Top 7 Best Hair Clippers For Black Men Reviews

In the past, it was very difficult to shape hairstyles because no device was invented. At that time, only a scissor and a razor were used to style the hairs of men. Later, science develops and makes it easy by inventing a device name a clipper between 1850 and 1890 by Nikola Bizumic who was a Serbian barber. It was a manual clipper that was used by humans. Later a digital clipper was introduced by Leo Wahl in 1921. The name of this clipper is Wahl balding clippers. It works on electricity. It has a battery which can be charged. Here we talk about the Best Clippers For Black Men, they are very sharp, we see mostly balding clippers consists of stainless steel and a close-cutting blade. They can be interchanged with any blade. Parts of clipper: Clipper is a machine-like instrument that is used to shape people’s hair and giving them a new look. A clipper consist of different parts

  • Many types of combs Com
  • Scissor
  • Charging cable
  • Razor
  • Brush
  • Guidance instruction copy

What you know when you Purchase the Best Balding Clippers

Teeth and blades

The best hair clipper consists of two blades in which one of the blades moves back and forth with the help of a motor, while the other blades of the clipper stop put. The role of teeth in every hair clippers layoff the hair when caught the hair between the teeth.

Motor and price

The quality of the clipper depends on the motor which relies upon the price of the motor. The best clipper consists of three kinds of motor:

  • The cheapest motor is an electromagnetic motor
  • Most stylists clippers is a pivot motor
  • The most expensive motor is a rotary motor designed for prolonged, heavy-duty use.

If you are a newbie you purchase the pivot motor clippers. If you are professional then you purchase the rotary motor clippers.

Corded and cordless

Both corded and cordless clippers are lightweight in design and easy to use. Corded clippers are the great choice of black people for cutting hair. Its motor works fast, gets a good result, and cleaner fades. Cordless clippers are great for those people who used the clippers on occasions.


Waterproof clippers are the best hair clippers on the market. After cutting hair the waterproof clippers to clean the blades make it comfortable. Black men choose waterproof clippers.

Ergonomic Handle

The best clippers consist of an ergonomic handle. With the ergonomic handle, each barber easily handles the clippers, and easily cut all types of cutting, and move in all around the shop. The best clippers are used for all types of cutting including smooth cutting, shaving, trimming, beard, bulk, and best for curly hair. The best of our products are mentioned to make you happier. With the help of the information make for it easier to chose one. The list of best clippers for black Men hair 2020 and trimmers is given by:

  • Oster Classic 76 Hair and Balding Clipper
  • Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro
  • Wahl 5 Balding Clippers
  • Andis Master Hair, and Balding Clipper
  • Wahl 5 Star Magic Clipper
  • Oster Titan Hair
  • Andis Pro Foil Lithium

Here are the top 7 Best Balding Clippers Reviews

1. Oster Classic 76 Hair & Balding Clipper

Key Features

Dimensions 2 * 2 * 7.5 inches
Manufacturer Oster
Weight 2 pounds
Item number 76076-010
Blade Detachable Blade from 000 and 1
Motor Single Speed Motor
Cord 9 ft
Oster is one of the leading companies of clippers. It was made in the USA in1920, the black men consider the best clipper for cutting, and it is the best hair clipper for men Oster classic clippers consist of detachable blades which makes them unique. It is a very powerful machine which helps people to give a very unique hairstyle. It uses a motor that rotates which gives much power it needed to cut all types of hair rather they are wet-dry or thick. It is the most recommended clipper by the barbers. It is made up of a very fine quality substance which makes it expensive and unique. Oster classic is a very fine product because it works on all types of hairs i.e. it works on dry, thick as well as wet hairs. It supplies a powerful motor which is very reliable for its performance. It has detachable blades. It gives a very upstanding cutting because of these blades. It works in the opposition of comb which it attaches on the blade which gives its power and the cutting is very smooth and clean. Consists of many blades which can be adjusted easily on the clipper for styling the hairs in many designs and giving the hairs a new and attractive look. It might be possible that the blades can be detached quickly when styling the hairs because the blades are moveable and are tighten with screws that may lose at any time result might be cut on the neck or scalp. Oster clipper is easy to hold and use due to its round shape. Its handling is very good due to its shape. [i2pc][i2pros] Oster Clipper consists of a powerful motor Consists of heavy-duty use detachable blades Oster clipper is easy to hold, and use due to its shape. Its handling is very good due to its shape It is made up of standard quality plastic Its cut is very smooth when making a hairstyle As the blades are detachable so they can be serviced at any time without any effort Oster clipper’s manual is very easy that a new barber can also operate it [/i2pros] [i2cons] It consists of a very powerful motor which that may cause its weight high which may be difficult for holding for a long period of time Because of heavy motor, it may be warm quickly that is also not good for holding Clipper must not be used for hair styling because they can damage the skin or may prove harmful Its blades are too sharp that they can pierce into people skin rather you are holding it in a right position It has a pivot motor which is not quite well Oster clipper is very expensive for buying the lower barbers [/i2cons][/i2pc]

2. Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro

Key Feature

Running time 40 minutes
Length 9 mm
Cutter self cutter
Design Ergonomic
Blade stainless steel blade
Charge 4 hours
Weight 9 inches
Waterproof yes
Wider 57%
Battery Lithium, rechargeable
Dimensions 75 * 7 * 2.5 inches
Manufacturer Remington Products
Remington HC425 pro clipper is one of the great cordless clippers which is used by the back men on the market. Its easily use at the home. It is a self-cutter blade. It is a smaller in size, lightweight design that can be handled easily. The running time of Remington clipper about 40 minutes. The blade of the Remington HC4250 pro clipper very sharp consists of a stainless steel blade that cuts any type of hair including shaving, beard, and trimming. The weight of this pro clipper is just 2.9 inches which can behold easily, and easily move from one place to another. The battery of the Remington is very good it takes 4 hours to charge and work for many hours. The best quality of the Remington HC4250 is waterproof. There are many clippers on the market but the Remington is the best So that’s why 57% wider in range. This clipper is easily used in the home, the best choice of barbers. It is one of the quietest and cool motors. [i2pc][i2pros] Waterproof model Quietest and cool model The bade of this clipper is curved for better cuts Ergonomic design, handle easily Lightweight in design [/i2pros] [i2cons] Even though this model is the best, but battery life is not good The problem in comb size [/i2cons][/i2pc]

3. Wahl 5 Balding Clippers

Key Features
Manufacturer Cosmetic, and American Company
Dimensions 75 * 1.75 * 5 inches
Weight 34 Ponds
Voltage 120V
Frequency 60 hertz
Item number 8110-316
Batteries  1 Specific Batteries
Wahl Balding clippers is one of the Best Clippers For Black Men on the market overall with 5 stars. Wahl balding clippers is one of the best clippers with 5-star used by the black men daily. This clipper consists of an electromagnetic motor run at V5000+,  which delivers power for removing weight and bulking hair. Electromagnetic motors are often incredibly enduring. Wahl balding clippers just like that the other clippers not heavier pick easily because it also consists in lightweight clipper for the barber that is good news for the barber and its customer. The motor’s of the Wahl Balding clipper is a bit quiet, not create the noise if someone’s hate the noise this clipper best for this. The blades of Wahl Balding clippers are very sharp, do not conduct heat that cut all kinds of cutting which you need to look stylish.  Wahl balding clippers blade is easily interchanged with other blades. The Wahl Balding clipper consists of a sharp blade, and an oscillating electromagnetic motor which makes the quality of the clipper best. Wahl Clippers consists of two varieties the clipper 1 is a single unit and the second 1 is Kit. For personal use, you purchase the kit, which consists of blade oil as well as stylish or attachment com. For the professional barbers used the single unit which consists of blade oil as well as the attachment combs. [i2pc][i2pros] Close cutting blade Ergonomic handle to hold easily [/i2pros] [i2cons] It is limited for those countries which have a power supply of 120 V [/i2cons][/i2pc]

4. Andis Master Hair, and Balding Clipper

Key Feature

Motor electromagnetic powerful motor
works generate at 7200 strokes per minute
Blade Replacement blade carbon steel
Range from 000 to 1 tight rim
Batter Lithium-ion
Charge  1 hour
Corded\cordless Corded
Speed\motor 7200 cutting strokes per min
Accessories blade oil
In best clippers, Master clippers are included due to their quality of one of the best hair clippers in the market today. The Andis Master clipper is well known for its motor, durability, and heavy performance. If you decide to cut your own hair Andis Master best for you.  The Andis Master Clipper is a high-performance clipper, and its motor is so powerful that makes it suitable for all types of hairs cutting and trimming. The Andis Master is the choice of the professionals. The motor of this clipper works at 7200 strokes per minute, and the voltage required for this model is 60 V. The body of this clipper is made up of aluminum, lightweight in design that can behold easily as well as carry easily. Andis Master Clipper are size in small weight is just 1.25 pounds and its length about just 6 inch so carry easily due to its size. Most people not like the noisy environment do not face the noise so these people have good things about this master clipper not create the noise it works quietly. [i2pc][i2pros] The Andis master clippers’ combo ergonomic design Powerful, high-speed motor Stainless-steel carbon blades very sharp Great aluminum tool Not create the noise Ergonomic design perfect for a beginner This clipper is an easy way to clean [/i2pros] [i2cons] Gets to overheat after some time to use. It gives the same result as classic 76 gives [/i2cons][/i2pc]

5. Wahl 5 Star Magic Clipper

Key Features
Manufacturer WAHL
Model Number 8148
Batteries Lithium-ion
Weight 1 Pound
Dimensions 1 * 1 * 1 inches
Corded\Cordless Corded
Blades Adjustable, Zero-Blade
The Wahl 5 star clipper is the choice of professionals. The Wahl 5 Star Magic Clipper is perfect, and its motor is so powerful that makes it suitable for all types of haircutting. Its weight about only 10 ounces and its voltage is 120 V. The Wahl 5 Star Magic Clipper also possesses detachable blades which makes it very easy to change the blades quickly. [i2pc][i2pros] Cut very smooth Easily to handle [/i2pros] [i2cons] Warm-up after 30 to 40 min [/i2cons][/i2pc]

6. Oster Titan Hair and Balding Clipper

Key Features

Dimension 5 * 1.5 * 7.5 inches
Weight 52 Pounds
Manufacturer Oster
Voltage 110 V
Cord 9 ft
Blade Detachable Range from 000 to 1
Motor Oscillating Motor two speed i.e. low, and high

Oster titan clipper is well known for its durability, motor, and heavy performance. It consists of 2-speed motors which provide better cutting and power for all types of hairs.


  • Size 10/5/6 inches
  • Weight 2 pounds
  • The model year 2013
  • Hair type all
  • Blades 000 and 1 ultra-durable blades
  • Warranty 1 year

Oster titan clipper is the choice of professionals. Oster titan clipper is a high-performance clipper which and its motor is so powerful that makes it suitable for all types of hair cutting and trimming. Oster titan clipper’s motor works on 110-volt. Powerful motor with2 speed control, 9ft power cord guard cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and clipper grease. Oster clipper also possesses detachable blades which makes it very easy to change the blades quickly. [i2pc][i2pros] Highly durable High performances 2-speed motors Less noisy A long 12-foot cord allows for a wider range of use Built to withstand everyday wear and tear [/i2pros] [i2cons] Expensive It gives the same result as classic 76 gives Limited accessories of this best clipper. [/i2cons][/i2pc]

7. Andis Pro Foil Lithium


Key Features
Dimensions 8 * 5.3 * 8.1 inches
Weight 2 Ounces
Manufacturer Andis
Model Number 17150
Blades Head Staggered Blade
Battery Lithium-ion
Voltage 100 V
Corded\Cordless Both
Andis pro foil lithium shaver is made with titanium material with hypoallergenic foil for safe use with all skin types, including sensitive skin. The battery of the Andis shaver is fully rechargeable and is designed to run for up to 80 min long on a single charge.


  • Dimension 0.45 ounces
  • weight 3.2 ounces(150 grams)
  • Model 302134
  • 5 stars rating
  • Manufacturer Andis
  • 6 inches long (12.1cm)

Andis pro foil shaver is the best shaver that works on the 100/240v or 50/60 Hz or MAX 9000SPM. It is a powerful power shaver mostly recommended by professionals. Also, it has a high-power rotary motor which helps it to work more gently and smoothly. It also consists of a shaver, foil guard, hyper-allergic foil, wall plug charger, small brush, and guidance instructions. The Andis shaver has been a favorite in barbers for its unique ability to cut the hairs at skin level. Andis pro foil shaver is reliable and very good for shaving and is recommended by professionals. It works very smoothly and gently while shaving. A dual independent drive shaft with every cutter blade of Andis pro shaver makes it for optimum performance. Perfect for stylists not for those who are trained in straight razor shaving to achieve skin-close shaves. Andis pro foil shaver is the best lithium foil shavers which are perfect for maintaining fade and bald hairstyles. As it is a foil electric razor, it can be used as a head shaver.

Shaving Heads

The pro foil has 2 foil-covered shaving blades that sit at a 30-degree angle, making them easier to shave around the ears. It is also good for trimming bald heads. It is very convenient for close shaves because of its lightweight and size. Its shape is very fine and its weight is too low for the barber to work with ease. [i2pc][i2pros] Handy charging stand Lithium-ion battery Can be used with cord or cordless charger attached Hypo-allergenic foil Lightweight Universal power close shave expensive replacement foil & blades can be used as a face and head shaver [/i2pros] [i2cons] No storage case Dry clean only Not waterproof or washable under a tap Very high noise during shaving Not suitable for sensitive skin Only work well on short hairs Cleaning is fiddly [/i2cons][/i2pc] [su_panel background=”#F6F6F6″]


We have to buy only those clippers which are best and easy to use. You have given numerous varieties of best hair clippers for black people to take care of your shaving, trimming, all types of cutting. One of them is the Wahl 5 star clipper which is very good for use and easy in learning for black men. On the whole, all the clippers are of high quality. Some of them come with a full kit, and some are single products. The protection of our beard and cutting is as important as the protection of our bodies. You may style your hair with our professional clippers, and combs. According to the Wahl balding clipper view, it is the best balding shaver. This collection of words tells us that people should not buy anything without any judgment. People have to buy a clipper that is accurate and best for people’s hair. Barbers must use those clippers which are good. They shouldn’t use those clippers which damage the skin or harm peoples. Barbers should have to use the clippers which are of high quality, they shouldn’t have to use clipper which is cheap and unsafe for styling the hairs. [/su_panel]


Question                 Which hair clippers are best for black men?

Answer                    There are many clippers on the market but the best hair clipper for black men is the Wahl Clipper haircut.

Question                 What are the Best Clippers For Black Men on the market today?

Answer                    Oster Classic 76, Wahl Elite clipper, Andis Master Clipper are the best used on the market today.

Question                 For home use what clipper is best?

Answer                    Wahl Elite Clippers, Oster clippers, Andis Master Clippers are the Best Clippers For Black Men used for home.

Question                 Why the clipper is not pre-eminent for hairs?

Answer                    Because the clipper may damage the hairs. Clipper dull, and badly clippers can damage hairs by crushing the shaft hair instead of sniffing them. On the other hand, clipper’s blades are too sharp that they can pierce into while making the hairstyle.  

Question                Buying hair clippers is it worth?

Answer                    Buying hair clippers are not worth it saves money and saves time.

Question                 What type of clippers used by the black barber?

Answer                    The clippers used by the black barbers mostly such as Andis Master, Wahl Clippers, and Oster Class 76.

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