Best Electric Epilator Reviews And Buyers Guide 2021

Hair removal can be costly and frustrating for the person who does not choose it properly. You often have to try a bunch of different methods until you find what works best for you. Fortunately, the best brands of electric epilators like Philips and Braun are breaking new ground, and now there are handy devices in all shapes and sizes. Some are suitable for your face and sensitive areas, others for your legs. Whatever your need, I’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for with a comprehensive guide to the best electric epilators on the market.

Top 4 Best Electric Epilator Reviews:

Following my numerous tests, here are the models that I recommend to you in priority according to your use.

1. Braun Silk Epil 9 Wet & Dry: the best cordless and painless electric epilator

The best electric epilator for women is arguably the Silk-Epil 9 which has a number of features that allow efficient, reliable, and gentle use throughout the skin. This cordless epilator can be used in the shower and comes with rechargeable batteries requiring only a few minutes of recharging. The autonomy can be up to 40 minutes of use, which is enough for a complete hair removal process for the whole body.

With 40 MicroGrip tweezers, the Braun Silk Epil 9 Wet & Dry is one of the most effective epilators around. It has a head that swivels up to 15 degrees both forward and backward for better adaptation to the contours of the body, which allows for greater comfort. Smart light illuminates tiny hairs that may go unnoticed, and there’s a facial scrub brush that aims to stimulate skin and reduce pain.

Besides, you can customize the epilation speed as you want with the dual-speed system: speed 1 for gentle hair removal and speed 2 for high-frequency hair removal. It comes with 5 tips that make it suitable for the whole body and uses 40 pinch technology to ensure your skin is as smooth as possible.

Our opinion: this machine is ideal for beginners as well as for pros. If you are looking for the very best in the field of hair removal, you will be won over by the premium bestseller of the famous brand Braun. Note that there are in fact 2 different Silk Epil 9 models with the main difference being 2 additional accessories included for the SkinSpa, a sort of luxury version for a few extra euros.

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2. Braun Silk-épil 5 Wet & Dry: the electric epilator with the best price/quality ratio

The Braun Silk-épil 5 is a very nice compact white epilator with pink highlights. It has an on/off button with two different speed settings and so you can choose a fast or slow speed according to your personal preferences and the area of ​​the body to be epilated.

With Close-Grip technology, 40 tweezers allow you to epilate fine and thick hairs as small as a grain of sand. The epilation session is considerably accelerated compared to most epilators on the market today while maintaining good efficiency.

The Braun Silk-épil 5 has a comfort system that is designed with numerous high-frequency massage rollers to make the process smoother. An exfoliating glove is also included in the kit which can be used to prepare your skin before waxing.

The shaver head is also of high quality and adapts to every contour to follow all curves for better contact with the skin. A special tip can be used for a safer shaving experience in delicate areas.

Another cool feature is the SmartLight which brightens your skin to avoid realizing later that you have missed a hair or two during the waxing session.

Our opinion: the Braun Silk-épil 5 electric epilator is undoubtedly the best value for money at the moment if you are looking for a cordless, efficient and painless model.

3. Philips BRE605: the best 100% waterproof electric epilator

For those looking for an electric epilator that doesn’t hurt without breaking the bank, Philips , a brand known for producing high-quality products, offers another particularly affordable option. The Philips BRE605 epilator is designed for gentle yet effective hair removal to remove hair from all parts of the body.

It also has the ability to exfoliate the skin after the hair removal process to soothe and energize the skin, which reduces redness and irritation that can occur after using the device. It has a washable head and has an ergonomic design for easy use in all parts of the body. It can thus remove hairs as short as 0.5 millimeters (i.e. 4x shorter than wax).

It is a great hair removal tool to use in sensitive areas. Indeed, the soft touch of the Philips BRE605 is suitable for women with sensitive skin. Combined with the ergonomic design, you will have no problem reaching those difficult areas painlessly.

If you want to wax in the shower, this 100% waterproof epilator is perfect.

Our opinion: Combining power and affordability, most users are amazed at how smooth the hair removal process is after getting used to the first few sessions.


4. Philips HP6540: the best electric epilator set (body + bikini line)

This Philips set has been specially designed for the body and the intimate area, starting with the mini cordless epilator that painlessly depilates the most difficult-to-reach hairs. It is often difficult and expensive to wear the swimsuit at a professional, so you can wax at home quietly, on your bed.

The user enjoys the autonomy of 30 minutes after a quick recharge of a few hours. The different materials used are suitable for the most sensitive areas to avoid any burning or itching. You have two speeds.

The opinions of users are generally very good and note a less painful use than waxing. The price/quality ratio is satisfactory compared to the price of beauty salon sessions.

Our opinion: this is one of the few reliable electric epilators designed specifically for the bikini line by a brand we trust that will save you money. The thousands of positive reviews confirm our feeling.

What is an electric epilator?

Electric epilators are devices designed for temporary hair removal similar to a razor except that instead of just shaving the hairs, it uses many small tweezers to pull the hairs from the root. They can remove unwanted hair on the legs, arms, face, bikini line, and underarms. They work by removing hairs from their roots at the follicle without breaking them. These devices are equipped with spinning discs or springs which capture the hairs at skin level, while the moving parts of the device use the rotational motion to move the hairs away from the root.

Epilators are considered a quick hair removal solution with the benefit that the result lasts a long time. The market is constantly growing with new models of effective hair removal with variety for any budget. Epilators can be cordless (battery-powered and rechargeable) or powered directly by an electric wire. Epilators provide much faster hair removal compared to other methods, and their results last longer.

The first epilator was designed and produced in Israel in the 1980s by the use of a rotating coil spring, but due to the continuous bending of the spring, it tended to break quite easily. Today you will mainly find epilators of this type for facial hair. This led to the design of the rotating disc epilator which revolutionized the sector and enabled all the latest innovations based on this technology.

Firstly, Remington introduced this method. The device of this type works by quickly turning these metal discs. Movable tips have an effect similar to tweezers. As the discs get closer, they catch several hairs and the spinning motion coils them. The rotating discs create centrifugal force, which helps to remove hair.

Epilators are now designed for effective painless care with a multitude of small tweezers. They have hypoallergenic ceramic discs to reduce irritation and specific tips to reduce pain depending on the parts of your body being treated.

What are the benefits of hair removal?

There are many advantages of hair removal over shaving.

Lasts longer : the hairs are extracted from the root and not cut as close to the skin as possible. This means that it takes much longer for the hairs to even reach the surface of the skin, and even less for them to become sufficiently visible on your body.

Much cleaner : we all know how difficult it is not to get hair all over the place during a shaving session. Hair removal does not require creams or liquids and some devices even have compartments that collect hair. Granted, getting a professional wax is the cleaner option, as you’re going to be doing it outside of your home, but that brings me to my next point.

Much cheaper : An epilator may seem expensive at first glance, but the savings in the long run are considerable. Indeed, you will no longer need to buy razors or creams, nor to pay for a session in a beauty salon. Whatever you require is there for you as soon as you feel you need it.

Much more effective : epilators effectively remove all types of hair resulting in smooth skin for about 4 weeks. This period may even extend if you continue to use this hair removal method regularly.

Better for your skin : Shaving involves running a sharp blade over your skin repeatedly and you are constantly at risk of burning or cutting yourself. Likewise, waxing also removes a layer of skin cells and can cause irritation or redness.

Versatile and easy to use : most epilators can be used on any part of your body. While some models specialize in more sensitive areas, the majority can be used on your face, armpits, bikini line, legs, etc.

Regarding the disadvantages, be aware that hair removal can be a painful process at first. However, over time you will get used to it and you may not even be able to notice the pain. It may take a few sessions before you master a good hair removal technique. But with practice, you will get this result without flawless skin. People with sensitive skin may experience redness after waxing.

How to choose an electric epilator?

When buying an epilator, there are a number of factors to consider.

Wired or wireless

A cordless epilator will allow you to enjoy portability and ease of use when traveling. You can also use it in the shower, which is a huge plus. On the other hand, the epilator with battery will have the disadvantage of any wireless device: the battery life.

Most cordless epilators can be used from 30 minutes to an hour after being charged. With a corded epilator, there is no need to think about recharging the epilator with one session and the battery can last as long as needed. But the latter cannot be used near water and a nearby power outlet is necessary.


An epilator is usually more or less effective depending on the number of small tweezers it has. The more of these, the faster and more precise the epilation will be because a large number of tweezers means that the epilation can cover larger areas of skin at the same time. A faster epilation time is an important point because epilating hair from a large area at a time can be quite painful especially for new users.

The problem with cheap electric epilators is that there are only about 20 or fewer tweezers on the head. These are not effective at catching many hairs at one time and as a result you may find that you have to run the epilator over the same area over and over causing unnecessary irritation. Choose a slightly more expensive epilator with more tweezers to make sure your skin is as less irritated as possible.


When looking for the best epilator, you will find that they usually come with varying operating speeds. Some models only allow you to turn the epilator on or off, while others offer low or high speed operation to customize your epilation experience.

Hair does not grow the same on all parts of the body. In some areas, they grow faster and are more numerous and this requires different epilation speeds. A good electric epilator should have a speed adjustment feature that allows epilation at both fast and slow speeds. This allows you to adjust the epilation speed according to the thickness of the hairs you are removing. Buying a fixed speed epilator means that the result is unlikely to be uniform.


The specific tips ensure that the device can be used for various shaving purposes. Most models come with heads, brushes and hoof to relieve pain and improve efficiency depending on the area you are treating. It would not be wise to buy an epilator for each part of the body as it would be too expensive. You can save money by purchasing an all-in-one epilator that can be used to epilate different parts of the body.

Wet & Dry

Hair removal on dry skin is undoubtedly more effective, because the hairs are less heavy and stick to your skin. But hot water soothes the skin and reduces pain, and helps keep hair out of the way. Also, the “Wet & Dry” function is useful if you want to start by using it in the shower for the first few sessions.

Easy to clean

The integration of a washable head is a great feature for any epilator. Although there are no specific washing instructions, it is always best to wash them after each use to ensure proper hygiene. Note that electric epilators that can be used underwater are generally easier to clean due to their impermeability to water.

Integrated light

Even if you use your epilator in a well-lit room, you may still find it difficult to see all of the hairs on your skin while you are epilating. If you choose an epilator that has a flashlight option, you will find it much easier to see the hairs that are near the epilator head.

Is an electric epilator really painless?

We often hear the terrors of hair removal, but the truth is, our bodies can surprisingly get used to the pain. I’m not going to lie, the first waxing session is not a very fun experience, but over time it gets a lot better. I advise you to check before purchasing that the device is compatible with your skin.

While most women have normal skin, some people have very sensitive skin that reacts with things that others may not respond to. The things that generally bother a lot of women who wish to use epilators are the safety, pain and irritation associated with most traditional epilations.

For this reason, it’s important to know exactly how sensitive your skin is so that you don’t buy too harsh a device that might cause reactions. However, to be on the safe side, you should choose hair removal that is equipped with some protective features like hypoallergenic blades, massage system, and antimicrobial protection among other features.

The pain will also depend on how you use your electric epilator. There are many tips to limit the risk of pain such as shaving 48 hours before the waxing session, exfoliation of the skin just before and the use of a cream after waxing as we will see immediately. .

How to use an electric epilator?

If you are new to hair removal, you should use your epilator approximately once every two weeks. When the hairs are shorter, you won’t feel as much pain in the process. Once you feel that you have gotten used to the tingling sensation from this process, you will be able to use your epilator once a month.

  • Be aware that epilators do not work well on very long hairs. 48 hours before your hair removal session, it is best to shave if you are concerned.
  • To prevent ingrown hairs, start by exfoliating the skin using a loofa glove ideally.
  • Hair removal works best on soft skin, prepare the skin by taking a hot bath or shower before starting.
  • If you are using a dry epilator, make sure your skin is completely dry and clean.
  • If you are doing hair removal underwater, you can start by relaxing the skin with lukewarm water.
  • Before you start waxing, rub the skin against the direction of hair growth. They will be lifted into an upright position and more effectively captured by the epilator.
  • Start by waxing the less painful area. You can start with the legs and move to more sensitive areas as your pain threshold increases and your skin gets used to waxing.
  • Start epilating in an upward direction (it is possible to iron in the other direction to finish if necessary for a smoother finish).
  • Make straight, vertical lines to make sure you don’t miss certain areas of the body.
  • Stretch the skin when waxing so that the peas are easier to hold and reduce pain.
  • Use a slower speed if the epilator allows it depending on the area of ​​the body, the size of the hairs and their frequency.
  • Do not go too quickly in the gesture so that all the hairs are removed from their root.
  • Once epilation is complete, apply body cream if you have sensitive skin (especially do not apply the cream before epilation because the device would be much less effective).
  • Clean the device for a question of hygiene and good functioning.

Although many women find that their hair growth slows down with monthly waxing, everyone is different and you may find that your hair will come back more or less quickly.

Best electric epilator: conclusion

In conclusion, thank you for taking your time to read this comprehensive and in-depth buying guide. I think I have gathered enough knowledge and understanding to help you find the best epilator on the market, do you still have to choose the one that is really suitable for your use. Here is a comparison table to end our guide and recap all the models tested by me.

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