Best Cordless Clippers Reviews

Best Cordless Clippers Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2022

When it comes to grooming sessions we often need freedom of using our appliances freely. You desire to get rid of a cord attached to your clippers or trimmers. No matter if you use clippers at home or a professional barber who has to deal with multiple clients.

Regardless of its use, you desire convenience and versatility. Corded clippers are though powerful but bulky and never allow you to work with freedom. With a cordless clipper, you can enjoy a grooming session even without electricity. You can also use these clippers for outdoor use.

If you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to read this thorough article then grab our top three recommendations.

  1. If you need a clipper for convenience and house use: Remington HC4250
  2. For barber-grade cuts & long battery life: Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip
  3. Highest quality cordless hair trimmer: Wahl Sterling Mag

But if you have time to read this thorough review then keep reading because I am going to reveal some shocking information.

Best cordless clippers

Almost all the clipper brands offer cordless models along with corded ones. Therefore in the market, you will see numerous options. When you have a lot of options then it’s hard to choose the best one. Therefore we have made this decision easy for you.

We have picked the top 6 best cordless clippers available in the market. After reading a brief review of our 6 best cordless clippers you will also get the best cordless trimmers available in the market. This will be a bonus point for you.

Remington HC4250 ·         Most compact clipper on the market

·         Waterproof

·         Curved blades for precise cuts

Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip ·         Powerful rotary motor

·         Crunch blade for outstanding fades

·         Record-breaking 90 minutes cordless runtime

Philips Norelco QC5580/40 ·         Self-sharpening blades

·         Washable parts & Easy maintenance

·         Wide range of length adjustments

Andis BGR+ ·         Ceramic blades are sharper & stay cooler than usual blades

·         Outstanding ergonomics

·         Great battery runtime to charge ratio

Remington HC6550 ·         The vacuum collects cut hair for less mess

·         Blades are titanium-coated

·         18-piece accessory kit

Remington HC4250

remington hc4250 shortcut pro self-haircut kit

Remington is manufacturing high-end electric clippers and trimmers for all grooming purposes. You can see that Remington HC4250 is one of the most flexible and versatile cordless clippers available in the market. Its unmatched ergonomic grip and ease of use make it one of the most popular cordless clippers.

Remington HC4250 is a unique design waterproof hair clipper. After the grooming session, you can rinse it underwater. Maintenance and cleaning of the electric clippers is a hard and time taking procedure. But when you have Remington HC4250 don’t worry. It allows you to use, clean, and store conveniently.

The Remington HC4250 is designed with an extra-wide and curved blade to adopt the shape of your head. People who love to keep their bald head or buzz haircuts will love its curved blade. Its blade adopts the contour of your head and allows you to reduce the haircutting time.

There is a problem with the curved-shaped blade too. It fails to deliver the required performance when you need to cut the hair around the ear. The area around the ear is flat and a curved blade cannot give you the required haircut. Therefore you can benefit from a curved blade on the areas having curved contour.

The Remington HC4250 covers the most of area in a single go and allows you to complete your grooming session quickly. Other clippers need to go through the same point again and again. This may also cause irritations that make the grooming session uncomfortable.

You will be glad to know that Remington HC4250 is fitted with a Lithium-ion strong battery. It packs enough power that allow you to complete what you have started before. It gets fully charged in 4 hours and gives you 40 minutes of cordless runtime.

The package of Remington HC4250 includes 9 length combs (from 1/16″ to 5/8″), a cleaning brush, a travel pouch, and hair clipper oil. You also get the charging adapter.


  • Most compact and lightweight design
  • Waterproof cordless clipper
  • Curved blades adopt any contour to give precise cuts
  • Comes with numerous accessories


  • Less powerful compared to other models

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Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip

When it comes to the professional-grade cordless hair clippers then we cannot skip Wahl 5 start magic clip. Wahl 5 start magic clip is designed with all top-notch features that make the most reliable and professional-grade cordless clipper.

The Wahl 5 start magic clip is one of the most powerful cordless clippers out there. Besides their monster power, the ease of use and simple barber guide makes it a professional barber clipper. The barbers from all categories including beginners and professionals love to keep and use Wahl 5 start magic clip.

The Wahl 5 start magic clip is fitted with a rotatory motor. The rotatory motors are considered quite powerful as compared to their counterparts. Hence this rotatory motor makes the Wahl 5 start magic clip the most reliable and powerful clipper in the market.

The rotatory motor makes the blades move back and forth. It means you don’t need to worry about the misassembling of blades after cleaning. No matter how you assemble the blades, they will provide their iconic performance.

The magic clip is fitted with stagger-tooth crunch blades that are relatively shaper. These blades are considered to provide precise haircuts. It also offers versatility as you can adjust its lever to have precise cuts. Its sharp blades can also be used for fades.

If we talk about its size, though it is not compact as our last model. But still, it is lightweight and easy to handle. Its ergonomic grip allows you to hold the clipper with comfort. Also, it features a strong lithium-ion battery. Its battery gets fully charged in 3 to 4 hours and gives a runtime of 90 minutes.

When we combine the factors of battery and motor, the clipper seems to be very heavy. But unlike our expectations, it is surprisingly lightweight and easy to grip.

Professional barbers have a tough routine as they have to deal with multiple clients every day. In this scenario, if you are holding a clipper that offers you comfort and easy grip will be a great favor.

Due to all the above factors, 80% of Amazon customers are happy with Wahl magic clip. Due to its reliable performance and convenience of use, we suggest it as the best professional cordless clipper.


  • Powerful rotary motor
  • Crunch blade for outstanding fades
  • Record-breaking 90 minutes cordless runtime


  • Sensitive when the battery is lower
  • No battery indication

Philips Norelco QC5580/40

Philips is the name of innovation that brings high-end equipment to upgrade your lifestyle. Philips Norelco is also an innovative tool designed to deliver unmatched performance to bald head people.

Even if you are not a balding person but need close to skin cuts then you will enjoy its superior quality performance. Its stainless steel sharp blades are engineered to give you close skin cuts.

Moreover, these are self-sharpening blades that mean no hassle for maintenance. If you don’t like cleaning and oiling blades often then you would be happy. Because these blades get sharper with time.

Just like Remington HC4250 the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 is also made with washable parts. You can take apart them and wash them under running water. Another maintenance-related problem is solved. This cordless clipper is engineered with a rotating head that allows you to clean thoroughly by taking the parts separately.

The Philips Norelco QC5580/40 allows you to choose between 14 lengths and achieve your desired haircut. Also, you can set the rotating head from 0” to 5/8”. All of these settings can be achieved by just a dial.

The manufacturers didn’t just make its parts useful but the battery too. It is equipped with a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery. It gets charged quicker than the above models and delivers a runtime of 60 minutes.

If we compare lithium-ion batteries with nickel batteries you would know that lithium batteries last longer than a nickel. Even after a few years of u, use the lithium-ion batteries can still hold the charge just like the new ones.

In the box, you get a convenient storage pouch, some hair combs, a cleaning brush,h, and the power cord, of course.


  • Washable parts make maintenance easy Self-sharpening blades don’t need any maintenance
  • You can choose from multiple lengths
  • An ideal choice for bald head


  • Not a very powerful motor
  • Delicate body

Andis BGRc

Andis Ceramic BGRC

Andis has always been a choice of professional barbers due to its premium quality performance. You will admire its cream material-based construction which makes it the premium tool on our list.

Just like Wahl magic clip, you will get a rotatory motor fitted in Andis BGRc. But as compared to Wahl magic clip it is relatively quiet and lightweight.

The most prominent feature of Andis BGRc is its ceramic blades that are way better than typical stainless steel blades. The ceramic blades can stay sharp 5 times longer than stainless steel ones.

Al, so ceramic blades are built to give you precise cuts. Since ceramic is heat-absorbing material that makes the Andis BGRc the coolest clipper ever. If you do heavy haircuts at home and your clipper gets too hot then it is the best choice for you.

When it comes to comfortable grip the Andis BGRc wins the race. It is among the most ergonomic and easy to hold clippers out there. It performs without leaving your arms fatigued.

If you are going to cut heavier hair then the clipper should be lightweight. The Andis BGRC is lightweight and allows you to complete your heavy haircuts without getting fatigued.

When it comes to the most prominent feature the battery, the Andis BGRc is fitted with a long-lasting and quickly rechargeable battery. It gets fully charged within just 2 hours and delivers a runtime of 60 minutes.

This runtime and charging time is unmatchable in this entire list. This level of battery makes the Andis BGRc the most unique and best cordless clipper out there.

If you want another difference then it is equipped with a rotatory motor that stays cooler than an electromagnetic motor. A magnetic motor heats up too early and makes the clipper vibrate too much.

On the other hand, the rotatory motor delivers a quiet performance without getting heated. Other models of Andis are equipped with an electromagnetic motor that makes them sturdy but also causes them to get heated.

The rotatory motor has high torque as compared to the electromagnetic motors. That’s why you will never lack power when cutting heavy and long hair. Even it cuts wet hair precisely that means it has huge power.

The Andis BGRc is a little bit expensive than other models. It’s obvious because of its high-end features and building technology. You get what you pay for.

The package includes 7 Andis attachment combs, a battery pack, the BGRc charging unit, and a small tube of 4 oz. clipper oil.


  • Sharper and longer-lasting ceramic blades
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Offers superior battery time ratio
  • Powerful rotatory motor


  • Expensive
  • Old NiCD battery

Remington HKVAC2000

Remington has been manufacturing different hair appliances such as blow dryers and clippers. Remington has never gained so much popularity in the field of hair clippers. But Remington has engineered some top-quality vacuum clippers.

After that Remington has introduced a new genre in the world of hair clippers. Remington HKVAC2000 is among the most popular items presented by Remington. Do you want to know the reason behind the popularity of Remington HKVAC2000? Keep reading.

Everyone knows that Remington makes the least expensive hair clippers among all manufacturers. If you want a budget choice then you can consider Remington HKVAC2000. But you shouldn’t underestimate its performance being an affordable choice.

You will meet their high-end performance, sturdiness, and reliability after grabbing Remington hair clippers.

The vacuum function of Remington HKVAC2000 works well and collects most of the hair strands in its chamber. It is the king among vacuum hair clippers in the market.

If you think that Remington HKVAC2000 doesn’t collect much hair then you can try its cousin Remington HKVAC6550. Also, it is not suitable for heavy and long haircuts. If you want a routine grooming tool for simple haircuts then Remington HKVAC2000 does its job for the price.

You shouldn’t forget the universal rule of giving and taking. You get what you pay for exactly.

If we talk about accessories you get a lot within the box. You get multiple comb attachments for versatile hair lengths. But the clipper itself lacks a lever to adjust the blade for close cuts. You should use Remington HKVAC2000 for simple and light haircuts.

Though it is fitted with titanium coated blades that are extra sharp but still it doesn’t feature a lever to change blade length. Hence complicated hairstyles can give the Remington HKVAC2000 a tough time.


  • Vacuum function offers grooming session without the mess
  • Titanium coated blades are extra sharp
  • 18 pieces kit for complete grooming sessions
  • Available at reasonable price


  • A little bit heavier than other clippers
  • Lacks blade lever

Best Cordless Trimmers:

When you want a compact, lightweight, and high-end performance clipper at the same time then Wahl peanut trimmer is your choice. No one can beat the compactness and performance of peanut trimmer.

You shouldn’t underestimate its performance due to its small size because it stands out among the professional Wahl hair clippers. It is equipped with a rotatory motor that ensures high-end performance.

The most surprising thing is that this small and compact body fits the rotatory motor. This 5 inches long and 4 ounces heavy trimmer fits a powerful rotatory motor.

The most special feature of the peanut trimmer is its unmatched torque that is offered by the rotatory motor. This little clipper has enough power to slice through each thick and wavy hair strand. It can cut thick and wavy textured hair strands with the powerful rotatory motor.

It is among the most cordless hair clipper in the market named trimmer. You can use it to cut through thick and long hair. You can also use it for detailing around ears and beard. After attaching the combs you can use them as a professional clipper.

This unique hair clipper and trimmer offer you close-to-skin cuts. When it comes to Wahl cordless clippers the peanut trimmer is the best representation among all. It is powered by 2AA batteries that ensure to perform even without electricity. It doesn’t last longer than Andis and Wahl magic clip but still, it performs well.

In the package of Wahl peanut trimmer, you’ll get 4 Wahl guards (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″), Wahl clipper oil, a small cleaning brush, and the typical Wahl blade guard. You will also get two AA rechargeable batteries and a battery stand.

The 2AA batteries included are rechargeable so that you don’t run out of power in between your haircutting sessions. If you want to enjoy non-stop haircutting sessions then keep your trimmer in the charging dock in between sessions.

You may be wondering that we are compiling the best hair clippers then why are peanut trimmers on this list? Well, after analyzing its performance and ability we have concluded to call it a clipper instead of a trimmer. It cuts through all hair types including thick and wavy.

If you do your kid’s haircuts at home then you will be delighted by its compact and cute design. For kids, it is the most appropriate little hair clipper and trimmer. It fits in your hands and doesn’t leave you fatigued while handling naughty kids.


  • Strong sturdy motor
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Versatile hair clipper and trimmer
  • A great option for kids


  • Uncomfortable in bigger hands
  • Blades demand maintenance

Three best cordless hair trimmers for men

When it comes to grooming-related products we cannot complete the list without adding some top-quality hair trimmers. Because only clippers are not enough to achieve the ideal and versatile haircuts.

Sharp detailing can be only possible with a high-end cordless trimmer. Let’s have look at our top three best cordless hair trimmers available in the market.

Andis Slimline Pro Li

Andis slimline pro is one of the best hair trimmers and clippers in the market for professional barbers. The most prominent factor is its powerful and sturdy rotatory motor. The motor is sturdy enough that it provides 6000 strokes per minute to cut through each hair strand with precision.

If you have been using mid-range hair clippers you will see a big difference in performance. It is best among all of the mid-range hair clippers and trimmers.

One thing the matters a lot for professional barbers is its ergonomics. Its ergonomic and lightweight body allows you to hold it throughout the day without getting fatigued.

Its durability is ensured by its elegant brushed nickel-finished coated casing. It lasts longer than an average hair clipper or trimmer.

You need to be careful with Andis Slimline pro when it comes to maintenance. It has a shiny metallic finish that tends to show the scratched and lines so easily.

Therefore you can save the aesthetics of your slimline pro by keeping it in the dock always. No, because you need to recharge it all the time but because you don’t want it to get scratched in the drawer.

You can keep a soft piece of cloth that could wipe of grime, fingerprints, nuts, and other scratches.

The Andis slimline pro is fitted with carbon stainless steel blades. These blades are sharp enough to give you precise haircuts and detailing. You can use it for detailing work on the beard, around ears, side, urns, and lineups due to its-shaped blades. Hence Andis slimline pro is one grooming kit for men.

A cordless trimmer is not best until it is equipped with a long-lasting and powerful battery. Similarly, the lithium-ion battery of slimline pro gets fully charged within 2 hours and 15 minutes to deliver a runtime of 2 hours. This will be considered as the record in the history of hair trimmers.

Go slowly while trimming your hair with a slimline pro trimmer because you can pull your hair while doing fast haircuts. Also, you don’t get any accessories in the box. But still, it is the best quality trimmer out there.


  • Powerful rotatory motor
  • Carbon stainless steel blades
  • T blade for detailing
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery


  • Doesn’t come with accessories
  • Keep it with care because you can scratch on the glossy body easily

Wahl Sterling Mag

One of the best Wahl trimmers in the current market that offers outstanding performance for all hair types. Not only the Wahl but it’s the overall best hair trimmer on the market.

First of it is designed with an extremely lightweight body weighing only 0.25 lbs and 5.5 inches long. It is purely ergonomic and fits all hands to provide a comfortable working experience. With 2 hours of battery life, it offers outstanding performance. Moreover, its stylish looks make it the most unique and favorite hair trimmer of everyone.

Unlike the Andis trimmer, you get 4 lengths from 1/8” to 1/12” in Wahl sterling Mag. It means Wahl still provides versatility in its products so that you can give each customer a precise haircut. It packs all the qualities of the best trimmer that turns your grooming sessions into pleasure moments.

If you do haircuts for your kids then I will suggest you use Wahl Sterling Mag for detailing. It reduces the additional efforts and struggles when it comes to kids grooming sessions.

The downside is its blade width that is 1 1/14” that is a little bit smaller than an average trimmer’s blade. But still, it is the best choice for detailed work around delicate parts such as ears and sideburns.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comes with 4 length adjustments
  • Gives precise haircuts and detailed works
  • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery


  • The blade is smaller than other trimmers

Panasonic ER224S cordless

Panasonic has been manufacturing high-end electric appliances for years. You can always rely on durable and sturdy Panasonic electric appliances. Panasonic ER224S cordless beard trimmer is an ideal choice for all men. If you want to get a reliable trimmer at a reasonable price then choose this cordless trimmer.

It weighs only 0.40 lbs that is quite heavier than Andis. But, still, it is lightweight and equally ergonomic with a 6” long body. You can handle multiple haircutting sessions without getting fatigued.

You are provided with 14 length adjustments to cut through each hair with precision. Without changing the comb you can switch the lengths with a dial. Also it is fitted with stainless steel sharp blades for even and precise haircuts.

You would admire its taper level that allows you to change the length of hair without replacing the combs or detaching the blades. Some hair trimmers need to stop operation to change the length settings. But this one is very handy in that you can cut hair and adjust the trimmer with a single hand.

Cleaning and maintenance of this trimmer are damn easy because of its washable parts. You can just rinse it under running water to remove any debris or hair leftovers. Also, you can enjoy the grooming session while taking shower.

You can enjoy both wet and dry shaves with this Panasonic hair trimmer. The hypoallergenic blades offer comfortable and convenient grooming sessions to people with sensitive skin.

It holds the charging for up to 2 hours just like the Wahl trimmer however it takes 8 hours to recharge this trimmer fully. That’s quite annoying but you get what you have paid for. There are some other downsides too including weaker motor and low blade performance.

Above, all you will love its attractive and reasonable price that doesn’t let you cross your budget limits.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Affordable rates
  • Hhypoallergenic blades
  • 2 hours runtime
  • Easily adjustable lengths


  • Weaker motor
  • Low blade performance

Buying Guide

Some factors decide the durability and performance of a cordless clipper or trimmer. You must take care of these factors while buying a cordless clipper or trimmer.

The professional often knows about the building blocks of a clipper. But still, you should always consider the following factors while buying a cordless clipper or trimmer.

Battery life

Since you are using a cordless clipper that cannot be operated with a direct electric supply. Therefore, you must check that battery life matters a lot when you are dealing with cordless clippers.

The battery life of your clipper must be ideal to complete what you have started before. If the battery doesn’t last long as per your haircutting session requirement, you would run towards a corded clipper.

The standard battery life of a hair clipper is around 40 to 60 minutes. Some high-quality slippers are powered by batteries that last up to 90 minutes. The Wahl magic clip in this list has a similar 90 minutes runtime that is ideal for any type of haircut. There are some exceptional cases like Oster juice hair clipper that offers 2 hours of runtime but its price is steep too.

Make sure to choose the hair clippers equipped with the latest lithium-ion batteries. The lithium-ion batteries are stronger than old Nicola Cadmium batteries. They get charged fast and last longer to complete your grooming sessions.

Compactness and easy grip

Imagine a hair clipper that lasts longer for years to provide you with u precise haircuts. But what if it is hard to hold and grip comfortably? Will you still prefer using that uncomfortable tiring hair clipper?

Obviously no, especially the professional barbers would prefer ergonomic and comfort of using a clipper. Because barbers have to deal with multiple clients every day. If the clipper isn’t comfortable then they would end up with fatigued hands.

You can only show your hidden talent and use your advanced techniques if the clipper is friendly. You can only play with lightweight, compact, and maneuverable hair clippers.

The compactness also matters as big and bulky hair clippers are hard to control when you have multiple clients to deal with. Fortunately, most of the famous brands like Wahl, Oster, Philips, and Remington offer ergonomic hair clippers.

But still, before buying a clipper you must check its weight, dimensions, and contour. This will help you complete the grooming sessions comfortably without getting arm fatigue.

Blades and motor performance

No matter what’s the type of hair strands they can be sliced only with a sharp blade. The stainless steel blades are often used in modern hairier too clippers to slice thick and heavy hairs. The more sharp blade the more precise haircut you will achieve.

If we talk about power, this is the factor you cannot compromise on. Because only the motor of hair clippers decided its overall performance and the type of haircuts you are going to have. Traditional hair clippers are fitted with electromagnetic motors. But the modern hair clippers feature rotatory motors to deliver outclass performance.

The rotatory motor produces high torque that results in sharp and close haircuts. Therefore try to choose the hair clippers that feature high torque rotatory motors.

When we combine the high torque rotatory motors with stainless steel blades the clippers provide outclass performance. This is the ideal combination every professional hair clipper possesses to give you desired haircuts in a short time.

There are clippers in the market that are fitted with ceramic-coated blades for enhanced performance you can check them too. Also, some clippers offer a deadly combination of titanium-coated blades and high torque rotatory motors. This unique but extremely beneficial combination makes your dreams true of having precise and quick haircuts.


We know that for professional barbers price is not a factor to be noticed. The more you invest in achieving high-and tools, the more customers you will attract,t and as a result, you get more money out of your business. When it comes to business, investments don’t matter because you are going to make money out of your investments.

For beginners, it matters a lot because they neither have enough budget nor many clients. Therefore they need to grab the clipper that can deliver high-end performance without a lot of investment. This means you need to be tricky while choosing a budget option. Because only a few budget options can provide you the same performance.

Noise and heat factor

You cannot compromise on the power of a hair clipper because it is the only way to achieve precise haircuts. If your clipper isn’t equipped with a high torque motor it cannot perform well. But every pro comes with a con that needs to be digested at any cost.

Similarly high torque motor and powerful speed result in noisy haircutting sessions. When your clipper has huge power it will get heated more than often. If you are a professional barber then you must take care of the comfort of customers.

But when IITs about choosing between power and noise you will go with power. But still, there are some cordless clippers available in the market that are powerful, quiet, and stay cool. Try to find those models.

Final Word

Maintenance is key not just with the best cordless hair trimmers – proficient cordless hair trimmers or more easygoing models, each machine needs some consideration.

While trimmers with a pivoting head like the Philips Norelco QC5580 Do It Yourself electric hair trimmer will expect practically no upkeep, others will be seriously requesting.

We take care of currently the basics of hair trimmer upkeep in our broad article here. Give it a read so you make your new buy last longer fit you chose to get a Wahl cordless hair trimmer, you should look at our article on changing Wahl hair trimmer edges.

The essential thought is that you want to keep your sharp edges clean to guarantee a long life for your trimmer. Clear the hair from your edges previously, then after the fact each hairstyle to keep the corrosive from the hair from dulling them.

Assuming your sharp edges are dull then they delayed down and make the engine work more enthusiastically. This puts a strain on the parts and it will destroy sooner than it ought to.

Keeping the cutting edges oiled is likewise vital to ensure they are continually working at their pinnacle.

To wrap things up, you may feel overpowered with the different gatekeepers and cutting-edge sizes. Our all-out guide on hair trimmer sizes will assist you with comprehension of all that you want to know here.