for a very big duration but it can’t affect their machine, and it remains calm during the work, and it can be bearable for the people because it does not produce any kind voice which the other products become hot and produced different sounds just after a  few minutes of work. The Oster Titan is arranged in an awesome way it can carry better situations, and not break quickly so that it can be useful for a long duration of time even for years. It is considered the best tool for the barbers to earn the money continuously, and with any move efforts
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Question:                    How do you care about the Oster Titan Clipper?

Answer:                       The best way to care for the Oster clipper about the use of the clipper hair stuck in the blade; remove it with the cleaning brush, before or after the use.

Question:                    What is the specific quality of the Oster Titan Clipper?

Answer:                       The specific quality of the Oster Titan Clipper is the motor abide of two motors one work at high speed, and the other one at low speed.

Question:                    Is the Oster Titan Clipper motor hot or not after some time?

Answer:                       The motor of the Oster Titan clipper remains calm for a high duration than the other clippers.

Question:                    Does the Titan Clipper come with the battery?

Answer:                       No, the Oster Titan does not come with any battery because the Oster Titan Clipper is a corded adaptation.

Question:                     What do you know about the blades of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                       The Oster Clipper abides 13 blades two are necessary for the performance range from 000, and 1, while the other 11 blades are used for optional.


6.    Oster Free-rider clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                       2 * 1.8 * 6 inches
  • Weight                     1 Pound
  • Model number #76030-010
  • Manufacturer American Fragrance & Cosmetic Company

Oster free-rider is one of the best clippers used by professionals. It has the double power of an electromagnetic motor. It is a great clipper for all types of cutting, shaving, fades, and tapering. It is lightweight. It is can also be used for home purposes and professional use.

It is made with durable plastic and unbreakable. It is unique in design and very comfortable for holding for a barber while doing work. Oster free-rider clipper is a very strong and hard clipper that unbreakable. It is for corded use. It is used for sharp and close cuts.

It has adjustable blades. It is water-resistant and can be washed with water the shaving, or trimming. Oster free-rider clipper has an agronomical handle which makes it very comfortable for the barber to hold it while doing work.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Great for blending
  • Less noise
  • Can cut all hairs wet, dry, thick, or thin
  • Powerful pivot motor
  • Lightweight
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Expensive
  • Less durable

7. Oster Turbo 111 Clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                     82 * 3.31 * 0.31 inches
  • Motor                       Single-Speed High-Power Motor
  • Blades                      Detachable Blades include size 000 and 1
  • Oil                       Blade Lubricating Oil, Grease
  • Body                        Strong and Unbreakable Body
  • Cord Length                      7 to 8 ft

Oster Turbo 111 is a clipper supercharger motor that provides much more power than another clipper provides. It has detachable blades. It has a single-speed motor with high power and its design is very unique.

With its superpower motor it is very good, for smooth hair cutting; or shaving. Oster Turbo 111 is a high-power clipper used for sharp cuts and close-range cuts. It is also used for trimming, shaving, or cutting.

It has a unique design with an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. It is made with fine quality plastic which is strong and break-resistant. It is for corded use and it has a large cord wire for easy work.

It supplies a high-power with its high-performance motor. It can cut all types of hairs like wet, dry, and thick.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Simple to use
  • Fast cut and high-power
  • Unbreakable body
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Heavy
  • Blades are not sharp as the Oster classic 76
  • Heat up very soon

8. Oster Topaz Clipper

Key Features
  • Dimensions                        6 * 4 * 12 inches
  • Weight                      18 Ibs
  • Manufacturer                  Derby International LLC, dba KANAR
  • Review                     5 Stars
  • Blades                   Sharp Blades
  • Motor                    High-Power Motor

Oster Topaz is a very high-power and high-performance motor with adjustable blades. It is used for sharp cuts and close-range cuts. It is used and recommended by professionals.

It has a high-power pivot motor with adjustable blades; it can cut very smoothly and comfortably. Oster Topaz clipper is used by professionals and it is also recommended by professionals. It is best for home use also.

With its high-power performance motor, it can cut all types of hairs like dry, wet, thick, thin or long short hairs. It is also great for shaving or trimming. It is made with standard quality plastic which is very hard and strong.

It is an unbreakable and shock-resistant clipper. It also has adjustable blades with a high-power motor that makes it unique for styling hairs. It is waterproof. It can be cleaned with water after doing a dry shave or cutting.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Standard design
  • Less noisy
  • Ultra-strong body
  • Never heat up for a long time
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Not well for fading
  • Bit expensive
  • Not ergonomic

9. Oster Speed Line Clipper

Key Features

Dimensions 3 * 6 * 6 inches
Weight 76023-540
Model Number 76023-540
Review 5 Stars
Motor Powerful Motor
Blades Sharp Steel Blades
Cord Length Long Cord Wire

Oster Speed Liner is a high-power clipper designed for easy and comfortable use for barbers. It has a unique design. It is not much heavy so you have no difficulty holding it for a long time. It can easily cut all types of hairs like wet, dry, and thick hairs.

It is made strong for years to use. It also has adjustable blades for smooth cuts and close-range short cuts. Oster Speed Liner clipper is the widely used clipper by the barbers for smooth and close range short-cuts.

It has adjustable blades made of steel which can cut all types of hairs. It has a unique design and comfortable grip for the barber to hold it for a longer time. Oster Speed Liner clipper is a highly powerful clipper among other Oster clippers.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Light in weight
  • Noiseless motor
  • Powerful motor
  • Great for using around neck and ears
  • Never heat-up
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Blades got heat-up immediately
  • Expensive

10.   Oster mXpro clipper

Key Features

  • Dimensions                               018 * 5 * 5inches
  • Weight                               8 Pounds
  • Review                               5-Star Rating
  • Model Number                             76070-010
  • Blades                              Adjustable Blade

Oster mXpro clipper is one of the most reliable clippers used which is used by professionals for smooth and comfortable cutting. It is a stylish clipper. It has a strong and high-power electromagnetic motor.

It also has adjustable blades for smooth cuts. Oster mXpro clipper provides up to 7200 cutting strokes in a minute. Its adjustable blade size is # 000 to # 1. It is widely used for close-range cuts, fading, trimming, and sharp cuts.

It is a highly good motor clipper. Oster mXpro clipper is recommended by professionals. It is the best clipper for fading and tapering. It is also be used as corded. Its corded wire length is 8 feet long which is very good.

It has adjustable blades which can easily move from long-range to close-range cuts. It is a very great clipper for all types of hairs like wet, dry, thick, thin, long, or short. It is also used for dry shaving or trimming. It has a very good quality body made with plastic.

[su_panel background="#E9FAEE" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • Simple to use
  • lighter in weight
  • strong blade
  • less expensive
  • It is also great for new barbers
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#FAEDE9" border="5px solid #cccccc"]
  • A bit noisy
  • Heat-up soon
  • Can damage our hairs when its blade sticks
[/su_panel] [su_panel background="#F6F6F6"]

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper Review

For a beginner, it is hard to achieve a decent haircut without spending a lot of money on expensive trimmers and tools. The costly hair clippers are no doubt worth cash and allow you to cut hair with precision. But in this article, we will review a top-class clipper with professional-grade features available at a lower price that are Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

The professional barbers who had already established a strong business can afford these expensive tools, and they should be because they must invest money to grow their business.

Still, the beginners or the small barbershop owners cannot afford these clippers to satisfy their clients.

A high-quality clipper at an affordable price is no less than a gift for a professional barber or a beginner.

But most of the clipper available on the online marketplace is labeled with high price ranges.

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper Review 

Oster fast feeds adjustable pivot motor clipper is one of the most professional-grade clippers available at affordable prices.

Both beginners and professionals love it to establish a good business along with polished skills.

You might be thinking that a high-quality clipper is available at a low cost because most people develop the image of the tool according to its price.

But don't worry, you won't be tricked because we will not hide anything from you.

We will discuss each feature of the Oster fast feed clipper to provide you with a good guide.

You will go through each minor detail of the Oster fast feed to make your decision easy and fruitful.

Keep reading to get a detailed review on the Fast feed clipper.

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Why we love Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper?

There are several reasons for loving Oster fast to provide clippers, and these reasons help decide between buying this fast-feed clipper.

  • The design of the Oster fast feed clipper is ergonomic, which makes it easy to hold and work with comfort.
  • The Oster fast feed is famous among all the professional barbers due to its affordable price. The beginners can also afford this professional clipper available at a reasonable cost.
  • The blades fitted in Oster fast feed clipper are of high-quality carbonized stainless steel material. It helps to achieve a close shave effortlessly.
  • It is easy to use due to its convenient design and sharp blades.
  • The solid professional cord provides flexibility with full power.
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Why we don't like Oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper?

Not only pros but there are some facts about Oster fast feed clipper that does not seem to be more preferable.

  • The guard combs are not of that high quality, preferable for the professionals. And beginners cannot be comfortable with these guard combs because they need more convenient tools for precise working.
  • It could be disappointing if you will use Oster fast feed clipper for cutting hair in bulk.
  • The convenience of the clipper depends upon the flexible on/off switch. But this Oster trimmer is not equipped with a smooth and straightforward on/off switch. The clumsy on/off switch may offense you while you are busy cutting hair.
  • The Oster fast feed trimmer provides you with a close shave, but it is not made for bald shaving.

Critical Features of Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

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The Oster fast feed is fitted with Cryogen-X Blades that are easily adjustable and help achieve close hair cutting. The oster fast feed blade is designed to clip maximum hair in a single stroke. It is engineered to cut hair from 000 sizes to 1 without pulling or snagging it. The high-quality carbonized stainless steel blades provide you smooth haircutting experience effortlessly.

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Guard combs

The other fast feed clipper is best in most fields, but it isn't enjoyable when combing guards. The different fast feed guard combs are made with poor-quality material that does not seem professional.

It comes with four guide combs that could meet some basic requirements.

  1. 1/4"
  2. 3/8"
  3. 1/2"
  4. A blending comb

But there is no problem without a solution. We also have a solution for the oster fast feed guide combs. There is some guide comb compatible with oster fast feed clipper.

You can try out Andis 01420 Master Clipper Magnetic Comb Set — Dual Pack Sizes 0.5 & 1.5 as it is compatible with oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clippers 76023 510.

These Andis magnetic clipper comb sets can be fitted with any clipper to achieve high-quality, smooth hair cutting.

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The oster fast feed clipper is equipped with a high-quality motor that works quietly.

You don't need to bear annoying noise while cutting or trimming hair.


A continuous noise of the clipper can cause a headache that is not acceptable.

Therefore adjustable pivot motor clipper works quietly to give you a smooth haircutting experience.

If you are a professional barber, then it would be friendly to your clients.

The whisper-quiet, powerful motor is the specialty of other professional hair clippers loved by most barbers.

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Pivot Motor v/s Magnetic Motor

To understand the meaning and efficiency of a pivot motor, let's study the difference between a pivot and a magnetic motor to make it more clear.

The pivot motor has a lower blade speed than the magnetic motor, but the working quality is the opposite.

It works great for your powerful cutting experience with its power twice that of a magnetic engine.

The magnetic motors move the blades too fast, but it creates some annoying vibrations that cause noise.

It often leads to headaches with its sturdy vibrations and annoying noise.

While the pivot motor works quietly with lower blade moves to create smooth vibrations that resonate with your mind.

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The pivot motor clipper allows you to enjoy its full power with a professional cord.

The main reason behind the low cost of this clipper is that it is corded.

You can enjoy a powerful haircutting experience anytime without getting worried about recharging the battery.

The cordless clippers are convenient to use even without a direct electricity supply, but they offer less power than corded clippers.

The corded clippers are more reliable and affordable than battery-powered cordless clippers.

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 Weight:  The oster fast feed professional clipper is a lightweight tool that weighs only one lb. it keeps your shoulders healthy with its lightweight design and ergonomic handle. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use and portable.

 Cord length : Oster fast feeds attached with a professional 8 fit power cord for comfortable use.

 Product Dimensions:  The product dimension of the oster fast feed is 6 x 3 x 10.5 inches.

 Manufacturer:  Oster is the manufacture of these professional, fast feed clippers.


Oster 76 vs Fast Feed

Oster 76 vs Fast Feed

If we compare oster 76 and fast feed, it would be pretty easy to pick the best one.

Oster 76 Clipper Oster Fast Feed Clipper
Costly even double the price of oster fast feed Affordable clipper even the half of oster 76 price
  Annoying noise that causes headache to your clients head This affordable aster fast feed trimmer is quiet and smooth.
Weighs 2 pounds It weighs 1 pound

You don't need to get confused over the rates because the oster 76 clipper has some better features and specs; therefore, it is more pricey than oster fast feeds. But the oster fast feed is still a better affordable trimmer for both the beginner and professional barbers.

Andis 01557 Professional Master vs Fast Feed

Andis 01557 Professional Master vs fast feed

Let us deeply compare the Andis 01557 Professional Master with fast feed to know which one is the best choice.

Andis 01557 Professional Master Oster fast feed
Equipped with a magnetic motor Equipped with pivot motor
Weighs 1.25 pounds Weighs 1 pound
It gets hot after continuous use It gets hot after continuous use

Well, Andis is a famous and well-known brand of professional clippers then why should you prefer oster clippers? Well, the fast feed again wins to its affordable price and whisper-quiet motor.

Wahl senior Oster Fast feed clipper
Electromagnetic motor Pivot motor
Weighs 1.3 pounds Weighs 1 pound
Strong vibrations Slow blade vibrations

The Wahl senior is no doubt the best clipper at an affordable price. But it creates strong vibrations that cause a headache if used for long hours. The oster trimmer is better in this way; it creates slower blade vibrations but cuts hair fast due to its pivot motor.

Performance of Oster Fast Feed Clipper 

The oster fast feed trimmer comes with a pivot motor that quietly delivers a powerful, smooth haircutting experience. Therefore the performance of oster professional fast feed clippers cannot be challenged.

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Comfortable Grip 

The ergonomic design of the oster fast feed adjustable pivot motor clipper provides a soft grip. This is the key to achieve a high-quality professional-grade salon haircut without fatigue; the ergonomic design reduces shoulder strain and adds an extra comfort element to the fast feed oster.

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No Headache While Trimming Hair

When you use a trimmer to cut your hair, its annoying vibrations keep knocking in your head and lead to severe headaches.

But with other men's hair clippers,

You don't need to face the situation as it cuts hair smoothly.

The Oster fast feed clipper makes its blades move slower to overcome the vibrations.

People think that it's a downside as the faster the blade movements faster the hair cutting procedure.

But it's wrong because the slower blade movements only reduce the vibrations, and its pivot motor controls performance.

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Oster Professional, Fast Feed Clipper Accessories

The Oster professional, fast feed clipper comes with multiple accessories for various reasons.

  • The fast feed clipper
  • Blade guard
  • Four guide combs to cut hair precisely
  • Cleaning brush to maintain the performance
  • Blade oil to prevent the blades from rusting

What do People Think About Oster Fast Feed Clippers?

Here is what people have reviewed about Oster Clippers on the world's largest online market, amazon.

  • Most of the positive reviews were about its soft grip and fabulous body. It doesn't get hot during the process and makes the haircutting process more accessible and comfortable.
  • Some customers didn't find anything special about Oster fast feed clippers and compared them with low-quality Conair trimmers.
  • A verified purchaser complains about its poor performance on thicker hair. He couldn't even cut his son's thick hair with oster clippers and had to finish the job with another trimmer.
  • The super convenient control of the oster pivot motor clipper is a plus point that makes it worth trying.
  • The oster fast feed limited edition offers you a one-year warranty, and that's not enough to inspect the high-quality performance of this tool.
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  • One of the top pros of fast feed pivot motor clippers is their affordable price for everyone. The professionals, beginners, and small barbers can grab this high-quality fast feed clipper easily.
  • Fast feed oster clipper is lightweight and weighs only one lb to provide you comfortable haircutting experience. The professionals have to carry the trimmers and clippers for the whole day to meet their client’s requirements. A lightweight clipper can be a gift for those who work with clippers for long periods.
  • The ergonomic design is the best feature that makes any tool professional and user-friendly. Because a typical flat design cannot be as comfortable as an ergonomic one, it fits in your hand easily and provides you with a soft grip throughout the day.
  • The powerful and sturdy pivot motor of the fast feed clipper makes it a whisper-quiet trimmer. Noise pollution is responsible for our bad social behavior, and a quiet environment keeps us cool from the inside.
  • The professional, fast feed clipper does not get hot even used for long periods. It is a plus point because the professionals can use it for the whole day without getting affected by this clipper.
  • The fast feed oster pro clipper is fitted with sharp blades that cut maximum hair in one pass.
  • This fast feed Clipper is suitable for fades.
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  • The oster fast feed comes with blade guards made with poor quality material and doesn’t suit this clipper.
  • The clumsy on/off switch sometimes makes the situation annoying and uncomfortable.
  • Not suitable for thick hair as it can make patches.
Final Verdict
We have studied all the features and specs of Oster clippers in detail. We compared it with other top brands so that you make your own decision. Oster clipper is not perfect because the oster guards are not too good. But you can replace it with suggested ones to get the best hair cutting every time. It has some defects, but it could be the best clipper with these features at this price. It is lightweight and ergonomic, which cannot be achieved so easily. If you are looking for a professional-grade clipper at a low price with an efficient working engine, then you must grab the oster fast feed clipper.


What are fast feed Clippers used for?

The oster fast feed clippers are designed professionally with their stainless steel blades that allow you to cut wet and dry hair without pulling or snagging it. The slow blade movements provide you comfort while cutting your hair and prevent you from getting a headache. These are the high-efficiency clippers available at low cost and used by all barbers.

What guards fit the Oster Fast Feed?

Oster fast feed guards are manufactured with poor quality therefore you need to search for some high-quality guards that fit the oster. We have mentioned above that Andis 01420 Master Clipper Magnetic Comb Set — Dual Pack Sizes 0.5 & 1.5 are a great choice for osetr comb guards.

Are Oster clippers good?

The overall performance and usability of the oster fast feed clipper make it easy to use and a reliable trimmer. The most attractive thing about oster is their reasonable price.

Which is better Andis or Oster?

Well, we have already made a comparison between osetr and Andis. Oster is reliable and whisper-quiet but Andis is more powerful having premium looks. But when it comes to price, then oster is one affordable to beginners and Andis is for professionals.

Are Oster clippers Made in the USA?

Yes, oster is a US company manufacturing hair clippers and trimmers for all barbers since 1920. The oster company has maintained its standard by providing high-quality products at reasonable prices over the years.

Oster 76 Blades Explained Guide [Chart and Guards]

Andis master and Wahl Senior are the most favorite adjustable clippers in the market. But when it comes to professional use at a barbershop then only one detachable clipper can sustain.

And that one is the Oster Classic 76 with outstanding performance and professional-grade blades it is the priority choice of every barber. People admire the Oster Classic 76 due to a lot of ideal features and specs. But the most cherishing and special feature of the Oster Classic 76 is its blades.

Oster 76 Blades Explained Guide

Today we are going to present a detailed piece of information about the Oster Classic 76 blades. This article will cover the following topic

  • You will get a detailed Oster 76 blades chart
  • Use of various blades sets
  • The production of Oster Classic 76 blades, why are they are so important in detachable blades categories?
  • How you can change the blade of your clipper by yourself?

After reading a detailed article covering all of the above points, you will be able to understand everything you need to. If you are going to become a professional barber then this information is necessary for you.

Let’s get started…

Detailed Oster 76 blades chart

The Oster Classic 76 comes with a #000 and #1 detachable blade. These sizes are commonly used by everyone. When you had the experience of using Andis Master or Wahl cordless (Magic clip) you might know there is an option for open and close.

This means that you cannot change the length of the existing blade with a lever. Instead, if you need to change the length of the blade you need to change it.

The same case is with the Oster Classic 76, you can change the blade, to get your required hair length. This might be difficult to some extent with precision issues. But once you get used to it, you will get amazing results.

The #000 Oster blade allows you to achieve the same precise hair length as any adjustable clipper does. The professional Oster 76 gives you more versatility and options while cutting hair.

Here is the detailed blade chart of Oster classic 76.

Blade number Size (inches) Size (mm)
#00000 1/125" 0.2
#0000 1/100" 0.25
#000 1/50" 0.5
Modified 0A 1/50" 0.5
#0A 3/64" 1.2
#1 3/32" 2.4
#1A 1/8" 3.2
#1 1/2 5/32" 4
#2 1/4" 6.3
#3 1/2 3/8" 9.5
#3 3/4 1/2" 12.7
Flattop T 1/50" 0.5
18 Skiptooth 1/8" 3.2
Texturing Blade 1/8" 3.2

The Use of various blades sets

The blades from #00000 to #000 are designed to deliver close cuts with precision. The blade number #00000 is selected when you need a very close cut or shave. People who need bald shave can use the #00000 blade.

But if you are a fade lover then blades from #0000 to #000 are the best options for you. Where for light caesar haircuts the blade #0A is a perfect option.

If you want to use the clipper as a fade clipper then the #1A Oster Classic 76 blade is ideal. But if you want to remove hair in bulk the use #1 blade.

If you want to clip the hair by using a comb then you should use the #000 or some lower number. This number ensures that you won’t be cutting hair up or down the comb.

But if you want to keep hair length shorter than comb level then you can use any one of the blades in the chart. Because every blade in the chart differs from the other in millimeters.

In order to shave someone’s back of the neck, you should use the #3 1/2 and #3 ¾ blades. These numbers work best to shave the neck and sides. Two other blades lengths have been using in regular haircuts.Oster 76 Blades Explained

When you start taper you will find #3.5 the best choice. To finish right to the crown, you can use #3.75, here you can start blending the length of hair. This blade length makes the blending of longer hair easy.

You can pick 14 blades giving you various kinds of haircuts. This is a huge variety indeed. You must be sure that you will be spending a few hundred dollars in buying every available version.

The stainless steel blades are quite expensive therefore, you should be aware of them. These high-end fancy blades are for professional barbers who are already earning good revenue.

But if you are a beginner barber then we suggest you keep the blades, you cant perform without them. Keep your barber tool kit within your budget range. These day’s tools are getting expensive day by day.

If you want to change hair lengths then plastic combs are better and cheaper choice. Though the plastic combs cannot give you as precise results as a naked blade can, you can have a good start with them.

The manufacturing secrets of Oster 76 blades

The Oster classic 76 blades are manufactured with great responsibility. There is no other brand blade in the market that can compete with the Oster blades in strength and performance.

The Oster 76 blades are made with a mixture of premium quality stainless steel and 1.2% carbon. This combination of the blade material ensures cutting-edge performance.

Also, it keeps your blade last longer than any other ordinary blade. The manufacturing process is done to ensure both performance and life span.

The whole manufacturing process goes through the following steps.

  • First of all the blade is kept in the high heat of about 1000 °F for about an hour. The purpose of this process is to disperse the 1.2% carbon among the whole stainless steel material. The blade material is infused with carbon molecules to ensure strength and capability.
  • After the heating process, the blades are put into an equally opposite environment. At the freezing temperature about 300°F. it lasts there for about the next 20 hours. This process makes the blade harder and stronger. This opposite temperature system helps to boost the durability and performance of the blades.

After the entire process, you get an extremely solid, durable, and tough blade that ensures to cut every single hair effortlessly. We observe that a knife blade of premium quality ranks around 55 to 60 on the Rockwell scale. But our Oster 76 blades can score from 62 to 66 on the scale.

After knowing about the quality and durability of your Oster 76 blades you shouldn’t neglect their maintenance. You should keep in mind that every tool needs proper maintenance regardless of its durability and hardness.

You should oil your Oster 76 blades regularly to enjoy a never-ending performance. If you take care of your blade’s maintenance then you will achieve a high-end cutting experience every time. If you notice that your clipper blades are getting hot due to continuous work, then use a coolant spray.

How to change the Oster 76 blades? 

Detaching blades seems quite scary at first and you think that you can never be succeeded. Because you are a barber or any simple person who cuts his hair at home.

You are not a technician who is supposed to deal with all that stuff. But believe me, it is quite simple and easy to change the Oster 76 blades. You might be scared of cutting your own hair at home. But this fear disappeared after the first attempt. The same thing is about changing blades.

After following these steps you will be able to change the Oster 76 blades perfectly.

Step1- Don’t turn off the clipper

Keep your clipper running to perform the next step. It seems quite scary, but don’t worry you won't get hurt while doing this. There is a science behind keeping your clipper turn on we will discuss it in the last step. You can also perform the task with a turned-off clipper. But that could create some hassle.

Step Two- Remove the blade 

In order to remove the blade, hold it from the sides and pull it away from the clipper head with a quick but gentle motion. By doing this, the latch holding the blade would be released. After that, you can remove the blade by sliding it off.

Step Three- Optional

If you are scared of pulling the blade out while keeping the clipper turn on, then you can see this step. You have to adjust the lever by yourself to fit the blade in right place. But when you keep the clipper on, you don’t encounter this issue. The new blade fits best in a running clipper.

What happens if the clipper is turned off? 

When you try to insert the blade in the clipper after turning it off you face some problems. If the blade doesn’t fit exactly then it starts pulling and snagging hair. That seems quite disappointed bearing pulling hair from a powerful and high-performance blade.

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We have tried our best to give you every piece of information necessary for you to understand. You should know the quality, performance, and manufacturing process of the blade you are using.

It gives you confidence in your blade. We hope you would like this thorough article explaining every critical piece of information about the Oster 76 blades.


Oster Fast Feed vs Classic 76 Review & Comparison

Oster the top brand in the market of hair clippers we use in our daily life. When it comes to choosing between two modes of the same brand with the same quality it gets hard. But Oster has always kept its strict behavior towards manufacturing hair clippers for a specific line.

If it’s about aggressive and massive haircuts at barber salons, Oster has its warrior. Similarly, if you need a cool and high-quality hair clipper for home haircuts, Oster also has your back. Oster is maintaining the standards of excellence by introducing high-quality and performing clippers in the market.

Today we are here with a detailed comparison between the two best clippers from Oster. Oster fast feed and classic 76 both are designed with the latest technology to meet the requirements of modern customers.

Both deserve the praise and appreciation they are getting from the customers. But we are supposed to compare both the Oster fast feed and classic 76 so here we go.

Oster fast feed V/S classic 76:

I will share my point of view in detail covering each aspect of Oster fast feed and classic 76 that makes them the same and different simultaneously.

But if you don’t have enough time to go through the detailed content you can consider these main highlights.

  • If you are looking for a lightweight, cool-running, and reliable home clipper then Oster fast feed is a great fit for you. This is a relatively cheaper and reliable clipper best for home haircuts.
  • If you are a professional barber and need a high-end clipper with a heavy-duty motor then Oster classic 76 is a great choice for you. It is a superior choice for barbers for bulk cutting and precise detailing. It requires a little bit more maintenance as it heats up quickly due to the heavy-duty engine. Also, it is heavier than Oster fast feed and expensive too.

Oster fast feed V/S classic 76: Design 

Oster classic 76 construction 

The Oster classic 76 is constructed for salon use with an extremely durable and heavy-duty design. It is a little bit bulkier than Oster fast feed due to its heavy-duty motor that is responsible for quality haircuts. Its circular design makes it somewhat uncomfortable but being a powerhouse it’s the requirement.

A little bit bigger, bulkier, and curvier design of Classic 76 limits the use for the entire family. Its heavy design makes your hands fatigued when you choose a family clipper. It’s a barber tool indeed.

Oster Fast Feed Design 

The Oster fast feed is designed for family use therefore it is made lightweight and compact. Moreover, the rectangular shape offers more maneuverability. You can easily use the fast feed on the back of your head with its rectangular body shape.

The 1 pound weight of fast feed makes it the most reliable and easy to manage clipper out there. The shape of the clipper enables you to cut the hair in the right direction as the blades are more precise.

What’s common? 

Both the Oster fast feed and classic 76 are maintaining their vintage looks with borderline fetish polish.

The professional barbers have been using the Oster clippers for decades. Therefore, along with maintaining the performance, Oster focuses on maintaining the classic looks.

On the other hand, other brands keep focusing on targeting modern customers with the latest designs. But if the customer trusts you, he will be pleased by the classic design.

Oster Fast Feed V/S Classic 76: Performance 

When it comes to blade settings and internal functioning of clippers these both are two different items from the same manufacturer.

If you are searching for an adjustable clipper then Oster fast feed is a perfect choice for you. The fast feed allows you to adjust the hair length by using the side lever. The hair length can be changed from size #000 (1/50″ or 0.5mm) to #1 (3/32″ or 2.4mm.)

The beginners find it convenient to use as they just need to open or close the blades to start the haircutting process. Any guards can be used to proceed with the haircut of the desired length.

When it comes to attachments and accessories fast feed is packed with 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ guards plus a blending comb. The product also comes with a kit of 8 Oster guards that help you achieve your desired haircut conveniently.

On the other hand, Oster classic 76 comes with detachable blades. This means you cannot just change the hair length by adjusting the side lever. In order to change the hair length, you will need to replace the blade.

It requires a little bit more effort to replace the blades if you are working with a single clipper. But it’s a professional tool keep in mind.

The pure blades of classic 76 help deliver precise cuts every time. The haircut with a pure blade is clean and more precise than using any blade guard.

The detachable blades give smooth finishing to make you satisfied with your techniques and skills.

When you buy the additional blades from the market you would find them expensive. Besides, additional blades demand more care and maintenance aside from regular oiling. You need to apply grease regularly to keep the blade performance top-notch.

Oster Fast Feed V/S Classic 76: Versatility  

Both Oster fast feed and classic 76 are versatile clippers that allow you to achieve any type of haircut anytime. You can get your usual haircuts done with both clippers. Aside from regular cuts, you can also get fades, bald shaves, or tapering whatever you have in your mind.

The thing that makes the difference is the motor.

As for as the engine is concerned, the fast feed is fitted with a pivot motor. The pivot motor ensures the compact design of a fast feed.

On the other hand, classic 76 features a Universal speed motor for aggressive performance. The universal speed motor beats the pivot motor when it comes to bulk hair cutting.

I would like to grab your attention to this point once again that Oster fast feed is not for bulk hair cutting. The professional barbers utilize both clippers according to their purposes.

They start cutting the bulk hair with Oster classic and then shift to a lighter and ergonomic fats feed for detailing.

You must be clear that every stroke with classic 76 will be crisp, precise, and fine. It only needs to go through once in a single area.

Oster Fast Feed V/S Classic 76: Some Positive and Negative Aspects  

If you are looking for a cool, quiet, and comfortable hair clipper, Oster fast feed is a great fit for you. It is fitted with a pivot motor that doesn’t generate much heat or noise.

On the other hand, Oster classic 76 comes with certain comfort issues regarding heat, noise, and vibrations. The heavy-duty universal speed motor is engineered to long last and cuts through all hair types in a single stroke.

The Oster 76 classic heats up due to the heavy-duty motor, it also generates more vibrations and as a result more noise.

If you want to get cool but aggressive clippers at the same time, you need to use certain coolant sprays. You can consider any coolant spray for an immediate cooling effect on your clipper.

Final Thoughts 

Oster is no doubt one of the most reliable and comforting brands on the market. Oster clippers outshine the other brands with their classic vintage looks and signature performance. From outer appearance to the internal features everything is adorable bout Oster clippers.

I have conducted a detailed comparison between Oster Fast feed and Classic 76 without missing a single detail. You can study the through comparison to grab the best model that suits your requirements.

At the last, I would like to mention once again…

Oster fast feed is your best grooming partner for household use. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and adjustable.

Oster classic 76 is a grooming master, your salon-professional tool, that helps the barbers to make their clients happy. It has a heavy-duty motor, high-end performance, and chopping ability.

Oster Fast Feed vs Wahl Senior Clipper Review

You know that Oster fast feeds and Wahl senior both are high-rated clippers on the market. Both are popular brands that manufacture top-quality clippers for their customers. It’s hard to compare both of them because they are from different brands claiming to be perfect.

When it comes to a high-end but sleek, lightweight, and quiet clipper, best for household use then Oster is our top recommendation. On the other hand, if you are a professional barber and looking for a heavy-duty clipper then Wahl senior should be your partner.

Oster fast feed v/s Wahl senior

I have already mentioned that both Wahl senior and Oster fast feed are the best clippers according to their requirements and working area. Oster is best for household use and Wahl senior is a professional choice.

But it doesn’t mean that Oster cannot be used as a professional clipper. Most of the professional barbers end up using Oster fast feed as their main tool.

Wahl senior is a heavy-duty clipper that suits professionals but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use it for personal grooming sessions. People with thick and long hair need a professional-grade heavy-duty clipper just like Wahl senior.

Let’s dig some deeper to find the actual difference between Oster fast feed and Wahl senior.

Structure and design

We are comparing two different models from different brands. So you will observe a huge difference in their industrial design and overall structure. First of all, let us observe the Wahl senior clipper as it is considered a professional barber clipper.

It’s a way bigger body with 6.5″ and at 1.2 lbs weight looks like a professional tool. Its body construction is a combination of plastic on the top and chrome bottom. Its body is no doubt durable and sturdy enough to accommodate professional haircuts.

The overall design of Wahl senior is not so amazing you know. The reason behind not-so-classy aesthetics is its get job-done purpose. It is considered the most powerful and heavy-duty hair clipper popular among professional barbers.

On the other hand, Oster fast feed is more reliable and maneuverable than senior with its 1lbs weight. Moreover, it gives totally stylish vintage looks to amaze the customers.

People who prefer to move around or need a perfect but lightweight haircutter must have Oster fast feed. It comes in resistance break housing to give you a reliable and comfortable experience.

Durability is ensured by both models so would get perfect deals on both.

Blade quality and motor performance

We can discuss a lot about both the Oster fast feed and Wahl senior because both are constructed well. But I think we should start with Wahl senior and its V9000 electromagnetic motor.

V9000 electromagnetic motor is the top quality motor ever used in the list of Wahl clippers. Wahl makes the senior 85000 the best haircutter with this super sturdy and heavy-duty V9000 electromagnetic motor.

Other than motor Wahl senior is equipped with a #1005 all-purpose blade. Its length can be adjusted with the help of a side lever. You can achieve salon-grade haircuts regardless of hair type with zero resistance and performance crisp cuts.

If you want to do fades without sacrificing the performance you can choose Wahl 5 start senior that is available at similar rates.

On the other hand, Oster fast feed is fitted with a pivot motor. If we compare the performance of V9000 and pivot motor then v9000 works more strongly.

But you shouldn’t underestimate the performance of Oster fast feed regarding coarse, thick, or wet hair. I meant to say that Oster doesn’t lack performance but you cannot expect the same heavy-duty performance Wahl delivers.

RPM speed doesn’t matter when it comes to pivot rotatory motors. Because rotatory motors have a lot of torque as compared to electromagnetic motors.

Due to this level of torque, it cuts through each hair type including wet hair. With a small and lightweight design, you shouldn’t underestimate its sharpness and performance. It delivers a professional-grade performance through all hair types.

You might have heard about the popularity of Oster’s classic 76 blades. Oster clippers are fitted with sharp and high-quality detachable blades.

But their blades are hard to zero gap as it is a little bit tricky process. After a little bit of effort, you can achieve zero gaps and enjoy fading or balding.

However, Oster fast feed clippers are not designed for skin fades. You cannot call it a drawback but you shouldn’t expect something from a tool it is not designed for. If you are in search of a hair clipper for regular cuts and versatility then go for it.

Noise and Heating factors

If you have observed some weak points of Oster fast feed in the previous section then you will see a bright side of this clipper now.

Electromagnetic motor’s parts rotate fast therefore it leads the clipper to get hot. Wahl senior is equipped with a V9000 exclusively heavy-duty motor that ends up heating too quickly. On the other hand pivot, rotary motor stays cooler for a long time.

One more thing about Wahl senior that adds more heat is its chrome part. Metals are good conductors of heat leaving your clipper hot. Where the fast feed is constructed with hard plastic that absorbs heat and keeps the clipper cool.

Professional barbers can get a huge benefit of having Oster fast feed as their customers would love to choose their shop. Your customer won’t get disturbed by getting close to skin cuts with hot blades.

Also when your clippers get heated you need to cool them with coolant sprays and other materials. This will cause time waste and you will end up creating mess around. The less you waste your time on other stuff the more you can focus on your customer’s haircuts.

When it comes to the noise factor, the Oster fast feed again wins the battle. The hard plastic body of Oster absorbs vibrations to give you a relaxed and comfortable haircutting experience. On the other hand, the presence of a heavy-duty electromagnetic motor causes Wahl senior to vibrate more than Oster.

This is the reason why I am in favor of Oster fast feed when it comes to choosing a clipper for household use. You can get professional-grade haircuts at home without dealing with hot and noisy clippers.

People who used to cut their kid’s hair at home should go for Oster fast feed. Its heat and noise absorption properties make it the best choice for kids’ haircuts.

A strong buzzing sound disturbs kids when you bring clippers around their ears. But when you are using an Oster fast feed your kids will be enjoying their grooming sessions.

Cost and accessories

You can observe the different Wahl senior models priced at different rates. But still, Oster is cheaper than any Wahl senior model. When it comes to performance and reliability, price doesn’t matter. Professionals cannot compromise heavy-duty motor and household users on comfort. Therefore price doesn’t matter but people with a low budget can consider Oster fast feed.

In terms of accessories and attachments, you are getting the best deal from both models. Both offer you 3 basic combs, clipper oil, a cleaning brush, and a blade guard. The senior guards are 1/16″ to 3/16″ in length where Oster offers 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ guards. Fast feed offers you a bonus blending comb too.


Both the Oster and Senior offer you plastic combs. Plastic combs don’t look sturdy and they are flimsy too. Oster fast feed has a big con in this case. If you are not satisfied with plastic combs, you can attach Andis Nano magnetic guards with your Oster fast feed. These magnet guards fit the Oster fast feed perfectly but make sure to get double-sided guards.

Final Word

As I mentioned at the very start of the article, that if you are looking for a reliable, casual, and home use ready clipper choice should be Oster fast feed. But if you are searching for a professional grade heavy duty clipper, then grab Wahl senior clipper.

Wahl Senior clipper comes in multiple variations like Wahl 5 star senior and Wahl senior. All of the models are equipped with high-end features to make every haircut precise. The barbers can choose between Oster classic 76 and Wahl 5 start senior as it is a better comparison.

In the end, I would like to say that both models are constructed with solid and sturdy materials. They both work best to give you comfortable haircuts. You just need to pick one according to your requirements and preferences.


According to this view, you get all the information about the top 10 best clippers. All the Oster clippers are best, perform the work very well, and don’t cause any hair damage.

The Oster clippers are used for all kinds of hair cutting such as trimming, shaving, beard, curly hair, and removal of the bigness hair. The Oster clipper is the shining piece of the professional barber.

With the help of the Oste,r clipper barber satisfy the client with the work. In this review provide the information about the best clipper it’s all up to you which one you purchase according to your need.



Question:                 Which one is the best Oster clippers in the World?

Answer:                   There are many best clippers on the market that performs the work very well but choose the best Oster clipper is Oster Classic 76 Clipper.

Question:                Which country manufactures the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                   The Oster Clipper was manufactured by the USA country since the 1920s.

Question:                 How the Oster Clipper Blade is sharper?

Answer:                   The blade of the Oster Clipper is sharpened with the help of a stone called the Whetstone.

Question:                When Should I need to oil my Oster clipper?

Answer:                   When you clean your Oster clipper you should need to oil the Oster clipper. When you use the Oster Clipper you should oil the Oster Clipper.

Question:                Why do the barbers use the different types of the Oster Clipper?

Answer:                   Because every Oster clipper has different features. Different customers come to the shop wants to require the different types of cutting according to the length of hair, and style so; the barber prefers the different types of clipper to satisfy the customer.

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