Best Epilator For Men Review

Being a guy you have to deal with unwanted hair on most of the body parts. Being a guy it’s hard to have smooth and flawless skin as hair grows fast on your body. Sometimes hair grows so fast that shaving becomes useless. You shave and get a bush-like body appearance the next day. This sounds horrible but a harsh reality. Here it comes when you start thinking about waxing but who can have spare time to go to a salon and get a waxing session. Also, it is messy if you try waxing at home. You cannot just grab a tweezer and spend the whole week plucking hair one by one. It takes forever. Have you heard about epilators? You can get smooth and flawless skin just like you get after a waxing session with an epilator. If you don’t know much about epilator then keep reading because I will reveal some helpful information you have never known about.

What is an epilator and how does it work? 

An epilator looks like an electric razor that removes unwanted body hair. The electric razors are fitted with stainless steel blades that slice through the hair. But on the other hand, an epilator is engineered with a head having tiny tweezers fitted in. when you move the epilator on your skin the tweezers rotate and during their rotation, they grab hair follicles and pluck them from roots. An epilator gives similar results as waxing gives but epilators are less messy, time-saving, and easy to use. As a result, you get a smooth and flawless look that lasts way longer than shaving.

Epilator v/s Razor which is best? 

Razors have their own role in men’s grooming sessions when it comes to getting rid of unwanted body hair. You just take a shaving cream or lotion, prep yourself for shaving and that is done. But this takes time also it’s annoying to see that hair back on your body the next day. The razor slices hair and hair grows back in the opposite direction resulting in a rough look. Are epilators a better choice in this case? Here are some pros and cons of epilators you need to be aware of while making a decision.

Epilator Pros 

Long-lasting results  An epilator plucks the hair from roots that take longer to grow back. It takes a long time to grow an entire hair back. We are not sure about the exact period for hair growth. But we are sure that it takes a lot more time to grow back as compared to hair sliced by a razor. In the case of a razor you get hair back on your skin in the next two or three days but it takes weeks to get back when you use an epilator. Wet or dry options There are a lot of famous brands offering both wet and dry options in their epilators. It can be like multitasking, you take a bath and remove unwanted hair at the same time. Or it can be a soothing experience to remove hair under a running shower. Hygiene  When you use razors, they can have bacteria buildups. The razor blades often get clogged with shaving cream, dead skin, tiny hair, and skin oil. This leads then to get bacterial buildups and you get acne and other skin infections. Epilators are safe in this case as they neither attract nor flourish bacteria. Cost-effective  It seems like a joke to say that an epilator that costs more than a hundred dollars is cost-effective. But it’s true because an electric razor costs much more than an epilator. You have to shave daily to maintain your smooth skin with a razor. Moreover, you have to replace blades continuously to maintain the razor performance. If you go for waxing then each session costs about 40 to 50 dollars and you will have to go there multiple times a year. If we combine the cost of waxing sessions then it would exceed the price of an epilator. Moreover, the razor’s lifespan and maintenance cost much more than an epilator. Less risk of getting ingrown hairs  The epilator helps people who get ingrown hair easily. The razor slices the hair from the surface which can increase the risk of getting ingrown hair. But the epilators pull hair from the root which means there are fewer chances of hair to grow back into the skin.

Epilator Cons  

Pain and discomfort  When it comes to removing hair from roots the pain is obvious. In the case of a razor, you cut through hair from the surface that doesn’t make any pain or discomfort. An epilator causes pain when it plucks each hair from its roots. Whenever you use an epilator the skin may sore after the usage. Keep Advil ready after using an epilator. Expensive at start  In the last section of pros, I mentioned the epilators to be cost-effective. With time, you experience that it was the right decision of buying them. But at the start, you need to keep a handsome amount ready to buy one. If you are low on budget you cannot buy a cost-effective epilator. Therefore an epilator demands you to have enough money to get started. I am sure that people who are here in search of a high-quality epilator must have used razors before. You know about the pros and cons of a razor better and can make a wise decision. I didn’t feel it right to mention the detailed pros and cons of razors as you know this better.

What to look for in an epilator? A Buying Guide 

There are various epilators in the market offered by different brands and manufacturers. About all the epilators looks the same in appearance and working principle. But still, there are some differences in various epilators you need to know about. Based on these differences you would know which kind of epilator you need and why? There are some important factors you have to look for in a men’s epilator.

Wet and Dry Options

The wet and dry option in an electric razor or shaver sounds good as you can enjoy shaving while taking shower. When it comes to using an epilator on a shower, it gets hard to complete what you have started. It might sound appealing to have warm water falling on your body while plucking hair as it can reduce the amount of pain. But wet hair is used to stick with the skin and it gets hard to be plucked by the epilator. So if an epilator demands extra money just because of the wet option run from there. Because you will waste your money to achieve something that isn’t designed to be for you. Also, you will end up wasting a lot of water and time while epilating under the shower. After this much wastage, you will still see hairs on your body.


Epilators are also known as tweezers as the working principle is the same. There are epilators in the market with a fewer and large number of tweezers fitted in. the more tweezers in the epilator the less time required to complete the session. But a fast process means more pain and discomfort you have to bear. The epilators with fewer tweezers can reduce the amount of pain but it can take time to complete the session. An epilator can have a maximum of 72 tweezers fitted in to grab and pull hairs. The tweezers of an epilator can be made with either stainless steel or ceramic. The ceramic tweezers are durable and would not end up corroding. Though the stainless steel tweezers can also resist corrosion but still they end up getting rusted if you expose them to water for so long. There are also some tweezers in the market designed with hard resin but they are not as durable as ceramic or steel are.

Battery life

It’s all about the battery because you can only complete your grooming session if the epilator has enough battery life. Whenever you decide to buy a new epilator make sure to choose one with good battery life. An epilator with a Lithium-ion battery would be a great choice as it lasts longer than the ordinary one. There are some epilators in the market fitted with NiCad batteries. NiCad batteries can give you sufficient runtime but they are not durable as Lithium ions are. There comes a time when your epilator doesn’t hold a charge for long or it gets a long time to get fully charged. The time decides whether a Lithium-ion holds the charge longer than a NiCad or not. Still, some factors make Lithium-ion better than NiCad.

Attachments and Accessories 

Often you require just an epilator to get the job done. If you want to enjoy more options you will have to pay for them. Different epilators in the market come with multiple head replacement options. You will also find some epilators that come with a razor head so that you could complete a grooming session when you are not mentally ready for a painful experience. You will also find some models with comb attachments when you have to pluck the hair of a specific length from shaved areas. You will also find some attachments to pluck facial hairs around lips or eyebrows. Different heads contain different numbers of tweezers depending on your requirements. Depending upon the number of attachments the epilator’s prices vary. From a positive perspective, it is better to invest in a tool packed with multiple attachments. Because sooner or later you would need those attachments and buying accessories separately can cost a lot more.

Top 3 Best Epilators For Men Reviewed:

Braun Silk-épil 7-880 SensoSmart Epilator

No doubt Braun Silk-épil 7-880 SensoSmart Epilator is not the latest model from Braun. Still, silk épil 7 has everything you need to get a smooth and flawless look. First of all, let’s discuss its attractive price. At this price, silk is offering you all the advanced features you need to achieve a smooth look. Without compromising on your budget you can get smooth and flawless skin. The second most important thing is that épil 7 comes with all of the latest attachments and features at a lower cost. You get everything to complete your grooming session. The most attractive thing about Braun Silk-épil 7-880 SensoSmart Epilator is its ability to pull short hair up to 0.5mm. This is the shortest hair length near to stubble. This means that you don’t have to wait for so long until your hair gets noticeable. You can pull your hair when they are short to maintain a smooth look. Moreover, you can use Braun Silk-épil 7-880 SensoSmart Epilator anywhere on your body. From chest to legs everywhere on your body to maintain a smooth look. It comes with various attachments to get the job done anytime anywhere. Let’s have look at the attachments the Braun Silk-épil 7 comes with. Foil razor head When you are not in the mood of pulling hair from your body then you would rush for a razor. Sometimes it happens when newbies are afraid of epilators, they buy an epilator but hesitate to use it. In that situation Braun Silk-épil 7 allows you to enjoy a smooth shave with a razor head. Braun is the manufacturer of silk épil 7 therefore you will get a smooth shave for sure. Trimmer cap  Braun Silk-épil 7 comes with a trimmer cap to keep you maintained without plucking hair. Without cutting hair close to skin you can keep yourself maintained by using a trimmer cap. Facial cap This is like a comb cover to use on the face for removing unwanted facial hair. it is intended to be used around lips and eyebrows. For women, it’s fine to use to maintain upper lips and eyebrows. But for men, you shouldn’t use it around lips or eyebrows because they are thick. When you use an epilator on thick and long hair it’s painful. Also after using this epilator on the face, you will be left with a red and blotchy face. Men can use this epilator in areas like around the bikini. Precision cap  The precision cap works like a facial cap but is intended to be used around bikini areas. It seems and works the same as a facial cap but its use is different. Skin contact cap  The skin contact cap is attached to the epilator so that you get every hair in the first round. The skin contact cap makes sure you don’t go to the same area again and again. The skin contact cap makes sure that the epilator gets close to your skin to pluck each hair. In this way, you get flawless smooth skin. Braun Silk-épil 7 is one of the most versatile epilators in the market allowing you to use both for wet and dry. But obviously, you shouldn’t use it on wet skin as it gets hard to get all hair in one stroke. But still, if you are comfortable using it on wet hair then go for it. The name includes a term Sensomatic that makes sure to apply pressure on areas it really needs to be applied. It features a light sensor that makes you aware of the amount of pressure you need to apply on certain areas to grab each hair. You can adjust speed when it comes to some sensitive areas like pubic hair. It adds comfort without losing skin contact. Overall it is the best epilator for men for this price.

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579

Braun Silk-épil 9 is the latest achievement from Braun. It comes with all attachments like Braun Silk-épil 7 but there is some upgrade that needs to be highlighted. First of all in order to achieve a painless epilator using the experience you need to scrub your skin. The Braun Silk-épil 9 comes with a bonus facial brush to give you a great exfoliating experience. This addition to the Braun Silk-épil 9 makes it a gem for achieving youthful smooth skin. It helps to remove dead skin and open the pores so that you get smooth skin without bearing pain every time. If you are interested in space-saving objects then Braun Silk-épil 9 is packed with a handy compact charging dock. After using the epilator keep it in the charging dock so that you never run out of battery. Its battery life is much better than the previous models. Braun Silk-épil 9 allows you to epilate hair effortlessly and painlessly in less time. Thanks to its 40% wider head that allows you to get a large number of hairs in the first shot. Less time means less pain and discomfort you will have to go through. After using Braun Silk-épil 9 you will get smooth and flawless skin for up to the next 4 weeks. Braun Silk-épil 9 makes easy hair removal with its ability to grip the hair much lower on the shaft. In order to add more comfort, Braun Silk-épil 9 is designed with pulsing technology. When the epilator comes out it often pulls hair that hurts a lot. But the pulsing technology used micro-vibrations to free the hair easily so that you don’t go through the pain of getting pulled hair. The only bad thing about Braun Silk-épil 9 is its higher price. It costs much more than Braun Silk-épil 7. But the latest technology and attachments like facial brush, charging dock, extended battery life, and 40% wider head do justice to the price. If you can afford Braun Silk-épil 9 then go ahead otherwise Braun Silk-épil 7 is best. Every Braun epilator comes with the necessary attachments and the latest technical aspects to fulfill your requirements. It depends on your budget and the type of attachments you prefer.

Emjoi AP-18 Emagine Dual Opposed 72 Tweezer Head Epilator

When you want to get the job done but don’t have a high budget, the Emjoi AP-18 with 72 Tweezer Head Epilator is a nice option to try. But the budget doesn’t matter when it comes to performance you know. But in the case of Emjoi, you get a nice performing epilator at a low budget range. You don’t need to empty your pockets to have smooth skin. Emjoi AP-18 with 72 Tweezer Head Epilator is not cheap though it’s a fair cost to take a place in the epilator market. This epilator is not from famous household brands such as Panasonic or Braun but still, you can trust this new entry-level high-performance epilator. As the name suggests the Emjoi AP-18 with 72 Tweezer Head Epilator is designed with 72 tweezers to pluck hair quickly. It works fast to remove unwanted hair without making the process lengthy. But a fast epilator may cause a little bit of pain. The speed wins the race however to save both of your time and money. The head of this epilator can be moved in different directions to catch any leftovers. If you miss a hair while moving forward you can grab it by moving the head in the opposite direction. Other than head directions, you get two-speed settings for added convenience. It allows you to get slower to reduce the pain. But the slow epilator can take time to remove all the unwanted hair. But yes, you will experience less pain as compared to the high-speed epilator. The Emjoi AP-18 with 72 Tweezer Head Epilator is engineered with silver ion technology to minimize bacterial infection chances. Though with these kinds of epilators you are less likely to have bacterial infections. This is a bonus feature to maintain both your looks and health. This epilator has another special feature too that reduces the amount of pain and discomfort. It features special “fingers” that make the tweezers lift hair before plucking them to reduce pain and discomfort. This feature makes the tweezers pluck hair less violently to reduce the risk of getting hurt or bacterial infections. Overall it’s one of the best epilators available in the market at this price. Though it doesn’t come with bells and whistles it is equipped with all necessary attachments and features to get the job done smoothly.

Men’s Epilators v/s Waxing: A Wide Comparison

There are two similar ways to remove unwanted hair from roots. Both waxing and epilators do the same job but the method is different. Waxing requires a person to apply and remove wax from your body. You can do it yourself too but it requires time and effort. On the other hand, Epilators allow you to remove your body’s hair by yourself without taking anyone’s help.


We find epilators more convenient when it comes to waxing v/s epilators. You have to prepare the wax, heat it. You have to grab wax strips, apply the wax and pull off the strips. For men, it’s harder to go through because you are not trained to do this. With an epilator, you just grab it and get the job done. Just like an electric razor you can get rid of unwanted hair within a matter of minutes.

Less Messy 

When you prepare wax and apply it, the whole process gets messy. It gets hard to clean everything and a sticky wax is damn hard to clean. There is no need to clean up when you are using an epilator. If your epilator has the wet option, you can just remove the head and put it under the faucet to clean the residue. It takes seconds to clean an epilator, on the other hand, wax takes more than 15 minutes to get cleaned properly. So the vote goes to the epilator when it’s about convenience and a clean environment.

Less Hair Needed  

When it comes to waxing you have to have a certain length and amount of hair to be waxed. Waxing cannot be performed on stubble or short-length hair. this means you have to wait for a certain period to grow back hair to get waxed again. This means you will have to go through some period with a haired body. On the other hand, the epilator can pluck short hair. Especially when you have short-length hair, epilator doesn’t hurt. It can pluck the shortest hair up to 0.5mm which is close to stubble.

Cheaper option 

At-home waxing with wax strips doesn’t seem to be expensive anyhow. When you do wax at home, you have to buy a wax heater, wax, and strips. You have to replace the wax strips again and again and refill the wax. It gets more and more costly with time. If you go to a salon for a waxing session it may be much more expensive than an epilator. On the other hand, the initial cost of an epilator may seem to be high but with time it pays for itself. You can enjoy peaceful grooming sessions for a couple of years after a one-time investment. An epilator lasts more than 5 years.

Less skin damage

Waxing pulls off your skin together with your hair because the wax strip needs to be covered with sticky wax to be ripped off. People with sensitive skin can go through certain skin issues like irritation. It can damage your skin pores and even remove the upper layer of skin.


Can I get my hair removed permanently by epilating? 

No, epilating cannot remove hair permanently. If you want to get rid of hair permanently, you should go for a laser treatment. Epilating works best when you don’t want to shave regularly because after plucking hair from roots, it gets weeks to get back. Just like waxing the epilator pulls hair from roots and the follicles generate hair again.

Is it possible to get ingrown hair even with an epilator? 

Yes, people with curly hair are more prone to get ingrown hair even after pulling hair with an epilator. But not more common than having ingrown hair after shaving. Shaving causes ingrown hair usually but with an epilator the chances are rare.

How to use an epilator?

An epilator is used to pluck the hair by moving it normally to your skin. Exfoliate the area you want to depilate to open the pores and make the hair roots lose. Move the epilator opposite to the direction hairs grow. Keep the epilator normal making a 90-degree angle on the skin. The tweezers when turn around get your hair and pull it from the roots. After completing the session you can apply body moisturizer to soothe your skin.

Can I use an epilator under the shower? 

Yes, if your epilator has a wet option you can depilate your body hair while having it under running warm water. It adds comfort and soothes your skin to reduce pain and irritation. But there is a problem with using epilators underwater. Wet hairs get sticky and become hard to be plucked by the epilator. So it can take hours to complete the session.

Is there a method to reduce pain while using an epilator? 

Yes, you can reduce pain if the hair length is short. Plucking longer hair can cause more pain than pulling the shorter hair. You can trim your hair with a scissor or trimmer and then use an epilator to pull from roots. Moreover, it’s necessary to exfoliate skin before using an epilator. Exfoliating helps to open the pores and lose the hair roots. Hair gets plucked easily after exfoliating skin.

Final Thoughts 

Methods and devices don’t matter when it comes to hygiene and self-satisfaction. If you want smooth and flawless skin, you are allowed to adopt any available method. Using Epilators is one of them that’s why you are here. I have put my efforts into making differences between epilators and razors. I have also discussed the benefits of using epilators over waxing. You can choose methods and devise your preferences. If you want to know about the best epilator on the market then here is my suggestion.

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