Top 15 Best Balding Clippers for Black Facial Hair Review

Here, We are going to explain to you about the Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair and how you can make your hair more attractive by using our products.

Looking for an excellent DIY home haircut, you’ve selected to take your hair in your hands. Or, you’re a black barber just rising the big hustle and ready to capture the hairstyling world.

Here’s the catch, though: some hair clippers sometimes work well on particular types of Best Hair Clippers for Black hair.

Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

Whether you’re an aspiring hairdresser or you’re a professional hairdresser, applying the right clippers can create a difference between a good haircut and a failed one.

Best Clippers for Black Hair

The right hair clipper is going to provide you with excellent control and the ability to work on the details as it comes with various combs. The last thing you need is to end up with a hair clipper that pulls and even damages your scalp.

What to look for when purchasing?

A good clipper should be strong and most of the corded ones are, as opposed to the cordless designs. The corded clippers get more strength so the motor is going to work admirable and steady, with a lesser risk for pulling or hiccups.

You also need a clipper that comes with separate hair comb guides. Even if your brand new all-in-one clipper may look like a numerous miracle, in the beginning, the risk for the hair comb guides to be flimsy and work badly is quite high.

The proper care

Once you get yourself a great pair of clippers, you need to extend their lifespan as much as you can. Oiling the blades before the shave, cleaning the clippers, and well take care of them are going to make them stronger.

Numerous clippers come with cleaning brushes and blade oil and you should apply them. Use some cooling gel or a blade cooling solution that is going to preserve the clippers overheats during the use of high speed.

It may be your wallet that has the last word, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have all the info you need when buying!

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Reviews of the Top 15 Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

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1. Old Spice Hair Clippers, powered by Braun, Washable with 8-Setting Adjustable Comb for Precision Trimming

Even if the cheap price may be the initial thing that gets your consideration when buying, the Old Spice Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair, powered by Braun, Washable with 8-Setting Adjustable Comb for Precision Trimmingis a much more than just a cheap clipper.

The clipper may be used corded or cordless, and that’s a magnificent thing for versatility. It comes with a movable comb with 8 settings; you may trim hairstyles up to 0.94in. The clipper is completely washable and extremely easy to clean.

The stainless steel blades are sharp and the clipper doesn’t go as loud as you may believe. It cuts even the most numerous black hairs and is quite easy to adjust.

Our best parts about the clippers would be:

  • It comes with a movable comb
  • You can use it corded or cordless
  • It’s simple to clean as it’s completely washable
  • It’s not very noisy

We’re not worried about the insignificant issues:

  • It may get warm

You need to remove the hair quite frequently during trimming

Far from being a lemon, the clipper isn’t just movable or dependable, but also a fabulous bang for your buck.


When it comes to the Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit it’s not only the cheap price that seals the deal for various but also its overall quality, thinking the low price.

The clipper comes with color guide combs so it’s practically difficult to forget what to use and when to use it. The color-coded keys are exceptional to link the right comb to the right setting. The blades are constructed of high-carbon steel and self-sharpening.

The grip is soft and the clipper is comfortable to control. The thumb-adjustable taper control lets you try multiple cutting lengths. The power cord is long and the clippers aren’t that heavy.

Here’s what we love the most about them:

  • They come with color guide combs
  • It’s simple to snap on/take off the guide attachments
  • The clipper is comfortable to use
  • It comes with self-sharpening blades

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • The combs are constructed of plastic

The clipper may not pass the stability test

All in all, for a great price, you get comfortable to use, dependable and movable clippers that work fabulously on black hair.


LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

Featuring some of the most exceptional self-sharpening precision blades, the Wahl Clipper Chrome Pro Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair is a solid option for black hair any given day.

The clipper is manufactured in our USA and it’s a solid option even for complete body grooming. Some even use it for their dogs.

The dura-chrome ending looks nice the clipper comes with taper control for modifying the length much more comfortably. The self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades stay sharp for a lengthy time and the grip is strong and comfy.

The clipper comes with 10 flexible guide combs. Adjusting the comb is simple as the clipper features a sliding thumb-operated switch.

We do love a lot the following qualities:

  • The clipper comes with 10 movable guide combs
  • It has a fine and durable chrome finish
  • It’s well constructed and long-lasting
  • The grip is sturdy and comfortable

The inherent flaws shouldn’t stress you out:

  • It sits a bit of a massive side

The plastic attachments have the same color

As long as you’re concentrating on the goods, which are so numerous, you shouldn’t back down from getting the clippers.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

When you’re looking for an entire kit for personal trimming and cutting, the Wahl Deluxe Chrome Pro, Complete Hair, and Beard Clipping and Trimming Kit is a choice to keep in mind.

The kit includes excellent quality clipper and guide combs, but also styling shear, cordless touch-up trimmers, and accessories.

The clipper has a long-lasting build and comes with self-sharpening accuracy blades. The motor is one heavy-duty model and the taper level is movable. You get a whole set of guide combs. The clipper is powerful but runs quietly.

Let’s list our favs about it:

It,s available with a heavy-duty motor

The blades are self-sharpening

You get a full set of guide combs

The clipper is powerful but works quietly

We’re not concerned about the lesser downsides:

The guards are a tad flimsy

It may not be the best option for long and thick hair

However, as it’s durable and sturdy, you should go ahead and use the clipper on your black hair.


Lightweight and simple to use, the Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clippers real when styling the black hair.

The clipper presents Li-Io cordless power and it’s manufactured with Dual Cut Technology so it cuts very instant. It comes with the double-sharpened cutting factor with a lesser risk for friction. The comb is simple to modify and you can use 23 length settings. You may even use the clipper without the comb.

The titanium blades are self-sharpening and completely washable. You can also apply the clipper corded and the battery light sign is a helpful detail.

What we love a lot about the clipper:

It comes with a movable comb

You can use it corded or cordless

It’s lightweight and works quietly

It has 23 length settings

The lesser flaws aren’t deal breakers:

The guard is a tad heavy

It’s not quite powerful

Regardless of the minor downsides, the clipper still stands as a great option for operating on your black hair.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

Balancing just find the balance between powerful motor and excellent price, the Wahl Clipper Elite Pro High-Performance Haircut Kit is one affordable option you shouldn’t skip on, particularly when buying on a short budget.

The clipper has powerful and long-lasting motor and precision self-sharpening blades. The Secure-Fit guide combs offer stainless steel attachment clips so the clipper reviews the adjustability box as well.

It’s a corded clipper that ensures comfortable and smooth hair cutting every time. It’s manufactured with premium standard material and its combs stay in place. It has a heavy texture to it, making it a fabulous option for longhand. It’s easy to use and cuts correctly, without snagging.

Here are the best parts of it:

It comes with a strong and long-lasting motor

It has precision self-sharpening blades

The taper level is movable

It has a good weight and it’s easy to work

Don’t let the minor problems change your mind in any way:

The cape could use a better design

The brush doesn’t clean very fine

Having said that, for the money you’re giving, you get a reliable, powerful, and adjustable clipper that brings a lot to the table.


If you have been looking for a cordless clipper for your black hair, you can take a leap of hope with Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit.

The clipper has a magnificent palm design so it’s simple to get in the back of your head, neckline and even around the years. The stainless steel blades cut the deepest hair and the risk for pulling or snagging is lesser. The blades would be more wide and curved, taking the shape of your head for good clipping. The kit includes 9 length combs and the clipper is easy to handle and to clean.

The lithium rechargeable battery keeps its charge and you can also apply the clipper corded. The clipper comes with a rubberized grip for extended control and comfortable use.

Our favs would be:

The clipper comes with 9 length combs

You may apply it corded or cordless

The grip is comfy and strong

The blades are extra extensive and curved

The cons are far from being significant:

It doesn’t come with side trimmers

There’s no dial for setting the combs

Nevertheless, as it’s versatile and secure, you should definitely provide the clipper a try.


Powerful yet working so quiet, the OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510 comes with pivot motor and movable steel blades.

The clipper cuts through all hair kinds, wet and dry alike. It has an ergonomic model and it’s excellent for all-day cutting. Its textured housing ensures steady and soft grip and you may apply one of the 4 guide combs for your styling. The 8ft. power cord provides lots of freedom of movement and the clipper is manufactured to take the use for a quite long time.

We’ve shorted our pros to the following:

The clipper comes with a strong and quiet pivot motor

The cord is 8 ft. long

The clipper comes with 4 guide combs

The grip is excellent and the build is strong

We very much sure about the basic flaws aren’t deal breakers:

Some demanded the blades to be sharper

It doesn’t come with multiple accessories

Getting our ducks in a row, we’re surely staying by the clipper and hands down for Oster for producing such a strong, durable and quiet Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

Amazingly versatile, the ANDIS Professional Barber Combo Adjustable Clipper with Trimmer CL-6632 is constructed to handle all sorts of hair-related jobs. You can utilize it for dry shaving, fading, outlining and even for trimming.

It cuts both wet and dry hair and fits conveniently in any hand.

The motor works quiet and it’s quite strong. The clipper comes with a movable lever. The housing looks smooth and the clipper is rather lightweight. However, the clipper has a great build and takes hard use for quite some time.

Its design is well thought out and the clipper presents a nice first impression as well.

Our favs about it are listed down below:

The clipper is manufactured for heavy-duty use

It’s safe for all-around styling, dry shaving including

The motor works nice and smooth

The lever is adjustable

We’re not utterly surprised by the minor issues:

It gets hot quicker than expected

The attachments are manufactured of plastic

The smooth design, the dependable performance for all-around styling and the cheap price turn the clipper into an option quite difficult to resist whenever in shortage of a better black hair styling tool.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

The classic look may be the first thing to pick your eye when it comes to Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper, but the clipper is far more than meets the eye.

The clipper comes with a magnetic motor and it’s a classic decision for fading and all-around outlining. Its aluminum housing is lightweight and unbreakable, whereas the motor is both powerful and quiet when working.

The single lever fits multiple clipper blades, whereas the thumb controlled side switch eases the application.

Here is what we appreciate the most about the clipper:

It comes with a powerful and quiet magnetic motor

It has a lightweight, beautiful and unbreakable aluminum housing

It’s excellent for tapering and blending

It has a single level blade that changes from 000 to 1

The inherent flaws are no reason to back down:

It doesn’t come with comb or hair models

It’s not the lowest clipper

The wonderful outweighs the bad and you should get the clipper for the deep and long-time use.

The 180 degrees turning the head of the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro is going to assist you to reach a much easier even the most challenging places, but the clipper offers other qualities as well.

It comes with 14 built-in length settings and a powerful Li-Io battery that keeps its charge. The clipper features self-sharpening and completely washable blades. You can also apply it for shaving your head.

The list of helpful things continues with the locking feature that decreases the comb movement and the skin-friendly rounded comb and trimmer.

Let’s go over our favorite parts once again:

The clipper comes with a 180-degree rotating head

You can also apply it for close cutting and shaving

It has a locking feature that decreases the comb movement

It’s simple to use and works smooth

There’s always a place for improvement:

The replacement parts are a tad pricey

Not everyone is affected by its performance

As long as you’re ready to spend the additional buck, you’re not going to be frustrated with the clipper for so many hair-related jobs.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

The excellent and everlasting appearance of the OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper may be the initial thing that strikes one, but the clipper is far more than just an attractive “face”.

The clipper comes with a powerful and single speed universal motor that is built for long-time usage. It features detachable blades and long-lasting and unbreakable housing.

The cord is 9ft. long and the clipper bears consistent cutting and works quietly. It cuts smoothly through both wet and dry hair and its textured housing ensures a regular grip.

Let’s highlight our favs about it:

The clipper comes with a powerful and quiet motor

It has a strong build

It ensures a constant cutting

It has a safe grip and looks fabulous

Let’s complete the picture with our cons:

It may be a bit too much for a newcomer

It gets warm when you’re not oiling the blades before the usage

Even if the clipper isn’t all roses and rainbows, you should still take the plunge and spend your money at a stick with the classic Oster 76.


The solid build and the durability of the Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper are only the initial things to discuss the clipper.

The big precision blades continue the list and they’re sharpened with 45 edges. The unique X taper blade shape lets you work larger cutting surface area, providing you speed when cutting.

The clipper is double voltage and you may work it corded and cordless too. It’s powerful and has a great weight to it. It has a reliable build and durability feel to it.

Here are its best qualities:

The build is solid and long-lasting

It works powerfully

The blades are sharp and accurate

The cutting surface area is more extensive

Don’t make a drama out of some minor downsides:

It works a bit louder

It doesn’t come with a protector guard for the blade when not in usage

Concentrate on the goods, as they’re plentiful, and don’t hesitate to write down the clipper on your shopping list.


Designed for professional use, but simple to use even from the convenience of your home, the Wahl Professional Sterling Li Pro Clipper #8546 is anytime a great investment of your money.

The design is ergonomic and the one-piece housing assures sufficient to use for an extended time. The clipper is quiet and lightweight and its motor is chip controlled. The cutting power is consistent, no matter your hair kind or the battery charge.

The clipper comes with lots of accessories and a Li-Io battery that keeps its charge for 75 minutes of run time. Its design is smooth and modern and the clipper doesn’t pull or pinch.

Here’s what we like about it:

It has a modern, ergonomic and smooth design

It comes with a rotary motor and Li-Io battery

It works smooth and quiet

It’s lightweight and doesn’t pull

Don’t let some insignificant flaws stand in your way when making the decision:

It’s a bit wider than expected

One may expect even high power

For the smooth and modern design, but also for its positive performance, you should put your money at stake with the clipper.


Best Hair Clippers for Black Hair

At the cost of sounding like an old record, the more you’re ready to pay, the more you can assume in terms of performance and make for your black hair clipper.

The New MOSER LI+PRO 1884 Professional Hair Clipper Cord /Cordless excellently fit the description as it’s both a tad pricey and extremely performing.

The clipper comes with high-quality professional stainless steel blades that stay sharp and build-in cutting extensiveness adjustment from 0.7 to 3mm. The clipper gives a closed backside for the blade set, which makes hair guidance and uses more comfortable. The blade set is simple to change and the clipper works quiet and powerful.


You may use the clipper corded or cordless and the Li-Io batteries are durable. The symbol light for blade oiling is a helpful detail, but so is the multi-level battery capacity display.

The very short list of pros views like this:

The clipper has stainless steel blades that stay sharp

It works quiet and strong

You can use it corded or cordless

It has a great thought out design

The cons aren’t major:

The price tag is a pet peeve for numerous

The risk for pulling isn’t null

Strong, yet working quietly and staying sharp for an extended time, the clipper is money properly spent any given day.